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Chapter 1

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Bob's cousin Cheyenne (pro Shay-anne)vistis MCR and falls head over heels in love with Gerard and he falls for her. The only problem is she just happens to be six years his junior and oh yeah Bob f...

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Chapter 1
'So what fun things have you guys got in store for me?' Cheyenne asked rubbing her hands together.
'Nothing, it's work work work' Ray said honestly. 'We have interviews, photo shoots and a videoshoot to do.'
'What about after? You won't be busy all the time' She replied from the couch.
'After that we'll be too tired to pay you any attention' Bob joined in 'so you'll have to find your own amusement.'
'We'll see about that, before my stay with you losers is over we will have bowled, ice skated and gone on a fabulous shopping spree.' Cheyenne answered with confidence.
'As if' Ray said 'I don't like any of those things so I'm not doing them'
'It doesn't matter if you like them we'll end up doing them anyway' Cheyenne said 'because I have a strange way of getting Bob to do whatever I want so there.'
Bob looked over at his younger cousin and didn't bother answering because what she said was true. Ever since they were younger they had been inseparable and she could get him to do whatever she wanted, it was a strange power she had over him, he could never say no to her which was why she was here. Cheyenne had rung a week ago and asked to visit she hadn't seen Bob in over six months and demanded they spend some time together before she went travelling. He told her that it wasn't a good time due to the band being busy, after all they had just released their second album but Cheyenne pleaded and as usual Bob caved and picked her up from the airport only hours before.
'Chey you gotta go easy on me' Bob said 'I'm getting old'
'Twenty-seven is not old. Anyway I came here to see you, so I don't care what we do as long as we do it together.' She replied.
There was a knock at the door and Ray left to answer it.
'Will I be allowed to come with you, when you go to work?' Cheyenne asked, she was so hoping that she'd get to watch them work they were an amazing band and it would be cool to watch them do what they do best.
'I don't know, maybe we'll see how it goes and where we have to go.' Bob said honestly.
Just then Frankie walked in followed by Ray.
'CHEYENNE' Frankie screamed.
Cheyenne stood up and he embraced her. 'How are you kid?'
'I'm great' She answered with a smile 'and you?
'I'm good.' Frankie said 'Well look at you all slim and pretty'
'Thanks' Cheyenne blushed she still wasn't used to the compliments and attention that she received from men.
'Aww look you've gone all shy' Frankie laughed embracing her again.

The last time the band had seen her she was a little heavier, and as far as she was concerned not at all attractive in the least. She had always been pretty, but her facial features, which consisted of dark blue eyes, an olive complexion, full lips and a tiny nose had always been over shadowed by her weight, which had now after vigorous diets and workouts had dropped to 120lb which according to her doctor was perfect for her height which was only 5"4. She worked hard to get her figure and had every intention of keeping it.

'If you two can tear yourselves away from each other I think we can leave now.' Bob joked regarding the both of them.
'I can't help it' Frankie joked holding Cheyenne tighter 'Your cousin looks so hot, I think I'll have to split with Jamia.' Cheyenne laughed and pushed him away 'In your dreams Iero'
'That's what I like to see' Bob said 'You pushing guys away.'
'I won't push them away forever before you know it I'll be pulling them into my bed' Cheyenne joked 'I was kidding Bobby' she said spotting the look on his face.
'You better be' He said pushing her out the door.
The ride over to Gerard and Mikey's house was loud and bouncy due to Frankie and Cheyenne messing around in the backseat. Bob and Ray were both glad when they reached the Way's it meant they could escape the madness in the car. Donna had invited them for dinner, she loved to cook and they loved to eat so it was a perfect set-up.

'About fucking time' Gerard said, he had seen them pull up and walked out to greet them. 'I'm starving.'
'We all are.' Frankie said holding the door open for Cheyenne, who took her time getting out due to the skirt she was wearing.
'Sorry we're late' She apologised when she was standing upright 'Frankie took forever getting to Ray's.'
'No problem' Gerard said mechanically, his brain had suddenly shut down and he was just staring at her.
'What no hug?' Cheyenne asked standing in front of him
'I'm sorry' Gerard said pulling her into a hug
'You will be' she said pulling back and ruffling his blonde hair 'Your hair is growing on me' She said.
'I'm still getting used to it myself' He said running a hand over his head.
'Are we going to stand here all night or are we going to eat?' Bob asked pushing Gerard playfully.
'Eat' Frankie said running into the house followed by the others.

'So Cheyenne, what have you been up to? It's been so long since I've seen you last.' Donna asked spooning mashed potatoes onto her own plate.
'Nothing much really, I'm sad to say I'm still figuring out what I want to do with myself.' Cheyenne replied slightly embarrassed 'I have no idea what I want to be.'
'Well you're still young you'll figure it out eventually' Donna said knowledgeably
'How old are you?' Mikey asked he was being his usual quiet self.
'Twenty-three' Cheyenne answered 'Twenty-three with no sense of direction'
'Is that all? You got plenty of time to figure out what you want to do, just make sure you know before you're thirty.' Ray advised her 'Because if you reach thirty and still have no idea there's no hope for you.'
'Ok let's stop talking about ages, it hurts.' Donna said and everyone laughed.

After dinner was eaten and everyone's stomachs were full Donna went to bed leaving the dishes till the morning. Everyone else retired to the living room to watch a movie of course it would be a horror and of course it would be the goriest one Gerard owned which just happened to be Hostel. Ten minutes into the film Cheyenne left for the kitchen, it wasn't that the movie scared her or anything it was the fact that the dinner dishes were still on the table waiting for Donna to do them. It felt wrong not to clear them away after Donna had spent all that time cooking for them. After piling all the dishes by the sink Cheyenne located Donna's apron and looped the tie over her head, she jumped slightly as she felt someone hands tie the apron tightly around her back.
'Sorry didn't mean to scare you' Gerard apologised from behind her
'You didn't' Cheyenne said smiling and turning the taps on letting water flood the sink.
'So, not a lover of horror movies?' Gerard asked
'No I love horror movies, but as you can see the dishes needed doing and I would've felt awful leaving them for your mom.' Cheyenne admitted rinsing off a plate she had just washed 'I'll come in, when I'm done and then I can really enjoy the movie.'
'But you would've missed the beginning' He said grabbing a dishtowel and drying the plate stacking it on the counter.
'I'm sure you've seen the movie 100 times by now, you can fill me in' She said.
'I guess I'll have to.' Gerard replied. They were quiet for a while the only sound was the water running, Cheyenne didn't know why but she felt kind of nervous and as a result dropped a dish or two that thankfully fell into the sink without breaking.
'You look really good' Cheyenne said throwing a quick glance in his direction. 'I forgot to mention it earlier. The last time I saw you...'
'I was a raging alcoholic with lank hair and a zombie look in my eye.' Gerard finished for her.
'Well if you want to put it politely' Cheyenne joked. Switching off the taps, Gerard offered her the dishtowel and she dried her hands off.
'You look good too by the way' Gerard said looking her up and down. 'I nearly didn't recognise you when you got out the car.'
'I could say the same about you blondie.' Cheyenne replied untying the apron behind her back and hanging it back where she found it.
'Much better' Cheyenne commented looking around the kitchen at the clean table.
'Now for horror' Gerard said leading the way back into the living room.

Gerard wasn't sure if anyone noticed they were missing everyone had their eyes fixed on the TV.
'Ok we haven't missed much' Gerard whispered settling next to Cheyenne in the sofa 'So far these three Americans guys have...'
'Shhh!!' Mikey said from his spot on the floor.
Gerard lowered his voice even more and continued to update Cheyenne on what she missed, but she wasn't concentrating on what he was saying as his breath tickled her ear, she involuntarily let out a giggle.
'What?' Gerard asked as he felt her pull away.
'Your breath was tickling my ear' she whispered looking at him.
'Sorry' Gerard said as Cheyenne resumed her position
'It's ok' she replied watching the film again.
'Will you two shut up' Frankie said looking at them. Gerard could feel Cheyenne's body shaking as she giggled quietly at Frankie's outburst. After a few seconds she stopped laughing at watched the movie. Cheyenne had never seen a more disturbing movie in her whole life, and they were only about forty-minutes in. She looked at Gerard, who was so into the movie he was barely blinking and the same could be said about the other guys except for Bob who he had fallen asleep in the armchair.
'Hey can I lean on you?' Cheyenne whispered in Gerard's ear, seeing Bob snoozing away made her feel tired plus sitting upright wasn't comfortable at all.
Gerard looked at her and nodded he lifted his arm and she leaned in resting her head on his chest. She was shocked to feel Gerard's heart beating rapidly she put it down to the fact that a scary part in the movie was coming up as the music started to sound more sinister.
Not knowing what to do with his arm Gerard first draped it over the back of the chair, which after a second or two started to feel uncomfortable. The last thing he wanted to do was rest it on her shoulder it was bad enough his heart was beating like it was he didn't want it to beat faster if he touched her, how would that look? He glanced over at Bob to find him sleeping he was snoring gently which meant he wasn't likely to wake up anytime soon. Gerard let his arm fall over Cheyenne's body wincing as he did it hoping she didn't think he was trying to pull a fast one. Nothing happened thankfully and after a few minutes of sitting rigidly straight Gerard relaxed his body and continued watching the movie. Before he knew it he'd fallen asleep with Cheyenne sleeping peacefully on his chest.
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