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Chapter 2

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Gerard wakes up to Cheyenne and a suprise kiss.

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Gerard woke first the next morning, not bothering to open his eyes he started to stretch only to be restricted by Cheyenne who was still sleeping. He opened his eyes and looked down, her dark hair had fallen across her face and her arm was wrapped across his waist, he glanced around the room to find everyone had fallen asleep where they sat last night. Gerard looked down at Cheyenne again and thought it would be best if Bob didn't catch her sleeping on him not that it was a big deal or anything, it would be better if Bob didn't see them like this. Just as he processed that thought he felt Cheyenne stirring.
'Morning' He said as she stretched on top of him. Hearing his voice she sat up quickly she obviously had forgotten where she was and she blushed slightly. 'Morning' she replied sheepishly.
'Have a good sleep?' Gerard asked finally being able to stretch his body.
'Yeah I did' Cheyenne replied standing up and stretching fully her top rising up exposing her stomach.'Did you sleep okay?' As a matter of fact he did have a good sleep one of the best he'd had for a while but he wasn't going to say that instead he said 'It was ok except for the beached whale that was crushing me.'
'Oh no you did not just go there.' She laughed launching an attack on him. She jumped on him attempting to pin his arms, Gerard fought back grabbing her wrists attempting to take control of her arms which she was trying to do to his. All that could be heard was the rustling of their bodies on the couch and their giggles.
'Enough-Chey-seriously' Gerard said struggling to hold her arms back.
'No way you pansy' Cheyenne retorted sinking her teeth into his shoulder.
'Ow' Gerard cried 'all right that's it.' he let go of her arms catching her by surprise he flung her around and pulled her ontop of him so her back was against his chest, he quickly grabbed her arms crossing them across her chest like a straight-jacket. 'Victory is mine' Gerard said quietly in her ear.
'Let me up' Cheyenne demanded twisting her body so she could look up at him.
'Say Gerard Way is the best in the whole fucking world' he said pulling her arms tighter as she struggled.
'No I'm not saying that,never' She said struggling harder.
'How else are you going to get up?' he asked enjoying the fact that he had power over her, it amused him especially since he was secretly enjoying her body on his. 'If you hadn't noticed I'm beating you.' He added.
Truth be told Cheyenne didn't actually want to escape all these butterflies were suddenly flapping away in her stomach and she enjoyed feeling Gerard's strength constricting her. She stopped struggling but Gerard still held her arms firmly, she glanced over at Bob to make sure he was still asleep and he was, in fact they were all still asleep despite the noise that she and Gerard were making.
'If you ask nicely I'll let you up' Gerard whispered in her ear.
'No' Cheyenne replied stubbornly looking up at him 'I will not ask nicely'
'Then how are you going to get up?' Gerard sighed 'Unless you hav...'
Suddenly Cheyenne leaned in and kissed his lips gently swallowing the last of his sentence she was completely lost as she parted her lips and kissed his bottom lip sucking it gently. It took Gerard a second to realise he was being kissed and yet he didn't react or kiss her back but released his hold on her wrists.
'Shit, I'm sorry' Cheyenne whispered when she realised what she was doing she didn't know why she kissed him or why he didn't kiss her back. What did she expect him to do stick his tongue down her throat? She felt incredibly embarrassed and it showed. Rising quickly Cheyenne escaped into the kitchen hiding her face in her hands. How embarrassing was that? That was so cringe worthy.
'I'm really sorry' Cheyenne said when she heard someone enter the kitchen a little while later, she was sure it was Gerard.
'For what?' Frankie asked. Startled Cheyenne turned to look at him, his hair was ruffled as were his clothes and his jeans were unbuttoned.
'For erm...err hogging the couch last night' She said quickly knowing it sounded lame.
'That's okay' Frankie said eying her 'I barely noticed you I slept like a baby.'
'Oh in that case then I'm not sorry' She said smiling weakly. She watched as he walked over to the fridge her mind still on the kiss that she had just forced upon Gerard.
'Wah wah wahhhhh' Frankie said peering inside. 'No breakfast food there's no milk what do we do?' he said turning to her.
'We don't do anything you can go to the store and get some' Cheyenne replied
'Come with me I need supervision.' Frankie said buttoning his jeans.
'I don't want to it's cold outside' she replied. 'Just get some breakfast food.'
'Don't be like that come with me I don't know what to buy I could come back with bleach and corn pads.' Frankie said grinning at the disgusted face that she made. Just then Gerard walked in and Cheyenne felt her cheeks flame red, thankfully Frankie was talking to him and neither of them were looking at her. Maybe a trip to the store wouldn't be a bad idea after all.
'I'll come' Chey said interrupting their conversation.
'I thought you didn't want to' Frankie said 'It's too cold'
'I changed my mind' Cheyenne said not looking at Gerard even though she knew he was looking at her. 'I'll go get ready.'
Five minutes later Cheyenne returned with her boots and jacket on, she'd splashed her face with water and brushed her teeth.
'About time' Frankie said jumping out the kitchen chair 'what took you so long?'
'There's no way I'm going to the store without brushing my teeth,' Cheyenne said
'Why not I am?' Frankie said shrugging his shoulders.
'Your breath doesn't smell' Gerard said walking passed her, lowering his voice he added 'it doesn't taste bad either.' Cheyenne felt a wave of something flow through her she opened her mouth to say something back but he was already gone. Shaking her head she followed Frankie out to the front and climbed in the car.
'I'm so fucking hungry' Frankie said starting the car 'I want food any kind of food, anything that can go in my mouth and is edible I want it.' Cheyenne only laughed she loved Frank's little outbursts.

They drove to the store with Frankie leading the conversation and Cheyenne only hearing half of what he was saying due to her thoughts being elsewhere. They parked up and Frankie got a shopping cart, which was unnecessary since they were only buying breakfast items.
Once they purchased their items, which of course turned out to be a lot more then what they would actually need they left the store with Frank carrying most of the bags.

'Oh you are angels' Donna cooed when they walked into the kitchen with the breakfast bags. Frankie grinned like a praised child as Donna kissed him lightly on the cheek, she then kissed Cheyenne before starting to empty the bags.
'There you are Chey' Bob said walking into the kitchen 'I woke up and you were gone.'
'I went shopping' she answered motioning to the bags that lined the counter. 'You missed me didn't you Bob?'
'Hell no.' He replied not looking at her.
'Actually we did more then shop if you know what I mean' Frankie said winking and nudging Bob.
All three of them sat and conversed around the table keeping Donna company while she cooked. It was heavenly as heavy aromas of sausage, bacon, pancakes, waffles and fried egg wafted through the kitchen making their mouths water and making Frankie moan even more.
'Can someone go wake up Gerard, Mikey and Ray please?' Donna asked, she was nearly done cooking and Bob was setting the table.
'Not it' Bob and Frankie said in unison. It was a known fact that Mikey and Ray hated to be woken up for anything even if the world was ending it would be best to leave them asleep then to wake them and tell them.
'Damn' Cheyenne said leaving the kitchen and mumbling something in audible to the others.
'Who did the dishes last night?' Donna asked when Cheyenne had left.
'Me and Chey did them' Frankie lied, he wasn't sure why he just felt like it due to the lack of food in his stomach.
'Well thank you very much it was a nice surprise to come down and find the kitchen clean.' Donna said smiling at him. Bob on the other hand didn't say a word but punched Frankie in his arm.
Minutes later Mikey and Ray shuffled into the kitchen followed by Cheyenne their faces miserable at being woken up.
'Good Morning boys' Donna said placing a plate of food in front of each of them, Bob and Frankie were already eating they couldn't wait. Donna sat down and started to eat it took her a while to notice Gerard wasn't present. 'Chey honey go fetch Gerard and tell him his breakfast is getting cold.'
'Sure' Cheyenne said smiled excusing herself from the table, the smile vanished as soon as she left the kitchen she didn't want to go get him, she wanted to eat breakfast without him because at least then she'd be comfortable. Descending the steps to his basement room she found him lying on his bed face up puffing away as usual.
'Your mom says come and eat your breakfast is getting cold.' Cheyenne said standing awkwardly by the stairs.
'Are you eating?' Gerard asked propping himself on his elbows.
'Yes and now my food is getting cold' she replied.
'I wouldn't have thought you'd be hungry after the meal you made of my lips this morning.' Gerard said his mouth stretching into a small grin. 'Or was that just a starter?' When Cheyenne didn't respond he got up and stubbed his cigarette out. He picked up his cigarette box and lighter and carried them over to the stairs where Cheyenne was standing, waiting. Why the hell was she waiting for him?
Cheyenne turned with the intention of climbing the steps she just about managed to put her right foot on the first step when Gerard grabbed her hand, turning her around he placed a light kiss on her lips and it was so gentle she barely felt it. As she had done earlier Gerard kissed her bottom lip before pulling away he smiled down at her mentally noting the look on her face. 'I thought I'd return the favour' he said walking around her. Not looking back he quickly ascended the steps leaving behind a wide-eyed and breathless Cheyenne.
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