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Chapter 3

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Heat of the moment indeed

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What were you thinking? Gerard thought pacing his room. This had been the seventh time he'd asked himself this question since breakfast, which was only an hour ago. He had kissed her, he had kissed Cheyenne what was he thinking?
It had taken about a minute after he left her to realise what he's actually done. He had joined the others in the kitchen and everything was ok till Cheyenne came back up from the basement and then it was just plain awkward. Neither of them said much at the breakfast table and they were both deliberately avoiding each others eyes. So now to avoid further awkwardness he was hiding out in his room mentally chastising himself.

'Gee what are you doing down here?' Mikey asked climbing down the basement steps.
'Nothing much' Gerard lied 'I was thinking about work tomorrow.'
'I was thinking about that earlier too' Mikey said 'I want to go but I don't if you get what I mean.'
'Trust me I know' Gerard replied simply.
'Anyway I came down here to tell you we're all going to the mall, Bob's taking Chey shopping do you wanna come?' Mikey asked his foot lingering on the bottom step.
'Nah I think I'll stay here if that's cool' he replied sitting on his bed 'Have fun though.'

'Gerard's not coming?' Mikey informed them, they were all pilled into Ray's car and Cheyenne was squashed between Mikey and the passenger door.
'Good thing too there's no space anyway.' Frankie replied opening the window and lighting a cigarette. Cheyenne smiled inwardly a couple of hours away will be good and maybe when she gets back it won't be so awkward. Just then the front door opened and Ray came out followed by none other then Gerard, Cheyenne's heart sank and started to beat all at the same time.
'I swear if we get stopped and I get fined...' Ray warned getting into the drivers seat.
'Ill pay for it' Gerard finished for him. He opened the door on Cheyenne's side and peered in.
'Mikey move down man' he said 'and close your fucking legs you're taking up space'
'There's nowhere to move to genius and I'm not closing my legs I'm a guy my legs have to be open.' Mikey replied not even attempting to move over.
'Chey get out' Bob said 'Gerard get in and Chey sit on his lap.' Neither Gerard or Cheyenne said anything, yes it was the logical solution to their problems but it wasn't a good one. Knowing what happened between them earlier this ride would be more uncomfortable then breakfast both physically and mentally. Cheyenne climbed out of the car slowly and moved so Gerard could get in once he was settled she climbed in closing the car door behind her.
'Everyone comfy' Ray asked knowing fully well they weren't. 'Good off we go' He said starting the engine.
They had been driving for a while the topic of conversation was work, the guys had an interview and a photo shoot to do tomorrow which would take up most of the day. Gerard's mind wasn't on work it was on old ladies and fat sweaty bikers, the reason being was Ray's driving it was causing the car to jerk, which made Cheyenne either slide or buck on his lap. The shame would be far too great if he got hard with her on his lap, which was what would happen if Ray kept driving like a maniac so he invisioned fat greasy men to keep his mind occupied.
'Earth to Gerard' Mikey said cupping his hands around his mouth and speaking directly into Gerard's ear.
'Jesus what?' Gerard asked snapping out of his sick thoughts of grannies and bikers.
'Cheyenne's about to fall out the damn car' he said 'At least hold her so she can stop using your lap as a slip and slide.'
'Mikey I'm ok' Cheyenne lied.
'What you don't want me to hold you?' Gerard asked.
'I didn't say that...' she started
'You'd rather fall about the car is that what your saying?' he asked
'No that's not...Are you always such a jackass?' Cheyenne asked.
A collective 'yes' sounded around the car making everyone laugh except Gerard. After driving a little while longer the mall came into view.
'Finally we're here' Cheyenne said opening the door and climbing off Gerard's lap as soon as Ray had parked. That ride was too uncomfortable and she made a mental note to sit on either Frankie or Mikey's lap on the ride home.

'Let the shopping begin' Cheyenne announced 'Bob what's my budget I know your rich?' she said linking arms with her cousin.
'Budget? You're getting a $5 top and that's all.' He said walking towards the crowded mall 'No more, no less.'
'You said over the phone that Frankie was having a party for his birthday, which according to my calculations is in four days.' Cheyenne said.
'And that has what to do with me?' Bob asked
'Duh I need an outfit why on earth did you think I came down here in the first place?' She questioned unlinking his arm and walking first through the mall entrance.
'I was under the impression you came to see me your favourite cousin.' Bob replied eyeing the crowds of shoppers and loitering teens.
'Obviously but wouldn't it be better if I had something to remember the trip by.' She asked raising her voice above the noisy crowd.
'You know you're right, so instead of a $5 top I'm going to buy you a $5 trinket.' Bob joked leading her into a CD store.

Forty-five minutes later everyone had split up, Bob and Cheyenne went shopping as promised and the others went to do their own thing which probably meant they were in one of three place, music store, comic store or coffee shop.

'Chey please choose something, we've been in about three stores already and you haven't seen a single thing you like.' Bob complained. He had a right to moan shopping trips with Chey used to be painless. She knew what she liked and she'd buy it, no hassle and no trying it on she'd pick it up and head straight to the counter. It was perfect. But now here they are forty-five minutes into this shopping trip and she hadn't chosen a single thing. Wordlessly Cheyenne walked past him and left the store, she had seen things that she liked but her mind wasn't on shopping at all and so nothing satisfied her.
'What do you think?' Bob asked, he had stopped walking and was standing outside a dress store. 'Earth to Chey' he shouted at her.
'Yes?' Chey said turning only to realise that she had walked off with out him. 'I'm sorry what did you say?' she asked once she'd walked back to him.
'Do you wanna check out this store?' he asked looking at the mannequins in the window. 'It has dresses in it.'
'Yeah okay' Cheyenne answered walking into the store absentmindedly.
'So is Chey coming with us tomorrow?' Frankie asked Ray who was flicking through a graphic novel. Hearing Cheyenne name being mentioned Gerard snapped out of his daze and walked over to the till.
'I have no idea you'll have to ask Bob.' Ray answered 'I think he said it depends on what we're doing, if it's not too hectic she can come along. Why?'
'Just wondered that was all, I like people watching us work.' Frankie said putting the magazine he had picked up back on the shelf.
'Are you guys buying anything?' Mikey asked sauntering up to them. 'I'm bored and I want coffee.'
'Nah I haven't seen anything I like' Ray admitted placing the novel back where he got it. 'Where's Gee?'
'Gone to purchase an issue of Fangoria, you know he can't live without it.' Mikey replied. Just then Frankie's cell phone rang.
'Hello' He answered walking and joining Gerard in the queue.
'Frank it's me' a voice whispered down the line.
'Yeah it's Bob'
'Where are you?' Frankie asked looking around.
/'I'm in a clothes shop and I'm surrounded by dressed and shoes, you need to help me.' /Bob pleaded
'Sounds very gay to me, I don't think I want to get involved.' Frankie joked
'Chey is going mental, she trying on every damn dress in the store.'
'So how can I help?' Frankie asked
'I'm sure if you guys show up she'll know it's time to go and she'll finally pick something and we can leave.'
'Why don't you tell her to hurry her ass up?'
'I did but she won't listen.'
'Where are you?'
'I think it's called Fancy Dress or something.'
'Be there in five' Frankie said hanging up, he did sympathise he'd gone shopping with Jamia on numerous occasions and knew how frustrating it could be.
'What's up?' Gerard asked leaving the store with the others in tow.
'Rescue mission, dresses and shoes are involved' Frankie informed him.
'Oh thank God' Bob said standing up when he spotted the guys walking in the store a few minutes later. 'She's been in there for ages if someone asks me one more time if these shoes match this dress I'm going to scream.'
'Its ok just breathe' Frankie said 'lets so have a smoke and calm down, you guys coming?'
'I'll stay' Gerard said 'It'll take more then a few dresses and a couple of pairs of shoes to stress me out.'
'Suit yourself' Ray said leaving with the others.
'I mean how many shades of pink could there be?' Bob asked 'So many fabrics'
'Its ok man' Mikey said patting his shoulder 'we understand.'
Once they were gone Gerard settled himself in the chair and opened his magazine, which was only for show as his eyes where fixed on the rustling curtain in front of him.

Cheyenne looked at her reflection in the mirror and instead of scrunching her face up like she did at the other twenty dresses she tried on, her lips spread into a smile. This was the one and it looked great, it hugged her hips, emphasised her breasts and it wasn't too short, but as always a second opinion was always necessary. It had suddenly occurred to her that she hadn't thought about Gerard in the last few minutes, which was good because it meant that the awkwardness was gone. Now when she saw him again later it wouldn't matter because she was over it.
'Ok Bobby I think I've found it' she said opening the curtain to reveal not Bob but Gerard. She wasn't expecting him at all so seeing him sitting in the chair completely threw her to the point where she couldn't talk she tried to say something but the ability to form words was gone.
'Wow' Gerard said finally, he too had lost the ability to talk but how could he not look at what she was wearing. A red dress that hugged every curve and displayed her breasts and legs. How could any man not be speechless?
'Thanks' Cheyenne said shyly, she turned back to look at herself in the mirror not because she needed to she just needed to avert her eyes from his, they seemed to see right through her.

It occurred to Gerard that they were alone and he had been debating all afternoon whether or not to talk to her about the kisses they shared. He wasn't sure how he felt about them he knew he liked them but he didn't want to lead her into thinking anything more was going to come from them. They were just heat of the moment things that hopefully wouldn't repeat themselves.
'So you like?' Chey asked turning back to him
'Definitely you look great.' He replied sitting back down.
He looked around to make sure the others weren't coming back before he started to talk to her.
'Chey listen about earlier I...' he started.
'What? I can't hear you' Cheyenne interrupted him. With the rustling of her clothes and the cheesy store music his voice was muffled behind the thick curtain. Gerard stood up and walked up to the dressing room. 'I was just saying about earlier.'
'What about it?' she asked dumbly she knew what it was about but there was something about his voice it was captivating and she just wanted to listen to him talk.
'I kissed you' he said simply
'I know' she replied grinning broadly behind the curtain.
'I know you know, but what I meant was I...' the sentence died on his lips as Cheyenne flung open the curtains and pulled him into the dressing room. She quickly closed the curtains before facing him.
'What are you doing?' he hissed 'I can't be in here'
'Says who?' Cheyenne asked buttoning her jeans.
'Says...I don't know...people who make the rules.' He said folding his arms.
'Since when did you ever follow the rules' Cheyenne laughed hanging the dress back on the plastic hanger. 'Now what were you saying about earlier?'
It had been easier to talk to her behind the curtain because now he had her face to face he knew what he wanted to say he just didn't want to say it, he just had the sudden urge to kiss her again.
'I think I know what you're going to say' Cheyenne said starting for him 'and I guess I've been thinking the same thing too...' And just like that Gerard kissed her again, in the small confines of the dressing room he pulled her towards him and pressed his lips against hers for the second time that day. This time though Cheyenne reacted, she snaked her arms around the back of his neck and opened her mouth deepening the kiss, his tongue entered her mouth to find hers and it was in that moment they lapsed into their own world. Minutes passed before Cheyenne broke off panting for air, she rested her forehead against his as he caught his breath. 'I been waiting to do that all day' Gerard confessed without realising it.
'You've been thinking about me all day?' Cheyenne whispered.
'Constantly' he said
'Good because I haven't been able to stop thinking about you either.' She replied leaning in and kissing him again, letting her fingers stroke the back of his neck.
'Chey what are we doing?' Gerard asked her once she pulled back. Before she could answer they heard Bob call out. Eyes wide they both stood as still as they could.
'Chey you in there?' Bob asked they could see the outline of his shadow on the curtain.
'Yeah but I'm not decent' She answered quickly, she suddenly became aware of Gerard's rapidly beating heart on her chest.
'Did you find something?' He asked his voice sounding further away.
'Yes I did I found one' she replied looking at the dress hanging on the hook.
'Good well lets go it's getting late.' He informed her
'I'll be right out.' She said biting her lip.
'What are we going to do?' She whispered to Gerard.
'I don't fucking know' he hissed back 'I'm fucked if he catches me in here.'
'Chey have you seen Gerard?' Bob's voice sounded through the curtain.
'Yeah he was here earlier said he was going for coffee, go find him I'll be done by the time you get back.' she called back, praying that he'd leave.
'Alright you got five minutes.' Bob said.
Peering around the curtain she watched him leave the store, sighing she fell against Gerard both their hearts starting to return to a normal speed.
'That was close.' Gerard said leaning his head against the cold wall. 'But worth it' he added pulling her closer to him. Cheyenne smiled up at him and kissed his lips again. 'You better go while you have the chance'
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