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Chapter 4

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No more impromptu kisses is what Chey and Gerard decide. How hard can that be?

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Dinner was a quite affair that night. Frankie and Mikey had both gone to see their other halves and Donna had gone to visit a friend of hers, leaving Bob, Chey, Ray and Gerard alone. The four of them sat down to a meal of spaghetti bolognaise that Cheyenne made, Gerard offered to cook but the others took it as more of a threat so Cheyenne kindly stepped in.
'That was delicious' Bob commented patting his stomach 'Just what I needed'
'I second that' Ray said 'You'll make someone a fine wife one day'
'A fine wife what are we in the '50's?' Chey laughed clearing away their plates. Ray and Bob left the kitchen to put a movie on while Gerard continued to eat, he was eating deliberately slowly because he needed to talk to her.
'Could you eat any slower?' Cheyenne asked her back turned to him as she washed the dinner dishes.
'Am I that obvious?' Gerard asked eating the last forkful of spaghetti.
'Well to me you are, but that's only because I've been watching you.'
'Is that so?' Gerard said coming up behind her. 'Why were you watching me?'
'I don't know why are you eating so slowly?' She said. Gerard didn't answer but placed the plate next to the others and took a cloth, wetting it under the tape he took it and wiped the table down. When he was done he returned the cloth to the sink.
'I don't know' Cheyenne said suddenly.
'Don't know what?' Gerard asked confused by her outburst.
'You ask me earlier what are we doing, the answer is I don't know Gerard.'
Cheyenne finished. 'I mean were running around kissing each other.'
Gerard was silent for a while before he said 'I think we both just get caught up in the heat of the moment.'
'I think you're right it's just the heat of the moment nothing more.' Cheyenne agreed turning away to grab the dishtowel. 'I'm glad we cleared that up.'
'Yeah me too.' He said leaving for the living room.
'So no more kissing' Chey said causing him to stop in his tracks.
'Yeah. No more kissing' He repeated clenching his fists tightly.
'Yeah' he said turning to face her.
'Nothing' she said shaking her head, she turned to the dishes and started to dry them.
Gerard walked into the living room and sat down next to Bob just as the movie was starting.
'What are we watching?' He asked absentmindedly, his mind still on the conversation he had in the kitchen. Why did he say it was heat of the moment? Maybe it was, but what if it wasn't? What if it was more then that?
'Kill Bill Vol. 2' Bob answered 'Where's Chey?
'Doing the dishes' Gerard said fighting the urge to return to the kitchen just to see her.
'CHEY YOU'RE MISSING IT' Bob hollered.

Cheyenne heard Bob call but didn't answer him back. She'd have to go in the living room eventually how long could she hide in the kitchen for? She hung the dishcloth on the hook and prepared herself to go in the living room. Why did she say it was nothing more? For her it obviously was, why didn't she just say he was making her crazy?
'Because genius it's been a day of stolen kisses it doesn't mean anything' she said out loud to herself. If it was only a day why was she feeling like this? And why did her heart sink when she said no more kisses? Taking a deep breath she tugged at her top and left the kitchen.
'Oooh Kill Bill' She said when she walked into the room, she noticed Gerard was sitting next to Bob on the couch and Ray sitting on the floor. Watching her footing Chey settled herself in the armchair and attempted to watch the film, which was impossible. So instead she watched Gerard's profile in the dark, the screen illuminating his beautiful features and she smiled inwardly as he sat up a little straighter as something intense on the screen happened. Tearing her eyes away so he wouldn't catch her staring she watched the movement on the screen not taking any of it in.
'Chey why are you sitting all they way over there?' Bob questioned yet his eyes didn't move from the screen.
'I'm not all the way over here.' She replied 'I'm comfortable.'
'Oh okay whatever.' He said throwing a glance in her direction. Gerard too took that opportunity to look at her, he tried to look away but she had caught his gaze and now they were just starring at each other. There in the darkness with only the glow of the TV for light he took her features in for the first time, her full lips, her intense eyes and the few strands of hair that always fell across her face. She was so beautiful but in a natural way and so delicate her skin was soft under his touch and in that moment he wished they were alone so he could touch her again. He managed to snap out of his daze only when Cheyenne came to her sense and broke the connection. She could tell this was going to be along evening.
That night after watching two more movies everyone had gone to bed. At 2.00am Cheyenne got out of Mikey's bed for the second time and immediately got back in again. She sighed loudly, frustrated at herself for feeling this way. Yes they had kissed but it didn't mean anything. Yet she had caught him staring at her as each movie played and it was magnetic she had to stop herself from jumping on him there and then. The sound of footsteps outside the room broke her from her thoughts and she sat up slightly listening as the steps moved away from the room. Falling back onto the mattress she sighed again for some stupid reason she hoped it would be Gerard coming to kiss her goodnight. Laughing at herself for being idealistic she rolled onto her side and awaited sleep.

Gerard had quickly slipped into the bathroom he forgotten the floorboards outside Mikey's room were weak and made noise when you trod on them. Looking at his reflection in the oval bathroom mirror he felt ridiculous a grown man of twenty-nine sneaking around his own house like some lovesick sixteen year old. The reason behind his midnight escapade was that he felt cheated, before they all retired for the night he had gone to the toilet and when he returned Chey had already gone up to bed she didn't say good night and he didn't get to see her. He couldn't for the life of him work out why that was bothering him after all it was just two stupid words and he could see her tomorrow. Now here he was feeling foolish, hiding in the bathroom after sneaking up to Mikey's room for the second time. He chuckled to himself as he left the bathroom after all this was ridiculous behaviour. Yet if it was so ridiculous why was he lingering on the stairs wishing Mikey's door would open?
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