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Chapter 5

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Being away from each other for a day proves too much and Gerard tells Chey how he feels.

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The next morning Cheyenne woke to an empty house. Two notes were stuck to the fridge waiting for her.

Chey didn't want to wake you, we've gone to work, not sure when we'll be back. Ray has packed your suitcase into his car, drive it over when you're ready. See you later Bob.

Screwing the note up, Cheyenne stamped her foot, she really wanted to go and watch them work and now because of her laziness she was stuck here doing nothing all day.
Plucking the second note off the door she quickly scanned it.

Chey also gone to work help yourself to food and whatever. When you leave please lock the front door and post the key through the letterbox Donna.

Feeling annoyed she grabbed a bowl from the cupboard and went about making herself some cereal. After breakfast she dressed herself in yesterday's clothes after all Ray had already packed her suitcase in the car. Once dressed she left the Way house locking the door behind her as instructed by Donna's note. She was going shopping after all it was Frankie's birthday she had to get him a gift.

'So Gerard what exactly is the Black Parade?' the interviewer asked
Gerard sighed inwardly but answered nonetheless, he knew he'd be asked the same question a hundred times in the forth-coming months. To tell the truth he was feeling a little irritable from lack of sleep but that was his fault alone, he didn't have to watch all three movies last night and he didn't have to sneak up to Mikey's room either.
'...and that's what it is basically' he finished. He listened to Ray add a couple of bits too and was grateful that the focus was off him.
The interview wrapped and Gerard went straight for the coffee machine in the corner of the room.
'No more late nights for us' Ray said joining him 'I'm exhausted.'
'I totally agree but you and I both know there's no such thing as an early night.' Gerard replied sipping his coffee.

Bob took out his cell phone and called Cheyenne, looking at the clock on the wall he noted the time, it was already 1.00pm she had to up by now.
'Hello Bob'
'So you're up' Bob replied to her greeting.
'Yes and out'
'Out where?'
'What for? He asked, wondering why women felt the need to shop so damn oftern
'Frankie's b-day present among other things.'
'Frankie doesn't deserve presents' he joked
'You know he does. So how's it going? Everyone okay?
'Everything is fine and everyone's okay, just a little tired.'
'That's what happens when you watch movies all night.'
'Let me remind you that you should be here with us and your not, because you couldn't wake up.' he retorted shaking his head.
'Whatever loser I'm hanging up'
'See you at home.' He pocketed his phone and walked over joining the others on the couches
'She okay?' Ray asked
'Yeah but I can tell she's disappointed about sleeping in. Good news for you though Frank.' Bob said.
'What is?' Frankie asked exhaling smoke.
'Chey's out buying you birthday pressie.' Bob informed him taking the cigarette from Frank.
'Really? I wonder what it is?' Frankie said rubbing his hands.
'Beats the hell out of me.' Bob shrugged taking a drag.
Gerard downed the last of his coffee and stared into the bottom of the cup, the longest he'd gone without thinking about Cheyenne was about twenty minutes and now he was thinking of her again. He didn't know when he'd see her next as she was staying at Ray's now and that seemed to piss him off.

For the rest of the day Cheyenne shopped and to no avail found anything she thought Frankie would like, though she saw loads of gifts for Gerard. For some reason every thought she had led to Gerard, everything she saw had some refernece to him. Feeling defeated Cheyenne drove home to the apartment to wait for Ray and Bob to come home. After eating and changing into fresh house clothes she settled down on the sofa and flicked mindlessly through the channels until a movie caught her attention. It was just after nine when she heard keys in the door.
'Chey' Bob called from the door
'In here' she called from her spot on the living room couch, she was totally engrossed in the movie.
Bob jumped on her crushing her small lap under his weight. 'Did you miss me?' He asked.
'I did till just now.' She admitted pushing him off her lap.
'Good. What are you watching?' he asked noticing the couple making out on screen
'Oh it's The Notebook' she answered.
'A romance movie, turn it off' he demanded attempting to snatch the control
'No I'm enjoying it' she retorted.
'Fine then stay here we're going out' he informed her
'We who?' she asked casually
'Ray and I are going to the cinema.'
'Don't you get tired of movies?' She asked even though she was watching a movie herself.
'No never. So you coming or not?' He asked
'No I'm okay, I'm going to watch the end of this' she said nodding towards the screen.
'Suit your self.' He shrugged 'Did you eat smething?'
'Yeah I'm full' she replied patting her stomach. In fact she had stuffed her face in an attempt to fill the empty feeling in her gut.
'Ok we'll be back later, don't answer the door or anything' Bob instructed, Cheyenne laughed at his protective nature 'I'm not twelve Bobby' she reminded him.
'I know I know sorry' he apologised leaning over her and kissing her forehead.
'Enjoy your date' Cheyenne joked
'Fuck you honey' he said leaving the living room and closing the door behind him. After a few seconds Chey heard the front door close and she fell back against the sofa cushions wondering where Gerard was.

Gerard had respectively declined the invitation to the cinema, he was exhausted but it was more emotional then physical, at least he thought it was. He had this weird feeling in his chest, a dull ache that wouldn't leave.
'GERARD HONEY.' He heard his mother calling and he left his seat on the couch and climbed the stairs to her room.
'Jeez I really wish you wouldn't do that.' Donna reprimand him, as usual Gerard hadn't bothered to answer her call but just appeared which startled her.
'Sorry' he said sitting on the edge of the bed. 'What's up?'
Donna reached into her closet and pulled out Cheyenne's dress. 'She forgot her pretty dress and I imagine she's planning to wear it to Frankie's party.' Gerard eyed the dress as his mind flooded with images of when Cheyenne's body filled it.
'Gerard' his mother's voice pierced his thoughts
'Yeah' he said looking at her
'Could you give this to either Cheyenne or Bob, the next time you see them.'
'Yes no problem' he said standing up and taking the dress from her. He left the room only to return a few seconds later. 'Ma'
'Yes Gerard' she answered turning away from her closet to face him.
'Is it possible to fall in love in one day?' he asked as coolly as he could.
Donna regarded her son before answering, after all this was a strange question coming from him. 'To tell you the truth I don't know, maybe it's possible, after all there's love at first sight.' She answered 'Why?'
'No reason, I was just curious that's all' he said shrugging his shoulders nonchalantly.

When Bob and Ray returned home they found Cheyenne asleep on the sofa curled up like a cat, with a box of tissues.
'What a softie.' Bob said spotting the scrunched up tissue in her hand.
'She's a girl what do expect?' Ray whispered gently prying the used tissue from her hand and picking up the box.
Bob leaned over his cousin and in one fluid motion he scooped her up into his arms. As he carried her through the passage way of Ray's apartment he thanked God Chey had lost those extra pounds, because if she hadn't when she woke up tomorrow morning she'd still be on the sofa.

Another day another photo shoot, Gerard was sure he and Mikey were running late but they managed to get to the studio with a few minutes to spare since the photographer hadn't showed up yet. Bob, Frankie and Ray we're already there and waiting, Gerard scanned the room but didn't see Cheyenne and he masked his disappointment by lighting a cigarette.
'Where's Chey this morning, she didn't sleep in again did she?' Mikey asked sipping his much needed coffee.
'She's here somewhere' Bob said looking up from his Ipod.
'She kept asking questions so this assistant guy offered to show her around.' Ray added
'Is that safe?' Gerard asked not liking the idea of Cheyenne being alone with some random guy, he convinced him self he had asked out of concern and not jealousy.
'I suppose so' Bob shrugged 'he looked okay to me.'
'And who knows maybe Chey and this guy will you know' Frankie said grinning and winking.
'Frankie Iero is that all you think about?' Cheyenne asked walking into the room without her tour guide.
'Only ninety percent of the time' he admitted. Cheyenne shot him a disgusted look before she noticed Gerard and Mikey had arrived. She flashed them both a quick smile.
'Is that it?' Mikey asked 'all I get is a smile?' Cheyenne rushed over wordlessly and pulled Mikey into a hug nearly spilling his coffee. 'How are you Michael? She said pulling away.
'Much better now' he said smiling at her
'And Alicia'
'She's great after all she is dating me' Mikey replied seriously. Cheyenne bit back a laugh as she sat down next to Gerard. 'And how are you? She asked turning towards him.
'Good' was all he managed to say
'How was yesterday for you?' She questionned in an attempt to make conversation
'Super I had a blast.' he answered bluntly.
Cheyenne chose to ignore his sarcasm and put it down to tiredness. Gerard slapped himself mentally for being rude and was about to say something nice to make up for his low form of wit when a blonde lady entered the room and informed them it was time for makeup.
'Come and watch me get pretty Chey' Frankie called over his shoulder. Obediently Cheyenne stood only to feel Gerard pull her back down. He held her arm firmly till Mikey left the room.
'I have to talk to you' He said quietly releasing his grip.
'What, now?' she asked
'No not now...later, whenever.' He stuttered 'as soon as possible'
'Gerard is something wrong?' she questioned seeing the urgency in his eyes.
'No...something's right.' He said, Cheyenne opened her mouth to say more but Gerard cut her off. 'Later okay' he said, she nodded silently and watched him leave.

'Finally you nearly missed my extreme make over' Frankie said to Cheyenne through pursed lips as she walked into the make up room.
'You don't need make up, your always beautiful to me' She replied stealing a quick look in Gerard's direction.
'Hey Chey that guy was in here' Bob informed her.
'What guy?' She asked
'Brad the tour guide, he asked me if he could ask you out.'
'And what did you say?' Chey asked walking over to his chair.
'I said if he could get your number he could ask you out.' Bob answered studying his appearance in the mirror. Cheyenne didn't need to turn around to know that Gerard was listening she could feel his eyes on her.
'Well even if he does manage to get my number I won't be dating him.' She said twirling an eyeliner pencil in her fingers.
'Why not? Mikey asked he was having his eye liner applied.
'He's not my type' Chey admitted.
'You have a type, tell us about this type' Ray jumped in.
'I like very tattooed men, with piercings and they have to be able to play sweet home Alabama on guitar.' She joked looking straight at Gerard, knowing that he once got kicked out of a band for his inability to play that song.
'Was that a shot at me?' Gerard asked from his chair.
'No no of course not' she replied shaking her head and holding back a laugh
'It better not be, because I'll kick your ass.' He joked 'I don't care if you're a girl.'
'I always knew you liked me' Frankie said coming up behind her 'I'm everything you want in a man the only problem is I'm spoken for.'
'Damn it' Cheyenne said stamping her foot 'Whatever is a girl to do.'

Watching the guys pose for photos was interesting to see. Knowing all of them quite well she could tell that they were all equally bored and tired yet she found the whole process fascinating. After about thirty frames they were allowed to break.
'Chey chey I'm bored' Bob winged quietly to her from his make up chair. Standing behind her cousin she rubbed his shoulders soothingly. 'Is my poor leetle wok star tired' She said in a smothering motherly voice.
'Don't mock me kid' he warned 'or I won't be responsible for my actions.'

The hours seemed to tick by so slowly and eventually it was time to call it a day. Gerard dressed back into his clothes in record time, if he had to wait one more second to talk to Cheyenne he would burst. All day he had been watching her, the way she laughed and interacted with her cousin and the band, she was so sexy and what more was she didn't realise how sexy she was which only added to her appeal.
Out in the lobby he saw Cheyenne only despite the amount of people loitering around. 'Busy day huh?' She said when he finally made his way over to her.
'God you have no idea.' He sighed tiredly
'So I've been dying from suspense, what did you wanna talk about?' she asked.
' goes...I think we should be together.' He blurted out loudly, then realising his lack of volume control he looked around to make sure no one heard.
'What?' Cheyenne replied in disbelief. Had she just heard right? 'You think...'
'No I mean I know we should be together, Chey listen to me the not seeing you has been unbearable for me' He admitted.
'I know what you mean, I haven't been able to stop thinking about you.' She replied 'I can't believe I'm about to admit this but I got out of bed twice Tuesday night to see you, but changed my mind.'
'I wish you did' he said 'I did the same thing. I reached Mikey's door twice but didn't have the guts to knock' He confessed blushing.
'Jeez look at us' she laughed 'we're like two teenagers.' Seizing the moment Gerard embraced her holding her close. 'We've been really stupid' Chey laughed against him.
'Fuck yeah we've been stupid, but we know better now' he replied
'YAY! GROUP HUG' Frankie screamed running at them. Using his full body weight he jumped on them and it was a miracle they didn't fall. Gerard could've strangled Frankie for interrupting but instead joined Cheyenne in laughing at his immaturity. Ray, Mikey and Bob came in as they released each other and Cheyenne clung to Gerard's hand until the last second. 'Where to?' Bob said pulling Chey towards him.
'A movie, I fancy a dark atmosphere' Cheyenne answered looking directly at Gerard.
'I agree' Gerard grinned winking at her.
'I'll follow you guys to the end of the world if you feed me first' Frankie said leading the way out of the building.
'Dinner and a movie' Mikey commented 'Yay! Something new and different for us'
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