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Chapter 6

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Breaking and entering is a crime of passion, well at least to Chey it is.

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Stop staring at him. Cheyenne reminded herself for the umpteenth time. They were having dinner and she hadn't been able to stop gazing at Gerard. God everything about him was so sexy from the way he ate and laughed to the way he slyly caught her gazed and grinned at her over the table.
'You guys want dessert' Ray asked pushing his empty plate away.
'Dessert sounds good but I'm not hungry for food.' Gerard said throwing Cheyenne an innocent smile. Cheynne grabbed her glass and took a sip of her water in an attempt to cool the heat suging through her.
'Do you want dessert?' Bob asked giving her a nudge.
'No actually I'm just going to go home, I'm feeling really tired, watching you guys pose for photos was really exhausting.' She said resting her head on his shoulder.
'You know what I'll take you home if you want' Gerard offered 'I'm feeling beat myself.'
'Ah what losers' Frankie commented 'Be gone from our sights peasant lightweights, Good day' he shouted dismissing them with his hands.
'Frankie...' Cheyenne started
'I said good day' He repeated leaving the table.

The second the others had driven off, Cheyenne pushed Gerard against his car and kissed him deeply, slipping her hand under his t-shirt. The touch of her hands on his bare skin sent shockwaves through him and Gerard opened his mouth to accepted her tongue.
Only time away from someone you craved could make you behave the way they were, it was a desire neither of them had felt before. They kissed and caressed each other with such passion they were sure a perfect stranger could walk by them and instany feel what they were feeling.
'Are you going to take me right here?' Cheyenne joked pulling back, if he could have his way Gerard would've had her right there on the bonnet of the car.
'If you'd let me' he replied breathlessly. He paused catching his breath, then he kissed her lips this time more gently savouring the feel of them, before trailing kisses down her neck and gently biting her collarbone.
'Are you trying to suck me dry?' She laughed as he nibbled her neck.
'If given the chance' he laughed kissing her lips again. 'You are so beautiful' he said stroking away the stray strands of hair from her eyes.
'You don't have to compliment me, I'm already going home with you' Cheyenne joked.
'In that case what the fuck are we still doing here?' He asked opening the passenger door.

This could not be happening, son of a bitch, sandwiched between Ray and Mikey Cheyenne sat on the sofa watching a Mr Bean re-run. She threw a glance at Gerard and he too looked just as frustrated as she did only he managed to still look cute. They had driven back to Ray's over an hour ago looking forward to spending some time alone together, only to find that the others hadn't gone to the cinema after all. According to Frankie they had every intention of going but at the last minute changed their minds and decided to jam at Ray's, so now here she was sitting with Bob and the band instead of indulging herself in Gerard.
'Well I'm going to call it night' Cheyenne said leaning over and placing a kiss on her cousins cheek. Bob grabbed her hand as she stood up 'You okay, you were really quiet tonight?'
'I'm just tired, I think I'm coming down with something.' She lied throwing him a smile. Walking around the small living room she kissed each of the guys goodnight. When she got to Gerard she angled her body so his face was blocked from view and she quickly kissed him on the lips. 'Goodnight.'
'I'll see you tomorrow' He whispered giving her hand a quick squeeze.

Cheyenne had never committed a crime in her life, and as she stepped into the dark hallway she asked herself if she was committing one now. Technically she wasn't breaking and entering, after all she'd been here before, she was a welcomed guest and as she walked deeper into the house she wondered what the sentence for B&E was?

Gerard bit his lips to stifle a moan as Cheyenne kissed his inner thighs, she was purposely teasing him and it was bittersweet.
'Wake up Gerard.'
How was it that she could talk to him if she was doing what she was doing, he thought her mouth would be more then busy?
'Wake up now Gerard' Cheyenne demanded, she was sitting on the edge of his bed shaking him gently; whatever he was dreaming of he was clearly enjoying himself, he was pitching a tent that could accommodate atleast three people. Shaking him a little harder Gerard finally opened his eyes. At first he didn't know if he had opened them at all but then his vision adjusted under the glow of his lamp and he realised she was sitting right next to him.
'What are you doing here?' He asked his voice groggy. 'It's 3.00am' he noted looking at alarm clock.
'Don't sound too happy to see me' Cheyenne replied wondering who he was dreaming about. He smiled at her and quickly pulled her on top of him. He kissed her lips to make sure he wasn't still dreaming and when she didn't disappear like he thought she might he sighed contentedly.
'Trust me I'm more then happy to see you and yes I was dreaming about you.' He told her reading the expression on her face that could only be interpreted as jealousy.
'How did you get here? How did you get in?' he asked running his fingers through her hair.
'I borrowed Ray's car and his set of keys.' She replied innocently
'You mean you stole the car and the keys' Gerard laughed. 'Oh my god I'm dating a criminal, you've commited B&E and theft'
'Can you blame me?' she asked 'This is what you do to me.'
'No I can't, but honey the guy is supposed to sneak over to the girls house, you know like in the normal romance stories.' He said
'But we don't have a normal romance do we?' she stated lifting her head so she could look in his eyes.
'No we don't' he said stroking her back. 'We're different'

They lay together quietly for a while just enjoying each others company and the feel and sound of each others heartbeats.
'So tell me what are you doing here so late?' He asked, Cheyenne propped herself up as a grin spread cross her face. 'I'll give you one guess' she said leaving his arms. Walking across the room she shed her coat and draped it over a chair.
'Just one guess?' Gerard said sitting up 'What if I don't want to guess?'
'If you don't play the game, you don't get the prize.' She shrugged unbuttoning her shirt and casually dropping it to the floor, not feeling at all self-conscious as she displayed her stomach.
'So if I guess right, I get you' he asked, his temperature rising about a hundred degrees along with something else. 'You're the prize?' He asked swallowing the lump in his throat.
'Uh huh I'm the trophy' she replied kicking off her shoes. She took off her socks, before unbuttoning her jeans, which slid down her legs to a heap on the floor.
'One guess' Gerard said standing up and crossing the room not taking is eyes off her. He could only imagine what her breasts would feel like against his tongue.
'Yep' she breathed feeling the heat of his semi-nude body, the only thing separating them from complete nudity was a few pieces of designer cloth.
'Well I don't want to screw this up then, do I?' he said kissing her shoulders and unhooking her bra.
'No you don't' she moaned as her bra fell from her body, and Gerard stroked her nipples till they were rigid, she was so lost under his touch it took her a minute or so to realise that she was on the bed under his body.
'I'm ready to guess now' he mumbled against her skin. He kissed her down her body letting his mouth linger on each naked breast before descending lower and covering her stomach and hips.
'I'm listening' Cheyenne purred, her whole body surrendering underneath his.
'This is my guess Chey' He whispered stroking her through her panties. She shuddered as he lowered his head to her thighs and licked her through her silk thong. 'Did I guess right? He asked his breath hot against her womanhood.
'Got in one' she moaned arching her back.

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