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Chapter 7

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Age is only a frame of mind

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Bob rolled over and hit the snooze button on his borrowed alarm clock and the insistent beeping suddenly stopped. Rolling back on to his back, he gave a wide yawn and rubbed his eyes before throwing the covers back and getting off the sofa bed. He staggered into the hallway and then into the kitchen where he met and equally tired and dishevelled Ray.
'Morning' Bob grunted
'Yeah' Ray replied 'Back at ya'
'Thanks buddy for that warm greeting' Bob said sitting down and reaching for the cigarettes on the table.
'We got about an hour before we gotta go' Ray informed him
'I know I'm gonna wake Chey after this' Bob said waving the cigarette
'She isn't here' Ray replied sipping his orange juice
'What! Where is she?' Bob asked panic surging through him.
'Calm down man she's probably went to the store or something' Ray said noting the look on Bob's face 'I'm sure she'll be back any minute, well she better cause she took my car.'

'OH NO' Cheyenne cried sitting up 'Gerard get up.'
Falling instead of rolling out the bed, Cheyenne stumbled over to her clothes. 'Gerard get up now.'
'What baby?' He grumbled rolling onto his side and forcing his eyes open. 'Where are you going?'
'It's 9.00 you have a meeting in thirty minutes and I have to get the car back.' she explained, pulling her clothes on.
'Oh fuck' Gerard said jumping out of the bed he caught his pants as Cheyenne tossed them at him.
'I gotta go' she said kissing him quickly.
'Wait a second' he said buckling his belt 'Chey last night was...'
'Gee not now' She interrupted
'Yeah you're right, I'll call you later' he replied kissing her again.

'Where the fuck have you been' Bob bellowed as Cheyenne pulled up in the car, she got out leaving the engine running.
I'm so sorry' she said looking at Bob's very pissed off face
'You're sorry? Where the fuck have you been?' he asked
'I err...went for a drive' she said lamely.
'A drive? Cheyenne what the hell?' Bob questioned sliding into the passenger seat.
'Look you can do this later' Ray said getting into the driver's seat.
'I really am sorry' Cheyenne shouted as they drove off.

'Get off my back Mikey' Gerard warned his baby brother.
'You make us late and your yelling at me that's fucking rich.' Mikey shot back putting his seatbelt on.
'I'm not fucking yelling at you okay' Gerard said apologetically 'and I didn't mean to make us late.'
'Whatever I hope Brian tells you off' Mikey pouted switching the radio on.
Gerard sighed deeply and shook his head, he could tell this morning wasn't going to be pleasant at all.

As Mikey hoped Brian called Gerard on his lateness, which only added to his already foul mood. He was tired and irritated and all he wanted to do was go to sleep or see Cheyenne, or sleep with Cheyenne, whatever came first. He managed to focus on the meeting though, he knew if his mind strayed or he said 'I'm sorry what did you say' at anytime someone in the room would punch him. He was sure Frankie and Brian were the only ones at the meeting who weren't angry. Mikey was pissed at him for making them late, Bob and Ray were pissed at Cheyenne for making them late and he was pissed because he knew Bob would come down hard on Cheyenne and he couldn't even take some of the heat off her because no one knew about them.

After the meeting wrapped, Bob called Chey to find out where she was, she told him she was with Jamia finalising some things for Frankie's party. He asked her again where she had been that morning but she stuck with her original lie.

'She's fucking lying' Bob announced hanging up the phone.
'How do you know' Gerard asked exhaling a long line of smoke.
'Her bed wasn't slept in; she didn't sleep at Ray's last night.' he said confidently
'That proves nothing. She could've made her bed.' Mikey replied.
'She was wearing yesterday's clothes and her hair wasn't combed' Bob said
'So I'm wearing yesterday's closes and my hair isn't combed' Frankie chimed in.
'So where did you think she went?' Gerard asked hoping his voice sounded casual.
'I have no idea, she doesn't know anyone here other then you guys.' Bob said shrugging his broad shoulders.
'Alright I confess' Frankie said 'Cheyenne and I have been seeing each other since she got here, we're in love.' As usual after one of Frankie's outbursts no one responds and the room falls quiet.
'Am I reading too much into this?' Bob asked after a while, a collective 'yes' sounded around the room and he let the subject die, but it still played on his mind and it still bothered him when Cheyenne took him out that evening.

'So what do you wanna do, Big Bob, the night is young and it belongs to you' Cheyenne said flinging her arms out dramatically.
'Wanna go to a club, there's one not too far, we can check out future competition.' He said leading the way.
'Whatever you want is fine with me.' She said.
They walked in silence for a while the only sound that could be heard was their footsteps on the pavement. Usually they never stopped talking and Cheyenne knew Bob was still a little mad at her.
'Bobby' she said quietly
'I'm really sorry, for making you late this morning.' She said looking at him
'It's okay; it's over with now.' He replied taking a cigarette from the box in his pocket.
'I didn't want you to get in trouble.' She said truthfully
'I didn't, Gerard was even later so the heat was off me.' Bob confessed, sparking up.
'Well that was handy.' She replied feeling a surge of guilt for Gearrd.
'Where did you really go Chey?' Bob asked suddenly
'I told you I went for a drive. I woke up and had the sudden urge to feel wind through my hair.' She lied again.
'Funny' he replied. He knew she was lying but he didn't want to just out right accuse her, he didn't want to ruin the evening.

As far as future competition went it was basically non-existent. Either all the good up and coming bands had taken the night off, or there just wasn't any. The bands in this club were not up to par at all.
Even though Cheyenne's thoughts constantly strayed to Gerard, she still enjoyed her time with Bob, it had been a long time since they'd hung out just the two of them and she had forgotten how laid back and fun he ways. Cheyenne bucked in her chair as her cell vibrated, she had it in her back pocket and it sent a surge through her backside.

Cheyenne Cheyenne where for art thou Cheyenne?
She smiled to herself as she text Gerard back.

Out with Bob, listening to music and missing you terribly.

I'm miss you too, this is stupid.

Just as she finished reading the last message her cell rang, excusing herself from Bob she answered it and headed for the ladies.

'What do you want Gerard?' She joked attempting to sound bothered by his call
'I just wanted to hear your voice but if I'm a hindrance I can go.'
'Don't you dare hang up'
'Wouldn't dream of it. So how was your day?'
'Pretty bad I made my lover late for work and I pissed of my cousin and his band mate off.' She confessed
'I'm sure your cousin and his band mate will get over it, as for your lover he might take a while.'
'Why is that?' she asked looking at her reflection in the dirty mirror
'Well when was the last time you kissed him or the last time he held you'
'This morning.' She said, even though it felt like a lot longer.
'well if I was your lover I demand to see you tonight or I'd never forgive you for making me late.'
'How am I supposed to get to you? She questioned, there was no way she could steal the car again.
'Bash Bob over the head and drive over, we'll be done before he's conscious.'
'And what did you plan on doing while he was unconscious?'
'kissing and cuddles and if our clothes happen to fall off in the process, then so be it.'
'Ok I'll come over later.' Chey laughed 'I'll find away.'
'Bob's onto you know, he suspects.'
'Suspects what?'
'I don't know but your 'I went for a drive' story didn't convince him.'
'Well if I have to come over to yours I need an excuse.' She said
The line was silent and then Gerard let out a childish yet evil laugh 'I got one.'

'...And you need your dress now.' Bob said
'Well I'll be too busy to pick it up tomorrow and I can't rely on any of you music morons to bring it for me can I?' Cheyenne argued.
'That's true.' Bob said nodding
'if your too tired I can..' Cheyenne started, she felt bad doing this knowing that her cousin wanted to go to sleep.
'No we can get it, plus I'm hungry hopefully Donna would have some left over dinner, that woman is a goddess in the kitchen.'
'That she is.' Cheyenne agreed grinning broadly as they drove into Gerard's street.

'This is a nice surprise' Gerard said opening the front door.
'We called you to tell you we were coming Gee' Bob said walking past him into the hallway. When he was gone Gerard spun round and slammed Cheyenne into the door closing it. He leaned in and kissed her gently before his hands got carried away and started to stroke her body.
'Gerard do you want us to get caught?' Cheyenne moaned, her heart was beating so fast she couldn't breathe as his lips explored her neck and shoulders, while his fingers played with her near erect nipples. Someone could catch them any second.
'I don't care if we get caught' Gerard declared as Cheyenne switched positions pushing him against the door. 'I'll tell Bob myself' he breathed.
'Really' Cheyenne replied kissing his neck as he had done to her.
'Yeah then I'll run like hell' he laughed. Cheyenne giggled at the mental image of Gerard running away from Bob.
'Lets go, they'll wonder where we are.' she said walking away.

Gerard waited for the throbbing between his legs to subside before joining the others in the living room. When he entered they were watching an episode of Jackass and Cheyenne was laughing so hard she had tears in her eyes. He sat down next to Mikey and watched the end of the episode. For the first time all day he felt relaxed, he had been restless but now Chey was here he felt calm.
'Fuck going to Ray's I can't be asked to drive' Bob said yawning 'Is it okay if we crash here?'
'Always' Mikey replied.
'No I'll drive us home' Cheyenne said, Gerard shot her a 'what the fuck are you doing' look but she didn't react.
'No way we'll definitely stay the night, I've never trusted you behind the wheel of a car and I ain't about to start now.' Bob said taking his empty plate into the kitchen.
'If you say so' Cheyenne said grinning and relaxing back into the chair. They continued to watch the Jackass marathon that MTV were playing and it was after 11.00pm when Gerard stood up and announced he was going to have a shower, he knew Cheyenne was likely to sleep with him tonight and he didn't want to smell of body odour and cigarettes. How romantic is that?'
As the credits flashed across the scene to signal another episode was ending Mikey broke the silence.
'Hey Chey have you seen me Alicia holiday photos?'
'No I haven't' she replied excitedly she loved looking at photos.
'They're upstairs somewhere in my room' he said
'So I have to search for them? She asked scrunching up her face
'Yeah basically' Mikey replied.
'You don't mind me looking around your room.' She asked getting up.
'Nope whatever you encounter in there is your problem.' He grinned.

Climbing the stairs slowly and wondering what things she might encounter in Mikey's room she stopped short by the bathroom door. Gerard was singing, she couldn't work out what it was, but it sounded so enchanting, she pressed her ear to the droor and listened to the beautiful melody that he was singing. She sighed turning around and leaning her back on the door, God he was so mind-blowing. All of a sudden she felt herself falling and a sharp thump as her ass hit the bathroom tiles.
'You okay down there?' Gerard asked looking down at her, he extended his hand and she took it.
'Nice catch sweetie' she replied sarcastically as he pulled her up.
'How was I supposed to know you were leaning on the door?' he argued grabbing her hand and pulling her into the steam filled bathroom.
'You should kn...' Gerard kissed her cutting her off 'I'm sorry next time I'll catch you.' He promised.
'Thank you' she said taking in his freshly cleaned body and the raw pink skin that covered it. She opened his towel and stepped into it holding closed behind her. 'Do you know how sexy you are Gerard Way?'
'I was actually just asking myself that same question' he laughed. She walked back towards the door and Gerard could only follow as she had trapped him in the towel. Cheyenne wrapped her arms around his neck, letting the wet towel fall to the floor.
'You are so very bad' Gerard said using his leg to separate hers.
'I know it's one of my many talents' she whispered, aware of his erection pressing against her.
'What are your other talents?' he asked running his hand along her thighs..
'Switch places with me and I'll show you' Cheyenne challenged. Gerard did as he was told and swapped sides so he was pinned against the doors.
'Now looks who's trying to get us caught' Gerard teased at Cheyenne's tongue circled his nipples. She ignored his comment and lowered herself kissing each inch of his stomach till she was on her knees.
'Seriously we should...' the feel of Cheyenne's tongue on his manhood was enough to stop his sentence, he arched his back as she took more of him in her mouth, her hands gently resting on his thighs.
'Baby...seriously' his voice was barely audible as she sucked gently on his tip tasting his leaking pre-cum. Cheyenne heard each gasp and sharp intake of breath Gerard took and it only made her want to pleasure him more, she heard his pleading for her to stop but she paid no mind. Using her hands she stimulated the length of him that her mouth couldn't swallow, massaging each inch that her tongue couldn't caress. Gerard ran his fingers through her hair gently guiding her head onto his penis as she sucked him more forcefully.
'Wait you should stop' Gerard managed at last to speak removing his hand from her head 'We could get caught'. He was genuinely worried about someone catching them both in the bathroom.
'Well you better hurry up and cum' was all she said before she wrapped her moist mouth around him again. Biting his lips to stop himself from moaning loudly Gerard closed his eyes and lost himself in her mouth. He knew he wouldn't hold out much longer, he could feel the build up coming, the indescribable heat you feel when you know you're about to orgasm, he thrust his hips forward and clamped his mouth shut as he climaxed, spilling wave after of wave of hot come into her mouth. 'Fuck' was all he managed to vocalise as he emptied himself and Cheyenne swallowed each mouthfull. Releasing his penis Cheyenne stood up and kissed his lips, before rinsing her mouth in the sink.
'GERARD HONEY GET OUT' Donna cried banging on the door. Gerard had never known his penis to deflate so quickly, he snatched up the towel and wrapping it around his waist called back 'Two secs ma'
Cheyenne clamped her hand over her mouth to stifle a giggle.
'You'll go blind you know' Donna said through the door
'Jesus ma' he called back his face flaming red.
'Blasphemy Gerard' she warned
'Ma please, go away' he begged. He listened carefully to his mother's foot steps as they walked away from the door.
'That was close' Cheyenne said kissing his back.
'You're gonna be the death of me woman' He said turning around and binding her in his arms, still feeling the tingling sensation coursing through him penis.
'But what a marvellous death it will be' she joked kissing him again 'See you downstairs'

'About time I was just about to send out the search party' Mikey said as Chey walked in the room with the pictures
'I nearly got lost in there' she lied. She actually found the photo's in about two seconds they were on his desk.
'Well come sit down I'll talk you through them.' he said smiling broadly. Cheyenne did as she was told, she could tell he was excited to show her, it was no secret he and Alicia were crazy in love with each other and it was nice that he wanted to share their holiday photos with her.
'No not the holiday snaps again' Gerard said poking his head into the living room.
'Leave him alone' Cheyenne said 'I'm enjoying these'
'Gerard's just jealous he doesn't have a girlfriend' Mikey said putting the photo's back in the packet.
'Yes I do...not' he said catching himself 'so there' and with that he walked off.
'Right' Mikey said raising his eyebrows 'well goodnight guy and girl, Bob my love I'll see you in bed.'
'Fuck off Mikey' Bob said.
It was decided that Cheyenne would sleep on the couch since she could fit on it and Bob would sleep with Mikey, because it would be inappropriate for Cheyenne to sleep with him.
'You know I think I'll go up now.' Bob said stretching 'Chey what are your plans tomorrow?'
'Very busy I doubt I'll see you during the day.' She admitted, Jamia had a hundred and one things for her to do.
'Alright I'll see you tomorrow sometime' He stood in front of her and pulled her up into a hug, holding her tightly.
'What was that for?' she asked when he released her
'Nothing, I just wanted to hug you that's all. Goodnight Chey Bear'
'Goodnight Bob.'
He took his time up the stairs; he didn't know why he hugged her like that he just felt the urge to. Where she had gone this morning still played in his mind and he knew she was lying, he just hoped she wasn't falling into bad habits again.

Dressing into the t-shirt that Mikey was kind enough to lend her, Cheyenne thought about Bob. She could tell that this morning's incident still bothered him and she hated to lie to him, but what would he say if he found out that she and Gerard were together? Were they even together? She never asked Gerard where they were heading. And what about the age gap would people say?
'Boo' Gerard said sliding his hands around her waist.
'You moron' you scared me' Cheyenne whispered
'Come with me' he said clutching her hand and leading her to his room.
'I was thinking I could return the favour, the one you so kindly did for me in the bathroom' Gerard said kissing her lips. Cheyenne smiled weakly, for once her heart wasn't in it and Gerard instantly picked up on it.
'What's the matter?' he asked concern inching it's way across his face.
'I was just thinking about us' she sighed sinking onto the bed.
Gerard's heart had suddenly stopped beating. Oh God was she breaking it off?
'You still want this don't you?' he asked crouching in front of her his eyes were full of fear as they searched hers. He knew his heart would remain motionless if she said no.
'Of course I do, more then anything' she said kissing him, he sighed onto her lips as his heart started up again 'For a minute there I was afraid you were going to break it off and my heart all at the same time.'
'I could never do that you, I could never hurt you' she said honestly.
'When you said you were thinking of us you were thinking of coming clean weren't you?' he said.
'Yes I was. Gerard I hate lying to Bob and it's so hard to be around you and not be able to touch you or say the things that are on my mind.' She replied
'Baby I know how you feel, but if we tell them and Bob reacts badly. What then?'
'I don't know.' She confessed 'Then there are our ages to consider.'
'What about our ages? Does it bother you that I'm twenty-nine?' he asked.
'No it doesn't bother me at all, but the others what will they say.' She answered
'I don't care what they say, age is just a frame of mind, in fact I don't care what any of them say or do nothing is going to stop me being with the women I love.' Gerard declared. The room fell quiet and Cheyenne clamped her hand to her mouth, did she just hear right? 'You love me' she asked, she had to clarify.
'Yes' he said quietly, he was silently begging she'd say it back, but what if she didn't? What would that mean?
'I love you too Gerard' she said cupping his face and looking into his eyes 'and I don't care who knows it.' He kissed her now like he had never kissed her before, it was kiss between two people who had declared their feelings for each other despite the obstacles they may have to face later. In that moment Cheyenne prayed to God they'd be together and that the others especially Bob would understand what they felt.

'Hand in mine, into your icy blues
And then I'd say to you we could take to the highway
With this trunk of ammunition too
I'd end my days with you in a hail of bullets

I'm trying, I'm trying
To let you know just how much you mean to me
And after all the things we put each other through and

I would drive on to the end with you
A liquor store or two keeps the gas tank full
And I feel like there's nothing left to do
But prove myself to you and we'll keep it running'

'Gerard why are you singing Demolition Lovers?'
It was 4.00am and they had made love repeatedly for the last couple of hours, now completely warn out they lay tangled together on his bed.
'Because you asked me to sing you a song' he answered stroking her hair.
'I know I did but why did you choose that song?' she asked.
'I don't know I guess in some strange twisted way, it fits us. I can't believe for a second that Bob will accept me and you, so I figure we do a runner if need be' he laughed
'I doubt it will be that dramatic' she giggled closing her eyes.
'Would you run with me though?' He asked 'If we ever...'
'Do you even need to ask?' she said tracing circles delicately on his skin
'No I already know the answer' he smiled weaving his fingers though hers. 'So how about Sunday?'
'Sunday?' she repeated
'Yeah we'll them all on Sunday during Frankie's birthday lunch thing. Everyone will be here, it's perfect.'
She thought about it a while before answering.'Sunday it is.' She sighed deeply.
'Psst Cheyenne say it' Gerard whispered against her hair.
'No' she said stubbornly
'Please' he asked poking her ribs.
'I said it twice already' she laughed looking at him, his eyes pleading with hers. Just as he knew she would she caved.
'Fine. I love you' she said resting her head back on his chest. He smiled letting his tired eyes close, this was all he wanted and he wished they could lay there forever.
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