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Chapter 8

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Donna confronts Gerard about his secret relationship and Cheyenne slips up.

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Just wanted to say a quick thank you to all the reviews I've gotten, you guys are awesome and I'm glad your enjoying the story.

Gerard woke up alone the next morning and the first thing he spotted when his eyes opened was a folded piece of paper. He leaned over yawning widely and picked the small note from the top of his alarm clock.

About time your awake, get your lazy ass up lol just joking. I hope you slept well I know I did. Can't wait till I see you again, I'll be thinking of you constantly. Love Chey xx

He folded the note back up and smiled to himself. Last night was perfect and he gladly let memories of yesterday flood his mind, the warmth, the security, the constant lovemaking but most of all the words they had exchanged. Getting out of bed he walked over to his comic collection where he carefully slipped the note between two random issue of X-Men, he was sure no one would ever find it there.

'Good morning Gerard' Donna greeted her eldest as he sauntered into the kitchen
'Hey ma.' He said kissing her cheek 'sleep well?'
'It was okay, but for some strange reason I kept thinking I could hear thumping' she replied
'Thumping?' Gerard said quickly turning his face so his mother wouldn't see his guilty eyes.
'Uh huh, I have no idea what it could be.' She said pouring two cups of steaming coffee.
Handing him a cup she asked 'where's Chey, the sofa is empty?'
He couldn't help grinning as he replied 'With Jamia she's helping her set up stuff for Frankie's party tonight'
'Speaking of Frankie, is everyone still coming over tomorrow for lunch?' Donna asked seating herself opposite Gerard.
'Yeah your five sons will be here and your three future daughters in law' Gerard joked.
'Three daughters in law, don't you mean two?' Donna inquired
'Yeah... two sorry.' Gerard said sipping his coffee. That's twice now he had slipped up and he made a mental note to watch his mouth from then on.

'Son what are you doing?' his mother asked over the table
'I'm drinking coffee' he answered looking at his cup
'I meant with Cheyenne.' She said simply
'What? How...' He silenced himself and got up to close the kitchen door. 'How do you know about Cheyenne and me?' he hissed returning to the table.
'Gerard there isn't much you can hide from me my love, I'm your mother I know your ins and outs.' She said taking a cigarette from his box. 'So what are you doing with Chey?'
'Were together' He said simply 'I'm in love with her Ma'
'What! She's only been here five days Gerard' she exclaimed
'I know that, but ma she's amazing' he sighed 'I can't help how I feel about her. Trust me I've tried not to feel anything for her but I'm attracted to her and not in the visual sense, it's magnetic, I can't stay away from her.'
Donna studied her son, she'd never seen him like this before his eyes were alight, and he was practically glowing with happiness but despite all that the motherly side of her worried. 'And does she feel the same way about you Gerard?'
'Of course she does, she told me so.' He answered with a smile
'Are you sure what you're feeling isn't just lust...' Gerard shook his head ' could be an infatuation.' Donna said
'It isn't mom, I love her and we want to be together and on Sunday we're going to tell everyone how we feel about each other.'
'And what about your age gap? Donna asked
'What about it?' he retorted getting annoyed at her interrogation
'Your twenty-nine and she'd twenty-three your at opposite ends, she should be out partying and looking to have a good time and you should be looking for a wife, someone to settle down with.'
'She's not that type of girl and if we're still together in a couple of years I'm sure we'll "settle down" he said air quoting.
'Exactly IF, who knows where this is heading, you've been secretly seeing each other for five days, how do you know you're going to feel the same in a week's time?'
'I will feel the same' he said confidently. 'I love her'
'Ok what about your work?' She questioned
'What about it?'
'Do you really expect her to wait around for you while you parade around the world performing?' Donna said
'I know she will.' He replied without hesitation
'This isn't ideal, neither of you have thought this through' Donna exclaimed
'God where not about to elope mom, were just dating. Why are you trying to ruin this? He asked. 'You've had countless conversation with me asking when I'm going to find someone and I have and you're trying to ruin it.'
'I'm not trying to rui....' Just then Mikey walked in followed by Bob.
'What's the matter?' Mikey said looking from his brother to his mom.
'Well good morning to you too' Donna replied plastering a smile on her face.
'Morning' Bob and Mikey said in unison before each taking a seat. Gerard smiled at both of them; the temptation to blurt out his secret there and then was overwhelming. 'I'm going to get dressed, I have some things to do before tonight' He said getting up and leaving the table.
'What's his problem?' Bob asked once Gerard had left
'I have no idea' Donna lied pouring each of them a cup of coffee.

As soon as Gerard's walked into his room his cell rang, he looked at the last three digits of the number displayed and knew it was Cheyenne.
'Hey angel' he answered smiling 'what's up?'
'What's wrong?' I had the sudden urge to call you.'
'How do you know something's wrong?' he asked
'I can feel it, so...'
'My mom knows about us' He said sinking onto his bed.
'Intuition I guess'
'What did she say?'
'Well she's not jumping for joy, I'll tell you that much.' He admitted
'Well so far so good, we're off to a great start.'
'It can only get better' he replied just as sarcastically as she did 'I need to see you, where are you?'
'At Jamia's but I'll be leaving shortly, I gotta go to the supermarket, then go pick up some decorations, then pick up the cake and then I can come home to you.'
'That's going to take hours' he moaned 'I have to see you now'
'Well come and keep me company then'
'What while you run errands?' He asked scrunching his face, the thought of driving around buying stuff didn't appeal to him at all.
'Yeah why not, it's a completely innocent way for us to spend time together and maybe we can do something that's not so innocent.'
'You are so bad' Gerard said feeling a heat his loins 'I am so there.'
'Ok meet me at the top of your street in twenty and I'll pick you up.'
'Alright, by the way I loved the note you left.' He smiled
'I thought you would, I left a pressie for you too, it's in your underwear draw.'
'Really? Don't hang up' he ordered walking over to his chest of draws. He opened the top draw and neatly tucked between his mess of boxers and briefs lay Cheyenne's black thong with a note.

I accidently forgot these, silly me

'Oh my God are you commando?'
'I was when I left and I might be now, come meet me and find out'
'Make it fifteen minutes' Gerard said hanging up and legging it up the stairs

'Going somewhere?' Bob asked a freshly showered and dressed Gerard
'Yep many things to do I'm a busy man' He replied 'see you later.'
'Ma do you know what's wrong with Gerard?' Mikey asked when he heard the door close. Studying his mother he tried to read her and some days he could but today wasn't one of them.
'No, why, is he different?' She asked innocently
'Sorta, there's something about him, like he's radiant or something' he replied running is hand through his hair.
'Maybe he's pregnant.' Bob said taking a bite out of his toast
'Seriously hasn't anyone else noticed?' Mikey asked looking at each of them.
'Obviously not' Donna replied hoping to drop the subject, she still couldn't comprehend the speed in which Gerard had fallen for Cheyenne. She hoped to God that Cheyenne's feelings were genuine and not some fantasy that she was playing out. Donna made a mental note to talk to her and find out exactly how she felt about Gerard, because she'd be damned if she'd let her ruin Gerard's progress, he'd come so far and she'd hate to see him crushed again.

'Gerard stop it' Cheyenne said trying to sound stern and failing miserably, as Gerard's hand inched up her thighs. 'Seriously Gerard that's not safe I'm driving.'
'Okay your right sorry' he said putting his hand on his own knee 'it's just your so irresistible.'
'That's bull your just horney' she giggled
'Okay you got me' he laughed looking at her. 'So what's all this stuff you gave me' he said waving the papers in his hands.
'One is the shopping list, one is the decorations Jamia wants, one is the address of the cake store and the last one is my to-do list.' She answered pulling into the supermarket car park.
'Well lets have a look, shop, deliver stuff, salon, pick up dress, Frankie's present, time with Bob, help Jamia set up, pick up records...what the hell?' Gerard said
'What's the matter?' she asked glancing at him quickly
'I'm not on the list, why am I not on the list?' he asked waving it around
'Because I wasn't planning to do you today...' she started as she parked the car
'And why the hell not, I'm your boyfriend I should be at the top of the list.' He cried feigning outrage.
'You didn't let me finish I wasn't planning on doing you today, but I was going to do you tonight.' She replied smiling slyly
'Ohhhhhhh well in that case I'm not mad' He grinned leaning over and kissing her.
'Good, let's go we have a lot to do.' Cheyenne said stepping out the car.

'Yeah we live at number 312, see you tonight' Jamia said hanging up.
'Hey baby' Frank said walking into living room and wrapping his arms around her
'I thought you were never going to get up' She said kissing and taking in the fresh smell of soap and deodorant on his body.
'I had to get up, I couldn't go another second without seeing you.' He said kissing her again. 'So where's my birthday present?' he asked nuzzling her neck.
'I already gave it to you, twice if I'm correct.' She grinned
'So that's what all that spontaneous loving was.' He said releasing her and making his way over to the fridge.
'Yep I gave you the best present ever didn't I?' she asked jumping and sitting on the counter.
'You always do' he said before taking a swig of juice from the carton.
'Honey don't drink from the carton' she said giving him a disproving look.
'It's my birthday Mia' he stated smiling sweetly at her. 'I can do what I like'
'You're going to use that all day aren't you?' she said
'Every chance I get.' He laughed 'so do you need me today to help out or can I go and off and do birthday boy things.'
'I got enough people helping me out, so yes you can go do what you want, just be ready and here by eight.' She reminded him.
'Good, well I'm going to call my merry band of men and see what they're doing.' He informed her stepping between her legs. 'I love you Jamia'
'I know you do, it's impossible not to love me.' She joked kissing his lips 'Go on go get ready and out of my hair.'
'Yes ma'am' he said turning to leave her
'Oh honey can you phone Chey and ask her where's she at please?' she asked jumping off the counter.
'Will do?' he said heading for their bedroom.

'One thing down two more to go.' Gerard said slamming the boot closed 'where to next baby?' he asked jumping in the drivers seat.
'Any store that sells decorations, I suggest we go to the mall I imagine we'll be spoilt for choice.' Cheyenne answered.
'Alright lets go' he said starting the engine and pulling out. 'Ah! Tonight is going to be torture for me.' He stated
'Why because of the alcohol, I thought...'
'No because you'll be wearing that damn dress and I won't be able to touch you.'
'I'm sure you'll survive.' She laughed. Taking her cell from her pocket she noted she had a missed call from Frank. Just then Gerard's cell rang and he answered it
'Hey man, happy birthday' Gerard said 'helping Chey run her errands...yeah she's right here...hold on' he said passing the phone to Chey.

'Happy birthday Frankie...uh huh done with the groceries and the decoration store...Gerard...uh huh.... we're in love...ok...yeah I'll drop the stuff off first then I'll go get the cake how's that?'...See you soon.' She hung up slipping Gerard's cell back into his pocket.
'New plan?' Gerard asked
'Yep, we're going to get the decorations and drive them back to Jamia then we'll go get the cake.' She said resting her hand on his knee 'you don't have to stay with me all day. You can go anytime you want baby, I imagine you have things to do.'
'I have nothing to do but stay here and be with you and I plan to do that all day.' He said lifting her hand to his lips and giving it a quick kiss.

'These are great you guys' Frankie said riffling through the three bags of Halloween decorations. 'I take it Gerard picked most of these'
'Of course I wasn't allowed to choose anything' Cheyenne replied
'That's a lie you got to choose the Happy Birthday banner' Gerard pointed out.
'One thing I got to choose one thing and you got to choose three bags full.' Cheyenne recalled.
'It's because I have better taste then you when it comes to horror things.' He stated
'How do you know that? I never even got to suggest anything.' She argued
'Because I knew what you'd suggest, so I put a stop to it so we wouldn't waste time.'
'You're a waste of time.' Cheyenne retorted
'You guys sound like an old married couple' Jamia laughed picking up the bags and leaving the room with Frankie. As soon as they left Cheyenne crossed the room and hit Gerard in his chest, he laughed as he folded her in his arms and kissed her.
'Did you hear that'? She asked pulling away.
'Yep she called us an old married couple' Gerard said 'how great is that?'
'Very. I reckon she'll be happy for us when we spill the beans on Sunday.'
'I think so too, in fact I think everyone except Bob, mom, Alicia and the band will be okay with it.'
'But that only leaves Jamia' Cheyenne said worriedly
'Don't forget Bunny and Pumpkin' Gerard said kissing her forehead ' I'm sure they'll be thrilled'

'Cheyenne hurry up we are going to be late' Bob hollered from the living room of Ray's flat. Cheyenne quickly buckled her shoes and grabbed her coat leaving the bedroom.
'Ok I'm ready' she said appearing
'Wow Chey Chey look at you, you look hot.' Ray said grabbing her hand and spinning her around.
'Thank you, I try.' She said grinning
'What the hell is that?' Bob asked looking at the red dishcloth his cousin was trying to pass off as a dress.
'It's a dress' she said looking down at herself
'No it's not that's a piece of cloth.' He said pointing at it ' a very small piece.'
'Don't be silly Bob. Anyway you bought it for me' she reminded him.
'I didn't know I was purchasing a napkin at the time' he retorted 'for crying out loud I can see your cleavage.'
'Well don't look' she said putting her coat on. 'Let's get going there's a whole house full of men waiting to meet me.' She joked linking Ray's arm.
'You better not leave my side' Bob shouted as Ray and Cheyenne headed to the car.

When they got there the party was in full swing, Cheyenne was sure she'd never seen so many piercings and tattoos in one place. There were masses of people there spillin out of the living room into the hallway and the kitchen. It was manic but the atmosphere was electric. She saw Frankie for about three seconds when she came in and hadn't seen him since; he was running around greeting and catching up with his guests. He wasn't the only one in high demand Ray, Mikey, Gerard and Bob were all being sort out from friends and acquaintances they hadn't seen in while. Cheyenne stuck with Alicia who introduced her to a group of girls who were really nice.
'So what do you guys think' Jamia asked finally being able to sit down.
'The party is great, everyone looks like they're having a good time.' Cheyenne replied 'You did a good job, so chill out and enjoy yourself' Alicia added
'Your right I'm totally chilled and I'm going to enjoy myself from this second on, lets go dance.' Jamia ordered.

Gerard had only seen Chey once since she arrived over two hours ago, and yes he was counting and no he couldn't help it. Despite that he was having a good time, he'd caught up with some of his friends that he's barely seen in the last year and met some new people that he's seen around but never actually met before. What's more it was nice to see the others relaxing and having a good time, especially Mikey, he had had it rough a few months back but you'd never know looking at him now laughing and joking with everyone else and holding Alicia on his lap. Gerard couldn't wait till Sunday and everyone would know about him and Chey and he could hold her freely like that. He zoned in on her the second she entered the room and so did every other guy in the room, she wasn't the only girl there obviously but she was the most stunning, it was that damn dress she wore. Gerard sat mesmerised as Jamia and Chey took to the centre of the room and danced together. God the way she moved her hips in that graceful yet very suggestive manner was driving him insane. He took out his cell and sent her a text then he quickly left the room.
Chey felt the vibration in her clutch bag and still dancing opened it an took out her phone

Meet me in the bedroom

She smiled and placed her phone in her back in her bag, she'd finish this song first.

'Gerard you remember Amber' Frankie said grabbing his hand as he walked passed the kitchen
'Oh yeah, nice to see you again.' He smiled politely 'I remember you from Jamia's birthday last year.'
'Yeah that party was awesome, I had a good time' Amber said
'I'll be right back I gotta get the digital camera, have fun you two' Frankie said slyly winking at Gerard and skipping off.

Cheyenne battled her way through the crowds of people in hallway just in time to see the bedroom door. Making sure no one saw her she opened the door and slipped in closing it as quietly as she could. She spotted him by the bed and walked over wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him, licking his bottom lip lightly. 'I've missed you' she whispered breaking the embrace.
'What the hell are you doing?' Frankie asked pushing the obviously drunk girl from his arms.
'Frankie' Chey asked squinting into the darkness
'Cheyenne is that you?' he asked in disbelief
'Oh my God' Cheyenne cried realising that she had just kissed Frank.
Just then the door opened, someone slipped in and it closed again
'Chey' Gerard whispered
'Gerard' Frankie asked peering into the dark
'Frankie' Gerard said back, what the hell was he doing in here?
'Turn the light on Gerard' Cheyenne said taking a step back.

'What the fuck?' Frankie said looking from Gerard to Cheyenne as light filled the room.
'I'm sorry Frank' Cheyenne apologised
'You kissed me' he said pointing at her
'You what?' Gerard asked 'Chey'
'I thought he was you' she replied blushing 'sorry'
'Why would you be kissing Gerard...OH MY GOD!' he shouted
'Shhh! Frankie' Cheyenne rushed over to him clamping her hand over his mouth. It took at second for him to calm down and Cheyenne removed her hand.
'Ok I'm calm' he stated taking a deep breath
'Please don't tell anyone' Cheyenne begged
'You two' he said pointing at them 'When, why, how?'
'Yes we're together, when since she got here, why because we're crazy about each other, and how well it just kind of happened.' Gerard explained coming further into the room.
'Oh my God' Frank said falling onto the bed 'but you can't your...he said pointing at Cheyenne...and you' he said pointing at Gerard
'We're aware of the six year age gap' Cheyenne said rolling her eyes
'I wasn't going to say that actually, I was going to remind you of the roles you play in Bob's life.' He retorted
'We know that too' Gerard said suddenly dying for a cigarette.
'Who else knows about you too?' Frankie asked
'No one, only Donna but she guessed, no one else knows and you can't tell anyone' Cheyenne said biting her lip
'I can't believe this' Frankie said resting his head in his hands 'Oh my God'
'Please Frankie don't say anything' Gerard said 'we're going to tell everyone we swear, just not yet'
'I know it's a lot to ask with you being friends with Bob, but please just keep it to yourself we're gonna tell everyone tomorrow night.' Cheyenne added.
Frankie took a deep breath and ran his hand through his hair. 'Fine I won't tell anyone, but you two better come clean tomorrow night' he said
'We promise' Gerard sighed, he knew he could trust Frankie, he's just sorry he had to find out this way.
'Thank you' Cheyenne said hugging Frankie 'We really appreciate it.'
Once Chey let him go he walked to the door and quickly let himself out closing it behind him. He was glad to be out of there and he walked back into the party where his friends and family celebrated. God he hated knowing other peoples secrets and now he knew one that could possibly destroy a friendship.
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