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Chapter 9

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Frankie feels Bob's wrath

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The party raged on till the early hours and with the help of a little alcohol and the contagious feel good atmosphere Frank soon forgot all about Gerard and Cheyenne's little secret. After they kissed one last time Gerard and Cheyenne decided it would be best to spend the duration of the party away from each other.
'Chey bear, I'm having a good time' Bob slurred, he had obviously had one too many as had Ray and Frankie who were singing loudly to the record the DJ was spinning.
'That's good Bobby' she said patting his arm and removing the beer can from his hand.
'Yes it is good, you go have fun' He said. And that's exactly what she did she spent the next two hours partying hard, she drank, she danced, she laughed and she celebrated, by 3.00am she was perched on Ray's knee belting out the lyrics to Smells Like Teen Spirit along with Mikey and Alicia.
'This is a fucking awesome party' Jamia screamed staggering over to them.
'Fuck yeah it is' Cheyenne replied before they both collapsed into a fit of giggles.

'Cheyenne wake up' Frankie said shaking her gently.
'Go away' she said hoarsely not bothering to open her eyes.
'Now Chey' Frank said sternly 'we're going out'
Cheyenne opened her eyes and sat up. She had fallen asleep on the couch between Ray and Mikey, scattered about the living room were the bodies of about ten guests who had partied too hard and had passed out on the floor.
'Put this on' Frankie said handing her a black sweater, she did as she was told and pulled the sweater over her head.
'Where is Bob?' Chey asked
'I think he's in the spare room with Gerard' he replied 'Let's go'

'Where are we going?' Cheyenne asked spotting her reflection in the rear view mirror as Frankie started the engine.
'For coffee' he said reaching over and strapping her in. 'Plus I'm dying to know about you and Gerard.'
'I miss him' she admitted running her fingers through her tangled hair 'I can't wait for today to be over.'
'So you're really going to tell everyone about your "relationship" Frankie asked doing the air quotes.
'Hey don't air quote, we do have a relationship and yes everyone will know today.' She replied rubbing her tired eyes.
'And this "relationship" where exactly is it going?' he asked
'I don't know but I'm willing to find out.' She answered with a smile.
'And how do you think Bob's going to feel knowing that you and Gerard have been sneaking around behind his back doing God knows what.' He questioned
'We haven't done any...I imagine he'll be a little upset...' she started.
'Pissed off more like.' Frank butted in
'...But I'm hoping he'll see passed that' she continued 'I know it's hard to understand given the short time that we've fallen for each other, but I really do love him and I know he feels the same way.'
'So why not postpone your announcement for a while till you been together longer.' He said throwing a glance in her direction.
'Because that means more sneaking around, and we're both sick to death of it, plus it means we have to lie to Bob more and I can't do that.'
'You seem to be doing a good job so far' Frankie retorted harshly then softened once he saw the sad look on her face 'I'm just trying to understand this ok, I thought Gerard would know better then to sneak around with a band members cousin'
'But that's just it, I'm more then just Bob's cousin ok, I am a person all on my own.'
'I know that Chey' Frankie said pulling up outside Starbucks. 'Wait here I'll be right back'

Bob felt the vibration on his thigh and he blindly delved into his jeans pocket. He opened his eyes as his hand clasped Cheyenne's cell, not thinking he opened the message that the phone displayed and read it.

Yesterday was torture I can't wait to be alone with you. Imagine after today we'll be out in the open, I can't wait. Love you lots xxx

Bob squinted waiting for his eyes to adjust and then he read it again. When did she start seeing someone? Who couldn't wait be alone with her?
He got up and headed for the bathroom to answer the call of nature. Once he came out he went straight for the kitchen he was so dehydrated he was dying for water.
'MORNING BOB' Gerard shouted deliberately
'You bastard' Bob replied holding his now aching head. Gerard laughed and grabbed a bottle of water out of the fridge handing it to him
'Shout all you want this hangover is worth it' Bob said accepting the bottle.
'Yeah last night was great, Jamia did a good job.' Gerard agreed 'Some people never left, they're crashed out in the living room.'
'Is Chey in there?' Bob asked
'No I woke up just as they were leaving' Gerard said
'Chey and Frank.'
'She left with Frank?' Bob said his mind finally starting to function again, but it wasn't thoughts he wanted to process.
'Yeah, probably went for coffee or something.' Gerard said studying the strange look on Bob's face.
'Mother fucker' Bob said slamming the bottle down on the counter.
'Jesus what's your problem?' Gerard asked jumping slightly.
'I'm gonna fucking kill him' Bob said exiting the kitchen, Gerard quickly followed 'What's the problem?' he asked when they were out in the hallway
'This' Bob said thrusting Cheyenne's cell phone into his hand 'Frank is seeing Cheyenne.'
Gerard quickly scanned the message he opened his mouth to talk, to say something, anything but Bob had already left.

'Is it really that bad?' Chey asked, they had been talking about her and Gerard since Frankie had come back to the car with two cups of fresh coffee.
'Well no, since Gerard seems to be happy.' Frankie admitted 'I can't help but worry. You won't hurt him will you?'
'Frankie I could never hurt him, I know what he's been through in the past and the last thing I want to do is have him re-live that pain. I love him Frank I won't hurt him.'
'Good cause I'll kick your ass, as much as I love the old Gerard I don't want him back.' Frank said, he was going to say more but his cell rang interrupting him. He handed the phone to Cheyenne.
'Hello Gerard' she answered smiling broadly
'Baby where are you?
'With Frankie' she said
'Driving we're going to Ray's.' she said
'Does Bob know where you are?'
'Yeah he text us like two seconds ago, Gerard what's.... 'Cheyenne gasped as Frankie took a sharp turn causing her coffee to spill onto her lap. She dropped the phone and quickly started to wipe the scolding liquid off her lap.'Frankie you asshole what the hell was that?' she screamed
'Shit sorry, I nearly missed the turning' he explained.
'You could've crashed you moron' she cried
'Stop name-calling I had it under control. You okay?' he asked taking his eyes off the road quickly.
'I'm fucking peachy' she retorted snatching up the phone from the floor. 'Gerard... Oh great he's gone' she said hanging up.
'So what you'll speak to him later.' Frankie said pulling up outside Ray's.

Bob drove over to Ray's praying that he had the wrong end of the stick. He really hoped he did because he'd hate to have to beat the shit out of Frank, he really loved him like a brother. He had to have it wrong; Frank could never cheat on Jamia or could he? He took a deep breath as he pulled up outside Ray's he had to remain calm.

Gerard had never dressed so quickly in his life, he snatched up his jacket and legged it to his car praying that he wouldn't get stopped for speeding which he had every intention of doing. God he hoped he reached them before Bob does. He dialled Frankie's number and it just rang and rang as he sped along breaking the speed limit. In all his angst he nearly missed his turning and he quickly turned the wheel making the tyres beneath him squeak. What if Bob was already there? What if he hit Frankie or Chey? With those last thoughts he pressed the pedal to the floor not caring if he got stopped.

'Fine I'll get it' Cheyenne called out to Frank who was in the living room watching God knows what. She was about to take her underwear off and get in the shower, but instead wrapped a towel round her body and headed for the door.
'Ok you get the door Chey' Frankie called back when he heard her footsteps in the hallway.
Chey had to tiptoe to peer through the peephole and smiled when she saw the familiar face. 'You missed me that much huh.' She said as she opened the door.
'Where is he?' Bob demanded the second the door was open. God she was in a towel, where they about to have sex or had they already done it? He clenched his fists tightly as a fresh wave of anger surged through him.
'Who?' Cheyenne asked
'Don't fucking play dumb Cheyenne' he said glaring at her. 'FRANKIE' he called out marching past a bewildered Cheyenne and into the living room.
At the sound of his name Frankie got up, he knew it was Bob calling but why the hell was he yelling?
'Hey man, what's all the yelling about?' Frankie managed to ask before Bob punched him straight in his jaw knocking him to the floor.
'BOB' Cheyenne screamed from behind him 'What the fuck are you doing?'
'...and you, you dirty tramp he has a fiancé you should be ashamed of yourself' Bob spat turning to face his cousin.
'What are you on about man?' Frankie asked his voice muffled under his hands.
'She's my baby cousin for fucks sake.' Bob cried
'Enough Bob' Cheyenne said rushing over to Frankie, her heart was pounding, this was it she had to tell him the truth. 'I can explain'
'What explanation could you possibly give me Cheyenne?' Bob asked
'I'm not sleeping with Frank' she cried 'I never was, but I am seeing someone.'
'What?' Bob said in disbelief looking at Frankie sprawled out on the floor 'Who are you seeing do I know him?'
'Yes you do' she whispered 'I'm...I'm...'
'Jesus Christ spit it out Cheyenne' Bob ordered
'She's seeing me' Gerard said walking into the living room.
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