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Chapter 10

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Frankie's birthday lunch is ruined and Cheyenne is forced to choose between Gerard and Bob.

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'I'm sorry we're late it took a lot longer to herd people out of my house then I expected.' Jamia apologised as she walked into the Way kitchen followed by Mikey, Alicia and Ray.
'Don't apologise sweetheart you're not late at all in fact the four of you are the first to arrive.' Donna said kissing each of them
'What?' Where are the others' Mikey asked
'No idea didn't they all stay with you last night?' Donna asked Jamia
'Well yeah but when I woke they were all gone I just assumed they had gone for coffee or something.' Jamia shrugged
'Gerard's phone is going straight to voicemail.' Mikey said closing the flip on his phone
'Same with Bob's' Ray said hanging up his cell
'Where could they all be?' Jamia asked

'Bob please calm down' Cheyenne begged hugging the towel close to her body.
'Fuck you Cheyenne' Bob spat 'you just told me you been running around fucking Gerard, how do expect me to react?'
'I don't know' she said rubbing her head 'we didn't want you to find out like this'
'No you wanted me to find out after he knocked you up.' Bob retorted pacing
'It's not like that at all' Gerard said coming in from the kitchen carrying an ice pack, which he tossed at Frank, who nodded his head as a silent thanks.
'Really so tell me how it is Gerard?' Bob asked ignoring the guilt that tugged as his gut as he glanced at Frankie, who was perched on the arm of the sofa.
'Look we admit we didn't want to you to find out like this we were planning on telling everyone about us today' Gerard confessed quickly stealing a glance at Cheyenne who was tending to Frankie's bruise.
'What us? She's been here five days' Bob said trying to hide the outrage he was feeling.
'We love each other' Cheyenne added, she knew it sounded pathetic but that didn't stop it from being true. Why couldn't Bob just understand Frankie did, or at least he said he did?
'Bullshit' Bob laughed 'Chey I always knew you were naïve but I never thought you were this gullible. You think Gerard loves you that's laughable'
'I do love her' Gerard said trying to keep his temper even 'and I know she loves me'
'Gerard please stop talking because I'm finding it very hard not to smack you in the face.' Bob said truthfully, if Chey wasn't here he was sure he would be burying Gerard in the back garden.
'So fucking hit me, it won't stop me loving your cousin; I know it's hard to digest but I'm in love with Cheyenne and I have every intention of being with her.' Gerard stated.
'Fuck you, whatever relationship you had going on with my cousin ends now. It's over you can't call her, you can't see her and you certainly can't fuck her.' Bob shouted.
'You can't make that decision I'm not a child' Cheyenne butted in.
'You certainly behave like one' Bob retorted 'look what you've been doing'
'You can't stop me from seeing Gerard, no one can' she replied.
'Don't push me Chey, after today you're going home, back to Chicago and that's all there is to it.' He said
'You can't send me home I came here on my own' she said as fear gripped her heart and pumped it's way around her body making her knees weak.
'Where do you plan on staying?' Bob asked 'Cause your not welcome at Ray's that's' for damn sure.'
'With me' Gerard said taking her hand in his.
'What you're going to shack up with him in his mother's basement, how picturesque' Bob retorted
'Fuck you Bob' Gerard shouted. His temper was rising way to quickly and even the feel of Cheyenne's hand in his couldn't stop it.
'The bottom line is I forbid it, you're too young and he's not good enough' Bob stated.
'What the fuck did you just say?' Gerard asked walking over to Bob. Frankie who had been quietly nursing his bruise jumped up and got between the two of them.
'So Gerard does have balls' Bob mocked him as Frankie held him back.
'Yeah and your cousin knows all about them' Gerard shot back
'You son of a bitch' Bob said trying in vain to get passed Frankie who was a lot stronger then his 5"4 frame would lead you to believe.
'Back off Bob' Frankie warned 'I swear to God I'll slap the both of you' He stood between them a hand on each of their chests feeling the angry beat of their hearts. He waited a minute or two before he slowly started to lower his hands and when he was satisfied that they were considerably calmer he let his arms fall to his sides, still standing between the both of them. Frankie's cell rang making them all jump and he tossed it to Cheyenne who was wiping tears off her face.
'Hello...oh hey Mikey...uh huh...we're all together...uh huh...we were about to leave...everything is fine...see you soon bye.' Cheyenne said hanging up
'Fuck this I'm out of here' Bob said pushing past Frankie 'I'm not going to lunch'
'Yes you are' Cheyenne said stepping in front of the living room door
'Get out of my way Cheyenne' Bob asked eying his cousin with distaste.
'I know your pissed at me, but don't take it out on Donna she spent time cooking us a meal and we're going to enjoy it and act like nothings wrong and that goes for everyone in this room.' she said looking past him at Gerard and Frankie. 'Now I'm going to get dressed when I'm done we'll leave' she said turning on her heel and marching to the bedroom.

Cheyenne hadn't said a word since she got in the car with Gerard and he didn't talk either. Bob and Frankie had both decided to drive to Donna's in the cars they drove to Ray's in. They were less then five minutes away from home when Gerard finally spoke. 'I'm sorry Chey' he said taking her hand in his.
'It's not your fault' she said turning to look at him.
'We don't have to go to moms, we can run, we can pretend we're Bonny and Clyde and escape the madness for the night' Gerard said, it was meant to sound as a joke but he knew if she agreed they'd do just that.
'There's no point in running it will only make Bob even angrier. We have to face the music.' She sighed
'Yeah I guess but we'll face it together' Gerard said kissing her hand gently 'then we'll run like hell.'

Donna knew something was wrong the minute the five of them walked through the door, not only were they late but they all had identical smiles plastered to their faces.
'Hey mom' Gerard said kissing her cheek 'Sorry we're late'
'It's okay at least you're here. Happy belated birthday Frankie' she said moving away from Gerard and hugging Frank.
'Thank you Donna and thank you for doing all this' He said looking at the food that decorated the dining table 'you've gone to a lot of trouble'
'Your so welcome and so worth it after all your like a son to me.' Donna said studying his face till her eyes fell on the Bob's fist mark.
'You're the best second mom ever' he smiled at her
'But what happened to your face?' she asked cupping his chin and looking at the red mark by his mouth.
'Oh err me and the boys were playing and it got a little rough as usual' he lied looking away.
'Boys will be boys' she smiled letting his chin go 'Well I'll go get the others let eat shall we.'

Ray, Mikey, Alicia and Jamia were totally oblivious to the raw tension at the table after all everyone was masking it well they all behaved how they always did.
'You should've seen Jamia when Tainted Love came on she went insane' Ray laughed.
'Oh don't remind me' Jamia cringed covering her face with her hands 'How embarrassing'
'Don't feel too bad Jamia, Cheyenne and Alicia went insane for a couple of songs too' Mikey added nudging Chey who in turn covered her face.
'I dread to think what the pictures will look like' Alicia replied sipping her drink
'Especially the ones of you' Gerard added speaking to Chey across the table
'Excuse me all the photos of me will be very ladylike' she replied haughtily.
'Unlike your recent behavior' Bob chimed in, it had been the first time he spoke since they sat down.
'Particularly the one of you and Geoff Rickly guzzling beer' Frankie said laughing 'and yes that one is going on the wall'
'Don't you dare' Chey warned kicking him under the table.
'So Frank did you enjoy your birthday' Donna asked smiling as her family ate and enjoyed themselves. It made her happy to have them altogether.
'Oh yeah it was great, I had fun, my girl did great' he said smiling at Jamia.
'I can't take all the credit, Chey helped a lot' Jamia replied honestly.
'I'm surprised she had time with all the extra things she's been doing on the side' Bob replied nonchalantly.
'You know Donna I have got to get the recipe for this punch it's awesome' Cheyenne said blatantly ignoring Bob's unnecessary comment.
'I'll give it to you before you go home to Chicago.' Donna said 'remind me to write it out for you.'
'Cool' Chey smiled at her 'Whenever I make it I'll give you full credit.'
'When are you leaving?' Mikey asked through a mouthful of food.
'Tonight' Bob said
'What? So soon' Alicia replied 'can't you stay another couple of days there's things I wanna show you.'
'Bob's playing I'm not leaving tonight' Cheyenne said
'Yes you are' Bob replied
'No I'm not' Chey argued attempting to keep her voice light.
'Yes you are' Bob said putting his cutlery down.
'No she isn't' Gerard stated staring at Bob across the table
'Who the fuck asked you Gerard?' Bob yelled not caring if he caused a scene or ruined lunch.
'Whoa Bob watch your mouth' Ray said 'we're at the table'
'You can't make her leave' Gerard stated
'Wanna bet' Bob challenged
'Guys not now' Frankie said attempting to keep the peace he did not want a repeat of earlier.
'SHUT UP FRANK' they both shouted in unison.
'Look maybe we should talk about this.' Donna interjected, every bone in her body was screaming that something dramatic was about to happen and it was avoidable they all just needed to calm down.
'Where not kids ma we don't need a sit down' Gerard said
'Well you obviously need something.' She replied her eyes pleading with his.
'Yeah we need to leave, come on Chey were going' he announced standing up and walking toward the kitchen door.
'Gerard maybe we should talk about this while were all here' Cheyenne said standing up.
'I'm not in the mood to talk about it' Gerard said 'Let's go'
'Cheyenne sit down' Bob demanded his eyes boring into her
'Come on baby' Gerard said from the kitchen door.
What the hell was she supposed to do? She glanced at both of them and in spite of the angry looks on their faces both pairs of eyes pleaded with hers. Her head was suddenly spinning should she go with Gerard and defy her cousin, her family or does she stay and let the man she loves walk away alone. She looked at them both and knew the whole room was waiting for a decision from her but she already knew what the right answer was. She looked at Gerard and saw the pain in his eyes, he could read her and he knew what she decided.
'I'm so sorry' she cried as tears flowed down her face 'but I'm going with Gerard' she said walking over to him.
'Cheyenne you walk out that front door and I'll disown you, I'll never speak to you again. You'll be as good as dead in my book' Bob warned 'so decide.'
Cheyenne stopped short closing her eyes tightly, this wasn't the first time she had heard those words from Bob's mouth, and she knew he meant every word. She took a deep breath and calmly turned to face her cousin. 'I love you Bobby, but I'm going' she replied feeling Gerard's hand enclose hers.

'What the fuck just happened?' Mikey asked when the front door closed, he like everyone else at the table had watched the scene play out like a movie but they might have well been speaking German because he didn't understand any of it.
'Your brother and Cheyenne have been seeing each other secretly for the past couple of days' Donna said
'You knew' Frankie said
'Well yeah but I only found out yesterday' Donna replied
'Ohh me too' Frankie said feeling better now the secret was out.
'You knew about this, why didn't you tell me?' Jamia asked.
'Don't feel to bad he didn't tell me either' Bob said
'I only found out early this morning' Frankie admitted defensively 'and as for not telling you Bob I think you got your revenge' he said pointing to his face.
'You hit him' Jamia asked
'Well I thought he was cheating on you with my cousin' Bob confessed. 'I hate men that cheat'
'That smack was for Gerard' Mikey said eying Frankie's face 'Not pretty'
'Gerard and Cheyenne but she's...and he's...' Alicia trailed off not wanting to be the one who pointed out the obvious age gap.
'Apparently they're in love' Bob snorted downing his drink
'But she's only been here five days' Ray said 'It does explain Gerard's behaviour though'
'So what if she's only been here five days who says they can't be in love' Jamia chimed in.
'Oh please who falls in love in five days?' Frankie said
'You did or a least that's what you told me' Jamia replied.
'Well yeah but that's different' he said treading carefully the last thing he wanted to do was say something wrong and unromantic.
'Why is it different?' she challenged glaring at him.
'Because...I.... it just is' he finished
'Well I for one don't have a problem with it' Jamia stated 'If they're in love I'm happy for them especially for Gerard.'
'Well on that happy note I'm leaving' Bob said he desperately wanted to be alone all of a sudden 'Donna thank you for lunch and Frankie sorry for hitting you in the face' he said grabbing his coat and leaving.

Half an hour had gone past and not a word had been said between them as they drove into New York. Cheyenne looked over at Gerard and not once did she question if she had made the right decision, she knew what she did was right.
'Are you okay?' She asked quietly noting the dark look in his eye and his clenched jaw
'No I'm not okay, this isn't how I wanted this to go at all' he said angrily and then catching himself he softened his grip on the steering wheel and tried to relax.
'We both knew it wasn't going to be easy' Cheyenne said resting her hand on his thigh.
'I can't believe Bob behaved like that' Gerard sighed 'I never for one second thought he'd react like that. You don't think he meant what he said about...'
'Disowning me, yeah he meant it. He said and done it before' Cheyenne confessed smiling weakly attempting to mask the pain in her heart.
'When?' Gerard questioned, he obviously didn't know about their family history.
'A couple years back when I was drinking and doing drugs, I got really out of hand and he said if I didn't sort myself out he's never speak to me again. So naturally not wanting to lose the most important person in my life I sobered up.' She said
'And what about this time are you going to sober up' he asked
'I'm too far-gone. I'm not letting you go for anything. Bob will get used to us I know he will.' She said confidently
'And if he doesn't?' Gerard asked taking his eyes off the road
'Well I guess you're all I got.' Chey replied blinking back the tears in her eyes.
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