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Chapter 11

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If you a complete Gerard junkie then read on, I'm addicted and I always wondered if he had a girlfriend. So anyway I just read Kerrang magazine OMG it had a 12 page My Chem special and Gerard talks a little about his love life. I was gonna type the whole thing but couldn't be bothered so I'll break it down for ya. He doesn't say much, but says that he was in a long-term relationship that ended during the making of the Black Parade. He was dating this chick for six years and I quote 'it was practically marriage' After he finished recording the lyrics for Famous Last Words something snapped and he decided to split with her and a week later he did. So ladies Gerard Way is OFFICIALLY back on the market. Go on get in there lol
So I just thought I'd share that with you in case you guys didn't know, but if you did ignore this cause I'm always slightly delayed.

Lunch was practically ruined after Bob, Cheyenne and Gerard stormed out. Ray, Frankie and Jamia left shortly after and Mikey and Alicia headed to Mikey's room.
Donna cleared away the lunch things all the while replaying what had happened less then an hour ago. Why didn't Gerard just sit down and talk about it? She sighed inwardly at his stubbornness he could be so like his father sometimes. Her thoughts turned to Bob and the look in his eyes when Cheyenne chose Gerard over him; he looked like a little bit of him died inside. Wrapping her apron around her waist she forced herself to think positive thoughts, maybe this would blow over by tomorrow and everything would be fine.
'Start from the beginning Bob, because I'm totally lost.' Brian admitted. When his apartment door buzzed the last person he expected was Bob especially unannounced. Bob came in half drunk and raving about his cousin and Gerard. After managing to calm him down Brian sat him down and asked him to explain the story calmly and in English.
'Gerard Way is seeing my cousin.' Bob said almost laughing
'And the problem lies where?' Brian asked, he didn't know much about Cheyenne except the guys like having her around and she was Bob's cousin.
'Firstly in their ages she's only twenty-three, and then there's the fact that they sneaked around behind my back. Gerard is one of my best friends you'd think he'd know better then to take advantage of my cousin.'
'Take advantage that sounds a little strong, I'm sure you're cousin knows what she's doing.' Brian replied
'That's the thing she doesn't, Gerard convinced her he's in love with her.' Bob said rubbing his forehead.
'And isn't he?' Brian asked sceptically
'No of course not, she's been here less then a week not to mention the fact Gerard hasn't been single for that long.'
'Ok I see your point on the lack of time they've been together and as for Gerard being single, he's been that way for a couple of months now I'd say he was due for a girlfriend.'
'I don't want my cousin to be his rebound girlfriend we all know what happens to rebound girls.'
'Gerard isn't like that, you and I both know that he has a lot of respect for women.'
'But he's not right for her' Bob whined childishly
'And who is Bob?
'I don't know but it's not Gerard and she's not right for him either. I don't want them to get hurt.'
'You can't protect them, they're adults. If you want my honest opinion I'd say you were jealous.'
'Jealous?' Bob asked tilting his head to the side like a dog does when it tries to understand you.
'Yeah, you've always been Cheyenne's knight in shining armour, the only guy she needed and now she had Gerard your worried she won't need you anymore.'
'That' are so...whatever' Bob said shaking his buzzing head. 'You're wrong'
'Look why don't you crash here tonight and sleep off that alcohol, we'll talk more in the morning' Brian said standing. 'I'm going for a shower make yourself at home.'
Mikey couldn't sleep he'd been awake for the last hour thinking about the events of the day. He lay on his back staring up at the ceiling wondering where his brother was and if he and Chey were ok. Alicia had fallen asleep next to him, her naked body hidden under the sheets on his bed, he absentmindedly stroked her hair while he thought about all the unpleasant thing that were said at the dinner table. Poor Bob, he knew he must be crushed at having his cousin choose Gerard over him. He wondered how it would feel to have Gerard choose a girl over him. He had tried to call Bob constantly throughout the day but he only managed to reach his answer phone and he left several messages, but Bob hadn't called back. Mikey knew something was up he had noticed the change in his brother's behaviour and in the back of his mind he expected it to be a girl, but not Cheyenne she was younger then him even. He had called Gerard too during the day, he wanted to make sure he was okay mentally but Gerard's phone was off and like Bob he hadn't bothered to call him back despite the three messages he left.
Sighing he sat up and reached over to grab his cell phone when he felt Alicia hands grip his thigh. 'Leave them alone' she murmured lazily.
'What?' he said pretending not to have heard her.
'Your brother and Cheyenne leave them alone. Don't call them' she said opening her eyes and looking up at him.
'Why not? I'm worried' he replied honestly 'I need to know he's alright'
'They are fine they have each other. Give them a chance to get their heads around what happened today.' She said squeezing his thigh gently. 'I'm sure Gerard will call you tomorrow.'
'But I can't sleep' he confessed 'I can't take my mind off them'
'Well then let me help you' Alicia said seductively running her hand higher on his thigh till she reached his penis, which seemed to come alive under her touch.
'That might work' Mikey said sinking under the covers as thoughts od Gerard and Chey disappeared
Cheyenne rolled onto her back expecting a part of her body to collide with Gerard's and when it didn't she opened her eyes and squinted against the sun beaming through the large hotel windows.
'Morning' Gerard said from her left. Cheyenne turned onto her side and spotted him sitting on a chair, a pen and pad resting on his lap.
'Hey lover' she said a grin forming across her lips 'what are you doing out of bed?'
'I woke up kinda early, so I thought I'd draw something' he said standing up and placing the pen and pad on the seat of the chair.
'Oh yeah what did you draw?' she asked propping herself up on her elbows as he approached her. 'Something nice I hope.'
'Yeah it is I'd let you look but it isn't finished' he said crawling under the covers, his arms instinctively circling her waist.
'How are you feeling?' She asked turning in his arms so her lips gently brushed his.
'I don't know, happy and sad all at the same time' He said truthfully 'I'm all over the place.'
'I know what you mean, I woke up feeling really happy, then I got sad then I got happy again when I saw you' she said laughing a little.
'That's defiantly a highpoint' he said kissing her head. 'Waking up to me'
'Are you always so bigheaded?' She asked elbowing him in his ribs
'Only when it comes to sex and romance I'm the master' he joked
'I seriously doubt that, I've been easy on you so far, your yet to see what I can do' Cheyenne said straddling his hips.
'Why don't you show me?' Gerard challenged feeling the blood instantly racing to his penis making it hard underneath her.
'Later, there's stuff we need to talk about first' she said referring to yesterday's events
'No, I don't want to talk about it' Gerard pouted 'I just want to stay here in this fantasy world, just me and you.' Cheyenne climbed off the bed taking the sheets with her 'I know but if we're going to prove to the others that were serious and mature then we have to act like it so lets go to breakfast and figure out the rest of the day.' She said heading for the bathroom. Gerard made no effort to cover up his naked body or his swollen penis as he shouted 'I had the rest of the day figured out if you hadn't noticed'
Bob switched his phone on and as expected it vibrated alerting him of messages that the guys had left him.
'Good morning sunshine' Brian said loudly coming into the living room with two cups off coffee. 'How are you feeling?'
'Like shit' Bob confessed taking the offered beverage
'Any new thoughts on yesterday?' Brian asked sitting on the couch opposite Bob
'Nope none, I'm not going to think about it anymore.'
'Cheyenne is old enough to do what she wants, Gerard's a grown man if they want to be together the I can't stop them' Bob stated
'What's the catch?' Brian asked raising an eyebrow sceptically
'There isn't one' Bob said reading the messages on his phone 'the only things I'm concerned about are my job and the tour, that's all.'
'Well ok' Brian shrugged. He was worried about how nonchalant Bob was being but he was glad to hear that he was thinking of work after all as a their manager that's what he wanted to hear.
Gerard kissed Cheyenne's lips and rolled out from between her thighs, he breathed deep trying to calm his racing heart. He felt her scoot closer to him and rest her head on his chest.
'I can't believe I gave in' Cheyenne laughed 'thirty minutes of resistance and then I cave.'
'I'm irresistible baby' he said 'You had to have me'
'As if! You spent ten minutes knocking on the bathroom door whining about your penis and how it hurt because it needed release.' She exclaimed
'But you came out anyway you wanted me'
'I came out to get dressed and then you tackled me onto the bed.'
'No I didn't I fell' he laughed 'and landed between your thighs'
'You're a jackass' she laughed kissing him 'C'mon get up, I'm starving I have to eat.'
'Eat me, I'm very tasty' Gerard suggested 'and full of cream that's high in vitamins'
'Eww don't be gross' Chey said scrunching up her face. Gerard's cell rang and it vibrated on the bedside table to Cheyenne's right.
'It's Frank' Cheyenne said looking at the name flashing on screen, she hesitated then answered it. 'Hey Frankie...oh hey Jamia my bad...we're fine...yeah we're awake we're getting ready for I mean yeah sounds good...see you then.'
'Plans?' Gerard said the second Cheyenne hung up
'Yes me you Jamia and Frankie are going to lunch' she informed him getting out of bed. 'It's not a problem is it?'
'No I don't have a problem with it, it sounds like a good idea.' Gerard said getting off the bed 'just make sure your free tonight'
'What's tonight?'
'Our first date, it just occurred to me we never had one' he said making the bed 'so tonight is our official first date, if that's okay with you.'
'Fine then turn around lets go home' Jamia said folding her arms across her chest 'and then you can call Cheyenne and Gerard and tell them why we didn't show up.'
'I don't want to go home' Frankie said sighing 'It's just I feel like I'm betraying Bob by going to lunch with them.'
'That's ridiculous baby, no ones asking you to choose between Gerard and Bob, it's just lunch.'
'So why do I feel like I'm doing something wrong?' Frankie asked glancing at her.
'I don't know baby. Let's just go and have a nice lunch and maybe later if you feel like you really should you can mention today's lunch to Bob.' Jamia said

'Hey you too' Jamia said sneaking up on an unsuspecting Gerard and Cheyenne, they were so busy wrapped up in each other they didn't see her coming.
'Hey back at ya' Gerard said letting Chey go and embracing her 'Where's Frank?'
'Outside finishing a death stick, why don't you go keep him company?' Jamia suggested. Gerard kissed Cheyenne's cheek before heading for the foyer doors.
'You two are so cute' she said hugging Cheyenne.
'Thanks.' Cheyenne blushed watching Gerard as he walked out.
'How was last night for you?' Jamia asked
'Kind of quiet we both just kept to ourselves until bed time' Cheyenne confessed 'What happened when we left?'

...Nothing much really' Frankie replied 'after you guys left we left'
'Did my mom say anything?' Gerard asked studying his best friend face.
'Nah, not really she just told the others what they didn't know.'
'What about Bob is he okay?' Gerard asked
'Non one's been able to contact him.' Frankie admitted

'...I think he's okay though he just a little upset' Jamia reassured Cheyenne
'I hope so I didn't want it to be this way.' Cheyenne confessed
'I know you didn't, give it time in a couple of day's this whole thing will blow over.' Jamia said

'...I hope so I don't want to go on tour with Bob mad at me.' Gerard sighed
'You know Bob he never stays mad for long. It's just a shock that's all, trust me things will be back to normal before we know it.' Frank said confidently.
'Yeah you're right all we need is time' Gerard said slapping Frankie's back 'c'mon we have to beautiful ladies waiting for us and I'm starving'
Frankie had to admit it Gerard and Cheyenne were great together. They had just finished lunch, which had been fun just like it always was. They only vital difference was how happy Gerard was, he was practically giddy and so was Cheyenne. They were both bouncing off each other, if Bob could see them now he wouldn't have a problem with them dating. Frankie had lost the conversation when he shrunk into his own thoughts but now zoned back as Cheyenne and Jamia both playfully slapped Gerard.
'What? It's what all guys think' Gerard said 'Frank back me up'
'No way I saw the slaps you got, I'm siding with the women' Frank said having no idea what they were talking about, but decided it was safer to side with Jamia.
'Dude you suck' Gerard said tossing a bread stick at him. 'Your pussy whipped'
'And you aren't?' Frankie replied looking from him to Cheyenne
'No way, I wear the pants, when I say jump Chey says how high' Gerard stated looking at Cheyenne who was shooting him a death look.
'Thin ice Gerard' Jamia said sipping her water 'very thin'
'Baby I was just kidding' Gerard said pulling Cheyenne towards him and kissing her cheek. 'I love you'
Frank froze; did he really just hear that? He looked at Jamia who was practically beaming, while she watched Gerard and Cheyenne play fight. Frank found Jamia's hand under the table and squeezed it gently, then he lifted his glass and cleared his throat. 'I wanna make a toast, I want to wish Gerard and Cheyenne all the happiness in the world' he announced.
'To happiness' the Gerard, Chey and Jmaia repeated lifting their glasses. Frankie took a sip of his coke and looked at Jamia who smiled at him as she mouthed a silent 'thank you'.
'Thanks for toasting us' Gerard said to Frank as they left the restaurant. The girls had gone shopping leaving the guys to their own devices.
'No problem man, I'm glad your happy.' Frankie admitted
'I am dude I'm so fucking happy I can't think straight.' Gerard laughed
'You deserve it man. I only have one favour to ask'Frank said
'I want you to talk to Bob before we go on tour, I want things to be ok before we go' Frank said looking over at Gerard.
'I will' Gerard promised 'I want things to be okay too.'
'If you want I'll be there, I'll be the middle man.' Frankie offered
'Nah I'll do it alone' Gerard said 'It can't be any worse then before can it?'
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