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Chapter 12

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Gerard and Cheyenne have their first date. Gets a little x-rated, you've been warned

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'I'm dying of suspense here' Gerard called out they had just come home from their first date and he knew that she had something planned he knew it was sexual and the wait was killing him. It had been ten minutes since she left him on the bed, hot from anticipation and extremely horney.

'Baby are you ready?' Gerard asked rapping gently on the bathroom door.
'Two minutes Gee, I promise' Cheyenne called back
'It was two minutes, five minutes ago' he said through the door.
'I know I just wanna look perfect for you' she replied
'Honey you always look perfect' he said honestly, which was true she always looked beautiful even when she wore old oversized t-shirts. When she didn't reply he sighed and said 'I'll meet you in the foyer'
'Ok I promise I won't keep you waiting long' Cheyenne called back.

When Cheyenne was sure Gerard had left she came out of the bathroom and ran straight to the fall length mirror taking in her appearance, which was in her opinion amazing. Taking a deep breath she tried to calm herself this was their first date and though they had spent so many hours alone together she was nervous. She walked over to the bed and knelt on the floor, searching around underneath it till she found what she was looking for. She dragged the small bag from under the bed and smiled at the contents as it fell from the bag. Gerard was in for a nice surprise tonight.

Gerard was about to call the hotel room to tell Cheyenne to move her ass when he spotted her across the lobby. At first he wasn't sure it was her but then his eyes met hers and his breath was stolen from his body.
'My' Gerard said as they met each other in the middle of the lobby 'Where did you get that dress?' He asked looking at the sapphire silk dress that covered her body.
'A store, Jamia picked it out' Cheyenne said
'God I love that woman' Gerard confessed taking in the thigh high split of the dress. 'C'mon lets go'
'What's the hurry?' Cheyenne asked as he pulled her hand
'The quicker we go the quicker we can come back and I can rip that dress from your body' he said quietly.
'Good point' she said turning so he could help her into her coat.

'What do you think?' Cheyenne asked coming out of the bathroom wearing next to nothing. Gerard's mouth actually dropped as his eyes fell upon her. He swallowed the lump that had instantly risen to his throat; he trousers were now incredibly uncomfortable as his erection crashed against them begging to be freed. Cheyenne walked over to him standing inches in front of him, he could clearly see her pert nipples that were covered by a see through negligee that barely reached her thighs.
'I asked you a question' she said stroking his face 'What do you think?'
'I can only show you what I think' he replied standing up and loosening his belt.

The restaurant was truly beautiful, white linen circular tables decorated the deep crimson carpeted floor and gold framed chairs with upholstered red seats surrounded them. Huge chandeliers decorated the high ceilings and cream stick candles decorated the bar area and each individual table. Gerard watched the expression of awe on Cheyenne's face as they were seated.
'Gerard this place is beautiful' Cheyenne said the minute the waiter disappeared.
'I thought you'd like it' he confessed 'I was actually going to take you to McDonalds but then I saw the dress and thought I better think a bit higher.' Picking up the menu Gerard scanned the list of dishes that the restaurant served, then he read it again, not one thing on the menu sounding appetising. Glancing over at the nearest table he spotted a waiter setting down a plate of food with practically nothing on it. He reminded himself why he was here and let his eyes wander over the menu again, determined this time to pick something to eat. Why did everything have to have some kind of wine sauce on it? Cheyenne had been watching Gerard over her menu, he was clearly uncomfortable here and he hadn't stop fidgeting since they sat down. He was willing to endure this restaurant and these ridiculous prices for her, because this is what he thought she wanted.
'Gerard' Cheyenne said reaching for his hand across the table 'I want to leave'
'What you don't like it?' he said his eyebrows furrowing together in confusion.
'Yes I do, it beautiful but...'
'But what?'
'I get the feeling you are trying to impress me and if you are then you needn't bother, I'm already head of heels in love with you.' She said
'I'm not trying to impress you, I want to be here' he lied
'Really?' she said quizzically
'Ok I was trying to impress you. I just...I wanted tonight to be special so I thought I'd bring you here. To tell the truth I'm not comfortable in this environment at all' he confessed.
'Honey tonight will be amazing, but a fancy restaurant that charges $30 for a salad bowl won't make the evening special. I don't care what we do, I don't care if we go to a park and feed the ducks as long as I'm with you tonight will be special.' Cheyenne said. Gerard smiled at her words, could she be any more perfect for him? He had booked the restaurant for her, he didn't like places like this but he thought he'd spoil her tonight and now she was telling him, it didn't matter being with him was enough.
'Why are you looking at me like that?' Cheyenne asked breaking his thoughts
'I can't help it, I'm amazed by you.' He said standing up and walking to her he placed a gentle kiss on her neck before pulling out her chair. 'Lets go'
'Where are we going?' she asked rising from her seat
'I don't know anywhere we are comfortable' he said guiding her toward the door.

Cheyenne let Gerard kiss and fondle her, she let him touch and stroke her, but she wouldn't let him go any further. Every time his hand wondered down to her panties she grabbed the offending hand and placed it back on her breast.
'Why won't you let me touch you?' Gerard whispered against her neck.
'You are touching me' she gasped as he firmly took her nipple between his teeth. 'I want to be inside you' he mumbled
'And you will be, you just have to wait a while but it will be worth it' She said.

'Don't you wanna come with me. Don't you wanna feel my bones on your bones' Cheyenne sang 'It's only natural'
Gerard laughed as she belted out the lyrics to Bones by the Killers in the passenger seat, they had been driving for about ten minutes with no destination in mind, he was happy to drive and she was happy to sit back and be chauffeured.
'So Miss Daisy what do you wanna eat?' he said turning the music down slightly 'I'm hungry.'
'Let's go somewhere fun, anywhere that's fun, a bowling alley or an arcade' she said. Gerard thought for a second then it hit him. 'I know just the place, but we're a little over dressed.'
'Doesn't matter' She said turning the radio back up. 'Don't you wanna swim with me...'

'Is there a reason why you're tying me up?' Gerard asked as Cheyenne tightened the binds around his wrists.
'Yes there is' she said simply
'Care to share' he said feeling slightly nervous.
'I'm going give you the best orgasm of your life, the only problem is it's going to take a while to get there so you'll have to be patient and since we both know that you can't do that I have to restrain you.' She said bending down and kissing his forhead.

Two hours later Cheyenne was laughing hysterically as Gerard attempted to step along to the arrows that flowed up the screen on the dance machine. 'This is bullshit' he cried jumping off the machine. Cheyenne couldn't answer as she was doubled over from laughing.
'Don't fucking laugh' Gerard said picking up the small imitation Winnie the pooh teddy he had won.
'I'm sorry it just, you were stamping on it so hard I thought you might break it' she giggled holding her sides.
'I fucking hate dancing' he said taking a cigarette out of his box and lighting it 'what a waste of time'.
Cheyenne bit her lip to stifle a laugh as she walked toward him and wrapped her arms around his waist to comfort him.
'What do you wanna do next?' Gerard said tilting his head back and blowing smoke towards the ceiling instead of in her face.
'Let's go home we've done everything.' She said looking around the arcade they had been on everything except the slot machines and neither of them wanted to do that.
'If we go home the dates over' Gerard said frowning slightly.
'No it isn't I have a surprise for you.' She said smiling mischievously

'Cheyenne please' Gerard said thrusting his hips impatiently.
'Be patient' she said blowing lightly on to his erect penis. Gerard jerked again trying to touch her lips with his tip 'please put your lips on me' he begged. He had never felt like this before so excited yet angry and frustrated all at once. For half and hour now he had been tied to the bed, his dick standing rock hard and leaking dying to be caressed and in that half an hour she had built him up twice, her mouth promising an orgasm and just before he could explode she pulled back. He wanted to fuck her, to make love to her and he couldn't even touch her thanks to his bound wrists.
'Chey please, I'm dying here I gotta have you' he said his eyes pleading with hers. She smiled at him as she reached for the hotel phone, dialling room service she ordered a a glass of ice cubes and pot of tea.
'What's the tea for?' Gerard asked trying not to sound a frustrated as he felt.
'I'm thirsty' she said letting her fingers crawl towards his penis. He held is breath as her fingers neared his manhood and gasped as she traced the length of it, barely touching the hot skin that covered it.
'Baby you're so hot' she said 'let me cool you down.' Crawling between his legs, Gerard's eyes fixed upon her breasts as they swung beneath her as she made her way between his thighs. Cheyenne licked and pursed her lips, making sure to keep eye contact with him she blew air on to his tip savouring the look of lust and annoyance in his eyes.
'Suck it baby' he said his voice shaking with anticipation.
'As you wish' she said placing her hands on his thighs she lowered her lips to his dick slowly, loving the power she had over him as he struggled to control himself. Extending her tongue from her mouth she gently licked the tip.
'More' Gerard begged as he felt the soft touch of her tongue.

'What are you doing?' Cheyenne giggled as Gerard dragged her into the photo booth and pulled the curtain across. He kissed her gently savouring the taste of her lip-gloss on his tongue. She kissed him back as the familiar sensation of butterflies overtook her stomach; he pulled back and carefully removed the strands of hair from her face. 'I had to kiss you' he said justifying his actions. 'But PDA's are usually frowned upon, plus you never know who's watching.' Cheyenne nodded in understanding, they didn't want to be snapped kissing in public, after all this was New York you never know who's around. 'ready to go' Gerard asked one hand on the curtain.
'No wait lets take some photos' Cheyenne said 'so we won't forget'
'Are you kidding I could never forget this' He said nuzzling her neck.

'Wait here' Cheyenne whispered as a knock on the door sounded around the room. Gerard cursed inwardly and fought against his restraints, why did he agree to be tied up? This was torture he needed to cum so badly.
'Finally I thought I'd die of thirst' she said wheeling the trolley over to the bed, she discarded the robe she put on to answer the door and perched herself on the edge next to Gerard.
'Why are you doing this?' he whined, his penis was beginning to ache, he need to cum.
'I already told you, you'll thank me for it later.' She said pouring herself a cup of tea and adding a generous amount of milk. She lifted the cup to her lips and took a sip of the beverage the temperature was perfect.
'Here's the fun bit' she said kissing his lips. Taking a mouthful of tea she turned quickly and took him in her mouth, spilling a little of the tea which trickled onto his thighs.
'Oh my God' Gerard cried as the hot liquid surrounded his penis, he jerked his hips unable to control himself as the sensation of her tongue, lips and liquid became too much. Swallowing the tea, Cheyenne continued to suck, using her hands to caress his shaft and make him moan, she sucked harder knowing he wouldn't last much longer.
'I'm cumming' he warned feeling an intense fire inside him; he was so ready to explode. 'Noooo' He shouted as the feel of her lips disappeared and the fire slowly died. 'FUCK!' he said tugging angrily at his restraints. Smiling wickedly and ignoring his frustrated rants Cheyenne took an ice cube and brushed his dick with it.
'SHIT' Gerard screamed as the ice touched his hot skin and the melted droplets fell onto his overloaded balls. Cheyenne did this twice more building him up with the tea and bringing him down with the ice cube. She could tell he was more then ready now the visible veins in his manhood were practically pulsating. Gerard wanted her so badly he couldn't think straight, his wrists were aching from the rope that bound them and his organ ached from the need to be released.
'I'm going to untie you now' Cheyenne said standing and leaning over him, her breasts dangling inches from his mouth as she stretched across him and loosened the tie on his right hand. It seemed like and age before his left hand was free and the second it was unrestrained he grabbed Cheyenne and threw her onto her back. She giggled as his lips hungrily kissed hers and his hand savagely ravaged her breasts and hips. He was like a beast as he tore her underwear from her and spread her legs, he manoeuvred himself between her warm thighs and thrust inside her. He was pleasently suprised at how hot and wet she was, she was so ready for him.
'Gently Gerard' Cheyenne groaned as his dick filled her again and again, sending shocks through her body.
'Not a chance' he grunted as he thrust into her harder and faster. His mouth found a nipple and he sucked roughly on it, the sound of her moans making him want to fuck her harder still.
'Oh God' Cheyenne cried out as his penis pounded inside her stabbing her G-spot harshly. All that could be heard was the shaking of the bed and the moans and grunts that escaped their lips.
'I'm cumming' Cheyenne cried digging her nails into Gerard's back as the overwhelming sensation flowed through her body. Hearing those words pushed Gerard over the edge and with a cry he squirted his first load inside her revelling in the sensation, he thought his insides would come out through his dick as he continued to pump load after load inside her screaming her name and various profanities until he was empty.

An hour later Gerard lay awake listening to Cheyenne's breathing. Tonight had been amazing and he wandered what he had done to deserve a woman like her. He had never in a million years thought he could feel this way about someone, just the thought of being away from her sent pain surging through his heart. He rolled onto his side taking her sleeping body in his arms. He gently kissed the back of her neck taking in the faint smell of her perfume that still lingered on her skin. Tomorrow they were going back to Jersey their fantasy life was over. Tomorrow they'd go back home to face their friends, their family and Bob.
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