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Chapter 13

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Gerard amd Chey return home to find everythings okay

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'It's dead' Gerard cried from the bathroom 'It's dead I'll never be able to use it again'
'Don't be so dramatic' Cheyenne said rolling her eyes 'give it a day I'm sure it will fine.'
'You killed it' Gerard said standing up and frowning at his penis. Pulling up his boxers and jeans in one go he buttoned his jeans as he exited the bathroom. Cheyenne was seated on the bed pulling her trainers on when she spotted Gerard's miserable face. She bit her lip so she wouldn't laugh and when she trusted her voice she said 'would you like me to take a look at it?'
'No fucking way am I ever letting you near my dick again, you're a murderer' he said 'it's dead, I hope your happy.' Cheyenne laughed and quickly ran over to him wrapping her arms around him. 'I'm sorry for last night, I did tease you mercilessly but it was worth it wasn't it.' She asked kissing his chin lightly.
'And wasn't it the best orgasm ever?' she asked
'At the time I thought so, but now I'm impotent I'm beginning to see it differently.'
'Your not impotent 'Cheyenne giggled 'you're worn out its natural'
'Whatever' he pouted wrapping his arms loosely around her. 'I better be okay or this relationship is over' he joked stroking her face. 'So are you ready to head home?' he asked.
'Yeah I think so, let's go examine the mess we left behind' she said
'Are you worried?' he knew he was a little but he didn't want to admit it to her.
'A little but it's been two days the shock should've warn off by now'
'I hope so you know Mikey hasn't called, I don't think he's ok with us.' Gerard pointed out he had hoped Mikey would've called with a comforting word like he always did.
'Your brother loves you Gerard and he'll want you to be happy, give him time he'll come around they all will.' Cheyenne said with certainty
'Does that include my penis?'
'Be serious' She smiled
'Sorry. You're right everything will be fine, they just need to get used to us' he said
'I hate to leave here' Cheyenne said looking around the beautiful hotel room that had been their home and sanctuary for the past two days.
'I know I'm attached to this room' Gerard sighed walking her over to the large French windows.
'Me too' Cheyenne said following his lead and staring out at the busy New York streets below them. 'Gee'
'While we're standing here I just want you to know that the last two days have meant the world to me. I've never been happier' she said intertwining her fingers with his as her eyes fell on a young couple laughing together, it was obvious that they didn't have a care in the world.
'I feel exactly the same way Chey being with you seems like the most natural thing in the world.' He said stroking her fingers gently with his thumb 'I'm certain that you were made for me.'
'You are?' she said folding her self in his arms 'you're certain'
'There's not a doubt in my mind' he said kissing her cheek 'Lets go home'

'We saw them Monday and they were fine.' Frankie said to Mikey 'They were happy'
'I feel kind of bad I've been meaning to call them but I've been caught up spending time with Alicia and then today I was packing so I've been all bleh' he finished leaning back into the chair 'so what are they like together?'
'To be honest their perfect' Frank said 'they serious compliment each other, I've never seen Gerard so happy or relaxed, he's content.'
'Do you think she really "loves" him?' Mikey asked he was so concerned for his brother.
'I think she does, either that or she's a really really good actress.' Frank said honestly 'they're coming back today anyway then you can talk to them all you want.'
'I intend to I'm going to find out what little miss Cheyenne's intentions with my brother are.' Mikey joked attempting to sound like The Godfather.
'You know your cousin's coming back today' Ray said casually to Bob as they drove over to Frankie's.
'Yes I'm aware that Cheyenne is coming back today' Bob responded
'Don't you care?'
'Well she's not exactly coming back from a coma is she? She's returning from New York no big deal.' he said
'Aren't you even a little curious how she's been?' Ray asked
'No not really, she hasn't bothered about me the last two days so why should I be bothered about her.'
'C'mon we both know you miss them, you miss Chey and you miss Gerard.' Ray said matter-of-factly
'If you say so Ray.' Bob said
'Hey Jamia' Gerard and Cheyenne said in unison as they stepped into the hallway.
'Well if it isn't the lovebirds' she joked kissing each of them on the cheek. 'How are you both?'
'We're fine' they said together then both burst out laughing.
'Look at you, you're practically one person' Jamia smiled at them 'Mikey and Frank are in the living room doing God knows what, when your done saying hi come join me in the kitchen Chey.' Jamia disappeared into the kitchen leaving them to take their jackets off and hang them on the coat rack.
'Ladies first' Gerard said nudging Cheyenne in the direction of the living room.
'No no sweetheart age before beauty' she said walking behind him and guiding him gently forward into the living room.
'Hey you guys' Gerard said stopping short at the door entrance causing Cheyenne to collide with the back of him.
'So there's the romance rebel that used to be my brother' Mikey said turning his head to look at them both 'Hello there Cheyenne' he said a she stepped out from behind Gerard
'Hi Mikey' she said walking over to him and planting a kiss on his cheek. 'I missed you'
'Sure you did' he said raising his eyebrows 'I'm sure you were pining for me each night while my brother slept'
'Of course, you're the Way brother I actually want, Gerard's just a temporary fill in until I can get rid of Alicia and claim you for myself' she said grinning.
'Yeah I'm so irresistible.' Mikey said as Cheyenne walked over and greeted Frank with a kiss to the forehead before leaving the room.
'I'm the man' Mikey said flexing his skinny arms and showing his muscles. 'Gee's got nothing on me'
'Please' Gerard laughed 'I got all the game and you know that, the ladies love me' he said sitting down next to his brother and getting him into a headlock.
'Yeah but they only love you cause they think your gay and sensitive.' Frankie added and Mikey laughed from under Gerard's armpit.
'Who asked you Frodo Baggins?' Gerard smirked
'Fuck you She-Man' Frank said throwing a cushion at Gerard, and then deciding that wasn't enough ran across the room and pounced on the brothers.

'Do you hear that?' Jamia asked referring to the profanities, grunts, squeals and thuds coming from the living room. 'That's the sound of children breaking my furniture' she sighed
'That's nothing me and Gerard make way more noi...' she cut herself off realising what she was about to say.
'Care to finish that sentence' Jamia asked as they both burst into laughter. When their giggles died down Cheyenne asked about her cousin, true she didn't call him over the last two days but she was worried about him and she did miss him.
'He's coming over in fact I'm sure he'll be here soon.' She said 'Maybe you guys can sit down and talk things out now.'
'I hope so I really want him to be okay with us you know. And the last thing I want is for them to be mad at each other when they go to Europe on the 12th. I want everything to be ok by then.'
'Your not worried about tonight?' Jamia asked
'Yeah they're going to Canada...'
'Much Music' Cheyenne exclaimed 'Gerard mentioned it last night, I totally forgot' she lied. 'You think they'll be okay?'
'I hope so it's only over night it might even give them a chance to talk I'm sure everything wi...What the hell was that?' Jamia said jumping out of her seat after a loud crash came from the living room. Cheyenne followed curious to see what broke.
'Alright who did it?' Jamia demanded standing by the door and looking at Gerard, Mikey and Frankie as they all stood over a broken vase.
'He did' they all said pointing to each other.
'Frank' Jamia cried slightly annoyed at the broken glass on her carpet
'It was an accident honey honestly we were messing around and it got broken, we're sorry. Aren't we guys?' he said looking at her and smiling in an attempt to look cute
'Yeah we are' Gerard said 'Sorry'
'I'll get the minivac' Frank said.
'Gerard you should know better' Cheyenne tutted shaking her head 'I'm sorry Jamia he isn't house broken yet'
'Housebroken, I'm not a dog Chey' he said pulling her towards him
'Yes you are you're my dog' she giggled then whispered 'you my impotent puppy'
'Oh no you didn't' Gerard said kicking her legs out from underneath her and lowering her to the floor. 'Take it back'
'What no way' she laughed, as he fell on her and straddled her waist 'I will not'
'Take it back or you'll be sorry' he said grabbing her wrists
'Bite him Chey' Jamia laughed as she watched the two of them wrestling
'I'll get it' Mikey said as the doorbell rang walking over his brother and Cheyenne as he exited.
'Dude if she flips you I'll never let you live it down' Frankie laughed walking back in with the vacuum.
'Let me up Gerard' Cheyenne laughed 'or you'll be sorry'
'Don't threaten me' Gerard said attempting to pin her arms, he looked up just as Ray and Bob walked through the door followed by Mikey. Cheyenne stopped giggling as her eyes met Bob's and she realised Gerard was straddling her in a panic she pushed Gerard off her hips and stood up quickly. Gerard winced as his ass unexpectedly hit the floor.
'Hey Ray' she said smiling shyly 'Bob'
'Cheyenne' he replied his face expressionless as he walked past her and Gerard who was fuming at being so violently pushed by his own girlfriend.
'Hey Chey Chey' Ray said hugging her quickly 'How have you been?'
'Fine' she said nodding her head.
''Sup Gerard' Ray said extending his hand and once Gerard accepted pulled him to his feet.
'Thanks man' Gerard said brushing himself off ' I'm cool and you'
'Same old same old, I'm glad your hear we thought you might've forgotten about tonight'
'Tonight?' Gerard said
'Yeah Much Music' Ray said 'you didn't forget did you?' Gerard could feel every pair of eyes in the room on him, of course he had forgotten but fuck admitting that. 'Of course I haven't forgotten' he said clearing his extremely dry throat 'I obviously haven't packed yet, but I'm ready'
'Good, it's good to know your minds still on work' Ray said
'It never strayed' he said not looking in Cheyenne direction.
'Ok that's three down one to go' Mikey said as he entered the kitchen, they were trying to get Gerard, Cheyenne and Bob alone in the living room in attempt to get them to talk.
'Frankie will be out in a second' he said sitting at the dining table.
'This is stupid they're not retarded they're going to suss out what we're doing' Jamia said
Gerard was so onto them he had watched them all leave the living room one by one, he didn't care though he was pissed and it wasn't at Bob it was at Cheyenne. She was shunning him firstly by pushing him and then she refused to sit next to him, he had deliberately made room for her next to him on the couch but she chose instead to sit on the floor by Frankie. Not to mention the fact that she had barely said two words to him. Why was she acting like this?
Frankie could feel the mood changing as each person left the room and he was glad when Jamia called to him, he got up quickly and practically ran from the room closing the door behind him leaving the three of them locked in together. As the door closed it suddenly dawned on Bob what was happening, he threw a quick look at this cousin and when she caught his eyes he quickly turned away. No one spoke for about five minutes and Bob could feel Cheyenne's eyes on him.
'Look Bob we...' Cheyenne was interrupted as Bob's cell rang, he answered quickly and left the room not bothering to excuse himself.
'That was rude, what's his problem?' Cheyenne said getting off the floor.
'Funny, I was going to ask you the same thing' Gerard said
'What do you mean what? Ever since Bob got here you've totally ignored me'
'I have not'
'Yes you have. You pushed me off you the second he walked in the room and for some strange reason you decide the spot on the floor is more comfortable then sitting next to me on the couch.' He said.
'I'm sorry' she said rubbing her forehead 'I saw him and I panicked so I pushed you away, I didn't mean to hurt you I just thought that it would make things more comfortable for all of us if we, you know didn't interact as a couple'
'Chey how is he supposed to get used to us a couple if we don't act like one.' Gerard said logically
'I don't know I just want everything to be ok between us you know, but all I'm doing is messing it up.' She said pouting
'Come here' Gerard said opening his arms as Cheyenne walked towards him. She sat down next to him and rested on his body as his arms encircled her. 'Your not messing it up, I understand what you were trying to do but it isn't necessary. We're together and that's all there is to it, we're not going to make out in front of Bob but I am going to hold you and touch you and he'll just have to deal with it.'
'Yeah you're right, we're a couple and we're gonna do couple things' Cheyenne said with a nod of her head.
'Good, say kiss' he said
'Kiss' Cheyenne repeated.
Gerard leaned in and kissed her lips gently as Mikey walked into the room.
'Eww get a room' He said scrunching his face up
'Shut up' Gerard said settling back into the chair. 'Your just jealous' he teased.
'Yes I am, but I'll never admit it' He said seriously then he burst out laughing realising what he said. Cheyenne shook her head and left them to it.

'So you never said what you thought' Gerard asked when Cheyenne left
'About what?'
'Come on don't play'
'Ohhhhhh about you and Cheyenne' Mikey said 'I like her'
'And I think if she makes you happy and this relationship you have has potential then I don't have a problem with it. I see how happy she makes you and that's all I want for you Gee. You deserve it more then anyone I know man'
'Thanks Mikey' Gerard said smiling at him, despite what shit was happening to him Mikey always stood strong for him, he could always rely on Mikey to keep him standing and for that he loved him dearly.
'I just don't wanna see you get hurt, I can't stand seeing you in pain.' Mikey admitted
'I won't get hurt' Gerard said 'I know what I'm doing'
Later that day Cheyenne went back to the Way residence with the brothers so Gerard could pack and so Mikey could see Alicia. Donna was more then happy to see them she too had gotten over the shock of their speedy relationship and was glad to see them so happy. She was a little disappointed at the lack of time she would have to spend with her son before he flew out to Canada and she reprimanded him for not coming straight home which made Cheyenne laugh until Donna told her off too.

'Why are you packing so much stuff your going for one night?' Cheyenne asked looking over Gerard's shoulder.
'I need my things honey' he said trying to zip up his small overloaded suitcase. Pushing him out the way she opened the case and examined the contents 'Baby you don't need two extra jackets for a start' she said removing one and placing it on the bed.
'Yes I do' he said 'I need them'
'But with that jacket out the case can close' she argued
'No I want my jacket, I have to have it I'm a jacket slut deal with it.' He said knocking her out the way with his hip and grabbing the suitcase, he placed the jacket back in the case and struggled with the zip for a few minutes before it zipped up completely.
'There' he said slightly breathless as he flopped down beside her 'No problem'
'You could've done that five minutes ago if you left that jacket out' she said placing her legs over his.
'Yeah but where's the challenge in that?' he asked her 'I like a challenge, like going to Canada tonight for example.'
'Why is it because much music is live.' She asked
'No because I'll have to be away from you and I'll be tempted to call and text you constantly.' He laughed
'Well it's a taster of what's to come you'll be gone for weeks at a time when you start touring.' She pointed out
'I know that's going to be hard, you think you can handle that?'
'I guess so as long as you call me once every two or three days I should survive' she said playing with his fingers.
'You don't want me to call you every day.' He asked slightly surprised his ex always insisted he call her everyday which really annoyed him at times because sometimes he wasn't in the mood to talk and she'd take it personally and they'd fight.
'You can if you want but don't feel obligated to every two or three days is fine with me, I won't feel neglected.' She said honestly 'it will make the calls more meaningful because I'll be aching to hear your voice.'
'Do you know how great you are?' he asked stroking her face.
'I have an idea of how great I am but I don't wanna toot my own horn' She said and Gerard laughed at the figure of speech.
'Well then I'll toot it for you, your pretty fucking great' he said 'and your all mine.'

Bob was sitting on the wall outside the Way house. Ray, Frankie and himself had driven over to pick up Mikey and Gerard. He'd already been inside to say hi to Donna and then came out for cigarette, which he finished minutes ago. All day he had been thinking about Cheyenne and how happy she was, he had watched her with Gerard and she never stopped smiling except when she caught his eye and her smiley face turned emotionless which hurt like hell. He lit another cigarette and took a drag sighing the smoke from his lungs. He was missing Chey right now like he had for the last two days while she was in New York he constantly wandered if she was ok but his stupid pride kept him from calling her. He knew Brian was right when he said he was jealous he was jealous of Gerard he hated the thought of Cheyenne not needing him anymore he just wanted things to go back to the way they were. Then there was Gerard to consider, Bob cringed inwardly every time he thought about his reaction that day he behaved like an ogre, but in all honestly Gerard wasn't exactly placid either, he totally fuelled the fire. Stubbing out his cigarette on the cold wall he wandered if he and Cheyenne would ever be okay again yes he was harsh in his words to her but he didn't mean any of it, it was totally heat of the moment. He knew the best way to get the wheels in motion was to obviously apologise to her and Gerard and then except them as a couple but how could he when it still bothered him that they were together.
'You all right man, you'll catch your death out here' Frankie said suddenly appearing and breaking Bob's thinking patterns.
'Yeah I'm fine I was just coming back in.'
'Bob why don't you just go and talk to Cheyenne, I know for a fact she's missing you' Frankie said suddenly
'How do you know that?'
'Jamia told me today after she spoke to Chey. Why are you torturing yourself like this we both know you miss her.'
'I do miss her man but I can't get over her and Gee I can't get used to the idea of them.'
'You don't have to yet give it time, but while your adjusting to the situation at least make up with them, you may even find it helps you to accept them.'
'Yeah but they're gonna expect me to accept them right away and I can't'
'So tell them that, tell Chey and Gee that you miss them and you want to be friends but be honest and tell them that it's gonna take you a while to get used to them as a couple. That's all you can do.'
'When did you become the agony aunt?' Bob asked regarding Frank
'I don't know' he shrugged 'Maybe Jamia's wisdom is rubbing off on me. Lets go back inside it's fucking cold out here. Plus you gotta talk to Chey.'
'I never said I definitely would' Bob said following Frank to the front door
'It's cool man whenever you're ready' Frank replied walking into the welcoming warmth of the house.
'Ok let's go' Ray said to the guys as two cabs pulled up simultaneously outside to take them to the airport.
'See you later Mom' Mikey said kissing Donna on the cheek and heading outside. Ray and Frankie followed suit first kissing Donna goodbye then heading outside. Bob was next he kissed Donna and headed outside with out a backward glance at Cheyenne who was hoping he's say goodbye to her.
'Don't worry baby' Gerard said comfortingly 'I'll talk to him on the plane 'I'll make him see sense' he said moving away from her and kissing his mother gently on the cheek.
'Later mom I have to go and be Gerard Way the rock star.' He joked
'Have fun honey, stay safe and keep an eye on Mikey' she said leaving the kitchen give them some privacy.
'Well you better go the others are waiting' Cheyenne said
'They can wait a second' he said taking her in his arms and kissing her lips tenderly he pulled away and as he always did he brushed the strands of stray hair from her face. 'I'll call you later' he promised
'I'll wait up' she said 'and pine'
'Bye' he said kissing her again and hugging her tightly they both looked up as someone entered the kitchen.
'I forgot to say goodbye' Bob said awkwardly from the kitchen door. 'So goodbye' he said turning to leave.
'Bob' Cheyenne said leaving Gerard's arms and approaching her cousin 'Have a good trip okay' she said embracing him tightly, after a second or two Bob allowed his arms to hold her he squeezed her gently before releasing her. He wanted to tell her he was sorry but it wasn't needed after all actions speak louder the words right?
'Let's go' He said speaking to Gerard for the first time that day.
'Are we okay?' Gerard asked hesitantly, sure Bob was okay with Cheyenne but he was another story.
'I'll let you know on the plane' Bob said walking out followed by Gerard who mouthed 'we're okay' to a happier Cheyenne.
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