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Chapter 14

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While the boys are away the girls will play.

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Just wanna say a BIG thank you to all the reviews I've gotten much appreciated I love you guys. So this is just a filler while the guys are away I thought I let the ladies bond and introduce you to Amber and Lydia(fictional girlfriend of John "hambone" McGuire). So enjoy.

'Ok girls night in or girls night out?' Jamia asked Alicia and Cheyenne who both sat cross-legged on the living room floor.
'In' Cheyenne said stretching her legs out 'too cold outside'
'I agree' Alicia said 'girls night in definitely, but what say we make it more fun invite Amber and Lydia, crack open a couple of bottles and voila' she said flinging her arms out for emphasis. 'We have a miniature girls only shindig'
'Oh so me and Mia aren't enough fun for you' Cheyenne teased 'we're not amusing enough.'
'No I'm not saying that' Alicia said shaking her head 'all I'm say....'
'Is we're not fun enough to keep you entertained for an evening' Jamia added.
'Shut up both of you' Alicia cried making them burst out laughing 'All I'm saying is the more the merrier'
'We know' Jamia said her laughter dying down.
'It's your facial expression you get mad so easily' Cheyenne added giggling 'we're sorry.'
'Fuck your apology let's go to the store and we can call the other two sluts on the way.' Alicia said uncurling her legs from beneath her. 'I'm driving'
'Ooh shotgun' Cheyenne called quickly 'Ha Jamia's in the back'
'Oh but it's my car' Jamia cried following them into the hallway.
'Gerard what are you doing?' Ray hissed he was standing in the Much Music studio's minding his own business when he felt someone sneak up on him and tell him not to move.
'I'm spying ' Gerard whispered.
'I can see that but why are you doing it from behind me?' Ray asked standing perfectly still
'Because your bigger then me and your fro is a perfect cover' Gerard explained using his fingers to part Ray's hair so he could peek through the gap he made. He spied Bob talking to Mikey but he couldn't lip-read what he was saying. 'I just don't understand it'
'Understand what?' Ray asked confused.
'Bob's behaviour' he answered closing the gap he made and patting Ray's afro back into place. 'Dude your hair is sooo bouncy'
'Enough' Ray said slapping Gerard's hands from his hair 'Now what is your problem with Bob?'
'Nothing' Gerard sighed stepping out from his hiding place 'its just he's talking to me again.'
'So what's wrong with that?' Ray asked adjusting his mass of hair.
'I don't know he just went from not talking to me to talking to me.' Gerard said 'After the way we behaved that day I just assumed he would wanna talk it out you know, he must have things he wants to say I know I do'
'Maybe he does and maybe he will but where we are now isn't actually an ideal place to have that conversation, not only that but you know Bob's not really a talk it out guy he apologises and makes up for things in his own special Bob way' Ray pointed out
'I guess. I just don't know where I stand with him at the moment I know he's talking to me but I'm so unsure of myself right now I don't wanna say or do anything wrong that might upset him and put me back in his bad books.' Gerard said
'So don't say anything' Ray advised 'Let him lead and you follow, you can't go wrong'
As planned the girls drove to the store calling Amber and Lydia on the way and demanding the pleasure of their company. They picked Amber up first and then drove over to Lydia's, which was on the way back to Jamia's. Now here they were two hours into their "slumber party" and they were well on their way to Merry Ville.
'More drinks' Amber cried downing another shot of vodka and reaching over for the bottle, her red hair spilling over her shoulders into her face. 'We have to finish everything'
'I feel kinds of tipsy' Cheyenne admitted as she polished off their third bottle of wine.
'Fuck tipsy I passed that stage about three shots ago, I'm well on my way to being merry or even drunk' Lydia informed them hiccupping slightly. 'Merrily merrily merrily merrily life is but a scream' she sang.
'Well I'm just gonna say it I'M PISSED' Alicia shouted then burst out laughing slapping Jamia on the back causing her to spill her drink on herself.
'Me too' Jamia sniggered attempting to pour more wine in her glass but missing completely. 'I know I have had sooooo much to swallow today'
'No honey we're talking about drinks' Lydia giggled 'Not semen'
'Haha you said semen' Alicia sniggered into her glass
'AYE AYE CAPTAIN' Cheyenne and Amber shouted in unison before each downing a shot.
'No you idiots semen not sea men' Lydia laughed causing her blonde curls to shake 'there's no boats here, look around do you see pirates?' she asked gesturing to the empty spaces in the room.
'ARRGH MATEY' Jamia cried doubling over with laughter
'No, I don't see any pirates' Alicia asked with a confused look on her face 'who's talking about pirates?'
'Argh! Just now I said semen...'
'DRINK UP ME HEARTIES YO HO' Cheyenne and Amber cried falling over each other laughing.
'See forget it' Lydia cried 'I need another drink' she said picking up a wine bottle and taking a swig.
'What would the guys say if they could see us now?' Alicia said looking over her shoulder as if to check they were really gone.
'I don't think any of the boys would be too impressed...' Cheyenne said attempting to pour herself another drink from an empty wine bottle. '...With our drinking or in Jamia's case our swallowing.' She stated making all of them laugh. 'So lets keep this a secret shhh!'
'Three minutes people' someone shouted letting them know how long they had before they went live again.
'How long is this show man?' Ray asked slumping down next to Frankie.
'I don't know' Frank replied turning his cell phone over in his hand 'But I'm sleepy'
'Me too I'm exhausted' Gerard said
'Well you shouldn't have spent all night doing the down and dirty' Mikey teased
'Shut up man' Gerard said throwing a quick look at Bob who didn't seem to be paying attention to the conversation as he was having his make up touched up.
'I wanna do the down and dirty but only with Ray' Frankie said stroking Ray's arm
'I have height requirements' Ray laughed 'and you don't meet them your half an inch too short.'
'Fuck you man' Frankie said flipping him off 'I got Bob anyway'
'Of course you have' Bob said 'Is three minutes up yet?'
'Nope still got about two minutes to go' Frankie said.
'I wonder what the girls are doing?' Mikey said 'I bet they're having fun painting their nails and doing girly stuff.'
'Nah they're probably watching a movie, missing us and wishing we were there' Gerard said
'WE'RE HALF WAY THERE WHOA OOOH LIVING ON A PRAYER' they all sang drunkenly along to the compilation CD that Jamia had put on.
'Hey look some one ate all the chips and salsa' Cheyenne slurred holding the empty bag upside down 'who the fuck did that?' she asked.
'You did Moby dick' Jamia said 'you ate all chips'
'Screw you' Cheyenne laughed 'I did not eat them all I ate most of them but someone ate them all.'
'Ohh maybe I ate some I can't remember' Alicia said 'Ha she called you Moby dick'
'You know Gerard has a Moby dick' Cheyenne said throwing her head back and laughing hard as the others fell about the floor splitting their sides.
'I miss my boyfriend' Lydia suddenly stated wiping her eyes as they watered from her incessant laughing 'I miss John'
'For goodness sake he's only round the corner you've been with out him for a couple of hours.' Amber said rolling her eyes.
'I don't miss Gee yet but I will when it's bed time' Cheyenne admitted 'because he won't be here to hold me, I like it when he does that'
'Yeah me too' Jamia said 'I mean I won't miss Christina Ricci but I'll miss my Frankie.'
'Hey don't call Gerard Christina Ricci' Cheyenne said biting back a laugh 'it's not ap...appreciated'
'It's the alcohol talking' Jamia said holding back a giggle. 'Don't mind me'
'You're dating Gerard?' Amber said sitting up she had suddenly snapped back into the conversation.
'Yeah' Cheyenne sighed 'I am, I'm dating Mr My Chemical Romance'
'Wow' Lydia said 'so Billy Corgan's got a new younger piece of ass huh, good on you'
'Nooo his name is Gerard, not Christina or Billy its Gerard and its spelt G-E...RARD so stop dumping on him, especially you Jamia you're the one who's dating Samwise Gamjee' Cheyenne retorted
'Ah! Take that back' Jamia demanded hurling a cushion at Cheyenne knocking her off the arm of the couch. 'My boyfriend isn't a hobbit he's 5 foot 4 inches of loveliness so back off, your just jealous '
'How long have you been dating Gerard?' Amber asked sitting up too fast and given herself an unwanted head rush.
'It will be our one week anniversary on Thursday.' Cheyenne said proudly picking herself off the floor.
'Liar you've been together longer then that' Alicia butted in using her fingers to scoop salsa from the jar.
'No we haven't, we officially got together Thursday night and we sealed the deal early Friday morning...twice' she grinned.
'Well I like you I can tell you're gonna be good for him unlike his ex' Lydia said thrusting her hand in the air spilling her drink onto the carpet 'you're a good girl'
'What was she like?' Cheyenne asked, she had always wondered but never had the guts to ask but since she was drunk it didn't seem to matter.
'She was okay sometimes she did the same things he did you know drinking, drugs etc she was a real waste most of the time though.' Lydia replied honestly screwing up her face.
'Hey' Amber cried 'I'm still friends with her'
'That's your problem' Alicia, Lydia and Jamia all said in unison before collapsing into a fit of giggles.
'Hello bed' Mikey cried jumping on the hotel bed 'I been waiting to meet you all evening'
'It's a bed Mike I don't think it understands you' Gerard pointed out collapsing onto his own single bed next to Mikey's.
'My bed understands me' Frankie announced launching himself onto his bed and rolling about messing up the duvet and pillows. 'It knows that I want a really really good nights sleep don't you' he said petting his pillow lovingly.
'Well I'm gonna call my girl so keep it down' Gerard said taking out his cell he was missing Cheyenne a lot more then he thought he would, he found himself walking twice as fast to get to the hotel room just so he called call her.
'Can I talk to Jamia when you're done?' Frankie asked.
'Yeah sure.' Gerard said kicking his shoes off and settling back against his pillows.
'Where's my phone I can feel it ringing?' Cheyenne said tossing the cushions from the couch to the floor 'Got it' she announced 'OMG it's Gerard shh shh.'
'What do we do?' Lydia asked
'Act cool we are all sober our drinking is a secret' Alicia said 'Our secret.'
'Now is a good time' Cheyenne said seriously 'to practise the art of so..sob...'
'Sobriety' Lydia shouted 'the ancient art of sobriety '
'Yes exactly watch and learn' Cheyenne said clearing her throat and answering the phone 'Hello'
'Hey baby'
'Hey honey, how are you?' she said giving the girls a thumbs up signal
'I'm fine just a little tired that's all can't wait to go to sleep'
'How did munch music go?' Cheyenne asked
'You mean much music it was good.'
'Yeah Must Music that's what I said' she replied closing her eyes 'I'm glad you enjoyed it.'
'Yeah it was a good experience except for the screaming fans they screamed continuously it was madness. We could barely be heard'
'Baby it's only because they love you soooooooo much, like a lot of love you are a love machine. OMG a machine ...of love' she slurred
'Oh no. Cheyenne have you been....
'MACHO MACHO MAN, I GOTTA BE A MACHO HEY HEY HEY HEY HEY' Jamia and Amber sang loudly as they marched into the room flexing their muscles.
'Shh!' Alicia said running over to them and clamping her hand over their mouths 'Gerard is on the phone he's gonna find out our secret' she giggled
'Chey are you there?'
'Yes I'm there' she said nodding her head sombrely
'Cheyenne are you drunk?' Gerard asked smiling quickly pressing the loudspeaker button on his cell so Mikey and Frankie could hear.
'Noooo I'm not drunk of course not, what a silly question?'
'Are you sure you sound drunk and so do the other girls, put me on loud speaker honey' he said
'Ok' Cheyenne said pressing the button so he could be heard.
'Hello ladies are we all drunk?' Gerard asked his voice filling the quiet room.
'NO' they all said in unison
'Alicia tell the truth baby' Mikey said talking into Gerard's phone.
'Shhh I can hear Mikey' Alicia said shaking Amber
'You are drunk' he accused
'See there it is again' she said
'I'm on the phone Ali, and now I know you're wasted' he sighed
'Who told you it was supposed to be a secret?' Alicia said kneeling in front of the phone as it rested on Cheyenne's thigh. 'I bet it was Jamia she's such a snitch'
'Shut up I'm standing right here' Jamia said kicking her foot. 'Is Frankie there? Frankie honey I miss you, I love you sooo much, I'm so in love with you' she slurred.
/'I'm here Jamia, we'll talk tomorrow ok why don't you ladies get some sleep?'/he suggested.
'Look what I found 'tis TEQUILA' Lydia said from behind the couch. 'I found Tequila. What do we say girls?'
'DRINK UP MY HEARTIES YO HO' they all cried raising imaginary drinks and sniggering.
'Cheyenne honey I don't think you should have any tequila' Gerard advised 'you're drunk enough as it is'
'No honey I'm just tisy that's all' Cheyenne replied 'I'm know pisscisely what I'm doing'
'Alicia that goes for you too no more alcohol tonight' Mikey said
/'And you Jamia you sound like you had more then enough'/Frankie added
'Hey stop being Goofy Goobers 'Lydia said opening the tequila bottle 'we're not drunk enough because we can still form proper séances'
'You mean sentences' Amber jumped in slapping her arm
'Yeah senences' Lydia said 'so ha'
'whatever you say' Gerard laughed 'Good night ladies' he said.
'SO LONG AND GOOD NIGHT' they all sang bursting into laughter. Cheyenne pressed the loudspeaker button so her and Gerard could finish their conversation.
'Bye honey I'll see you tomorrow'
'But that's so far away' Cheyenne complained falling back against the couch.
'I know but it will pass quickly when you eventually go to sleep'
'I'm gonna go to sleep right now then' Cheyenne said 'so when I wake you'll be here'
'Ok baby sweet dreams'
'Goodnight' Cheyenne said before hanging up all of a sudden feeling extremly sad and lonely.
'A toast' Lydia said accepting the shot Amber was handing her
'To what?' Amber said pouring out shots for the others
'To musicians and the great women in their lives' Cheyenne said perking up slightly.
'Yeah I like that' Jamia said 'We are great we put up with a lot'
'That we do' Alicia agreed 'We have infinate fucking patience and understanding'
'Yeah and...other stuff' Cheyenne said getting into it.
'TO US' they all shouted backing down the sour tasting liquid and slamming their glasses onto the carpet.
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