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Chapter 15

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The guys come home to a drunken mess and Cheyenne meets a stranger.

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Sorry for the disgustingly delayed update I'm a bad lady. Yeah so new Chapter enjoy and all that, I hope you like. Just wanted to let you guys know that MCR are up for some NME awards and we should really vote for them to win cause they're great. So go to or whatever and vote or else thank you

'Oh hell no' Frankie said out loud as he walked in to his living room and immediately wished he hadn't. Looking around at the destruction of the room he suddenly felt incredibly tired and wished he hadn't walked in at all. He had prepared himself for mess after all he knew they had been drinking but this was beyond what he expected. He left the room and headed for the kitchen and as expected it was just as trashed as the living room. He sighed deeply and reluctantly walked back toward the living room to wake Jamia and the other girls.

'Jamia honey wake up' Frank said shaking her gently 'Come on I need you to wake up.'
Jamia could hear his voice but had absolutely no desire to do as he asked, she didn't want to wake up she wanted to stay sleeping but his voice was so insistent. She opened her eyes and immediately wished she hadn't even though his voice had been soft Frankie's expression was anything but.
'Fix your face' Jamia said hoarsely 'why do you look so mad?'
'Look around and then ask me again' he said. Jamia did as she was asked and gasped as her eyes fell on the disarray of the living room. The couch cushions were haphazardly thrown about along with the feathers of a cushion that had burst obviously during last nights epic pillow fight. Half empty glasses of wine lined the coffee table and shot glasses were all over the floor as were bits of food and clothes.
'Oh holy shit' Mikey said as he viewed the carnage in living room he stepped over the threshold allowing the others to enter the room. They'd been outside unloading their overnight bags and paying the two taxi drivers.
'Oh my God' Bob said his eyes scanning the mess in the room 'what the hell?
'It looks like they used every glass you own' Gerard said with a laugh.
'Ha they look like little piggies lying in their own dirt' Ray laughed as he looked over each sleeping girl sprawled out on the carpet except for Amber who was asleep on the couch.
'I'm glad you think this is funny' Frankie said 'cause I don't I am so not amused' he said eyeing the carpet that had crushed potato chips embedded in it. 'OMG is that salsa on my carpet' he said pointing to a red blob by Lydia's head.
'I hope it is or that's blood' Mikey said cheerfully 'Salsa or blood, salsa or blood'
'Well look on the bright side' Gerard said 'at least it doesn't smell of vomit and urine'
'I guess' Frankie replied picking up the shot glasses off the floor.
'I'll make coffee' Bob said picking up a few bottles and heading into the kitchen. 'They're gonna need it.' Ray walked over and opened the curtains flooding the room with light 'See it doesn't look so bad now' he stated
'Are you okay?' Frank asked helping Jamia to her feet and brushing crumbs off of her
'No I'm not all right my boyfriend is an asshole' she complained clutching her aching head.
'What did I do?' He asked studying the look on her face
'You woke me up and not in a nice way' she replied miserably
'How should I have done it?' he retorted looking at the wine stains of her nightdress.
'Like that' she said pointing at Gerard who was kissing Cheyenne's lips as she slept.'You are so unromantic.'
'I'm sorry honey, would you like a kiss?' He asked seeing the upset look on her face.
'No actually I wouldn't especially if you don't really wanna give me one' she said storming out of the room.
'What did I do?' Frankie asked the others
'Nothing she's tired, hung over and apparently emotional' Mikey said knowledgeably 'so tread softly'
Cheyenne stirred and opened one eye and looked directly into the light streaming through the window and groaned as the light pierced her eye and blinded her.
'Wake up' Gerard said stroking her face he had manoeuvred himself so he was lying beside her. Cheyenne rolled over at the sound of his voice and snuggled against him. 'I missed you'
'Really I thought you were having way too much fun to notice I was gone' he joked letting his lips brush her forehead. 'I missed you too.'
'That's what I like to hear' she said opening her eyes.
'Did you have a good night sleep?' he mocked 'I'm not sure I would've chosen this particular spot to sleep in but whatever floats your boat honey'
'This coming from the guys who used to pass out on sidewalks' she teased 'easy peasy, pumpkin peasy, pumpkin pie motherfucker' she croaked
'You did not just go there' he laughed poking her in her ribs making her giggle and squirm next to him.
'Ok I'm sorry' she giggled slapping his hands playfully 'My bad'
'You ready to get up out of your filth pit?' He asked picking crushed chips from her hair.
'Uh huh but you have to help me up' she said scooting back against the warmth of his body 'I have to help Jamia tidy up and I'm dying of thirst.'
Gerard leaned in and kissed her gently slipping his tongue between her lips bringing moisture to her parched mouth, she kissed him back eagerly basking in the feel and taste of his lips and the wetness of his tongue.
'There' he said pulling away stroking back the hair from her eyes 'I didn't want you to die of thirst' he said standing up. He waited for Cheyenne to sit up and gently pulled her to her feet.
'Ohh my head hurts' She whined leaning against him.
'Well I told you not to drink that tequila I warn...'
'Baby don't start' she pleaded wrapping her arms around his neck and clinging to him 'and don't say I told you so either'
'Fine' he said kissing her cheek 'I won't say I told you so, but I will say that there's coffee in the kitchen'
'Oh goody' Cheyenne said leaving his arms and legging it to the kitchen as fast as her stiff body would allow.
It took a little over two hours for the guys to clean the house as the girls we're in no fit state to do anything, and what surprised the girls the most was none of them complained they just did it. Gerard and Ray cleaned the kitchen while Frankie, Bob and Mikey focused on the living room. The girls spent the two hours showering and cleaning their own bodies. When everyone was refreshed and the house looked presentable they all crashed in the living room sitting or cuddling up next to their respective partners except for Cheyenne and Gerard who were in the kitchen.

'So you and Bob what happened?' Cheyenne asked perching on the counter top
'We talked' Gerard said simply
'Yeah and?' she said impatiently 'Details honey'
'And everything's fine between us, Bob and I both know we acted irrationally and everything is cool. We're friends' Gerard said

Flashback- Canada last night

'Let's talk' Bob said to Gerard as they walked back to the hotel after their much music appearance
'Sure' Gerard said feeling unease take over his stomach
'So' Bob said unsurely
'Ok look firstly I wanna apologise for my behaviour the other night 'he begun 'I over reacted and I was rude and inconsiderate to both you and Cheyenne.'
'I'm sorry too my behaviour was unacceptable and I'm sorry I never told you I had feelings for your cousin. It was wrong of me as a friend and as a band mate to sneak around with her like that.' Gerard added.
'It's just I still see her as a kid you know I keep forgetting she's a woman so I get shocked when she says or does adult things.' Bob says
'I get where your coming from, I know your protective of her'
'But there's something else I wanna say and I'm not sure how your gonna take it but I have to say it.'
'Ok go' Gerard said bracing himself
'I can't accept you and Cheyenne together I don't approve...'
'Let me finish Gee. I don't approve right now, I want us to be friends I really do and I can over look this but I can accept it yet, I am trying I can see how happy you make each other but it still weird to me. I'm sorry but I'm not okay with it.' Bob explained
'It's okay' Gerard said honestly 'I don't expect you to be okay with this I can't even imagine how your feeling about the whole thing but you said you'd try to accept us and that's good enough for me I just want us to be okay again. The last thing I want to do is fight with you because that will affect everyone and I don't want to ruin what we have right now. '
'I agree the band is everything to me and I'll do anything not to ruin it.' Bob said 'but the thing is Cheyenne won't understand, she won't talk to me if she thinks I'm not okay with you dating.'
'So what do you propose we lie to her and let her think you accept us.'
'Exactly and when I do she won't know the difference.' Bob said certainly
'Whatever I just want things to be normal'
'So you won't tell her the truth'
'No I won't tell Cheyenne' Gerard said already feeling guilty


'So he's okay with us' she said and Gerard nodded his head silently 'that's great I knew he'd come around he just needed to see how great we are together.' She said motioning for him to come to her. Gerard complied and walked over stopping between her legs and resting his hands on her butt.
'I'm so happy right now, we're normal again.' She smiled
'Yeah we're good all is well' he said leaning in and kissing her quickly, he laughed as Cheyenne shuffled off the counter and clung to him and he quickly supported her with his hands.
'You know I don't believe we've ever done it against the wall before' Cheyenne said nibbling his neck.
'Is that an offer' Gerard said squeezing her butt firmly
'Oh God get a room' Ray ordered walking into the kitchen
'Or your own house' Frankie said walking in behind him
'Get out' Cheyenne demand as she lowered her feet to the floor.
'Why so you two can make whoopee in my kitchen I don't think so' Frankie said screwing up his face. 'I won't have you tainting my cooking utensils and appliances.'
'You can't cook anyway' Gerard said 'Everything you make is burnt and spicy'
'It's Cajun how many fucking times have I gotta say it.' Frankie replied deadly serious.
'Ok well let's go to the store get some food and I'll cook' Cheyenne said peering into the bare fridge.
As expected Ray and Gerard wandered off to the magazine section the second they got through the automatic doors leaving Amber and Chey to get the shopping.
'I'm so wiped I can't believe I'm so tired' Amber said tossing a loaf of bread into her basket they decided to get two baskets instead of a trolley.
'I'm okay now yesterday was mild compared to what I used to do, so I don't feel so bad' Cheyenne answered scanning the list Jamia had written out before the left. 'Plus I'm on a natural high'
'How come? Ohhh you mean because of Gerard' Amber said 'how did that happen anyway?'
'Erm it just kind of happened really suddenly, we just kissed and sparks flew.
'Wait a second Bob's your cousin right?' Amber asked
'Yeah Big Bob'
'Doesn't he have a problem with it you know his friend and his cousin, the age gap?
'Yeah he did but it's sorted now and all is well, everything is back to normal and me and Gee are all loved up.' Cheyenne said
'So your cousin is he single?' Amber asked attempting to sound nonchalant but failing miserably.
'Yeah why are you interested?' Cheyenne said nudging her gently
'No...I way...slightly curious' Amber stuttered. 'Fuck you I'm going to get the cookies'
Cheyenne rolled her eyes and continued on walking over to the dairy isle for milk, she rounded the corner a little too fast and collided into a lady sending both their baskets crashing to the floor.
'Oh my god I'm so sorry' Cheyenne apologised
'It's okay' the lady said bending down to retrieve the basket and the items that spilled out of it. Cheyenne quickly dropped down to give her a hand apologising profusely as she gathered up the contents of their baskets.
'It's fine really, it was an accident' she said
'Are you hurt?' Cheyenne said picking up a box of toothpaste and popping it back in the stranger's basket.
'No I'm not hurt are you?' she asked concern clouding her face.
'No the basket took the beating' Cheyenne replied
'I'm Lyn' she said extending her hand
'Oh Cheyenne' Cheyenne said shaking her hand 'Nice to bump into you'
'You too' Lyn said
'I'm sorry about that I was in my own world' Cheyenne said fixin the items in her own basket.
'No problem I wasn't exactly on earth either' Lyn confessed 'you're not from here are you, you accents different'
'I'm from Chicago' Cheyenne said 'just visiting some family.'

'Stop looking at the top shelf Toro' Gerard teased 'I see you looking at the breasts on display.'
'I am not' Ray said 'I don't do that.'
'Sure you don't' Gerard said quickly scanning the top shelf himself before Ray caught him. 'I'm done, nothing here interests me'
'Except for the tits on the top shelf' Ray said
'I wont admit that' Gerard said 'I'm going to find my girlfriend'
'Oh my God' Ray said looking past him
'What?' Gerard said turning and immediately noticing the reason for Ray's blasphemy 'Oh fuck' he said spotting Cheyenne with someone she should never have to meet.
'What is Cheyenne doing with her?' Ray asked
'Their swapping sex stories obviously' Gerard said sarcastically 'I don't fucking know but this is not good.'
'I swear these things only ever happen to you' Ray said
'I realise that too' he said 'what do I do?'
'Go over there before they find out that who they are'

'My my look who's here' Lyn said she could spot that afro a mile away.
'Oh there they are?' Cheyenne said spotting Gerard and Ray, she raised her hand to wave them over just as Lyn did, they looked at each other quizzically as they put their hands down.
'Do you know them?' Lyn asked slightly confused at why Cheyenne was waving.

'Oh my God they're both waving, what do we do? Gerard said panicking slightly
'We? They're not my girlfriends.' Ray said unperturbed
'Ray' Gerard hissed
'Ok let's go over there safety in numbers' Ray said leading the way

'...Yes I know them, they're the people I'm visiting' Cheyenne said
'Oh so they're your family?' Lyn said feeling relieved
'Well Bob Bryar is if you know him, but Gerard and I are dating' she said smiling at Gerard as he approached them.

'Hey Lyn' Ray said when they reached the girls he looked at Chey then back at Lyn forcing a smile on his lips
'Hello Ray' Lyn replied 'long time no see'
'Not long enough' he replied still smiling
'Hello Gerard' she said ignoring Ray's comment
'Lyn' he said curtly standing beside Cheyenne. 'Are you ready to go Chey?'
Cheyenne nodded silently she could tell something was wrong, Ray was smiling attempting to hide a look of distaste and Gerard looked sort of dazed like someone had slapped him.
'Hold on a second, don't you wanna know how we know each other Cheyenne' Lyn continued not waiting for an answer 'Gerard and I used to date, we were in love with each other only months ago, I was your first love wasn't I Gee.'
'We're leaving now' Gerard said grabbing Cheyenne's hand firmly.
'Here you all are' Amber said walking up behind Ray, his broad shoulders blocking her view. 'I thought you guys lef...Lyn'
'Amber' Lyn said smiling 'how are you?'
'I'm good I meant to call you' Amber said awkwardly 'Got side tracked.'
'Getting to know Gerard's new girlfriend I imagine' she said hiding the bitterness well.
'Anyway we have to go' Ray said taking Cheyenne's basket 'things to do and people to see'
'Me too' Lyn said plastering a smile on her face 'Nice to meet you Cheyenne.'
'Back at you' Cheyenne said smiling slightly.
'By the way if you ever have any questions about Gerard, feel free to call me I have all the answers, after all we we're practically married' Lyn said turning on her heel and walking away.

After that episode they purchased their goods and drove back to Frank's in silence. Gerard sat in the front seat staring out the window going over the encounter with Lyn again and again. Cheyenne did the same thing but the more she thought about it the less it bothered her.
'What took you guys so long?' Jamia asked as Amber and Ray walked into the kitchen carrying the shopping bags. 'Where are the love birds?'
'Outside talking, we err bumped into Lyn and she was as pleasant as ever.' Ray said hoisting the bags onto the counter
'Fuck what happened?' Frankie asked
'I don't really know but I'll tell you the bits I do know' Ray said unpacking the shopping.

'Are you ok?' Gerard asked from the passenger's seat of the car, Cheyenne had moved from the back to the drivers seat.
'I'm fine' Cheyenne smiled warmly at him
'Your not upset.' He asked studying her carefully.
'No why would I be?' she shrugged 'I was bound to meet her sometime right and just for the record she's not that impressive.' She said making him laugh 'Are you alright?'
'I'm a little stunned at seeing her since I wasn't expecting to, but I'm okay I was just worried about you.' He said
'Well there's no need it's not the first time I've bumped into my boyfriends exes.'
'It's defiantly your last though' he joked
'So was it true what she said about her being your first love?'
'Yeah she was I loved her very much.' He said pausing unsure if he should carry on Cheyenne nodded so he did. 'We experienced a lot of things together she was there for me always, through the good and the bad.'
'So what happened?' Cheyenne asked
'You really want to talk about this?' he replied
'Yes I do she was a big part of your life I wanna hear everything.'
'Ok well err I decided to get sober after hitting my all time low and for a while she was with me, we did it together supporting each other and shit. But in the end it proved to hard for her and she fell back into her old habits and I couldn't be apart of that. I tired so hard to get through to her you know, to make her see that she didn't need the drugs and the alcohol but she couldn't break away so in the end I broke away from her.' He explained trying to keep his expression neutral. 'It took me ages to leave her, I don't know why but I felt guilty about leaving her behind since she had been this huge part of my life and...'
'And you were afraid of being alone?' Cheyenne said for him.
'Yeah how did you know?'he asked
'Been there once before, it's hard having someone around then not having them there at all. Continue' she said
'Yeah so I finally worked up the courage to tell her I was leaving and then I did. It took me weeks to get over not being around her or having to call her all the time, I missed her so much at times, the guys had their girls and I didn't have anyone.'
'Is today the first time you've seen her since?' Cheyenne said
'Yeah that's why I was so weirded out by it, I expected I would see her again eventually but I didn't think my new girlfriend would be present.' He said and Cheyenne laughed. 'But I'm glad we saw her cause now I don't have to worry about it anymore it's over with and I'm over her.'
'You are?'Cheyenne asked slightly suprised after all they were in love for six years.
'Yes I am' he said sounding as sure as he could. 'I'm over her'
As expected no one bothered to cook the food they bought, instead they waited for Cheyenne to come in and do it. While she cooked she thought about Gerard and Lyn and she wondered what kind of couple they were and what the group was like when they were together. After they ate Lydia left to go home to John and the others chilled out while Mikey and Alicia did the dishes.
'Let's play a game?' Amber said suddenly, she was bored but she didn't want to go home.
'What game' Gerard asked
'I don't know anything' Amber replied
'Ohh I got it' Jamia said jumping up and racing out the room
'It's never a good sign when she does that' Frank said worriedly.
Mikey and Alica returned and took their seats on the floor just as Jamia walked in carrying a box.
'No way' Frank said in disbelief 'I swear I threw that away last year'
'You did I fished it out' Jamia said proudly kneeling on the floor with the box.
'Oh no not Newlyweds' Gerard said shaking his head 'I'm not playing'
'This game causes nothing but arguments' Ray said remembering the time his girlfriend Christa smacked him in the head with the box, if it wasn't for his 'fro it could've been hazardous, looking at the game he was glad they were on a break right now.
'It only causes arguments because you men know nothing' Alicia stated taking the box and opening it.
'Could be fun I've never played before' Cheyenne said sitting on the floor by Gerard's feet and looking through the box.
'What do you mean we know nothing?' Mikey argued 'I know everything about you Alicia'
'Prove it' Amber said 'let's play'
'I'll ask the questions Ray volunteered quickly 'that means you and Bob can be a couple.' he said to Amber.
'But we'll loose I know nothing about you.' Bob said looking at her
'So get to know me' she said moving to sit next to him.
'Well let's do this' Frankie said rubbing his hands together 'I know Jamia like the back of my hand we'll win.'
'Bullshit me and Mikey will kick your ass' Alicia said confidently
'We'll see' Gerard said 'I reckon Chey and I can kick all your asses aint that right baby?'
'Yeah' Cheyenne said absentmindedly she was no longer paying attention to the activity around her. She was too busy looking at a small piece of paper she found in the newlyweds box it was Gerard and Lyn's score from a previous game however many years ago. Gerard had doodled their names all over the paper and in the middle was a small heart with their initials and 4eva written boldly in the centre. But what bothered her most was the perfect score they had gotten from each of the ten rounds of the game. How was she supposed to get a top score like Lyn's? She didn't know what his favourite food or drink was or what item he would take if he was stranded on a dessert island? She didn't know any of this but Lyn did. Did she even know him at all?
'I'll get some drinks' she said rising quickly and heading for the kitchen, Gerard picked up on her sudden change of mood and waited a few minutes before following her.
'That's ancient history you know' he said closing the kitchen door and walking over to her. 'It doesn't matter anymore' he assured her sliding the paper through her fingers.
'We're going to lose' she said pretending not to be phased by her own thoughts and the small bit of paper.
'It's just a game it doesn't matter if we win or lose' he told her.
'Yes it does I don't know you Gerard I don't know your shirt size or your favourite car?' she said quietly.
'Big deal that stuff doesn't matter' he said honestly
'Yeah it does it's the whole point of the game.' She replied.
'Chey forget the game all that matters is the stuff that we do know.' He said stroking her hair.
'And what do we know besides how to make each other climax?' She asked pouting slightly
'I know how you're lips feel against mine' he started 'I know how you feel in my arms each night and I know that you bite your lip when you're nervous or unsure like you're doing now, I know how you look first thing in the morning and how you pull a silly face when you're applying make up and I know how much I love you despite the stupid facts that we don't know about each other ' he said taking her hands in his 'Those are the important things Chey.' He finished kissing her lips gently. Cheyenne smiled warmly still nibbling her lip what was she supposed to say to that, there's no come back for that speech.
'Ok you win' she said 'the game isn't important, but we're still going to loose'
'Well while we're standing here "making drinks" I'll tell you the facts' he said
'That's cheating' Cheyenne stated
'I know isn't it great?' he said pulling her close and kissing her again
'You are a bad man' Cheyenne said hugging him.
'I know' he replied qucikly slipping the piece of paper into his back pocket.
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