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Chapter 16

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The girls bond over wedding dresses and Gerard asks Cheynene a question but doesn't get the answer he was looking for.

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Before they knew it was the ninth of November, the guys would be leaving for UK in two days and Cheyenne would be heading home to Chicago. The past couple days had been blissfully perfect for Cheyenne and Gerard they spent most of their time together chilling with the group and building their relationship. Bob and Cheyenne talked things through together, Bob of course didn't tell her the truth about how he felt but he did apologise for the unkind words he spoke and Cheyenne apologised for choosing Gerard over him and explained that he held a special place in her heart that no man, not even Gerard could fill. Frankie, Ray and Mikey obviously didn't know about Gerard and Bob's secret lies, but they didn't care everything was back to normal and both Gerard and Bob where happy. The girls had bonded even more since their tequila night and Amber spent more time with the group, which meant she spent more time with Bob, which suited him just fine since he kind of liked her.

'Get up get up get up' Cheyenne said throwing the covers off of Gerard, who was snoozing comfortably till she came along.
'Go away go away go away' he moaned pulling her pillow over his head.
'You said you were gonna run with me.' She reminded him
'I say a lot of things baby' he replied.
'Fine I'm leaving without you then.' She said pulling a pair of socks from her suitcase.
'Ok bye honey' he murmured 'I'll be waiting right here when you get back.' Cheyenne pulled on her trainers and made her way over to Gerard, she recovered him and removed the pillow from his head.
'Bye' she said kissing his lips, he grunted a response and Cheyenne left taking the basement stairs two at time.

'Morning Donna' Cheyenne said entering the kitchen and kissing her cheek gently
'Morning sweetheart' Donna replied turning to face her 'You seem happy today'
'I'm happy everyday' Cheyenne stated grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge.
'Well that's true' Donna laughed 'what plans have you got for today?'
'Nothing as of yet I'm going to go for a run and then see what Gee wants to do' she said.
'Well take care while you run.' Donna warned 'there are a lot of crazy people out here even if it is daytime.'
'I will' Cheyenne promised 'I'll see you later.'

Cheyenne hadn't done any form of exercise since coming to Jersey and the thought of blowing back up to the size of a baby elephant scared her so she decided to run a mile or two. As her feet pounded the sidewalk and her lungs inhaled the Jersey air she felt alive and invigorated, she forgot how good it felt to run like this, to let random thoughts flow through her mind as she ran freely to no particular destination. She wasn't sure how far she had actually run but she checked her watch and noted that she had been running for forty five minutes straight, she jogged on the spot letting her heart rate fall gradually before she stopped moving altogether. She stood still her breathing a little laboured and looked at her surroundings she needed to rest a while before heading back home. She perched herself on the wall of a dilapidated house and had a few gulps of her water. Man was life good right now. She smiled to herself and thought of Gee, he was so perfect it was unreal and she wandered what she had done to become so lucky. Jumping off the wall she turned in the direction she came and headed for home running as fast as she could, after all she had the sexiest man in the world was waiting for her.

When Cheyenne got back to the house Mikey and Alicia we're there with Jamia discussing wedding plans.
'Where have you been?' Mikey asked spotting a sweaty and out of breath Cheyenne.
'I was running, what are you doing here?' she asked.
'I used to live here' Mikey replied jokingly 'I came to see Gee and these two came to see you.'
'Wanna come out with us?' Jamia asked, it was a stupid question really because they all knew the answer would be yes.
'Of course' Cheyenne said 'let me go wake up Gerard and shower then we can go'
'Don't you wanna know where we're going?' Alicia asked obviously trying to hide her excitement.
'Sure where are we going?' Cheyenne asked wiping sweat from her brow
'We're going to try on wedding dresses.' Alicia squealed
'Ooh yeah' Cheyenne said clapping excitedly making them all laugh except Mikey who as a man couldn't understand the fascination with weddings and dresses.
'Go get ready' Jamia ordered.

Gerard was so engrossed in what he was doing he didn't hear Cheyenne making her way down the basement stairs.
'Oh you're up' she said startling him out of his thoughts
'Yeah I am' he said closing the box he was holding and placing it on the desk behind him hiding it from view. 'How was your run?' he asked
'It was great, I feel really good' she said smiling at him as she stripped off her sweaty clothes. 'What's the matter?' she asked picking up a strange vibe from him.
'Oh nothing' he said looking away from her so she wouldn't see his guilty eyes 'I was just thinking that's all.'
'About?' she asked wrapping a towel around her naked body.
'Throwing you onto the floor and having my way with you' he said seductively, walking over to her he unwrapped the towel from her body and let it fall to the floor.
'You know your brother, Alicia and Jamia are upstairs waiting for us' she said
'Are they? Well let them wait' he replied kissing her salty skin and running one hand teasingly between her thighs. She moaned as he gently brushed her soft mound and bit her neck hard sucking demandingly on her soft skin.
'Seriously they're waiting for us' Cheyenne said breathlessly into his ear
'So stop me' Gerard said against her, he knew she wouldn't the sexual power he had over her was too strong and it turned him on, in all fairness she held a similar power over him but for now he was in control.

A little over an hour later Gerard and Cheyenne both entered the living room clean and freshly dressed.
'About time' Mikey said 'we were wandering when you too would be ready'
'We were exercising' Gerard said grinning 'weren't we babe'
'You mean sexcersising' Alicia said from behind her bridal magazine.
'Where are the others?' Cheyenne asked sitting next to Alicia so she could glance at the magazine.
'Ray has gone to see Christa, Bob and Frankie are at the gym and Amber's with Lyn' Jamia told them.
'They still hangout' Mikey asked surprised since everyone else had severed ties with her.
'It seems so' Jamia replied 'Apparently Lyn's sobered up and is seeing a therapist'
'About time' Alicia said stealing a glance at Gerard, it was common knowledge that Gerard had tried but failed to get through to her. 'Maybe she'll be a better person'
'Anyway' Mikey said loudly 'Don't you ladies have somewhere to be?' he could tell that the conversation about Lyn was making his brother uncomfortable.
'Yeah we do' Cheyenne said taking Mikey's lead.
'Where are you going?' Gerard asked curiously.
'To the bridal store' Jamia said 'Want to join us?'
'Nah I'll pass thanks, I look hot in a dress so imagine what I'd look like in a wedding dress, I'd be too much for you all' he said seriously.
'I'd hate to be upstaged' Alicia said tossing the magazine at him.
'See you boys later' Jamia said leading the way as Alicia and Cheyenne followed.
'So you like Bob and he likes you' Lyn said to Amber
'I dunno I think he likes me I'm not sure' Amber replied 'I hope he does'
'Gosh imagine if you start dating him, I'll barely see you' Lyn said sipping her coffee 'I mean I barely see you now.' She hated the fact that she wasn't apart of their group anymore, after Gerard spilt with her they all just seemed to drift away from her, so much for friendship.
'You can't get rid of me that easily' Amber joked 'plus who knows what's going to happen between Bob and I, it may amount to nothing'
'Or something' Lyn pointed out 'You could be Mrs B. Bryar'
'Whoa we're getting way ahead of ourselves here' Amber laughed.
'So we are' Lyn laughed at the look on Amber's face 'how is Miss Bryar anyway?' Lyn asked
'She's fine, Cheyenne is good'
'Just between us to, how old is she?' Lyn asked 'she can't be a day over twenty-one'
'She's twenty-three actually' Amber said
'Hmm' Lyn replied simply. So Gerard was dating someone six years younger then himself, what did he see in her?
'You know when I saw Gerard in the supermarket I got butterflies like I did when we first got together' Lyn confessed 'He looks so different and I like his hair.'
'It grows on you doesn't it' Amber agreed wandering where she as going with this conversation.
'I'm going to get him back' Lyn said suddenly 'I know he wants to, he had that look in his eye we just need some time alone together.'
'Lyn I don't think that's something you should be thinking about right now, you should be concentrating on your programme.' Amber said seriously.
'I am but I want Gee back and I'm going to get him.'
'He has a girlfriend he's happy, just leave him be,'
'I can't he's all I think about, he's the reason I'm doing this 12 step bullshit in the first place, we're meant to be together'
'Oh Lyn honey I don't...' Amber started
'Look I got to go' Lyn said cutting her off 'I have an appointment to make, so I'll see you later' she said kissing Amber lightly on the cheek before heading for the door.
'Are you serious?' Mikey asked Gerard as they drove over to meet Bob and Frankie at Ray's
'Yeah is something wrong with that' Gerard asked
'Well no there isn't' Mikey said 'I guess'
'Maybe I won't ask her then' Gerard said tapping the steering wheel thoughtfully as they waited for the traffic lights to change. 'I mean I know I want to more then anything, but maybe she doesn't want to'
'If I were you I'd talk to Chey about it first and get an idea of what she thinks of the whole thing then based on what she says ask her.'
'Yeah that's good, I'll do that' Gerard said putting the car into gear and driving off as the lights turned to green.
'I can't believe how fast you're growing up' Mikey joked 'My little Gee taking the next big step.'
'Fuck off man' Gerard said grinning.
'I don't like this one' Alicia said studying her slim figure in the mirror this was the sixth dress she had tried on.
'Me neither' Cheyenne said 'There's something not right about it'
'I agree' Jamia chimed in lifting a veil from her face so she could see Alicia properly 'I prefer the first and third dress'
'Hmm me too, but they're not special enough' Cheyenne said cocking her head to one side 'Definitely not'
'We're acting like we have to choose a dress today' Alicia laughed 'I don't even have a date set yet'
'That's true, we got a little caught up there' Jamia said taking the veil from her head carefully.
'Speaking of dates Jamia when are you and Mr Iero gonna tie the knot' Cheyenne asked helping Alicia off the circular podium.
'I have no idea' she confessed 'you know everything's a little hectic with the band and Skeleton Crew, maybe when everything dies down a little we'll start talking dates.'
'I doubt it will ever die down' Alicia said truthfully 'That's part of the reason we haven't actually set a date yet, we've got to fit it around the band schedule. It sucks but Mikey's worth it'
'Awww' Jamia and Cheyenne cooed in unison 'how cute'
'Fuck up you two' Alicia said disappearing into the dressing room leaving them snickering behind her.
Once the girls were done they went back to Donna's and hung out waiting for the guys to return from whatever male bonding session they were having. Amber caught up with them an hour after they came home, she never repeated what she had heard from Lyn earlier she kept it to herself after all Lyn was probably just talking for the sake of it and she probably didn't mean what she said. When the guys got back of course they were hungry and to their satisfaction Cheyenne was already halfway through dinner.

'Hey good looking, what's cooking?' Frankie asked sneaking up on Cheyenne.
'Tagliatelle carbonara' she said proudly, unknown to them it was one of the many dishes she cooked to perfction.
'Tagliatelle in my belly na na na na naaa' Frankie sang 'I'm so hungry you wouldn't believe it.'
'Your always hungry all of you are always hungry' Cheyenne said 'People would think you don't get fed proper meals.'
'We don't I'm under fed, I'm practically wasting away' he said patting his stomach 'see I'm all skin and bones'
'Poor baby' Cheyenne said 'I'll just go in the living room and tell Jamia what a bad job she's doing.' She said running into the living room.
'No don't 'Frank said chasing her
'Hey Mia Fra...' the rest of the sentence was smothered by Frank's hand and he forced her to the ground.
'Shut up Chey seriously' he warned as she struggled beneath him, Cheyenne licked his hand covering it in saliva and Frank removed it from her mouth to wipe away the offending liquid.
'Frank says he's underfed and wasting awa...' Cheyenne managed to get out before Frank's hand was forced on her mouth again.
'I'll just go check the food' Amber said rushing into the kitchen
'Wasting away are you?' Jamia repeated raisng an eyebrow.
'No honey she's lying' Frank said standing up and pulling Chey with him 'Weren't you?'
'I was' Cheyenne said biting back a laugh. 'He loves your cooking and he says he eats enough'
'Can someone get that?' Amber called from the kitchen she could hear her cell phone ringing shrilly, Gerard was closet and he answered the phone still amused by Cheyenne and Frank's behaviour.
'Amber's phone'
'Its fate' the voice on the line laughed
'I'll just get Amber' Gerard said feeling his pulse quickening, he got up and made his way to the hallway.
'What's the hurry? I wanted to tell you something.'
Gerard paused in the hallway looking into the living room to make sure no one was listening.
'What?' he said
'I just wanted to say I'm sorry for the way I behaved in the supermarket I was rude to you and Cheyenne and I shouldn't have been. It's just I was a little thrown by the whole situation.
'It's okay Lyn' he said
Can you forgive me?'
'Yeah it's fine' Gerard replied wanting so much to get off the phone it was unbelievable 'I have to go' he said
'Sure put Amber on'

Gerard walked into the kitchen and wordlessly handed the phone to Amber, but instead of returning to the living room he took over the cooking. What was wrong with him? Why did his heart rate quicken like that? Why did she apologise that wasn't like her? He was so lost in thought he didn't notice Ray enter the kitchen.
'Gerard Way step away from the stove' Ray said walking into the kitchen his hands were cupped around his mouth 'Put the wooden spoon down and put your hands in the air.'
'Shut up' Gerard replied grinning and waving the wooden spoon in the air.
'YOU WON'T TAKE ME ALIVE' Gerard screamed back over his shoulder. Seconds later Cheyenne ran into the room and resumed cooking the dinner, which was basically finished anyway.
'I can stir food you know' Gerard pouted from the table where he was smoking, all thoughts of Lyn momentarily forgotten as he watched Cheyenne cooking. 'I can cook...some stuff'
'I'm going to be brutally honest with you honey' she said grabbing nine dinner plates from the cupboard and placing them on the counter. 'Cooking isn't one of your many talents, you're a talented guy no doubt, singing, drawing, song writing all superb, those are your talents. Cooking, playing guitar and lovemaking not so good.' She said aware of the effect her words would have on him. Gerard was out of his chair in a flash he grabbed Cheyenne and pushed her against the kitchen door causing it to slam.
'How can you say lovemaking isn't a talent of mine?' he asked pinning her hands above her head.
'I was just being honest' Cheyenne said feeling incredibly turned on at the forceful way Gerard had restrained her.
'Well then I'll have to change that won't I' he said running his hand down her neck and cupping her breast, he kissed her roughly while his hand roamed lower and grabbed the back of her thigh lifting it till her leg clamped around him. Cheyenne moaned in the back of her throat, she could feel his erection against her womanhood and she was becoming more and more turned on. Gerard held her thigh up and gently dry humped her, grinding his imprisoned penis against her, no doubt brushing her clit with each movement.
'I want you inside me' she whispered as another shock of pleasure shot through her.
'Not here' Gerard said huskily kissing her roughly, he was well aware of his surroundings but Chey seemed not to notice.
'Let go to your room then' she said her voice filled with lust and urgency.
'Shh baby' he said silencing her with a kiss. She moaned again as Gerard continued to rub himself against her, he knew she was close to the edge so he sped up. He kissed her exposed neck and felt the vibrations of each moan against his lips.
'I'm nearly there' she groaned feeling the build up and just as suddenly as it started it stopped. Gerard let go of her thigh and backed away from her letting her hands drop to her sides.
'What are you doing?' Cheyenne demand feeling her clit throbbing harshly, her skirt was hitched around her waist and her panties were damp.
'I just realised I'm not that good a lovemaking, like you said it isn't one of my many talents so I thought I'd better give up.' He said moving further away from her and trying to keep his face serious which was difficult since Cheyenne looked like someone had slapped her.
'Gerard' she hissed 'you better get over here and finish what you started'
'I can't honey I'm not talented enough' he teased. Cheyenne heard footsteps coming towards the kitchen and she quickly smoothed down her skirt and hair before Mikey opened the door and walked in.
'Where is the food?' he asked.
'Its coming' Gerard said, he was pretending to look for ice in the freezer he had a huge hard on, which was not something he wanted Mikey to see.
'At least something is' Cheyenne said angrily, she pushed Mikey away from the stove and started to dish the food.
All through dinner that night Cheyenne ignored Gerard and he knew he'd pay for it later, it was worth it though he knew sex that night would be explosive. Once the others had left at around 11.00pm and Donna was asleep Cheyenne threw herself at him, they managed to make it down the basement steps with no injuries and they made love for an hour teasing each other and experimenting before they both came hard and fast in each others arms.
Gerard smiled to himself as he lay on his back with Cheyenne lying next to him. Things were perfect and his thoughts turned to the concerts in UK and Cheyenne going back to Chicago.

'I wanted to ask you something' Gerard said quietly, not wanting to disturb the perfect atmosphere that surrounded them.
'Hmm' was all Cheyenne could vocalise.
'I was thinking that maybe you and I should move in together' he said aware that his voice was slightly shaky. Cheyenne sat up quickly not bothering to cover her breasts that were now exposed.
'Me and you' she asked studying his face.
'Yeah I've been thinking about it for a few days and I think it's a good idea' he answered honestly 'I want us to live together what do you think?' When she didn't answer right away Gerard started to panic, the silence was deafening to him and it seemed an age before she finally spoke.
'Gee can we finish this tomorrow?' she finally said falling back onto her side off the bed 'I'm really tired.' To say he was taken aback by her answer was an understatement and for a few seconds he could't speak.
'Sure' he answered faintly he felt an awful feeling settle in his stomach 'tomorrow' he said reaching over and switching off the lamp plunging the room into darkness.
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