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Chapter 17 1 of 2

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Gerard lies about a meeting and offers to make it up to Chey by making dinner and Bob has a date with Amber.

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So here's the update my lovlies. I had to do it in two parts coz it'd be kinda long if I didn't. Many many many thanks to all the reviews and rating they are greatly appreciated. So enjoy my darlings.

The next morning Cheyenne woke up to find the bed empty of Gerard. She sighed and rolled over stretching her arm over to his side of the bed wishing his body was there. Yesterday's question totally threw her and as a result she didn't sleep much. She rose up out of the bed and started to make it all the while thinking how best to tell Gerard what she thought of his proposal, it wasn't that she didn't want to move in with him it's just that there were a lot of things to consider.

'Morning' Gerard said absently as he walked down the steps to his room fresh from the shower and dripping wet.
'Morning' she replied politely plumping his pillow and laying it back on the bed, she sat down and watched him saunter about the room drying himself and getting dressed. She could tell he was upset and he had every right to be.
'Where are you going?' She finally voiced after the tense silence became too much.
'A meeting' he said pulling a t-shirt over his head.
'What time are you coming back?' she asked fingering the bottom of her night dress.
'Don't know.' He replied searching the top draw for a pair of socks, finding a pair he seated himself at the desk and pulled them on along with his converses. Cheyenne watched all of this debating whether or not now was a good time to talk about last night she didn't want it sit on his mind all day especially if he had a band meeting that should be his focus.
'Gerard about last night...' She said
'Look Chey I can't do this now' he said standing up and checking his tired appearance in the mirror, he didn't get much sleep last night either.
'Oh okay' she said walking over to him 'We'll do it later'
'I gotta go' he said looking down at her, Cheyenne pursed her lips expectantly for a kiss and felt nothing as Gerard passed her and headed for the stairs.
'What are you doing here?' Mikey asked opening the door to his older brother
'What I can't come and visit you?' Gerard asked stepping through the door.
'Well yeah of course, I wasn't expecting you that's all' Mikey answered scratching his head as he watched his brother scoop Pumpkin up in his arms and walk into the living room.
'Baby Gerard's here' Mikey called out closing the front door and following Gerard who was making stupid noises at the cat as he stoked it.
'Hey Gee' Alicia said appearing from the bedroom and kissing his cheek lightly 'what are you doing here I thought the meeting wasn't till twelve?'
'It isn't I just came to see my brother and his pretty fiancée' Gerard replied sitting down on the couch.
'How come Chey didn't come?' Alicia asked 'There's some wedding stuff I wanna show her.'
'She wasn't awake yet' Gerard lied paying extra attention to Pumpkin so he wouldn't have to look at either of them. Mikey observed his brother and he knew from Gerard's tone something was up. 'Honey can you do me a favour could you make me some French toast?' he asked rubbing his stomach 'I'm starving.'
'Sure' Alicia said smiling broadly she could be the dutiful housewife when it suited her 'Gee you want some?'
'Na I'm okay' He said 'I'm not hungry.' As soon as Alicia left Mikey closed the living room and pounced on his brother 'What happened?' he asked sitting one seat away from his brother on the couch as Pumpkin was taking up the centre seat.
'Nothing really' Gerard replied with a shrug
'Bullshit if nothing happened how come you have a face like a smacked ass?' Mikey inquired
'Ok, last night I asked Chey if she wanted to move in and she said no' he said
'She said no' Mikey repeated in shock 'why, did she give you a reason?'
'Well she didn't actually say no' Gerard said 'But she didn't say yes either'
'So what did she say?' Mikey asked
'She said 'can we talk about this tomorrow I'm really tired' I mean what the fuck does that mean?' Gerard said.
'It means she tired and she wants to talk about it tomorrow' Mikey replied
'No I know that idiot I meant what does it mean in regards to the question.'
'Oh personally I think it means that she has some doubts about it that she wants to discuss before she commits.' Mikey said
'Like what?' Gerard asked stroking Bunny who had suddenly appeared by his feet.
'I don't know maybe you should've asked her instead of running away' Mikey said
'I didn't run I walked' Gerard said
'Gerard communication is vital to a long lasting relationship.' Mikey stated knowingly
'Don't I know it' Gerard said sighing.
Cheyenne dressed and decided to clean the bedroom, it wasn't really a mess but she need to make sure she packed everything before returning to Chicago tomorrow. As much as she loved Gee and would miss not having him near she missed her home, she missed her apartment and she missed her friends so she decided to go back home while he was in England. She hung up one of Gerard's numerous jackets in his closet all the while wondering if they would get a chance to talk tonight at all, she didn't want to go home to Chicago with this subject hanging between them. Her phone rang and she raced over to the bedside table hoping the name displayed was Gerard's but in fact it was Jamia's
'Good Morning' Cheyenne answered smiling
'And to you'
'What can I do you for?'
'I was wandering if you wanted to come shopping with me, I'll need some girly input'
'Yeah sure what time?'
'As soon as, I have to get things ready for tonight'
'What's tonight?'
'Nothing special just some alone time for me and Frank'
'Oh' Cheyenne said nodding her head knowingly 'A little nookie for Mr Iero'
'Maybe'/Jamia giggled 'Come over as soon as you're dressed.'/
'Will do' Cheyenne said.

After she hung up she finished cleaning the room and packed all her things. By the time she dressed and reached Jamia's it was just after 11.00 am. Frank opened the door and Cheyenne as usual greeted him with a kiss on the cheek.
'What are you doing here?' He asked closing the door
'I've come to kidnap your girl' Cheyenne replied sliding her coat off her shoulders 'What are you doing here shouldn't you be at a meeting?'
'I would be but the meeting doesn't start till twelve smart ass' he said taking her coat 'Jamia's in the bedroom by the way.' He said returning to the living room to watch tv.
Cheyenne nodded and walked through the hallway, so Gerard had left at 9.00 for a meeting that didn't start till twelve so where the fuck was he?
'Whoa don't look so happy to see me' Jamia said, she was brushing her hair and had caught sight of Cheyenne scowling face in the mirror.
'Sorry' Cheyenne apologised 'I wasn't scowling at you'
'Oh good, so what's the matter?' Jamia asked
'It's stupid Gerard' she said flopping down on to their king-sized bed
'Trouble in paradise?' Jamia said setting her brush down and joining Chey on the bed.
'A little I suppose'
'C'mon tell Aunty Mia what happened'
'Ok Gee asked me last night if I wanted to move in with him and I didn't give him the answer he wanted and now he's mad at me' she pouted
'What answer did you give him, you didn't say no did you?'
'No but I didn't say yes either I said we could talk about it tomorrow. Then this morning he totally brushed me off and said he had to be at a meeting that Frankie just told me doesn't actually start till twelve.'
'Aw hun don't worry, Gerard's just a little upset, he loves you very much and any answer other then yes probably meant no to him.'
'I didn't want to say yes when there's so much to consider, there's a lot to discuss and I don't want to leave tomorrow with this hanging between us it won't do either of us any good.'
'Maybe after the actual meeting you'll be able to talk to him. I remember the first time Frankie asked me to move in with him I had doubts so I said no, it took him days to get over that' Jamia recalled.
'But what if he doesn't get over it' she said 'what if his time in England makes him think that maybe we're better off with out each other?'
'Don't talk like that' Jamia replied rubbing her arm affectionately 'He will get over it and I guarantee that his time in England will make him miss you all the more, just like Frank and me.'
'JAMIA' Frank called from the living room
'YEAH' she shouted back.
'WE HAVE A GUEST' she said laughing
'CHEY GET OUT' he shouted in reply
'UP YOUR'S FRANK' Cheyenne laughed as she heard his footsteps coming towards the bedroom
'I was kidding' Frank said appearing 'I just wanted some attention'
'We know' Jamia said rolling her eyes 'but we can't give it to you since we are going out'
'Shopping no doubt' Frank said, reading her mind he searched in his draw for his wallet and handed Jamia a credit card.
'Yes but the shopping's for you' Jamia said seductively accepting the card and stroking his hand gently.
'Oh man' Frank said grinning 'am I in for a treat?'
'Wait and see' Jamia said winking.
'Please stop' Cheyenne begged 'I'm too innocent to see such behaviour'
'Oh please I know what you and Gerard have been up to' Frankie said taking his vibrating phone out of his pocket 'Ah huh speak of the devil.' He answered the phone and sat chatting with Gerard while Jamia finished getting ready and Cheyenne sulked. Why hadn't Gerard called her?' He such a stupid head, stupid boy...dumb man.
'She's right here you wanna talk to her?' Frankie asked poking his tongue out at her. 'One sec' he informed Gerard as he handed the phone to Cheyenne who took it and hung up.
'Why'd you do that?' Frankie asked furrowing his eyebrows in confusion.
'Because I can' Cheyenne replied smiling sweetly and handing the phone back to him.
'Well he and Mikey are coming to pick me up soon' he informed her
'Well goody for me' she said falling back onto the bed.
Gerard winced when he heard the dial tone, Chey was with Frank which meant she knew he lied to her this morning, which meant she was mad. Technically it wasn't a lie because he is going to a meeting he just didn't say what time, but he knew that wasn't going to go down well with her. Why did he lie like that? Those are the kind of stupid lies he used when he was with Lyn and she was pissing him off.
'Are you ready to go?' Mikey asked walking back into the living room
'Yep' Gerard said standing up and giving Bunny and Pumpkin one last stoke 'Let's go get Frankie.'
'For fuck sake what are you doing Jamia?' Cheyenne cried in impatience she knew Gerard would turn up any second and she didn't want to see him, she was mad at him...sort of.
'Two secs I'm err...doing something' Jamia said trying to stall their departure.
'I know what you're doing and if you don't get your ass out here in three seconds I'm going home' Cheyenne threatened completely oblivious to the knock at the door.
'Ok I'm coming' Jamia said appearing in the hallway to answer the door.
'Hi Jamia' Mikey said enveloping her in a hug 'and Cheyenne too what a nice surprise?' he commented leaving Jamia and walking over to hug Cheyenne.
'Hi Mikey' Cheyenne said smiling up at him, he was so cute sometimes it was hard not to smile at him.
'Hey honey' Gerard said from behind his brother
'Gerard' Cheyenne replied dryly
'We'll just leave you two alone' Jamia said ushering Mikey into the kitchen. Neither of them spoke for a minute, Cheyenne was secretly hoping their time would run out and they'd have to go to the meeting.
'Ok this is stupid' Gerard said taking a step towards her 'I'm really sorry I brushed you off this morning and I'm sorry I lied about the meeting, it's just last night didn't go exactly as I had imagined it.'
'I know that it didn't and I wanted to explain why I hadn't answered you properly but you never gave me the chance. We could've talked this out by now and spent a nice evening together before be both leave and now because of you we're gonna have to spend a proportion f our evening talking about this.'
'I know and your right as usual' He said taking her in his arms 'how about we talk over an early dinner' he said 'I'll cook while you supervise of course and we'll talk about it all through dinner and then I'll make up for my behaviour for dessert'
'Ok' Cheyenne said nodding in approval and fighting to hide a grin that was forming on her lips.
'We have to leave now' Frankie interrupted as he walked past them and headed to the front door.
'I gotta go but I'll see you later for dinner' he said kissing her lips and then her forehead.
'See you later' Cheyenne said as Mikey brushed past them and walked out and Gerard followed.
'Fuck off' Bob said for the twelfth time that day
'No I will not' Frankie said 'you sir are going on a date this is exciting'
'No it isn't' Bob stated 'so drop it and leave me alone or else.'
It was common knowledge amongst the group that Amber and Bob both had a thing for each other yet neither of them cared to admit it. Bob did like her in fact he liked her a lot and asked her out the night before, the only mistake he had made was telling the others about it cause now they we're teasing him.
'Ohh what are you gonna wear' Gerard teased 'I have a nice dress you can borrow just don't stretch it'
'Shut up Gerard' Bob said throwing his pen in Gee direction
'What I'm just tryna help you out' Gerard said picking the pen off the floor
'It's your first date man' Mikey said 'first impressions are very important'
'Don't start Mikey' Bob warned him 'I swear the next person to mention it is gonna be sorry.'
'Alright' Frankie said reaching into his wallet 'We won't mention it again but I will say this' he said throwing a condom, which hit Bob in his forehead. The others erupted into laughter as Bob chased Frankie around the meeting room shouting obscenities and death threats.
'THAT'S ENOUGH' Brian said walking into the room with Ray 'What's the matter with you lot?'
'Frankie's being a jackass as usual' Bob said taking his seat.
'Na uh Bob's being over-sensitive' Frankie said pulling his seat out and sitting down.
'We can't leave you guys alone for a second' Ray stated 'If this behaviour continues you're both grounded and that means no date for you Bob'
'Fuck you man' Bob said flipping Ray off.
'Right lets get down to business' Brian said taking his seat at the head of the table.
Gerard looked at the shopping list in his hand, all the items were scratched off with the pen stuck between his left ear except for the bolognaise sauce, he couldn't decide between the one with mushrooms or the one with out. Did Cheyenne even like mushrooms?
'Err no mushrooms' he said to himself holding the jar
'You know talking to yourself is the first sign of madness' Lyn said, she had seen him enter the isle and thought it would be amusing to sneak up on him.
'Oh yeah what are the other signs?' he said turning to look at the face that owned the familiar voice.
'I don't know' she said shrugging her shoulders 'that's just what people say when they hear someone talking to themselves; trust you to come up with a witty response'
'Sorry I'll try not to be so witty' he replied smiling.
'I see Donna sent you out for groceries' she said swinging her basket gently so it knocked his.
'Nope these are mine' he stated proudly 'I'm cooking for Cheyenne'
'But I thought you liked her' Lyn said laughing a little
'Funny' Gerard responded 'I can cook you know...sort of'
'I do know I remember once you made me a grilled cheese sandwich'
'I did didn't I'
'With no cheese' she said biting back a laugh 'so it was just toast'
'Fuck I forgot about the no cheese part' he said laughing 'But it was good toast though right?'
'The best' she said 'so er...what's your dilemma?'
'Ah I can't decide with or without mushrooms'
'Definitely with'
'How come?'
'Cause if you get it without she might want them and if she doesn't like them she can pick them out plus they add a nice flavour.'
'You are so right' he agreed placing the glass jar into the basket amongst the other chosen items.
'Well I gotta go' Lyn said 'It was nice running into you'
'Yeah you too' Gerard said smiling, he watched her walk to the end of the aisle and turn left out of sight.
'Hey Lyn' he called after her, he half walked half jogged to the end of the aisle where she stood.
'Yes' she had heard him call and doubled back 'What?'
'I just wanted to say congratulations on your recovery' he said
'Oh yeah thanks it's about time huh' she said 'I' was way over due for a wake up call'
'Nah it doesn't matter how long it took you to get here the important thing is you're here now.' He said honestly 'I'm really happy for you'
'Me too, I feel so alive and...well I don't know how else to explain it.' She giggled nervously.
'Yeah I had that feeling too' He said letting a silence fall between them. Man was she different from the Lyn he used to know, she looked different and sounded different. It had suddenly occurred to him that the Lyn standing in front of him was the same Lyn that he met and fell in love six years ago before she turned into binge drinking, pill-popping Lyn.
'Why are you staring at me?' she asked suddenly feeling very self-conscious under his stare. She had forgotten how enchanting and haunting his eyes were.
'Sorry it's just you look really good' he said
'Do I?' she blushed 'But then again the last time you saw me I was a raging alcoholic with lank hair and a zombie look in my eye'
'OMG' he laughed 'that's exactly the same thing I said to Cheyenne when she told me I looked good.' He recalled
'Great minds think alike' she said 'Well you better get back to her I don't imagine shell appreciate you being late back.'
'Yeah your right, Goodbye Lyn'
'See you around' She said smiling to herself as she walked away. She was officially back in the game.
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