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Chapter 17 2of 2

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Just the second half of chapter 17 showing you what everyone did the night before leaving for the UK.

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'Its okay Jamia don't rush' Cheyenne told her 'I spoke to Gerard and he's only just got back home.'
'I'm so sorry I don't want you to be late' Jamia apologised from behind the changing room curtain.
'It's fine take your time and don't rip any of those delicate fabrics' Cheyenne replied
'Ok I think this is the one, I like this one' Jamia said opening the curtain just enough for Cheyenne to see the lingerie Jamia was modelling.
'Holy crap Frank is gonna flip' Cheyenne said giggling 'He won't know what hit him.'
'That's the plan' Jamia sniggered.
Ten minutes later Jamia was dressed and paying for her goods at the counter.
'I can't wait to get home' Cheyenne said
'Me neither' Jamia said attempting not to grin anymore.
'I think it's so sweet when couples shop together' said the young women serving them 'and I must say you're a very hand...pretty couple.' At first neither Jamia nor Cheyenne registered what the lady was saying, they were both in their own worlds so they plastered smiles on their faces to be polite and then it sunk in.
'Oh no we're not...' Jamia started shaking her head
' we're both straight' Cheyenne said trying not to laugh as realisation struck
'I beg your pardon' the assistant blushed 'I just assumed...well you know'
'It's cool' Jamia said 'No worries'
Once outside both girls burst out laughing, they linked arms and then decided that it wasn't a good idea and burst out laughing again.
Bob sat in his car one street away from Amber's house, he had been there for about twenty minutes now and still hadn't worked up the courage to drive onto her street. He took a deep breath and laughed it out, this was ridiculous it was just a date for crying out loud one date with a girl, one date with Amber. He sank lower on his seat as he thought about the rest of the night, they were going to have dinner, see a movie and maybe stop for coffee before they ended the night, no big deal he had done dinner and a movie loads of times with the band so why was it so different now. It had been a while since he had been in female company alone and the truth was he had wanted a girlfriend ever since he split form his last girlfriend. That was a little before he started the band and it always made him a little jealous to see the guys with their girls even when they were having problems and arguing he wished he had someone to have problems and argue with, maybe Amber was that girl. He started the car and pulled out it was now or never, plus he didn't want to be late how would that look. He located her house and parked directly in front, he got out and walked to her door hoping she wasn't watching him from a window. It seemed like an age before he reached the door and he was very nervous and what the fuck was wrong with his stomach? It felt like things were flapping around in there.
'Hey' Amber said answering the door, a smile spreading across her lips. Had he even knocked? Yes he remembered doing that even though his hands were shaking.
'Hi' he said nervously 'ready to go'
'Ok honey it's ready' Gerard called from the kitchen. Once Cheyenne got home he insisted she write down the cooking instruction and amuse herself in the living room while he cooked. Cheyenne was slightly against the idea but didn't want to stifle his urge to learn to cook so she did what he asked and had sat twiddling her thumbs in the living room waiting for the house to catch fire.
'Wow' she said coming into the kitchen 'this looks great'. The table was laid nicely with two candles in the centre and two plates were placed opposite each other each full with a generous helping of spaghetti bolognaise.
'You like?' Gerard said pulling out her chair
'It looks wonderful Gerard' she said pulling him down by his t-shirt so she could kiss him.
'Thanks' he said standing straight once her lips left his 'I just wander what it will taste like.' He took his seat opposite her and waited expectantly.
Cheyenne took a fork full of the hot food and confidently raised it to her mouth she didn't want him to think she was afraid to taste his cooking, Gerard watched her carefully for her reaction and he smiled when Cheyenne chewed, swallowed and gave him a thumbs up.
'Delicious' she said truthfully 'Perfect'
'Mikey' Alicia called from the kitchen 'I can't hear you packing'. He was supposed to be packing for England and there was no doubt in her mind that he had abandoned the clothes and suitcase for the X-Box.
'Michael James Way you answer me this second' Alicia called out wiping her wet hands on a dishcloth and heading for the living room.
'I'm in the bathroom' he called back
'What are you doing in...Aww Mikey' she cried seeing what he had done.
'For you my lady' he said motioning to the hot bubble bath.
'You're so sweet' she said kissing his lips tenderly 'You ran me a bath'
'Complete with candles' he said showing her the four candles that he had strategically placed around the bath. 'Well I'm gonna go finish my packing and let you relax.'
'Fuck the packing' she said lifting her top over her head much to Mikey's delight.
Frank stood by the sink and obediently washed the dishes after he had cleared away the table. Jamia had gone in the bedroom to get ready for the nights activities and Frank was excited just thinking about what he was about to endure. He saw the lingerie bag she walked in with, he saw it and he wanted to rip it from her hand and rummage through it but the mature gentlemen inside him kissed and hugged Jamia instead.
'Hey Frankie could you come here a sec' Jamia called seductively from the bedroom.
'Coming' he said coolly 'or a least I will be' he whispered to himself as he dried his hands.
'So you don't wanna move in with me' Gerard accused more then asked. It wasn't long after they sat down that the dinner conversation moved onto their living arrangements.
'No I'm just saying I'm unsure about it' Cheyenne said
'What are you not sure about? He asked in an attempt to understand her anxiety
'The whole thing.' Cheyenne said from across the dinner table
'Ok firstly where will we live?' she asked
'Here in Jersey of course...or not' he said studying the unimpressed look on her face.
'I don't want to live here?
'Why not?'
'Because I belong in Chicago, I like it there it's my home.'
'I don't want to move to Chicago.' Gerard said screwing his face up.
'See that's what I mean' Cheyenne relied.
Neither of them spoke for a while they let the silence float through the air while they both lost themselves in thought.
'Ok so we'll compromise and move somewhere different.' Gerard finally spoke up.
'We can't move to some random place' Cheyenne said playing with her left over food.
'Why not?' he asked
'Because we won't know anyone'
'So what am I supposed to do when you're on tour? I won't know anybody I'll be lonely.' She stated
'Why are you being so difficult?' he asked 'your finding a negative in everything'
'I'm not being difficult I'm being realistic. If we moved to some unknown area I'll be lonely when you're not around.'
'Like I'll be in Chicago when you're not around. So the only logical place to live is here in Jersey.'
'Christa what are you doing here?' Ray asked. Seconds ago he had been practising his guitar enjoying his time alone in his apartment while Bob was away on his date with Amber. He wandered how that was going?
'I err came to see you' she said stating the obvious 'May I come in?'
'Of course sorry I'm just a little shocked to see you.'
' I know usually I would've called but I wasn't planning to stop by' She lied, she had driven here directly from her home.
'So why did you?' he asked pushing the door closed with his hand
'I thought about what you said the other day and I'm done with this break if you are, I miss you so much it hurts.'
'I miss you too' he said smiling down on her, God she was so beautiful 'I want us to be together again too but I'm going to England tomorrow'
'I know I was hoping we'd get back together when you get back' she said.
'So then why come here tonight?' he asked
'Booty call' she said grabbing his belt buckle and pulling him towards her.
Frankie supported himself on his hands and tried to control himself, he had pounced on Jamia the second he saw what she was wearing.
'You okay' Jamia asked from under him
'I'm great' he said lowering himself so he could kiss her neck and breasts, he wanted to make sure this lasted after all it was about her tonight, he'd make sure of that.
'Ill be right back' he said climbing out from between her legs
'Where are you going?' she asked.
'Condoms' he said simply pulling his wallet out of his pants, Jamia was on the pill but they always used condoms you can never be too safe. 'Fuck'
'What?' Jamia asked sitting up.
'Empty' he said as she made her way over to him.
'No big deal' she said kissing his neck 'we won't use one'
'Are you sure?' he asked
'Absolutely' she said leading him back to the bed.
'I had a really nice time' Amber said as they approached her front door
'Yeah me too' Bob said he masked it well but he was kind of disappointed that they were ending the evening a little early, they hadn't stopped for coffee like they had planned.
'So erm I'll call you' he said awkwardly unsure if he should give into his urge to kiss her.
'Do you wanna come in for a nightcap?' She asked coyly, this had been her plan along and hoped that he'd say yes.
'I'd love to' he said taking a step closer to her.
Cheyenne opened her mouth to say something but changed her mind, Gerard was right the only place to live was Jersey. But she didn't want to live here, it's not that she hated it, it just wanted Chicago.
'What if I say yes and we live here and then it doesn't work out what then?' She asked catching his eyes across the table.
'So that's what all this worrying is about' Gerard said fnally hitting the nail on the head 'you're scared we'll split up but sugar I can tell you now there's no chance in hell that's gonna happen, we we're made for each other. I know we rushed into this relationship but we have forever to make it perfect'he told her.
'You're right we do' she said smiling as he walked towards her.
'And we have forever to move in together, whenever your ready is fine with me' he said.
'Are you sure?' she asked looking up as he loomed over her.
'I'd wait a million lifetimes for you' he said pulling her to her feet and kissing her lips.
'Thank you' she whispered against his mouth.

Flash back 2003
'You're doing the dishes?' Lyn said in shock 'hell must be freezing over'
'Shut up honey I can wash dishes I just can't cook' he reminded her.
'What time's your mom coming home?' she asked
'I don't know why?' he answered glancing at her quickly.
'I was hoping you and I could, you know' she said stroking his lower back
'Oh' he said raising an eyebrow 'she won't be home till later'
'Oh goody' she said pinching his butt gently
'Actually I was thinking' he said turning the taps off and turning to face her 'That maybe you and I should get our own place together.'
'Are you serious?' Lyn asked hiding her excitement until the right moment, she wanted the exact same thing for sometime now.
'Well yeah I mean after all we should...err have our own space' he said lamely wiping his dripping hands with a dishcloth
'I'd love too' she squealed jumping into his arms 'I'd love to live with you'


How come Cheyenne didn't react the way Lyn did when he asked her to move in? Laying next to Cheyenne Gerard knew that wasn't a nice thought to process but he couldn't help it. He thought back to earlier and his encounter with Lyn and a small smile played upon his lips, she really did look good. He shook the thoughts from his head and turned over moulding himself into Cheyenne's back then he chuckled involuntarily as he remembered the grilled cheese sandwich with no cheese. Maybe laughing to yourself is the second sign of madness, he made a mental note to drop that to Lyn when he saw her next, well not when, if he told himself.
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