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Chapter 18

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Cheyenne makes Gerard happy and Bob overhears a little something that doesn't make him happy

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The alarm buzzed and Gerard reluctantly got out of bed it was 4.00am and he had no desire to be awake at this ungodly time, but England beckoned. He shuffled into the kitchen where Cheyenne was already dressed and reading a magazine. He wordlessly kissed her forehead and went about pouring himself a lukewarm cup of coffee. He seated himself next to her and rested his tired head on the table, Cheyenne smiled at his tired form and stroked the back of his blonde head till he sat up again.
'I'm so tired' he complained taking his coffee in his hands.
'Me too but I'm excited' she said 'Aren't you excited?'
'I'm too tired to be excited just yet' he admitted 'Maybe when I'm on the plane I'll feel it.'
'I'm going to miss you so much' she confessed reaching for his hand across the table.
'I know' he said 'It kind of hurts already, but we'll both be back before you know it' he said before taking another sip.
'What am I supposed to do with out you?' she asked sadly
'I heard masturbation is very healthy' he joked making Cheyenne smile 'You'll be fine baby and I'll call you as much as I can.'
'I guess that will have to do' she said watching him down the rest of his coffee before getting up to place the empty cup in the sink.
'Just out of curiosity how tired are you?' Cheyenne asked grinning.
'Way too tired to be ravaged by a young lady such as yourself' he said walking out of the kitchen and breaking into a run when he heard Cheyenne's chair scrap across the floor.

Twenty minutes later Cheyenne was naked and straddling Gerard's hard cock, as she rode him on the bed that they shared. Her hair was plastered to her face from the sweat that she had built up and her body tingled with lust. From under her Gerard held her hips tightly pulling her body down onto his shaft, he loved and hated the way she changed her rhythm, one minute grinding her hips and the next she was bouncing on top of him her breasts dancing freely until he clasped them tightly.
'Harder' Gerard moaned as Cheyenne slowed down once again and softened each thrust 'faster' he begged.
'Shhh!' Cheyenne said placing a finger against his mouth, Gerard sucked on her finger all the while attempting to thrust inside her from beneath her.
'Fuck me Chey' he demanded squeezing her hips in an attempt to make her move quicker 'or else'
'Or else what?' she asked breathlessly. 'What can you do?'
Gerard grinned sexily he loved her feistiness it was such a turn on 'I'll show you' he said flipping her quickly but carefully since he was still inside her, not giving her a second to recover he raised her legs to rest on his shoulders and plunged inside her making her cry out. Cheyenne arched her back to meet each thrust and tried to control the surges of pleasure that shot through her.
'Oh Gee' she screamed digging her nails into the mattress as her worked her.
'Turn over baby' Gerard commanded pulling out from her warmth and letting her legs fall either side of him, he knew she was ready but he didn't want her to cum just yet. Cheyenne obediently rolled over and raised herself onto all fours displaying her backside and feminine intimacies to him all the while trying to control the passion and lust that was consuming her. Gerard saw her positioning and it nearly threw him over the edge. He stroked her shapely ass teasingly, mostly to calm down the heat in his manhood, he knew if he was to take her now the second his head touched her opening he would explode.
'Gerard fuck me' Cheyenne growled she so wanted to feel him inside her again.
'Patience honey' he said touching her heat with his fingers but not entering her, he stroked her throbbing clit and she whimpered and pushed back against the feel of his fingers.
'Relax sugar' he whispered when he felt her grind against his touch 'God you're so fucking hot and ready'
'Gerard please' she begged, her need to climax was overwhelming and she knew he was enjoying her begging especially in the position she was in, she was bearing all to him and he loved it. When he didn't reply she crawled backwards till her body collided with his and she worked her hips against him making him moan in the back of his throat. He couldn't take it any more the feel of her ass against his waist was too much and he pounded deep inside her, thrusting wildly he held her hips tightly with one hand and stroked her clit with his other. Cheyenne was crying out now, her body shaking under his power and she felt her body contract and tighten around him as she climaxed spilling sweet profanities from her mouth as he spilled his seed deep inside her, both exhausted they collapsed into each other's arms their hearts beating rapidly as they waited to catch their breaths.
'That was amazing' Gerard panted finding her lips and kissing her passionately.
'Damn right it was' Cheyenne agreed breathlessly.
Two hours later they arrived at the airport to find the band, Alicia and Jamia waiting for them.
'About time' Bob said 'I thought you might miss your flight Chey'
'Sorry we're a little late' Cheyenne said hugging Alicia 'Gerard wouldn't wake up'
'I was dragged back to bed against my will' he said smiling and not caring that Bob was present, he had to get used to them eventually. They had an hour and a half to burn before Cheyenne was due to board her flight and the guys had two.

'So Bob how was your date last night? Cheyenne asked linking arms with him
'It was good' he said trying not to blush as he remembered his time with Amber but failed and his cheeks flushed red.
'Aww I'm so happy for you, so when are you seeing her next?' Cheyenne cooed
'When we come back' he said smiling
'Aww you're so cute' she said reaching up and squeezing his cheeks.
'Stop that' he said removing her hand 'so are you happy to be heading home?'
'Yes I'm very excited I can't wait to get back. It's feels like I've been away forever.'
'Will you stop by my place and check it out make sure it hasn't burnt down and that no ones squatting?' he said half joking.
'Of course I was planning to anyway, you know I like to be nosey. Plus while you're away I can play. Party at Bob's' she said
'You wouldn't dare' Bob laughed shoving her playfully.
'Try me' she said smiling up at him as they walked along the busy airport.

A peaceful half an hour went past before they were spotted by a fan and then another and then another. The girls melted away into the back ground as expected and the band posed dutifully for pictures and signed autograph after all this was part of the job. A little why later they sat in Starbucks, chatting and sipping coffee or hot chocolate in Cheyenne's case she had half an hour left and she was so glad they were all here together but she wanted to be alone with Gerard too.

'Oh I gotta get going' Cheyenne announced downing her hot chocolate 'Chicago awaits' Jamia was the first to stand up and give her a hug 'I don't want you to go home, I want you to stay with me.'
'Aw I'll be back to visit soon I promise' Cheyenne replied hugging Alicia who stood next.
'You better I have a wedding to plan and I need all the help I can get.' Alicia reminded her. Mikey, Ray and Frankie all stood individually and she wrapped her arms around each one of them and said goodbye wishing them a safe trip and a good show.
'Get up Bob it's your turn' She said. Bob stood up and embraced his cousin
'Have a good trip' he said into her hair 'and be good'
'I will be good, thanks for letting me stay and I'm so sorry for everything, I caused a lot of trouble' she whispered before letting him go.
'Nah you didn't' he said stroking her cheek 'It was a good visit overall and I expect I'll be seeing much more of you from now on'
'Much much more' she said smiling at Gerard who had stood up to walk her to her gateway.
'Yay for me' Bob said sarcastically as she kissed his cheek as a final goodbye. She took Gerard's hand and he led her out of Starbucks. Cheyenne turned and waved and blew a kiss at Frankie who was blowing them but pointing to Gerard.
'WAIT DON'T LEAVE ME CHEYENNE' Frankie suddenly screamed pounding on the window as Cheyenne and Gerard walked past. Jamia wordless pulled at his shirt in an attempt to get him to sit down, while the others hid the faces in embarrassment.
'PLEASE I CAN CHANGE, JUST DON'T GO LIKE THIS' He wailed pushing his body flat against the window all the while pretending to cry and catching the attention of the customers and staff.
His rant ended when he could no longer see Cheyenne and Gerard.
'What is wrong with you Frank?' Ray asked his face was scrunched into a look of confusion, he had often asked this question and was yet to receive a satisfactory answer.
'Nothing' Frank answered sitting down 'I was just saying goodbye'
'And you're marrying this...this man' Bob asked Jamia in disbelief.
'Yes' she said hanging her head. 'I am'
'He shouldn't be married he should be studied' Alicia laughed then ducked quickly as Frankie threw a sachet of sugar at her.
'Is everything okay over here?' a waitress asked eyeing Frank who was now pouring a sachet of sugar onto the table.
'YES' He said loudly not looking up at her as she glared at him with a look of distaste.
'He has special needs' Mikey said smiling sweetly.
Gerard walked hand in hand with Cheyenne as she talked animatedly and he listened with half and ear, it wasn't that he was being rude it was just that his mind was focused on the uneasy feeling in his chest and stomach. He hadn't even noticed that they had approached her gateway and stopped walking.
'You haven't heard a word I said have you?' Cheyenne said turning and smiling at the vacant look on his face.
'I heard parts of it' he confessed sheepishly suddenly aware of how long they had left together 'I'm sorry it's just I've got this unsettling feeling right here' he said raising her hand an placing it on his chest.
'Me too' she said unsure if she should embrace him or not after all they were in a very public place. 'It won't last long' she assured him 'once you're up on that stage and you're the phenomenal showman we both know you can be you won't even feel it.'
'I will, I'll feel it everyday till we both come back.' He said looking around for any sign of a camera, luckily he didn't see any.
'The time will fly I promise you' she said 'It's only a couple of days'
'Yeah but it feels like a lot longer' he said stroking the back of her hand with his thumb.
'But we'll talk and text and email and I'll even send you a message in a bottle how about that?' she said managing to get a smile from him.
'That sounds good' he said cheering up slightly 'Well you better get going before you miss your flight or I fall to the floor and cling to your legs.' Cheyenne laughed and pulled him close to her, fuck the cameras if there were any she was going to say a proper goodbye to her man. Gerard leaned in and kissed her like he had done countless times before, but this time was different they were going to be apart, this was the last kiss for how ever many days and so it was that much sweeter.
'Bye' he said releasing her
'Call me as soon as you land' Cheyenne said feeling an overwhelming sadness flow though her. Gerard watched her walk towards the gate and exchanged words with the attendant, he tried to lip read what they were saying and before he knew what was happening Cheyenne ran back to him and threw herself into his arms.
'What are you doing?' he laughed against her lips as she kissed him.
'I forgot to say something' she said
'I know I love you too' he said before she spoke
'No silly it's not that' she replied stepping back so she could look into his eyes 'I wanted to say that I've decided that I would like to live in New Jersey with you...if you still want to'
'Are you serious?' He asked, all of sudden it felt as though they were the only two people in the airport. He searched her eyes for any sign of a lie or some kind of uncertainty but there was none. 'Fuck yeah I want to' he said pulling her close again and savouring the joyous feeling that swept through him 'fuck I'm so happy'
'Good but Gee I really have to go now' she giggled under his tight hold
'Shit yeah okay' he said reluctantly releasing her, he kissed her once more and she legged it to the gate and disappeared.
When Gerard eventually got back to the others he was grinning like the Cheshire cat and despite the strange look he got from his friends the smile didn't vanish. He was still grinning when he said goodbye to Jamia and Alicia and when he boarded the plane.
'Ok dude what gives?' Mikey asked sitting next to him and shuffling in his seat to get comfortable.
'She said yes' Gerard said grinning wider if that was even possible.
'What was the question?' Mikey asked fiddling with his ipod Gerard didn't answer he just patiently watched his brother and then nodded slowly as recollection set in.
'Oh man that's fucking great' Mikey said loudly bouncing in his chair
'Shhh no one else knows ' Gerard said hushing him
'Sorry, I'm so happy this is great news' Mikey whispered 'I promise to be quiet'
'Thanks' Gerard said closing his eyes and resting his head on the back of the chair he was exhausted but happy.
Unknown to them Bob wasn't sleeping or listening to music, as the earphones in ear would make you think, he had heard every word from his seat right behind them and if the answer is yes, it doesn't take a genius to work out the fucking question. There was no way Gerard and Cheyenne were getting married no fucking way, he wasn't about to let Cheyenne ruin her life.
'For the love of God stop checking your phone it hasn't rung' Lyn said tossing a cushion at the melancholy figure that used to be Amber.
'Sorry can't help it' Amber grinned 'Bob said he's call.'
'Give them a chance to get there' Lyn laughed at her friends impatience.
'It's just he so cute but manly' Amber recalled grinning broadly and then blushed.
'I'm sure he is' Lyn said not seeing the attraction herself but then she hasn't seen Bob for a long time maybe he's improved.
'Sorry I'm just excited, I haven't felt this way in along time.' Amber replied sinking into the chair. Lyn smiled, she recognised that feeling and was glad it was happening to Amber it's been along time since she'd seen Amber like this. 'Why didn't you go and see them off?' she asked.
'No I couldn't it would have been awkward' Amber confessed 'we're not exactly you know a couple.'
'Aw young love' Lyn teased 'Speaking of, did Gerard take his mid-life crisis with him?'
'No' Amber smirked involuntarily 'Cheyenne has gone home to Chicago'
'So he's alone' Lyn said more to herself then to Amber.
'Well there still together...' Lyn zoned out till Ambers voice was but a whir in the background of her thoughts, maybe now was the time to get the wheels in motion and get Gerard back. After all Cheyenne's not around and he'll be lonely, maybe he'll need someone to talk to, so why not an old friend.
'Did you hear what I said' Amber demanded noticing the vacant look in her eye.
'Yes' Lyn said 'you said and I quote "well there still together and she's great for him" and then you said "I can't wait for Bob to call, but I'm really hungry let's go get some food.'
'I thought you zoned out' Amber said 'Sorry'. Lyn just smiled, zoning out was an art of hers, she could think whatever she wanted and still listen to every conversation going on around her, she learnt to do it when she was with Gerard, he'd talk constantly about his band that he was going to start that would change the world and she's nod dutifully all the while thinking of other things. The funny thing was he was actually right his band was amazing and so was he. She couldn't wait to get him back in her arms they fit so well together, they were meant to be. She often thought of their love making the rough yet sensual way he touched her and the sound of his moans and the feel of him, she smiled to herself as she thought those old memories would soon be a new reality, Gerard was hers and she was going to get him back.
Gerard opened his suitcase up as soon as he reached his hotel room, he had seen Cheyenne messing about with it before they left and he wandered what she slipped in there. The whole plane ride he thought about their goodbye and her agreement to live with him, he smiled continuously he just couldn't help it but in the back of his mind he wandered if she had been genuine, what if she said because she was leaving and she wanted to make him happy before they split? He carefully took out the clothes that Cheyenne had so neatly folded and there amongst his boxers and t-shirts was an envelope. He sat on the bed and took the letter out and begun to read.

To Gerard (the man I love)

I don't actually know why I'm writing this letter since I can speak these words to you anytime I want, but somehow it feels better writing them down because I know you can read them over and over and know I meant them. Right now you're fast asleep and snoring I might add, but I don't mind I'm just glad you're next to me.
I've never fallen for someone so fast in my entire life, which I know hasn't been that long but I'm still in awe thinking about the feelings you stir within me and the way I feel about you. It's so strange even though your beside I feel like your miles away and yes I am tempted to wake you up just so I can be with you but I won't because you look so cute sleeping (like a blonde angel, but you and I know the truth).
I hope the last two weeks have been as mind-blowing for you as they have for me and I can't wait to see you again and to hold you in my arms.
I hope you find some comfort in my words and the emotion behind them.
Gerard I love you so much and I don't think anything could ever change that.

All my love

Ps. I didn't just say it to make you happy, I meant it. I really do want to live with you in New Jersey I know you doubted me for a second and that's okay, when you get back we'll talk about it. Enjoy yourself and please your fans xxx

Gerard finished reading and fell back onto the bed his heart soaring with contentment. God he was in love, he was in love and to think he was so sure he'd never feel this way again after splitting with Lyn, but here he was in love again with a woman who was twice what Lyn was. What did he do to deserve her? He sat up and placed the letter careful back into the suitcase for safekeeping. Tonight when he got the chance he'd write back and tell her exactly how she made him feel, if he could write a song how hard could a letter be?
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