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Chapter 19

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Let the lies begin

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Sorry for the late update I know I always say that and it's only just occured to me to explain why. I can only write at work cause my brother is selfish with his PC so the only time I can write is while I'm working so I have to do both at the same time. But the story's gonna heat up real soon I promise so I'm gonna try and update quciker I hope cause I'm excited. Thanks for the lovely rating and reviews

Cheyenne walked into her apartment and smiled at her belongings, they were exactly as she left them, thank God. She rolled her suitcase down the hall and straight into the bedroom, no point leaving it till later she might as well unpack now. Her phone flashed with messages and as she started to unpack she listened to each one. Thankfully nothing tragic happened while she was in New Jersey and the messages were just from her close friends Farrah and Jude and one from her boss reminding her of when she should return to work, which would be tomorrow.
On the plane ride home she thought of a gift for Gee, it was just a case of finding it and posting it to him wherever he will be next. Half and hour later she was walking in her neighbourhood with the intention of running some errands, it felt so good being on familiar territory again.
Two hours later Cheyenne returned home and collapsed on her bed as thoughts of Gerard swam through her mind, she missed him terribly and she wandered if he felt the same, she closed her eyes for just a second and without meaning to she fell asleep.
'Can you hear that crowd?' Mikey said from the dressing room as they waited for their cue he was both nervous and excited and it showed.
'I'm itching to get out there' Frankie said watching Bob energetically complete his ritual jumping jacks. ' I wanna play'
'Me too' Ray chimed in as he tugged at his uniform 'I wanna know what they'll think of our new stuff'
'I just wanna bang my drums' Bob said doing another jumping jack
'And Amber' Frankie laughed
'Shut up' Bob said his face burning red but the others didn't notice since it was already red from the exercise.
Gerard listened quietly as the others talked about playing the new material and he couldn't help but feel proud, it wasn't long ago that they doubted that they'd even have a new album due to Mikey's breakdown but they surpassed that now and here they were, in the UK ready to showcase what they had.
'Earth to Gerard' Frankie screamed right in Gerard's ear.
'What is it Frodo?' Gerard said rubbing his ear.
'We're going on soon we have to high-five' Frank said grinning at the discomfort he caused Gerard.
'Stop smiling, you always hurt me' Gerard complained walking over to the others who had formed a semi-circle with out them.
'Just wait till we get on stage' Frank whispered in his ear 'I'm going to accidentally on purpose fall on you and Bob'
'You can't do that' Gerard whispered back 'we are The Black Parade, injuries are only associated with My Chemical Romance so there'
'Damn! Your right I'll just wait till tonight then' Frank said smiling sweetly.
'Bring it on' Gerard challenged.
'Ok let's do this' Ray said. Once Gerard and Frank we're in place completing the circle Ray first slapped Mikey a high-five and made his way around the group, then it was Frank's turn and so on and so forth, this was a habit of theirs and once the ritual was complete they were ready to go.
'Ohhh I'm so ready' Bob said rubbing his hands together eagerly he was the last to high-five everyone and now he was pumped. Frank was the first to leave he practically ran to the door and was followed by the others.
'Black Parade march on' Gerard said quietly to himself as he closed the dressing room door behind him.
'She's smiling in her sleep' Jude giggled stroking Cheyenne on her nose 'Wake up princess'
'Go away, I'm asleep' Cheyenne said rolling over on her side and colliding with another body. She opened her eyes to find Farrah stretched out across her bed.
'Wake up' Jude screamed jumping on the bed.
'Stop that my bed is new' Cheyenne smiled even though she was complaining. 'How have you losers been anyway?'
'Lonely with out you' Farrah confessed 'we missed you'
'I was only gone two weeks' Cheyenne said sitting up 'so come on what's new with you guys.'
'Well Jack and I are together.' Jude announced proudly
'Wow that's great' Cheyenne said slapping an instant smile on her face, even though she felt like shaking Jude until her brains fell out. Jack and Jude had been breaking up and making up for the last six months and it was driving Cheyenne insane because the minute she began to like Jack again, he break up with Jude and Cheyenne would have to hate him, it was emotionally draining to say the least.
'But this time it's for good, look' said Jude displaying a small diamond ring on her left index finger.
'No fucking way' Cheyenne squealed grabbing Jude's hand and nearly ripping her arm out of her socket 'OMG Farrah do you see this?'
'Yep' Farrah replied 'I've seen it about a hundred times.'
'I can't believe this, well congratulations' Cheyenne said enveloping her friend in a tight hug.
'Thanks' Jude said smiling proudly. 'Well enough about me how was Jersey, how's Bob and the band?'
'Jersey was fun, Bob is great as is the band'
'Is that all oh boo hoo, I thought you would bring home some exciting news' Farrah said
'Like what Ra Rah?' Cheyenne said using the beloved nickname
'Like I don't know that you met someone or you had a one night stand or you got off with some guy at a party who turned out to be Synyster Gates or Jared Letto.'
'Or that Bob bought you a mansion and you want us to live with you' Jude chimed in admiring her ring.
'Well sorry to disappoint, I didn't meet anyone, have a one night stand or get off with anyone.' Cheyenne lied 'And I didn't get a mansion from Bob'
'You suck' Farrah complained 'You were with one of the best bands on the planet for two weeks and you have nothing to show for it.'
'Really sorry' Cheyenne apologised grinning, the urge to boast about her and Gee was overwhelming but she kept her mouth shut, well she would for now after all if she was moving to Jersey she'd have to tell the girls about Gerard eventually.
The crowd had been amazing so far, Gerard looked out at the mass of screaming fans that filled the stadium each one throwing their energy at him giving him the will to go on even though he was tired and is lungs burned from each note he sung. Wiping sweat from his brow he looked over at Mikey who was strumming away and Frank who was energetically throwing his whole body into his performance, he didn't need to look at Ray or Bob he could hear exactly how much they were putting in.
'I MEAN IT I'M OKAY' Gerard screamed then held the mic to the crowd just in time for them to scream back 'TRUST ME'
'I'M NOOOOT OOO-KAY, I'M NOT OKAY, WELL I'M NOT OKAY I'M NOT O-FUCKIN-KAY....; He sang as he raced across the stage as the fans screamed the lyrics back, he dodged Frank who swung round wildly completely oblivious of Gerard's presence on his side of the stage.
'I'M NOT OKAY-YAYYYY KAY-YAYY-AAAY!!!' He screamed as Bob drummed the last note.

'That was awesome' Mikey said once they were all hydrated and relaxed in their dressing room.
'Oh man I can't even explain how that was' Gerard grinned pacing away the energy that still coursed through him 'When we played Welcome to the Black Parade I was so nervous but they fucking loved it, they loved it man' he said squeezing Bob's shoulder.
'I know' Bob chimed in exhaling smoke 'I was nervous but they were mad into it.'
'Dude I nearly smacked you in the face' Frank laughed pointing at Gerard and laughing
'I know you did you asshole, imagine if you did, I would've been knocked out'
'Then you really would've been the patient, we have to wheel your ass out on a stretcher' Ray said making them all laugh. 'But man am I wiped, I wanna bathe and sleep'
'Don't forget eat' Frankie said patting his stomach 'Must find food'
'I just wanna call my fiancée and go to bed' Mikey said rubbing his eyes, he did that a lot since he had his surgery.
'To the hotel' Bob ordered standing up, he too wanted to eat and makes some calls.
'To the hotel' the others repeated gathering their things.
At first he was okay but now Bob was mad, he wasn't mad before but he was mad now, ok no he wasn't mad he was annoyed that's what it was. It was funny because a few hours ago he was on top of the world, he had played to a sold out stadium but now his high was over and he was irritated. He paced the hotel room alone, he was sharing with Frank who had disappeared somewhere no doubt into Mikey and Ray's room to annoy them or ask for something he had forgotten. It was in his solitude that he remembered the conversation he overheard on the plane, how dare Gerard ask Cheyenne to marry him? What kind of shit was that? Hasn't Gerard ever heard of asking for permission first? This relationship was moving way too fast if marriage was only round the corner what was next children? He shook his head and dialled Amber's number he needed someone to talk to he was going to tell her everything maybe she'd make him feel better.
'See you guys tomorrow' Cheyenne called out as Jude and Farrah drove away. They had been out to eat and Cheyenne insisted they leave the restaurant before they all got too merry, plus she had to get ready for work. Closing and locking the door behind her and she made her way to the bathroom to run herself a nice hot bath, she was going to pamper herself tonight before returning to work tomorrow. She walked into her room and pottered about laying her nightdress and moisturiser on her bed. She undressed and grabbed her cell phone and headed for her running bubble bath. She thought about calling Gerard but decided against it after all it was around 8.00pm her time which meant it was 2.00am for him, she didn't want to wake him up. She decided that if he didn't call her tonight she'd call him tomorrow.
'Finally you've been on the phone for ages' Lyn complained once Amber had comeback into the living room.
'Sorry Bob had a few things on his mind'
'Such as?'
'Just band worries and Cheyenne' Amber said settling herself in the sofa.
'What's the matter with the band?' Lyn asked suddenly interested in hearing all about her conversation.
'Oh nothing, Bob just had general worries like the tour and such' Amber answered
'And what's the matter with Cheyenne is she ill or something?' Lyn said trying to sound as concerned as possible, the truth was she needed to know all about Gerard's Mid-life crisis.
'No she's not ill, Bob's just concerned about her and Gee's relationship, he's very protective of her you know, he just wants her to be happy and he doesn't want her to get hurt.'
'Why would she get hurt? Gerard's a nice guy he'll treat her well, I take it Bob's not okay with them' Lyn said nonchalantly.
'No not really, he's finding it hard to get used to them but Cheyenne thinks everything's okay.' Amber recounted, Lyn nodded in understanding this was good she was getting what she needed.
'So he lied to Cheyenne, does that means things between him and Gerard are strained' She asked.
'Well at first they were but they're okay now' Amber said, she wasn't about to tell Lyn that Bob was mad at Gee for proposing to Cheyenne, that she'd keep to herself.
Lyn could sense that the conversation was coming to a close but the information she got was enough to go on. If she shut her mouth and listened she was sure she get enough info to get rid of Cheyenne it was just a case of playing them all against each other all the while getting close to Gerard. Boy was this going to be fun.
Gerard screwed up yet another piece of paper and tossed it in the trash can near his bed. He had been at this letter-writing thing for hours and yet he still couldn't find the words he wanted to tell Cheyenne how he felt. He knew how he felt, he loved her but for some reason he couldn't write it in a way that showed exactly what he meant. He glanced at the clock and saw that it was 4.00am now, he didn't realise the time at all it was late for him but still early for Cheyenne. Placing the pen and pad on the bedside table next to him he switched off the lamp light and decided to call her tomorrow, he missed her so much but he doubted he could stay awake another minute, if he called her there was a good chance that he would fall asleep and that wouldn't be good at all.
'Good Afternoon Mr Way'
'Good Morning sugar, how have you been?' Gerard asked, an instant smile spreading across his face the minute he heard Cheyenne voice
'Ummm happy and lonely'
'Happy because...'
'I'm home and I've caught up with my friends'
'And Lonely...'
'Because I miss my boyfriend he's a singer of this rock band and he's in the UK right now.'
'That sounds awful'
'It is he's so very far away'
'Well tell me his name and if I see him I'll let you know how much you miss him'
'His name is Ray Toro and he's amazing'
'Hey' Gerard said sounding hurt while Cheyenne giggled lightly
'Sorry I was just messing, how was yesterday?'
'Baby it was awesome, the crowd was amazing I was buzzing off their energy for ages even after we finished playing and they loved the new material too, I felt so alive Chey'
'Wow it sounds amazing I wish I could've been there. Are the others ok?
'Yeah everyone's great. I can't wait to see you again'
'Me neither it was weird sleeping without you last night, I woke up this morning expecting to be in your room back in Jersey I was sad to find out I was home.'
'Yeah I didn't have the greatest sleep last night either I missed holding you and listening to you snore'
'FYI I do not snore Gerard'
'Yeah sweetie you do it kinda sounds like a foghorn'
'Please tell me you're joking'
'You're right I am you don't really snore' he laughed 'I just wanted to tease you'
'You know what happens to naughty boys that tease people?'
'No what happens?'
'They get teased back'
'Oh really I like the sound of that' he said
'Do you? It won't feel so good though'
'I'm sure I can handle what ever you throw at me.'
'Lets put that to the test shall we?'
'Bring it on sugar'
'Ok from this minute forward you're on a sex ban'
'Oh no' he said sarcastically 'How hard can that be I'm not having sex with anyone but you'
'That means no masturbation'
'I don't masturbate anyway' he lied
'Gerard I caught you'
'OMG that was one time let it go'
'Twice actually, bottom line is no sex at all'
'Whatever, I can do this it's soo easy'
'We'll see, I gotta go baby work beckons'
'I'll call you later, what time?
'Any even if it's late'
'I love you'
'Love you too, don't forget no bashing the bishop'
'Promise' he said about to hang up
'wait Gee'
'I'm sending something to the hotel in Glasgow
'I won't be there till the day after tomorrow'
'I know it will be waiting for you, bye'
Gerard hung up and went in search of the others wandering what Cheyenne had sent him, he loved surprises but he loved this little sex ban challenge even more. He took a deep satisfying breath as he walked through the lobby he couldn't wait to see her again, man was she refreshing.
Lyn dialled then hung up and then dialled again. She had been doing that for the last half an hour deciding whether or not to call Gerard. She knew what she had to do to get the ball rolling but it still made her nervous, his voice still made her knees weak. The thought of him being with Cheyenne cut so deeply, every time she thought about them together a fresh wave of pain flowed through her. She knew she messed up when she had him, she wasn't the girlfriend she knew she could be, she wasn't what he needed, but she was ready to step up now. She wanted him back and she'd get him eventually.
The next two days flew by, between talking to Cheyenne and performing each night Gerard was tired but happy. Earlier the hotel staff had informed him that he had a package waiting, he thought their Glaswegian accents were so weird but he like them.
It wasn't long ago that they had finished performing at the Glasgow Barrowland Ballroom and he was still buzzing from the performance. He looked at the A4 envelope in front of him and wondered if it was a letter or something. He rested against his pillow and opened the envelope pulling out the contents and tossing the envelope aside.
'Holy shit' he laughed his eyes scanning the papers in his hand, reaching for his cell he dialled Cheyenne's number.
'I was just thinking about you' she answered brightly
'You are very naughty Cheyenne Bryar'
'Am I?'
'I just got your photo's when did you take these?'
'A while ago actually I thought I'd send you them I can be your pin up girl'
'These are so hot' he said spreading the four photos on the bed 'why did you take these?'
'They were for an ex-boyfriend'
'Are you serious?' Gerard asked screwing his face up
'No, they were for Jude's fashion class or something, she asked me and Farrah to model her creations.'
'Jude and Farrah?'
'Best friends you'll meet them one day
'Do any of you have normal names?'
'I never thought our names were abnormal'/Cheyenne laughed 'anyway the pics are all yours'/
'Thanks I'll treasure them, you know your voice and these pics are turning me on'
'I was hoping you'd say that, I was wandering if you wanted to try something different'
'Different like what' Gerard asked knowing fully well what she really meant
'I think you know what I mean'
'You wanna have phone sex' he asked uncertainly
'Why, don't you? Don't you wanna hear me moan your name, don't you wanna hear me climax'
'Yes I do' he said feeling the blood rushing to his penis.
'So relax, get comfortable' Cheyenne breathed sexily/ 'and get ready for the biggest disappointment ever.'/
'Disappointment?' Gerard asked
'Yep you Mr are on a sex ban remember, no nookie till you get home'
'Oh you tease' Gerard said listening to Cheyenne laughing her ass off 'Baby that's not funny'
'Yeah it is'
'You are so dead, gimmie a second I got another call'
He put Cheyenne on hold, and she paced the room smiling to herself till he came back on the line.
'Honey I gotta go, but I'll call you later'
'Oh okay, who is it?'
'It's Brian he wants to talk about band stuff, but I'll call you back right after, don't go to sleep'
'I wouldn't dream of it' Cheyenne said hanging up.

Once Cheyenne hung up he was immediately reconnected with the other caller.
'I'm so sorry to call you like this it's just I had no one else to turn to'
'It's okay Lyn just calm down okay'
'I'm sorry Gerard' she sniffed/ 'I just need someone to talk to'/
'Shhh don't cry' he said feeling uncomfortable and helpless all at the same time.
'I feel so lonely and sad, I have no one I pushed them all away I'm so stupid.'
'You're not stupid Lyn' he said, he knew exactly how she felt and it was breaking his heart to hear her crying. 'And you're not alone, there are a lot of people who care about you.'
'Yeah like who?'
'Well all the people at your support group for a start, they care you're all in the same boat right'
'Yeah I guess'
'And Amber too'
'No Amber has Bob now' she sniffed 'she's not to fussed with me right now'
'That doesn't mean she doesn't care about you. How about I take Ambers place?' he said
'You can't do that' Lyn giggled
'Who says?' he replied smiling as she laughed 'I'm the new Amber and I'm all yours'
'That makes me feel better' Lyn said sniffing again even though she had the biggest grin on her face.
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