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Chapter 20

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Gerard feels guilty, Lyn is happy and Amber's confused

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'Wow you look like shit' Bob said to Gerard as he piled into the rented car that was taking them to their next venue.
'Thanks man' Gerard replied as he settled himself into the semi-comfy seats
'Well that will teach you to spend all night talking on the phone to Cheyenne' Bob said much like a parent would to their teenager.

Gerard didn't even attempt to reply to Bob's comment he didn't trust his voice this early in the morning especially when he hadn't spent the night talking to Cheyenne like he should have, Lyn had occupied his time and voice last night all the way into the early morning and he had forgotten all about Cheyenne. He felt awful, he hadn't meant to stay so long talking to Lyn he was meant to cheer her up and that was all but the more she talked the more interesting the conversation was and before he knew it they were strolling down memory lane. He watched the time as it flew by, he knew he should've hung up but he was so engrossed in the conversation that he didn't actually want to leave and all the while Cheyenne was waiting for his call, that's what hurt him the most knowing she was waiting for him and he was talking to his ex. He wanted to call her the second he rang off from Lyn but he didn't want to risk waking her. What made the whole situation so much worse was that he had lied to Cheyenne to talk to Lyn, now he was tired and had that awful guilty feeling in the pit of his stomach.

'What's up man?' Ray said noticing the vacant look in Gerard's eyes
'Oh nothing' Gerard lied 'I was just thinking'
'About Cheyenne no doubt' Ray smirked, Gerard half-heartedly smiled the turned his attention to the scenery outside of his window, he didn't feel like talking to anyone right now.
Lyn woke up the next morning feeling extremely satisfied and why shouldn't she, last night she opened the door into Gerard's life and all she had to do now was step inside.
Throwing off the covers she stepped onto her carpet floor and let out a giddy laugh as she caught her reflection in her full-length mirror, man was she good at what she did. She wasn't about to celebrate just yet she still had a long way to go before things fell completely in her favour, she still had to win over the girls and the band. She knew the girls wouldn't be too hard but the guys were another story altogether but the most important person she had to win over was Donna.
Cheyenne was just about to eat her breakfast when her phone vibrated she knew it was Gerard before she even looked at the screen. She had waited up for him as long as she could but sleep got the better of her.

Mr Way: Hey hun I'm really sorry bout last night Brian talked for ages and then I was so exhausted I fell asleep. I'll make it up to you

Miss Bryar: There's no need and don't apologise it's fine but tell Brian I said to send emails in the future. How are you, did you sleep well? I did but that's coz I was wearing your t-shit

Mr Way: Lol I'll suggest that to him. I'm fine but I didn't sleep that well I missed you a lot last night if you know what I mean, it's those damn pictures you sent. What t-shirt?

Miss Bryar: Oh yeah I grabbed one of your t-shirts before I left I hope you don't mind. I missed you too last night actually every night since you left but I'll see you on Saturday. I can't wait.

Mr Way: I don't remember saying you can take one of my t-shirts you better wash it before you bring it back, I don't want your girly scent on it. Oh! I have to wait till Saturday to see you that's ages away.

Miss Bryar: What's mine is your honey I don't need permission to ask to borrow your clothes and I'm keeping the t-shirt so ha. If you can't wait to see me then come visit me in Chicago we can spend the weekend together. Argh! look your making me late for work go away.

Mr Way: Lol fine I'll go away but you'll miss me. I call you later and this time I won't fall asleep. Love you lots

Miss Bryar: I miss you already. Love you too.

Gerard slid his phone back into his pocket and smiled he felt a hundred times better.
'Oh look Gerard's back' Frank said noticing the smile on his band mates face.
'I never left' Gerard replied
'Sure you didn't so what's put that little smile on your face?' Frank asked.
'Nothing really I just feel happy' Gerard answered.
'That means you were texting dirty words to Cheyenne'
'No actually they were to your Mom'
'Take that back' Frank said jumping on Gerard and making his knees buckle, they both fell to the floor arms fraying wildly as they both tried to gain control.
'Ha I'm winning' Gerard said gaining the upper hand on Frank who was flat out on the floor
'Get off me' Frank laughed struggling underneath Gerard's weight.
'Just so you know your Mom aint all that' Gerard teased ruffling his hair.
'Oh no you didn't' Frank said biting Gerard's wrist catching him by surprise, he quickly flipped him and straddled him.
'Don't have that Gee' Mikey said from the couch he was laughing as he watched the two wrestle like children on the floor.
'Who's winning now biatch' Frank laughed
'Yeah kick his ass Frank' Ray joined in
'Ray' Gerard said looking at him from his position under Frankie
'My bad, Gerard Gerard he's our man if he can't do it no one can' Ray cheered.
'I'm with you Frank knock him out' Bob laughed. They continued their male bonding for another couple of minutes till Mikey mentioned the time.
'We gotta go to sound check' he said standing up and walking past Frank and Gerard who were panting.
'Man we have got to quit smoking' Frank said help Gerard stand
'New year' Gerard said 'Maybe'
Amber sat up straight and couldn't quite believe what she was hearing if she was hearing it right.
'You spent last night on the phone talking to Gerard' she asked again
'Yes how many times are you gonna repeat it' Lyn laughed
'To Gerard, Gerard Way' Amber said
'YES Amber is it so hard to believe'
'Well yeah kind of.'
'It felt so right I miss talking to him into the early hours ' Lyn sighed
'What did you talk about?' Amber asked
'We just talked about the past and stuff that's all, we walked hand in hand down memory lane.'
'You didn't happen to stroll into Present Street because then you'd have noticed Cheyenne sitting on a bench holding a sign with Gerard's name on it' Amber said matter-of-factly.
'Actually we didn't in fact I have a feeling Gerard forgot all about Cheyenne last night.' Lyn said truthfully
'Lyn why are you doing this? Why are you trying to get back with Gee?' Amber asked.
'Because I love him and I want him back'
'He has someone why don't you leave them alone.'
'I can't I want him back so badly, we're meant to be together I know it, what's it to you anyway?' Lyn said suddenly.
'I just don't wanna see anyone get hurt' Amber said tugging gently at her hair.
'Don't worry you won't the only person that will get hurt a little is Cheyenne and she doesn't live around here so no worries.' Lyn said smiling.
'Lyn' Amber exclaimed 'That's not nice'
'Ok sorry that was a bit mean' she admitted though she wasn't sorry at all 'but Cheyenne's young she's got plenty of time to find another guy, Gerard isn't the one for her.'
Cheyenne was listening to Gerard talking animatedly about the show that they had done earlier she could tell he was still hyped because the whole conversation was in one sentence he hadn't pause for a breath once. She loved the way he talked with so much passion she wished she could feel what he felt when he was on the stage just so she could know what it was like to feel that good.
'You have to come out and watch me one night'
'I promise as soon as we get settled in our new house I'll come to every show'
'I like the sound of that our house, our house our house'
'I want a two bedroom house nice and small with a dog' Cheyenne siad picturing their first home.
'Two bedroom, I want three and two dogs'
'Why do we need three bedrooms?'
'Well the third room is for me so I can song write and stuff it will be like a den, that's okay right?'
'Sure it is I guess that makes sense, a little room for yourself I don't see why not, but the second dog is definitely a no.'
'Why if we get one dog it'll be lonely'
'If we get two I'll have to walk them both when your not here, I don't wanna walk two dogs.' she stated.
'We'll discuss it in detail when I come visit you in Chicago.'
'No we won't I've put my foot down'
'You can't do that only the man can put his foot down and I'm the man I wear the pants'
'Yeah but I take them off' Cheyenne said seductively
'Yeah you do' He laughed 'Listen Chey I'm just wanna say I'm sorry again for last night.
'Why do you keep apologising for that?' she asked, this was the third time now since this morning's text conversation.
'I don't know I just feel like I should'
'You don't have to. It was Brian you talked to last wasn't it?'
'Yes' Gerard said cringing as he lied.
'And it was about your career right?'
'Then don't worry about it, it's fine really'
'Ok I won't apologise again'

They continued talking but Cheyenne's mind strayed and she began to think that Gerard wasn't being honest with her, maybe he was just being sincere and she was being paranoid still she couldn't shake the feeling that something wasn't right with him.
What am I supposed to do?' That was what Amber had been asking her self since she left Lyn's earlier that evening and yet she hadn't come up with an answer. She couldn't believe what Lyn was doing she man stealing or trying to and so far it seemed to be working, but in all fairness Gerard was hers first right?
She sighed inwardly what was she supposed to do? She didn't want to see Cheyenne get hurt it was so obvious that she was in love with Gee but she's only young what's was she doing with a man Gee's age anyway. Maybe she should tell Bob about this, Cheyenne is his cousin he'd never want her to get hurt, but then again what if he used Lyn as an excuse to wedge Cheyenne and Gerard apart after all he told her he wasn't okay with them, then if they broke up it would be her fault. But what if Gerard gets back with Lyn poor Cheyenne would be heartbroken and she'd feel so guilty because she knew all along what was going on. What if Bob beats up Gerard and leaves the band, there will be no more My Chemical Romance. Maybe Lyn was lying maybe she's delusional and hadn't spoken to Gerard at all. There were so many 'what if's' her head was spinning.
Amber are you there? Bob's voice sounded down her cell phone that was clutched to her ear.
'Yeah I'm sorry I zoned out for a second'
'Am I that boring?' Bob half-joked
'No you're not boring far from it actually, I just got a lot on my mind that's all'
'Care to share'
'No it's nothing really' she said smiling at his concern
'Well if you change your mind I'm here'
'I know thanks Bob'
'Look I gotta go get some sleep I don't wanna end up like Gerard'
'Yeah he spent all night last night on the phone to Cheyenne he looked like hell this morning.'
'Did he really well that will teach him' Amber said biting her lip so she wouldn't blurt out what she knew about Lyn and Gerard. 'Goodnight Bob'
'Sweet dreams hun...I mean Amber'
'Sweet dreams ' Amber giggled softly as she hung up.

That night after tossing and turning continuously Amber decided to keep her mouth shut about what she knew, after all problems like this usually work themselves out don't they?
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