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Chapter 21

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The guys head home to Jersey and Gerard heads to Chicago to surprise Cheyenne.

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'So I'll see you Monday sometime' Gerard said hugging Mikey.
'Ok man have fun in Chicago' Mikey replied smiling at his older brother. They had finally finished their last show in the UK and the guys were more then happy to head home, Gerard was supposed to be joining them but decided last minute to catch a flight to Chicago and surprise Cheyenne instead of waiting till Saturday. He missed her so much and the thought of having to wait another two days to see her just seemed too much and he luckily managed to book a flight to Illinois.
'Well I'll see you guys soon' Gerard said picking up his hand luggage and flashing his best friends a smile. 'Don't miss me too much'
'Alright man, take care' Ray said as they left for their gateway leaving Gerard behind.
'Ok now don't freak out when I tell you this' Cheyenne said sitting on her couch facing Jude and Farrah who were staring at her eagerly 'and you cannot tell a soul'
'We won't' Farrah said flapping her arms impatiently in a bid to speed up the news.
'We promise' Jude added nodding her head sombrely.
Cheyenne paused slightly wandering if it was a good idea to tell them right now after all Gerard wouldn't be there till Saturday she could put off telling them for another couple of days. But what was the point she had to tell them sooner or later she just hoped they wouldn't get mad at the fact she was leaving.
'Spit it out woman' Farrah demanded folding her arms.
'Ok' Cheyenne said inhaling a deep breath 'when I was in New Jersey I did get with someone'
'OMG I knew it, who is he?' Jude gasped excitedly
'Is he famous?' Farrah jumped in.
'Yes he is' Cheyenne replied trying not to smile.
'No' Jude breathed.
'Yes and that's why we need to be discreet' Cheyenne added on the end looking both girls in their faces.
'Who is it?' Farrah asked
'Gerard' Cheyenne answered quickly
'No' Jude repeated.
'No way shut up' Jude said 'shut up.'
'It's true we're together and we're gonna move in together' Cheyenne informed them.
'Here to Chicago right?' Farrah asked
'Yes' Jude said nodding
'No to New Jersey' Cheyenne replied wincing at the expressions on their faces.
'OMG You can't do that, you can't leave me with her' Farrah exclaimed
'Oh thanks' Jude replied throwing a look of distaste at her best friend.
'Sorry you know what I mean' Farrah apologised
'But you can't move, oh how did this happen' Jude asked trying to control herself she suddenly felt very agitated. 'Start talking Missy and don't you dare leave anything out.'
As soon as Gerard settled himself in his seat his phone vibrated, he knew he wasn't supposed to have it on while he was on the plane but he forgot to switch it off and he was glad as it was a message from Cheyenne.

Miss Bryar: Just wanted to ask if you kept the bullet proof jacket you wore for photo shoots during your revenge days.

Mr Way: Err no why?

Miss Bryar: No reason I told my friends about our plans and they wanna kill you, no biggy.

Mr Way: lol no biggy yeah getting shot isn't a big deal at all, oh well I'll just have to face the firing squad without it.

Miss Bryar: Lol I'm sure they'll like you when they meet you. Where are you now?

Mr Way: On my way home to New Jersey and missing you terribly

Miss Bryar: I miss you too you're not using your phone on the plane are you?

Mr Way: Yeah but if I wasn't we wouldn't be having this conversation, keep that in mind.

Miss Bryar: That's true, I'm going now before the plane crashes, call me when you land okay

Gerard switched the phone off and slid it back into his bag. He was about to zip it up when he had the urge to draw something, he opened the cover and the letter Cheyenne wrote him slid out. He scanned it quickly and realised that he never wrote her back. Tucking the letter into the back of the pad he opened a fresh page and began to write.
'...Is that what you're saying Mikey' Bob asked as calmly as he could, he wasn't angry he was anxious, if what Mikey had just spilled was true it meant that Cheyenne wasn't marrying Gerard after all.
'I'm not saying anything' Mikey said folding his arms and shaking his head, he couldn't believe he just spilled Gerard's news.
'Are Gerard and Cheyenne moving in together?' Bob said trying to control the urge to shake Mikey.
'I can't say'
'You already did I just need you to confirm it' Bob said, his voice was pleading now he desperately needed to know.
'Ok fine yes they are but you can't let them know you know, I promised Gerard I wouldn't say anything.' Mikey said it was his turn to plead.
'Why is it another secret?' Bob snorted relaxing back in his seat.
'No they just wanted to announce it properly' Mikey lied, he had no idea if it was a secret or not.
'Oh okay' Bob said 'I won't tell anyone I know'
'Good because Gee would be mad' Mikey said wincing as he imagined Gerard's angry/disappointed face.
'Don't worry I won't say anything' Bob said as relief flooded through him, they weren't getting married Cheyenne and Gerard weren't as dumb as they looked, thank God.
Gerard woke up a few minutes before the plane was due to land, he realised he was clutching the pad and pen in his hand. Sitting up he waited for his eyes to adjust before reading what he wrote, smiling to himself he closed the pad and placed it back in his bag it was the perfect letter for the perfect woman.

Thirty minutes later Gerard was wheeling his suitcase through the airport with the intention of finding a taxi and getting to his girl as soon as possible, but first he had to make a few pit stops.
'I take it your back in Jersey'
'Yep I am, my second home' Bob said settling himself in the sofa.
'So how was yesterday for you, tell me about the show'
'It was amazing, to tell you the truth my wrist kinda hurts but it's worth it. There's something about the last show that's always special, for some reason I play twice as hard on the last night of any tour.' He confessed
'How are the other's I bet they're glad to be home?'
'Yeah we're all excited about being home, well except Gerard whose in Chicago'
'He is? Aww he's visiting Chey how nice'
'Yeah I guess it is nice and get this turns out I got the wrong end of the stick' he said flicking absently through the tv channels
'About what?'
'About the marriage thing, Cheyenne said yes to moving in with Gerard not marriage'
'Oh that's a relief '
'Yeah it is, they can do what they want as long as they don't get married or have kids'
'I'm sure they're not at that stage yet' Amber laughed
'Anyway enough about them, I was actually calling to ask you out'
'You were?'
'Yeah tomorrow night if you're free' he said growing nervous as he waited for her reply
'I'll have to check my schedule, but I'm sure I can squeeze you in' she said and he could hear her giggle slightly
'Well let me know' Bob laughed 'I'll be waiting'
'Bye Bob'
'Later Amber' he said hanging up then spotting Ray who was grinning at him from the door.
'Later Amber' Ray said mimicking Bob's voice
'Oh fuck off man' Bob blushed
'Sorry man it's too hard not to tease you about Amber, you're just so cute when you're shy'
'Shouldn't you be somewhere?' Bob asked ignoring his comment.
'Yeah I should be, hey you'll have the house all to yourself why don't you invite someone over.'
'Maybe I'll invite your Mom'
'Fuck you' Ray said 'I'll see you later'
'Later man' Bob said raising his hand in a half wave. He heard the door close and relaxed completely he was alone and he couldn't be happier he liked being alone sometimes. He shifted slightly as his pocket vibrated he took out his phone and smiled at the message displayed.

Amber: Pick me up at 8:00pm

He smiled broadly and set his phone on the seat next to him, God he like her so much.
Gerard found Cheyenne's apartment with ease and he carried his suitcase and the large bouquet of flowers up the flight of stairs to the first floor. He wandered what her actual apartment looked like, if the hallway was anything to go by the apartments here would look really nice on the inside. He found number 6 and set his suitcase by his feet and took out his cell.

'I was just thinking about you' Cheyenne answered after a few rings.
'Really? I like hearing that.'
'Me too' she grinned 'so how is everyone, I can't hear them'
'They're fine and I'm not with them'
'Oh ventured off on you own have you?'
'Yeah actually I had something I had to take care of'
'Argh! Someone's at my door' Cheyenne said she heard a knock and got up making her way from her room to the front door hoping to get rid of whoever it was quickly.
'So are you glad to be home?' she asked Gerard as she neared the door.
'I'm not at home'
'Oh where are you?' Cheyenne asked opening the door and gasping in surprise.
'Right here' Gerard said hanging up his cell. Cheyenne smiled and threw herself into his arms not caring if the beautiful flowers got crushed underneath her. Her lips found his and she kissed him eagerly, hungrily even as the familiar sensation of butterflies engulfed her stomach.
'I can't believe you're here' she whispered 'I missed you so much'
'I know and that's why I couldn't wait till Saturday' he said kissing her again.
'I can hear you smiling Amber' Lyn said
'I'm sorry I can't help it, I like him so much'
'Well whoopee for you'
'Aww is Lyn feeling sad?'
'A little bit' she confessed
'What's up?
'I want a boyfriend' Lyn whined throwing herself back onto her bed.
'So go get one you and I both know you can a man in a heartbeat'
'I don't want just any boyfriend I want a particular one' she replied grinning as she thought of Gerard's face and the dark hair that framed it.
'You're not still going after Gerard are you?'
'I might be'
'Well here's a newsflash for you' Amber said smiling down the phone/'Cheyenne's moving to New Jersey and she and Gerard are moving in together'/
'Gerard pay attention to the tour' Cheyenne said as his hand inched up her thigh
'I'm paying attention to the tour guide' he said nuzzling her neck from behind. Cheyenne laughed and spun around to face him they had barely left each others arms since Gerard turned up on her doorstep twenty minutes ago.
'Do you want to see the rest of the apartment or not?' she asked trying to sound stern.
'Yes I do in fact I wanna see the bedroom right now' he said sliding his left hand under her t-shirt and stroking her breasts. Cheyenne moaned under his touch and leaned in to kiss his lips pressing herself against his hand. As they kissed Cheyenne guided them in to the bedroom, she fell onto the mattress pulling Gerard with her and kneeling between her he quickly threw of his t-shirt before helping her out of her top and bra, all he wanted to do was feel her skin against his and having her so close and not actually feeling it was agony. He undid her jeans and she raised her hips allowing him to remove them completely, he threw the jeans to the floor before running his hands over her hips and thighs. 'You are so beautiful' he said lowering himself so he could kiss her neck and feel her breast against his chest.
'I just remembered something' she said sliding out from under him and easing him onto his back she straddled him feeling his erection under her.
'What did you remember?' he asked taking in the perfect view that he had from beneath her, he loved the way her hair fell over her shoulders and brushed her breasts.
'You're on a sex ban until Saturday' she said kissing his lips 'and today is Thursday'
'I don't care about that' he said reaching up and stroking the tips of her hair that touched her breasts.
'But I do' she said rolling off of him, she loved to tease him 'no sex till Saturday'
'Cheyenne get back here' he said pointing to his lap.
'No' she giggled
'Well then I'll just have to come over there' he said, Cheyenne squealed and legged it as he jumped off the bed and chased her though the apartment.
Lyn swore loudly and dialled the number listening as the call rang and rang.
'Hey Mary it's Lyn'
'Well hello Lyn, how are you doing?'
'I'm doing great, thank you for asking' Lyn replied plastering a smile on her face so her voice sounded happy.
'And to what do I owe this pleasure'
'I was just wandering if you still needed volunteers for the church sale on Saturday?'
'Well yes we do we need all the help we can get'
'That's great because I'd love to help' Lyn said fighting the urge to grit her teeth.
'That's so wonderful of you to offer.'
'Well you've helped me so much with my 12 steps I don't see why I can't help you, it's not like I have anything special planned.'
'I'm so glad to hear that, you have no idea how proud I am of you Lyn.'
'I couldn't have done it without you Mary' Lyn said honestly
'That's sweet of you to say. Drop by the church around 11.00am on Saturday if you want to help'
'See you then' Lyn said hanging up. She threw her phone down next to her and cursed loudly, she hated volunteer work and she wasn't a fan of church either but she needed this for her plan to work. She needed to be at that church on Saturday and she had to make a big impression, after all it was Donna's church and she had to win her over.
Gerard's breath was ragged as he thrust inside Cheyenne, she had put up such a good fight that he ended up bending her over the kitchen table and taking her from behind. God he loved it like this spontaneous and rough it was exciting. He could her Cheyenne crying out beneath him and he sped up his rhythm feeling the sweet heat building within, he plunged inside her again and again and when he knew he was close he pulled out and turned her over. Cheyenne found herself on her back facing Gerard, she wrapped her legs around him as she came and then he did, gripping her hips roughly and moaning into her mouth as he emptied himself. Neither of them moved for a few minutes as they caught their breaths waiting for the sexual connection to break.
'Are you okay?' he asked as he slid out of her slowly
'Yes' she breathed 'I'm okay.'
Gerard pulled her up and kissed her gently on the lips, she kissed him back as he swiftly scooped her up in his arms.
'What are you doing?' she giggled nuzzling his neck
'Taking you to bed' he said walking towards the bedroom 'I wanna lay with you and talk'
'Talk about what?' she asked stroking his face.
'Our future' he said kicking the bedroom door closing it behind them.
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