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Chapter 22

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Bob and Amber's date is sabotaged, Lyn get's one step closer to her target and Gerard feels like he's missed out.

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So here's the next instalment, I just wanna say a huge THANK YOU!! to all the people that have read it, reviewed and rated. Enjoy xxx.

'What are you doing out of bed?' Gerard asked his voice still gruff as he hadn't properly woken up yet.
'I have to go to work' Cheyenne replied pulling a white jumper over her head and adjusting it over her torso. She crawled onto the bed and kissed his lips before resting her head on his chest.
'What time are you coming home?' He asked running his fingers through her uncombed hair.
'About two I have a half day today' she replied lifting her head to see his face, his eyes were closed and his mouth was slightly open.
'Don't have lunch' he said 'we can have it here together'
'Do you want me to bring something back with me?' she asked tracing her finger over his eyebrows.
'Nope I'm gonna make you something' he said opening his eyes for the first time to see the amused expression on her face.
'Ok' she said smiling 'sounds good' she kneeled up and climbed over him in an attempt to get off the bed when he grabbed her thigh, sat up and pulled her back onto the bed quickly manoeuvring himself so his body covered hers.
'I don't want you to go' he said looking down on her and breathing in the sweet smell of her body lotion and perfume on her skin.
'C'mon get up you're going to make me late' she giggled brushing his chin that could never grow a beard, which was good since she wasn't very fond of beards.
'I want to cuddle' he said falling onto of her and resting his head on her chest.
'Two minutes' she said wrapping one hand across his back and burying the other one in his blonde hair. Five minutes past and the ten minutes past and neither of them spoke but that was because Gerard had fallen asleep on top of her and she was so wrapped up in thinking about their future that she didn't notice he was snoring gently.
'Gerard' she whispered shaking him gently and pushing his body slightly 'honey wake up'
'Hmm' he grumbled rolling onto his side freeing her. She covered him over and quickly brushed her hair and smoothed down her clothes. She scribbled him a note and left closing the door gently behind her.
'Just a second' Amber called out as she made her way to her front door, she tied her robe around her and opened the door, then slammed it again.
'Good morning to you to' Bob said from the other side
'What are you doing here?' she cried leaning against the door
'I came over to see if you wanna go get an early lunch' he replied
'Are you out of your mind why would you do that?' she asked looking down aat her faded robe and severlt damaged slippers.
'I was hungry' Bob said honestly.
'Why didn't you call?'
'Cause I wanted to see you' he said
'Look at me I'm a mess' she cried running a hand through her tangled hair.
'Is that it' he laughed 'c'mon I don't care about that, I already like you'
'You do?'
'Yeah so open up' he said leaning on the door.
'Well don't say I did warn you' she said opening the door and then slamming it again.
'Shit Amber you nearly slammed my fingers in the door.' Bob cried.
'I'm sorry are you okay?' she asked feeling her face flush with embarrassment.
'Barely just open the door'
'ok here's what we're going to do, I'm gonna open the door a little then I'm gonna run to my room, you're gonna count to ten then you can come in okay.' she said
'Bob please' she replied whining slightly.
'Ok' he agreed rolling his eyes.
'Go' Amber said opening the door and legging it to her room. After about ten seconds she heard the front door close and Bob's footsteps as he headed to the living room.
'Give me ten minutes okay' she shouted to him as she undressed herself.
'Take your time' he shouted back.
'Well what do we have here' Gerard said out loud as he carefully searched through Cheyenne's wardrobe. He shifted through the hanging clothes that were organised into trousers, dresses and skirts. The wardrobe shelves to the left of him held stacks of t-shirts, sweaters and jumpers. Standing on tiptoe he managed to see onto the top shelf of her wardrobe which held various items that he guessed were personal or private since that's where he kept things of that nature. He continued to rummage through the things in her bedroom checking under the bed and in the draws for anything interesting after all the note she wrote said that he was permitted to nose through her things if he wanted and he wanted to so he did. Next he took to the living room, it was homey and comfortable everything was so clean and welcoming. He ran his finger over the mantle piece above the small fireplace as he looked at the pictures of her, Bob and two other girls who he imagined were Jude and Farrah, the only adult on the mantle piece was Bob's mother, and it occurred to him that Cheyenne's parents weren't up there, he thought that was odd and made a mental note to ask her later. Looking at the chrome clock on the wall he note that it was approaching mid-day and he needed to go get some food to make for lunch, Cheyenne would be home soon and he wanted to impress her with his new found cooking skills, he just hoped he wouldn't give her food poisoning.
'That was the longest ten minutes of my life' Bob joked once Amber was finally ready.
'Shut up I wasn't that long' she said picking up her door keys off the coffee table.
'Yeah cause forty minutes is the same as ten' he replied helping her into her jacket.
'Don't complain you wanted the pleasure of my company and now you have it' she retorted.
'Ok you got me there.' He said leading her to the door.

They decided to walk to a dinner that wasn't too far from Ambers house and she regaled Bob with stories of when she worked there one summer but was fired after three weeks for being the worst waitress in the world. Bob in turn told her about working as a sound technician for The Used and his job at Disney World.

You know we haven't stopped talking since we left the house' Bob told her over his stack of pancakes.
'I noticed that too, that's a good sign right'
'Well yeah we're both very entertaining people' he said lifting a forkful of pancake into his mouth not noticing a drop of syrup that landed on chin just below his lip. Bob noticed the amused expression on Amber's face and ate quickly 'What?' he asked.
'You err got a little syrup on your chin' she said
'I have, where?' he said picking a napkin up and wiping his mouth totally missing the syrup 'Did I get it?'
'No let me' Amber sighed smiling as she picked up her own napkin 'Come closer' she said leaning towards him, he did as he was told and his heart rate quickened when her soft hands touched his face and she wiped away the liquid.
'There' she said her voice barely above as whisper since that was all the volume her voice box would allow her.
'Thanks' Bob said sitting back in his chair and trying to look away from Amber and finding it very hard to do so.
'Erm are we errr still meeting tonight' she asked nervously.
'Absolutely unless you don't want to' he said quickly.
'No I want to' she said a little loudly then she meant to 'I still want to go out with you tonight.'
'Let's do something tonight' Jamia said from her spot on the bed where she was watching Frank.
'What do you wanna do?' he asked as he continued to sort the dirty laundry into piles.
'I don't know something, let's double with Mikey and Alicia we haven't done that in a while.' she suggested.
'Yeah alright and maybe we can ask Ray and Christa to come too' he added.
'Are they back on?' Jamia grinned
'Well I spoke to Ray when we were in the UK and he said they were getting back together when we got home, so I'm assuming all is well.' Frankie said screwing his face up as he tossed a pair of Jamia's dirty underwear into the coloured pile.
'Don't screw up your face at my panties they are nothing compared to your boxers okay' she stated.
'That's true' he said nodding his head and laughng 'my boxers can be lethal'
'Don't I know it' she laughed
'And so is the weapon they conceal' he said jumping onto the bed making her giggle.
'Ok I call this lunch a la Gerard' Gerard said taking the pizza bread out of the oven and placing the four slices of French bread topped with cheese onto a plate.
'You made this for all for me' Cheyenne cooed looking at the pizza, salad and ice tea that were on the table.
'Yes I made it all myself' he said proudly sitting down opposite her 'well help yourself honey'
'You are too good to me' she said helping herself to a slice of pizza bread and taking a bite. 'That's pretty good' she said wth her mouthful
'I know' he replied 'My Mom used to make this for Mikey and me I never realised how easy it was, and you people say I can't cook ha!'
'So what did you do while I was at work?' she asked laughing at his outburst.
'I snooped around, went through your draws, found you lingerie and your dildo'
'I don't own one' Cheyenne replied spooning salad onto her plate.
'Damn I was hoping you did have one and I would catch you out'
'Ah nice try Mr Way but my boyfriends pretty well endowed so I don't' need a toy anyway having said that let's change the subject to appropriate table talk'
'I agree no more dirty talk to after we finish.' Gerard said winking at her across the table. They sat in silence both filling themselves with food and drink and just loving each others' company.
'Oh you know what else I did today?' Gerard said wiping his hands on a napkin.
'Nope tell me' Cheyenne said eating a badly sliced piece of cucumber.
'I went online and was looking at houses that were for sale in Jersey' he said finishing the rest of his drink.
'Did you find any?' she asked sitting up in her chair.
'Yeah actually I did quite a few but there's one that really caught my eye, I'm not sure why it did but it looked so perfect for us.' Gerard said his eyes lighting up as he remembered the house.
'Did it?'
'Yep and it's not that far from everyone else we'll be like twenty minutes away tops' he said excitedly.
'Where you going?' Cheyenne asked as he stood up and walked past her.
'I wanna show you finish eating then come meet me in the living room'
'Ok' she said smiling at how excited he was.
'Honey I also saw the two dogs were gonna get' he called to her
'We're not getting dogs' she hollered back
'We'll discuss it later' he answered back making her roll her eyes.
'Aren't Bob and Amber going out tonight?' Jamia asked Ray as Alicia drove them all over to Amber's. They had all spent the afternoon together and had decided to impose themselves on Amber.
'Yeah so what's your point?' Ray replied holding Christa on his lap.
'Well if they're going out then why are we going to their house?' Christa asked.
'It's called ruining people plans' Frankie chimed in 'Have I taught you people nothing.'
'Bob's gonna be mad' Mikey said laughing like a child
'No he won't they had breakfast together today already one date a day is enough' Ray said.
'Well what if they have reservations or something?' Alicia said slowing the car down a little in case they needed to turn around.
'They don't' Frankie and Ray said in unison 'Plus it's only six they're date isn't till eight.' Ray continued.
'Whatever' Jamia said 'but just so you know I think we should go somewhere else and leave them alone.'
'Shut up honey' Frank said 'it's no big deal'
'What did you just tell me?' she asked shifting to face him.
'I told you I loved you' Frank replied quickly squeezing her thigh 'so much love'
'Thin ice baby' she said throwing him a death look as a collective 'ooooohhhhhhh' sounded around the car.
'Sorry Mia' he said smiling sweetly.
'Pussy whipped' Ray coughed loudly making them all laugh.
Lyn rounded the corner onto Amber's road just in time to see Mikey, Alicia, Christa, Ray, Jamia and Frank entering Amber's house. They were having a mini get together and she wasn't invited
'Well I'll be' She said out loud, well there was only one thing to do and that was crash. As she walked towards the door she got very nervous and that feeling soon turned to excitement, this could go one of two ways, they either except her for the evening or they wouldn't. She hoped they did because that would mean she was one step closer to her goal, one step closer Gerard.
'What are you guys doing here?' Amber said her lips forming into a tight smile.
'Well were bored and thought we'd stop by' Frank said pushing past her and heading into the living room.
'We haven't been here in like forever' Mikey said pulling her into a hug before following Frank and the others.
'That's true' she said 'well err make yourselves at home I'll be right back.' she said heading for her cell, which was in her room.

Amber: We've been sabotaged

Bob: What? By who?'

Amber: The usual suspects they've all turned up and want to hang out. I doubt they'll leave before our date

Bob: Damn! I'm so kicking Ray and Frankie's asses later

Amber: Lol I'll help. Why don't you come over you might as well, everyone else is here

Bob: Yeah alright I'll be there soon
'See its perfect right?' Gerard said showing Cheyenne the house he chose.
'It is its lovely' she said looking at the photo's that displayed the living room and kitchen.
'It's not too big and it isn't too small, and it has a basement' he said excitedly 'So what do you think?'
'It's perfect we should definitely take a look at it' she said stroking his hair.
'I'm glad you like it' he said pulling her onto his lap 'we can go take a look next week when you come to visit for Thanksgiving'
'You're coming for Thanksgiving right?' he said squeezing he hip lightly
'Umm I don't know' she said removing herself from his lap.
'You have to my mom's expecting you' he said studying the expression on her face and trying to work out what it was.
'Yeah...she is...sure okay Thanksgiving' she said wearily 'Thursday'
'Baby what's wrong?' Gerard said getting up and walking over to her
'Nothing everything is fine' she said smiling unconvincingly at him.
'I'm not stupid Chey what is it?' he asked again.
'Honestly nothing I just forgot about it that's all, I thought I already made plans but then I realised I didn't' she lied pulling him into a hug and kissing his lips. 'It's nothing really, now show me these dogs we're supposed to get' she said walking over to the computer. Gerard followed letting the subject go, he could see she was upset and knew now wasn't a good time to bring it up especially since she wanted to see their future pets but he had every intention of bringing it up later.
'I'll get it' Alicia announced since she was closest to the living room door.
'Yeah honey you get it' Mikey replied not taking his eyes off the game he was playing.
Alicia opened the door and was momentarily shocked, the first words that formed in her head were 'what the hell do you want?' but then she realised this wasn't her house.
'Hello Lyn' she said instead.
'Oh hey Alicia is Amber home?' Lyn asked doing her best to act shy.
'Yeah come in' Alicia replied turning her back on Lyn and leading the way.
'Lyn what are you doing here?' Amber said both shocked and surprised to see her friend.
'I just came to see you before your big date with Bob' she said honestly 'I didn't know you had company' she said looking at all the familiar faces that filled the room.
'Trust me I didn't know they'd be here either they came over unannounced' Amber replied honestly.
'A bit like me then' Lyn smiled weakly, she paused for effect before saying 'well I can see you're busy so I'll call you later.'
Amber saw the look on her freind's face felt awful she didn't want Lyn to feel unwelcome but it was common knowledge that things were kind of sour between her and the group, but still she didn't want her to feel excluded.
'Why don't you stick around Lyn' Frankie said 'we're gonna order some food later'
'Oh I don't know' Lyn said feigning uncertainty.
'You have to eat right?' Christa said smiling at her.
'Well yeah eventually' Lyn replied
'So eat with us' Frank said sending a small smile her way.
'Well if you insist' Lyn said taking her jacket off and handing it to Amber. That was too easy she thought smiling to herself.
Gerard picked up his cell and tapped in Mikey's number, it rang for a while before he answered.
'What's up big brother?
'Nothing much I'm just checking in to make sure everyone's cool.'
'Man everyone is fine' Mikey replied.
'And Mom'
'Mom is great too, how's Chicago and Chey?'
'Cheyenne's perfect and Chicago has nothing on Jersey. Where are you man what's all that noise?' he said referring to the talking and laughing he could hear.
'Lyn don't even lie about that, Ray totally shoved me and you know it.'
/'Nah huh Frank you thought you had the skills and you fell like a bitch'/ Gerard heard Franks' voice and then one that sounded just like Lyn's.
'Mikey' Gerard said trying to get his brothers attention back.
'Sorry what did you ask? Mikey said returning to the conversation.
'Where are you and is that Lyn in the background?'
'Yeah we're at Amber's for dinner and then Lyn stopped by so were all just chilling.'
'Oh okay.' Gerard said feeling a stab of jealousy in his gut.
'That's alright isn't it?' Mikey asked unsurely
'Its fine enjoy yourself man, everything's cool tell everyone me and Lyn...I mean Cheyenne say hi.'
/'Will do, catch you later.'/Mikey said hanging up.
Gerard slid his phone back into his jeans pocket and stood against the counter taking in what he just discovered, what the hell were they all doing hanging out with Lyn? They barely got on with each other and now they're all having dinner together with out him.
'So how is everyone?' Cheyenne asked coming into the kitchen and grabbing a can of Diet coke from the fridge.
'Everyone is fine including Mom' he mumbled not looking up at her.
'Something wrong?' Cheyenne asked catching his tone and change of mood.
'No, nothing is wrong I'm gonna go start the movie' he said lighting a cigarette and heading for the living room. He knelt down and scanned the shelf of DVD's not reading any of the titles as he thought about what the others were doing in Jersey as he sat here deciding what movie to watch. He felt a little jealous as he wandered what they were talking about to make them laugh like that but mostly he wandered about Lyn and what it would be like to hang out with her again. As Cheyenne entered the room he picked a DVD off the shelf and put it in the machine and as he settled next to her he couldn't help but feel he was missing out on something.
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