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Hannah's middle name should be 'Trouble'. Some days she drinks herself sick, some days she doesn't eat, and some days she wastes all her money on things her parents would so not approve of. Afte...

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The girl had ear length white-blonde hair, but the roots were black as soot. She was wearing thick, black framed glasses that hid her piercing celery green eyes. Pink converse, Less than Jake teeshirt. The left knee was ripped out of her faded, vintage Levi's. A black messenger bag was slung over her right shoulder, covered in patches and buttons, and a Nike duffle bag sat pathetically at her feet. She looked breathless, and she was shivering slightly in the cool breeze.


"Did you eat yet today?" Pete asked suspiciously.
"I'm not hungry." Hannah mumbled.
"Hannah, you need to eat!"
"I said I'm not hungry, okay?!" Hannah cried, wheeling around and letting go of the counter; her only support. She fell to the floor, her thin frame shaking.
"Hannah!" Pete cried, bending down to help her up; but she violently shoved him away.
"Leave me alone!" she sobbed.
"Just fucking leave me alone!"
Pete threw his hands up in disgust.
"Fine, Hannah, fine. You're doing this to yourself."
He stormed out of the kitchen and into the hallway, where he found Patrick.
"What's wrong with her?" Patrick asked, startled.
"I don't know anymore- I just don't know! You talk to her, she never listens to me." Pete snapped, heading up the stairs. Patrick cautiously stepped into the kitchen and found Hannah, lying on the hardwood floor, sobbing.
"Hannah...?" he called softly.
"Patrick." She croaked.
Patrick kneeled down and took her fragile frame in his arms.
"Why haven't you eaten today." He whispered.
"Because I'm fat."
"No, you're not."
"Yes I am!"
Patrick didn't reply; there obviously was nothing he could say to help; all he could do was stroke her limp blonde hair.


This is my new project. I'm hoping for 15-20 chapters.
I will post the first chapter soon.
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