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Chapter One: 20-year-old, pain-in-the-ass little sister

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Hannah shows up on Marks doorstep. I suck at summaries o_O

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The girl had ear length white-blonde hair, but the roots were black as soot. She was wearing thick, black framed glasses that hid her piercing celery green eyes. Pink converse, Less than Jake teeshirt. The left knee was ripped out of her faded, vintage Levi's. A black messenger bag was slung over her right shoulder, covered in patches and buttons, and a Nike duffle bag sat pathetically at her feet. She looked breathless, and she was shivering slightly in the cool breeze.
"Uh...can I help you?" Patrick asked cautiously.
"Yeah," the girl panted, "Is Mark home?"
"Oh, yeah, just a second..." Patrick turned around and called over his shoulder; "Hey, MARK!"
"Yeah?" came his muffled reply.
"Door for you!"
Seconds later, Mark appeared in the entryway, and his eyes widened with surprise.
"Hannah?!" he cried.
So this was Mark's little sister. They looked alike; Mark's hair was the same color blonde, minus the black roots, and they both had the same pale yet piercing celery green eyes.
"Hey. I left Mum'n Dad's place, I've had enough of their shit..."
"So you need a place to stay." Mark replied cynically, crossing his arms.
"Ya think?"
Mark rolled his eyes.
"You couldn't 've called, or anything?"
"This is kind of a new development in the world..."
"As in, Mum and Dad had enough of your shit, and threw your ass out?"
"No /shit/, Sherlock."
Patrick laughed, and the siblings turned to stare at him, eyes burning into him. Patrick turned a slight shade of pink and pulled his hat down lower.
"Sorry..." he mumbled, "It's just you guys are sarcastic as hell..."
Hannah smirked and flashed Patrick a sweet smile.
"Who're you?"
"Patrick." He muttered, looking down at his Vans.
"I'm Hannah, Mark's-"
"-20-year-old, pain-in-the-ass little sister." Mark cut her off, and Hannah smacked his arm.
"Let me in." she demanded.
"Hannah, there's five people living here already!"
"Five?" she looked surprised, "I thought you had one roommate."
"One turned into four. Patrick here, Pete, Joe and Andy. Plus Joe's girl is practically moved in now..."
" you have an extra bedroom?"
Mark sighed through his nose, and leaned back, rolling his eyes towards the sky. He couldn't just leave his little sister out here; it looked like it was going to rain.
"Get inside." He sighed finally, grabbing her duffle bag and turning around, Patrick at his heels.

Hannah spun around slowly, taking in the living room. The three men on the couch watched her with curiosity. Her pale eyes were taking in every inch of the room.
"Guys," Mark announced to the room, "This is Hannah. My sister." He said 'sister' with a heavyhearted sigh. The men waved.
"Ok, the one in chick jeans is Pete, the one with the 'fro is Joe, and the one who bears a striking resemblance to Jesus is Andy." He said to Hannah. Hannah waved and smiled wide, taking in the appearance of the three. The one called Andy rolled his eyes;
"Quit making fun of my hair, you loser."
Hannah laughed brightly;
"I like you."
She noticed Pete was watching her carefully.
"Hannah," Mark began, "Are you hungry?"
"Go into the kitchen, find something to eat...leave your stuff here."
Hannah shrugged and skipped off towards the kitchen. Patrick timidly took a spot on the couch and Mark turned to the group.
"Okay. I know she's annoying and everything-"
"-she seems nice..." Patrick cut him off.
Mark glared at Patrick.
"Well, she's not. ANYWAY; I know she's annoying but she's my baby sister and I can't just let her take to the streets, y'know?"
"We do have a spare room..." Pete said.
"The game room downstairs?!"
"Aw, c'mon, she can sleep on the hid-a-bed." Joe replied.
"You guys..."
"C'mon, Mark, she's your sister." Andy argued.
Mark stared at them. All eyes were burning into him; their minds were made up. Mark sighed.
"Fine. Hey, HANNAH!" he called over his shoulder.
Hannah appeared, an apple in hand. She took a bite.
"You can stay for a while, okay? But it's temporary."
Hannah smirked as she chewed, and took another bite.
"Yeah? Where else am I supposed to go, huh?"
"I don't know! Anywhere but here. And you're chipping in for rent."
Hannah's eyes flickered angrily, and Patrick croaked weakly from the couch;
"Quiet, Patrick." Mark snapped.
"I'm your sister!" Hannah snapped.
"I don't really care, Hannah, it'll be a tight squeeze, fitting 6 of us in here-"
Suddenly, the apple with two bites out of it was whipped across the room into Mark's forehead.
"Ow!" he yelled, as it fell to the ground.
"I'm your goddamn sister, help me out a little bit!"
"I am helping you out already by letting you stay here!"
Hannah looked livid; she strode forward, grabbed her bags, and turned around.
"Someone show me to my room, please." She snapped.
Mark looked ready to scream, but he just rolled his eyes.
"Whatever." He snapped, and he stormed off towards his bedroom.
"Well, who'd gonna show me to my room?" Hannah asked impatiently.
Patrick shifted slightly, but Pete jumped up.
"I will." He said.
Patrick sunk back into the couch, a twinge of annoyance in his heart.
"Here, lemme carry your suitcase." Pete offered, reaching for her duffle bag.
"No, no, I've got it." Hannah argued.
Pete shrugged, but didn't argue back. He led her down the stairs, and they started down the hall that led to the game room.
"Oh, there's a loose floor board under the carpet, make sure not to tri-"
But it was too late; Hannah's foot hooked in with the raised board, and she flew forward, spilling the contents of her messenger bag all over the carpet.
"Oh! Lemme help you..." Pete dropped to his knees and began picking up pens, jewelry, books and...a small plastic bag caught his eye, and he picked it up; he gasped quietly. Hannah snatched it from his grip, and he looked her in the eye. She grinned, but was blushing a little.
"A little pick-me-up every now and then, no biggie."
Pete smiled nervously. It wasn't a big deal...besides, she was gorgeous. They shoved the rest of her belongings back into her messenger bag and stood up, and Pete led Hannah the rest of the way into the game room.
"Uh...well, that couch pulls out into a hid-a-bed. It's not much,'s all we've got."
"No problem, m'dear. Thanks." Hannah gently patted his shoulder. Pete felt shivers up and down his spine.
"Anytime." He said softly, and he left Hannah alone in the room.

Pete caught up with Mark in the kitchen, making mac and cheese.
"Hey, uh, Mark...I know this isn't what you wanna hear, but Hannah had some, uh, weed in her bag." He stuttered.
To his surprise, Mark laughed softly.
"That's all she had in there? No coke? Meth?"
Pete was taken aback.
Mark didn't answer at first; he slowly emptied the contents of the box into the boiling water, watching until each and every last noodle had fallen into the pot, then looked up at Pete.
"You've just seen a fraction of my baby sister. The apple, the weed. That's all sunshine and daisies compared to some of the stuff I've seen."
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