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Chapter Two: Might as well

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Patrick and Hannah bond; Patrick thinks there might be something between them. But then alcohol and Pete step in.

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Hannah wandered upstairs in plaid pajama bottoms and a black camisole, finding her way to the kitchen. /Stupid couch/, she thought, /that is the most uncomfortable bed ever/. There were windows everywhere in the house; there were two tall, narrow ones in the hallway that flooded morning sunshine into the house like water into a sunken ship.
In the kitchen, she found Patrick, Joe and a girl she's never met who had short, spiked black hair, all clad in pajamas, sitting around the small kitchen table with eggs and toast.
"'morning." Hannah greeted them. Patrick smiled shyly, and Joe waved.
"This is my girlfriend, Mackena." he introduced the girl.
"Hi," Hannah smiled, "I'm Hannah."
"Hey! You're staying downstairs, next to Pete's room?"
"Watch out, he'll steal from your closet."
Hannah laughed. Patrick watched her carefully; Hannah wasn't exactly petite, but she was quite skinny. She was a little taller than him, an inch or two at the most. She was friendly and bold; she had struck up a conversation with Mackena already. What did Mark mean, she wasn't nice? She was gorgeous and happy.
"Hungry, Hannah?" he asked, "There's some eggs left."
Hannah shook her blonde head, black roots shining in the morning sunlight.
"I'll eat later." she said, and she sat down at the table, continuing her conversation with Mackena. Patrick finished his breakfast and leaned dreamily on his elbow, staring out the window; a perfect summer day. His eyes wandered from the window to Hannah, and something caught his eye on her right arm; a small patch of skin was a bluish-blackish color. It was faded, but definitely there. Was it a bruise? Frowning, Patrick saw that there were several thin scars on her wrist. Patrick shook all bad thoughts out of his head; she must've fallen off a bike or something.

"Alright, I'm going to work." Mark muttered. He patted Hannah's shoulder and grabbed his lunch box. Before he stepped out the open door, he turned to his little sister;
"Stay out of trouble."
Hannah smiled angelically.
"As always."
Hannah stood up and wandered into the living room; Joe and Mackena were gone. Pete and Andy were at work. And she was bored. Patrick was still there, right? Being her bold self, Hannah stood in the middle of the living room, and yelled at the top of her lungs;
Patrick appeared in the doorway, breathless.
"What's wrong?" he panted, bending over to catch his breath. Hannah smirked.
"Bond with me." she said, flopping down on the couch.
Hannah patted the spot next to her, and grinned.
"Come sit. Talk to me, baby."
Patrick blushed and hesitantly crossed the room, seating himself beside Hannah.
"So what's the deal with you, Tricky?"
"Please don't call me that." he mumbled.
Hannah laughed brightly, her voice ringing through the empty house.
"Mark says you're in a band."
"All of us except Mark, yeah...he's Pete's friend."
"You're the lead singer."
Patrick smiled nervously and nodded.
"Sing me something."
"C'mon, please?"
Patrick didn't answer. Why had he stayed home today? Why hadn't he gone with Joe and Mackena to the mall? Why didn't he have a job?
"Look, I'm not that good without the rest of the band, the instruments and stuff..."
"If you're a true singer, you don't need instruments. Come ON, sing me anything. Anything in the world."
Patrick sighed.
"We're working on our first album right now. There's this one song that...that I wrote myself."
"Sing it."
"Just a bit of it."
Patrick took a deep breath, eyes on the ceiling; the guys said he had stage fright. A little practice could do him good...
"Where is your boy tonight, I hope he is a gentleman. Maybe he won't find out what I know; you were the last good thing about this part of town." he shut his mouth and turned to Hannah, looking her in the eye for the first time; startling green pool. For once, she was speechless. Finally, she cleared her throat and adjusted her glasses.
"Wow. You''re a really good singer, you know that?"
Patrick shrugged, looking down at his Vans.
"Thanks." he mumbled.
"You're shy." Hannah stated bluntly.
Patrick smirked, and looked up at her;
"Ya think?"
Hannah laughed lightly, bringing one knee up to her chest, and Patrick looked down at her pink Converse.
"Well, you're always mumbling and looking down at your shoes...or my shoes."
Patrick turned pink and looked up at her.
"Sorry, your shoes are just" /Like you/, he added to himself.
"No, I'm not accusing you- see, that's your problem! You're so mousey, you're always apologizing."
Patrick, startled, looked up once again into Hannah's pale eyes.
"I'm- ah...oh, fuck it..." he trailed off.
Hannah laughed.
"See? You were gonna say sorry!"
Patrick shrugged.
"It's what I'm used to, I guess...y'know, Mark doesn't like me that much. Even though Joe's the baby, I'm always treated like one because I'm shy."
Hannah half smiled, and glanced out the window dreamily.
"Mark's never liked...weakness, I guess. That's why he's not too fond of me."
"What do you mean?"
Hannah shrugged.
"Never mind. Just...just don't let Mark get to you. He's an asshole, but he's my big brother."
Patrick smiled, and looked up at Hannah. She smiled back. They just watched each other for a minute, just studying each other's faces.
"You're my new best friend, Tricky!" she squealed, hugging him. Patrick awkwardly patted her on the back, blushing, and muttered;
"Don't call me that."

Pete returned home from work that night, and went straight to the kitchen; he needed something to eat. It'd been a long day. The leftovers from Hannah and Patrick's dinner sat on the stove, crusting to the sides. Pete wrinkled his nose; he wasn't hungry anyways. Sighing, he opened the fridge and pulled out a bottle of beer.
"Hey!" said a voice from behind him; Hannah. He turned around. She was wearing pajama bottoms, a Blink 182 teeshirt and her signature pink Converse. An odd combination, but it made him smile.
"Hey...want a beer?"
Pete grabbed another bottle from the depths of the fridge and handed it to Hannah;
They opened the bottles, and Pete took a sip; but Hannah drained three quarters of the bottle in one long gulp. She lowered the bottle and grinned.
"That hit the spot."
Pete was taken aback; obviously she was no stranger to drinking. The memory of the marijuana the previous day floated through his mind; hmmm.
"When does Mark normally get home?" Hannah asked casually.
"Not until late, it's Thursday."
"Good." Hannah replied, draining her bottle, and opened the fridge to grab another.
"Uh, take it easy, there." Pete said, bitting his lip.
Hannah simply laughed.
"Party time." she winked.

Joe returned without Mackena, and he joined Patrick, Hannah and Pete in the living room. Hannah was already completely trashed, and Pete looked a bit tipsy. Patrick sat nervously, clutching what seemed to be his first beer.
"Joey!" Hannah cried, "Wanna beer?"
Joe sat down and grabbed a bottle, watching the other three. Patrick caught his eye; they exchanged a sad smile. Pete rarely drank, but it was as though Hannah had him under a spell. She handled her alcohol quite well; she was only slurring a little. But there were eight or nine bottles on the coffee table in front of her; it was obvious she wasn't herself.
"Man, I wish I had some coke..." Hannah muttered.
Patrick's eyes widened;
Hannah laughed.
"And not coca cola, either, Tricky."
Pete laughed loudly at her lame joke, and Patrick cast him a disapproving glare.
"I have some pot downstairs." she announced.
"Please, Hannah...don't- don't do that kinda stuff around here..." Patrick mumbled shyly.
Hannah sighed dramatically, and then announced to the room;
"You guys are no FU-UN! I'm going to bed." and with that, she stood up, took several steps towards the hallway, and fell over, laughing hysterically.
"Here, I'll help you " Pete offered, standing up. He swayed slightly, but did not fall over. He bent down, and pulled Hannah upright. He took her upper half in his arms, helping her walk. She turned around a little in his arms, so it was as if he was holding her like a lover. They looked into each other's eyes for a moment, and then to everyone's amazement, Pete kissed her boldly on the lips. She pulled back, looking shocked, but then shrugged and gave in. The two wandered down the hall and out of sight, making out as they went.

The living room was filled with a shocked silence; Joe and Patrick said nothing; they just stared at each other.
"Well...this is new." Joe finally mumbled.
Patrick nodded slowly; it seemed surreal. Hannah had shown up on their doorstep yesterday/, for God's sake Plus, he'd kinda been hoping.../never mind.
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