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happy birthday

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happy birthday, sorry its so short

Category: Delilah and Julius - Rating: G - Genres: Humor, Romance - Published: 2007-01-03 - Updated: 2007-01-03 - 208 words

the next morning delilahs P.O.V
in her dream
Julius and i were at the beach watching the sunset when i looked over and saw him looking at me we were getting closer, and closer, We were just about to kiss when he yelled
"good morning".
I opened my eyes to see julius sitting next to me on my bed.
"what are you doing here?" i looked at my clock it read 5:26am
" julius it's 5:30 in the morning!" i said slighgtly annoyed.
"I wanted to be the first person to say Happy Birthday!" he said smiling.
" oh julius thank you i completely forgot!" Julius held out a gift
"happy birthday". I took it and asked
"is it something about my parents?"
" sorry but i hope you like it" he said. I opened, it was a gold locket with a picture of us the day we met on one side, and an inscription saying 'i will always have you back'.
" oh, julius i love it!" i jumped up and hugged him, nuzzeling my head in his shoulder, he put his head on top of mine, and pulled me closer. When we pulled apart our faces were only a few inches apart,
" de, i have to tell you something..."
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