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You Made Me First Learn What Love Is

by ClassoftheTitans_fan 9 reviews J/T/OC, All grown up, Theresa didn't get to marry Jay...but he purposed and she said yes...what happened???

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I put a song in here by Gwen Stefani called Wonderful life, i think it matches alot but what i don't get is why she says wonderful life...anyway, try downloading in my opion i think it's a good but sad song, it made me think of it so i hope u like it!!!


A 30 year-old Theresa was on her way to a new year's dinner party. She wore a longg silky black spaghetti strap dress. Her hair now a days were shoulder length and she had recently dyed it brown.

She put it into a beautiful fancy ponytail.

Her and her husband, Rob, were about to leave the house.

"Hold on, I forgot my earrings."

"Come on Theresa, were going to be late, you women take to long to just get ready." He smiled.

"I'll be quick." She smiled back.

"Hey Tara..." Their daughter was holding a teddy bear. She had blonde long hair about the length Theresa use to have it and blue eyes like her father.

"Daddy, I'll miss you."

"I'll miss ya too." He picked her up.


Theresa ran to their masterbedroom. She saw her teenage son, Jayden...whome she named after someone dear and special.

"Jay," She gave the nickname. "Watch Tara for us while were gone okay? We'll be back after midnight, remember only Olden can come over to celebrate New Years, not a gang of party. Make sure Tara goes straight to bed right after the countdown." She said in a hurry.

Jayden had brown hair like his father...similar to Jay's too and those green dazzling eyes his mother had.

"Sure mom." He leaned against his bedroom doorway, crossing his arms.

Theresa ran towards her jewellery box picking out her diamond earrings she had worn on another special occasion many years ago. She took them out of the special place in her box and a piles of pictures fell on the ground.

Theresa kneeled down and was about to pick them up when she spotted what the pictures were.

It was her, young, just 20, with a long time a person even more than a friend...Jay.

I haven't thought of you for year you know your memory seems to come and go our time meant so much to me now you can't be found.

She remembered the first time she saw him in Hera's solitarium...all the times together...Cronus...and than that day...

You were the first to want me the first to love me the first to need me who was the last to know you? the last to love you? the last to hold u?

She loved him, he loved her...It was that day he asked to marry her that made her especially tears. She was the first for him, as he was for her. He was the first she loved, until that day filled with pain.

it's a wonderful wonderful life it's a wonderful wonderful life it's a wonderful wonderful life it's a wonderful wonderful life

On their wedding day, Theresa had just put on her beautiful gown...she was glancing at it the mirror holding her pink and red roses. She saw her best friend, the brides maid and her father come in. Atlanta looked scared. her father looked weak.

"you look beautiful." Her father said flenching and looked down very sad.

Theresa touched his arm full of worry.

"Dad..." Theresa looked at him to, "Atlanta?"

"Theresa...Jay..." Atlanta started.

"jay, got in a car crash." Her father ended.

Theresa face looked painful and strucken. Like she was goingg to burst shedding tears.

"Did he?" She said out of her knife poking throat.

her father sadly nodded.

Atlanat dropped a tear.

"Excuse me." She pushed pass the two. She picked up her dress and started running into the forrest and cried screeching with tears.

She ran trying to make her heart content but she knew it just wouldn't happen.

I thought of you again today reminded me how with time I've changed if only you knew what you gave to me now you can't be found you were the first i trusted learned what love is when we were just kids when did u get so lost? and how you;d think you'd be better off?

Theresa remembered the painful and aguish day she had felt, it was suppose to be happy but turned right over like a pancake.

She blinked out a tear from the sad memory.

She ran in the woods holding her muddy once beautiful dress dropping petals from her flowers she ran and ran in her torn up shoes until she fell hard against a root from a singing tree blowing in the wind.

it's a wonderful wonderful life why'd u have to say goodbye? it's a wonderful wonderful life such a wonderful wonderful life

thank u for those special moments you'll always be in my mind did u know you changed my life? im thankful for that time im thankful for that time

Theresa's hair and dress was full of dirt. She got up to teh sound of ambulances and policeman. She slowly walked towards it out of the woods until she saw the beaten car and...Jay.

It's a wonderful wonderful life why'd u have to say goodbye? it's a wonderful wonderful life im asking why but ill never know it's a wonderful wonderful life why'd u have to say good bye? its a wonderful wonderful life such a wonderful wonderful life why'd u have to say good bye? its a wonderful wonderful life such a wonderful wonderful life

/Theresa ran to Jay hugging and clenching on him saying no no no repeating it over and over. She yelled screamed she didn't care if she had blood and dirt on her. The ambulance people tried to bring her away but it was useless, they realized until they saw her dress and his suit...and they were all peaceful as she screamed her head off as sad and helpless as ever./

Theresa started sobbing lightly, her son came in the room.

"Mom? Are you okay?" He wrapped his arms around her as she cried on hsi shoulder.

Her husband was wondering what was taking so long he came up the stairs and saw her crying. He joined in on the hug rubbing her back.

Tara put her hand under her mother's chin smiling at her and kissed her on the cheek.



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