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The Avatar cycle has always been the same, one avatar born into one nation but what if it where changed?

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Authors Note: This story will have one unframiliar charactor because i made him up so i hope you enjoy thanks

The Water Tribe Queen Ratula was walking slowly towards the Avatar temple through a snowy pass back behind the Spirit Oasis

She was thinking of her newborn son Ralis and what would become of him in the future would he obtain the skill and dicipline it takes to be a water bending master like her like she oh so badly wanted or would he not recieve the special gift to bend at all...she did not like to think of that dreadful prospect.

She reached a rapidly flowing river and then behind it a thick wall of ice bearing the mark of the water tribe, the Queen froze the water with ease and walked across the now frozen patch then she gently but forcefuly moved aside the wall just enough for her to slip through and just as she did she reached the Avatar temple and she couldnt believe it but it was glowing as if...she quickly started to run toward the temple and then she broke through the entrance and ran into the icy statue santuary and there was but one statue glowing....the previous avatar's statue Avatar Roku so she stepped forward and he said...


The Air Monk Gyatso sat stationary outside the southern Air Temple on a near by plateau watching evertying spring to with life and it was all so beautiful the owrld was beautiful, life itself was beautiful and then he reaized something....Aang the new avatar was patiently waiting for monk Gyatso in his room so Gyatso grabbed his glyder and sped off toward the mountain with great speed..

Aang was fast asleep being he was only a baby they do that but Gyatso was never the less dissapointed because he wanted to play with the young Aang but decided to take a stroll though the temple and maybe stop by the Avatar Sanctuary as well.

The Monk was happy he would be the one to train the Avatar in his Airbending training so he walked slower to take up more time so that when he retuned he might be awake then he notced something funny a faint glow from within the sanctuary so he held out his arms and blew a strong current of air though the tubes and opened the door...Avatar Roku's satatue was giving off the glow so Monk Gyatso stepped into the room and then Roku said...


The Earthkingdom Queen Tulma was practicing her bending with her new daughter Togh who was surprisingly good for her young young age so the queen was very happy that she would most likely become an Earthbending prodigy and then a master just like her mother

The hand maiden entered the baby's chamber's and took Togh for her afternoon nap, her majesty thanked the maiden because she would have normaly done it herself but she was feeling tired and was going to take a nap for the afternoon she had along night what with all the hearings and the parade..

She was on her way to her quarters when she noticed that there where faint voices behind a wall that she new very wel to be hallowed into a seceret room so she opened a hole in the wall for her to here and the two voices where saying that they seen lights or a light in the Avatar temple deep under the palace and that the Queen couldnt believe so she made a make shift earth elevator and decended to the temple and when she reached the statue sanctuary room and entered she say Roku the preious avatar and he said...


The Fire Lord Ozai was fumeing and paceing up and down his chambers because Iroh was not going to help in the attack on the Air Temples in the comeing months so he was angry and upset with his brother so he shot a rouge flame and did not care who or what it hit intil he looked and it was aimed for his prodigy daughter Azula but she caught it!

She played with it like a new ball and that relieved the Fire Lord because she was everything to him unlike his worthless son Zuko when just then a guard walked in bearing news of something stupid like he saw lights in the Avatar Temple and as absurd as that sounded he decided to check it out..

What is the meaning of this he seathed and pushed his way throughg the guards to the door then he knocked it down and entered the Statue Sanctuary and there he saw Avatar Roku so he persued on and when he reached the old Avatar he said...


(Ok now he is saying this same thing to everyone at the same time)

Hello __________ it is good to finaly speak with you i have some very good news to report but not here you must bring your newest born child or the child you care for Gyatso to this island it is unploted because it will not be there at any other time so you need to come now it is of the highest matter thank you but i have no time to explain further....then he was gone

Water Tribe Queen Ratula-"Ralis!"
Air Monk Gyatso-"Aang!"
EarthKingdom Queen Tulma-"Togh!"
Fire Lord Ozai-"Azula!"

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