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Chap 2

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Phantom Ganon tells his story.

Category: Zelda - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Action/Adventure - Characters: Ganondorf, Link, Other - Warnings: [!!] - Published: 2005-08-13 - Updated: 2005-08-13 - 462 words

I remember it all so clearly.

I was to be the guardian of the Forest Temple. The last deterrent between Link and the Sage of the Forest, should he survive the trials of the Temple.

I was surprised at first that he actual managed to make it to me, I wondered what this young man had that made him such a threat to Lord Ganondorf? But my opinion didn't matter. He was there now and I was going to destroy him. It was my purpose.

We fought for an hour or so. I flew through the paintings in the room, toying with him, catching him off guard when he aimed for the wrong painting. He kept on managing to hit me though, with startling accuracy. Eventually he managed to destroy my horse with his arrows, and I was forced to resort to an alternative means to eliminate him.

Using the power my master bestowed upon me, I attacked the Hero with balls of dark energy, firing one after another. The boy was quick, but not quick enough to avoid them all. I managed to hit him three or four times, and with each hit I could feel myself coming closer to victory.

What a fool I was.

I charged up a powerful shot, one that I felt had sufficient power to end this game. I let it lose and it ran screaming towards Link. I felt he was certainly doomed. My last shot had managed to make the Hero to lose his Shield, and with him already weakened, there was no way for him to avoid my attack.

Then he did something I didn't expect. He took his sword and swung it for all his might, making contact with the dark energy and hurling it back towards me. I was caught off guard but still managed to reflect it back at him.

He did the same, using his sword again he shot my own energy back at me, and I would shoot it back. We were both caught it a deadly game of catch, and speed would determine the winner. And I wasn't fast enough.

I still remember the pain as the energy hit me, as I hit the ground and as the Hero stabbed me through the heart. I could literally feel myself falling apart.

But the worst pain was yet to come. Nothing could match the agony I felt when my master called me a "worthless creation", and banished me to this world, this plane of shadow.

But the fact that he did not kill me must mean that I must still be of use to him! There must be some purpose left for me to fulfill! Some meaning to my continued existence! I am not worthless creation!

Am I?
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