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Chap 3

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Phantom Ganon meets with an old acquaintance.

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The gap between dimensions, the Shadow World, Twilight Zone, call it what you will, I only have one name for it.


This world that I remain trapped in, the world that Lord Ganondorf banished me to is a shadow of Hyrule. Everything that exists in this world is a twisted version of what lies in Hyrule. There, the sun shines every day. Here, the moon never sets. They enjoy crisp, clean air, I must breath in a foul, putrid stench. All manner of creatures thrive in Hyrule. Here, the only things that thrive are the dead.

Poes, redeads, stalfoes, along with all other sorts of nasty beasts inhabit this world. They prowl these lands, killing off any living being unlucky enough to enter this world. They are no real threat to me. Being Lord Gannondorf's phantom I can easily take out most anything that exists in this world, and I've proven that again and again.

Currently I reside in this world's Royal Castle, or more accurately what's left of it. The castle here is dilapidated stone structure that looks like it should have collapsed long ago and, in truth, it's halfway there. The entire right side of the building is collapsed, leaving only a pile of rubble. I spend most of my time in the remaining left side, occasionally going out to kill anything that gets to close.

"Hey Phantom, how are ya?"

I turned around to see a dark figure entering the room I was in. He stood a foot shorter than me, wearing a black tunic and boots. His hair was pitched black along with his eyes, which were devoid of any visible pupils. The only thing that wasn't black about him was his skin, which was a pale, gray color. I recognized him instantly.

"What is Dark Link? I have better thing to do with my time."

He chuckled. "What's a matter, not happy to see me? Too much of a reminder of your past failures?"

"Your one to talk"

"Now now, let's not let our grudges get the better of us. I actually came here because I need your help."

"What's this? The great Dark Link has a problem that he can't hack his way through?"

"Very funny, for your information it involves a way of getting us out of here."

Now it was my turn to chuckle. "Do you even listen to yourself when you talk? There is no why out. Unless Lord Ganondorf himself comes to release us, were stuck here. So get used to it."

"That's were your wrong. I heard from a reliable source that there is a way to escape and that it shouldn't be too hard to obtain."

"What are you talking about?"

"Just listen and I'll tell ya..."
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