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Poe Knows

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Dark Link tells Phantom Ganon of a mysterious Poe...

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"I was over at that ranch, you know, that place just over the hill? Anyway, I was bored so I decided to go there and "exercise"."

Phantom Ganon scoffed at this. When Dark Link decided to exercise, people usually ended up dead.

"Anyway, after I had finished my workout I had the most interesting conversation..."

Dark Link smiled cruelly as the last stalfo's body burned away, leaving no trace behind. He had just taken out 10 of them and had thoroughly enjoyed himself.

"The best things about these monsters is that there no cleanup evolved."

Dark Link looked around the ranch. The twisted version of Lon Lon usually attracted a good amount of monsters, but today it was notable quite. Of course, "today" was a relevant term, seeing as how the moon never set, but it was still quite.

"Damn it, I was hoping to work off some steam and I hardly work up a sweat. Why the hell can't thing go right for once?"

"Yes that's a real shame."

Dark Link turned around, quickly raising his sword, looking for the source of the voice.

"Up here boy."

Looking up Dark Link saw that a Poe was floating above him. Usually this wouldn't be a concern, but this one looked different from its brothers. It was taller and didn't seem to carry any lantern, and on top of that it had only one glowing eye.

"Who the hell are you?"

"No need to be alarmed my friend, I'm just here to help you."

"And what could you possible help me with?"

"Why, getting out of this place, of course"

That got Dark Links attention.

"Now I know your lying. I've been here a long time and there is no way out."

"Oh but there is! Tell me, have you ever gone up this world's KakarikoVillage?"

"Tried to once, but there was some kind of magical field blocking the stairs, never could get passed it."

"Well, it just so happens that beyond that field is the key to your escape."

Dark Link thought about this. It was possible the Poe was speaking the truth, he had never gotten through that field so it was possible it could help him get out of this place, but why the hell should he trust him?

"Alright, let's say for a minute I believe you. Why would a Poe such as yourself bother telling me this? What do get out of it?"

"I get revenge. You and I share a common enemy it seems."


"Why, the Hero of Time of course!"

"Link." Dark Link spat out, the hatred obvious in his voice.

"Exactly! Now then take this." The Poe snapped his fingers, and a parchment appeared in Dark Links hands. Dark Link studied it carefully.

"What this?"

"That is the counter-spell for the force field. Took me some time to find it I can tell you!"

"So all I got to do is perform this and the field will drop."


"What to you mean no?!"

"That is a magic spell my friend, and only someone who can perform magic can use it. And last time I checked, shadows are incapable of using magic."

Dark Link grumbled. He hated being reminded of his one flaw.

"So all you need is someone who can perform magic! You know of anyone like that?"

Dark Link thought for a moment, an idea forming in his mind.

"Yeah, I know just the guy..."*

"So that's what happened, and I immediately thought of you for the job. Here."

Dark Link handed the phantom the parchment. He looked at it, reading over the instructions carefully. This was a powerful spell, a weak magic user would definitely kill himself if he tried to perform it. Luckily, Phantom Ganon was not weak.

"I am not sure about this. Lord Ganondorf..."

"Screw Ganondorf! He's the reason were here in the first place! For all I care that son of a bi-"


Phantom Ganon raised himself into the air, his eyes an angry red, fully prepared to strike down the shadow in front of him.

"Alright, alright, geeze, I'm just saying! Anyway wouldn't it look good to your master if you did manage to escape? It would show him just how strong you really are! Besides, I know you want to get back at Link just as much as I do."

Phantom Ganon slowly calmed down. It was true he would like another opportunity to destroy Link, but what if Lord Ganondorf was still angry with him? On the other hand, he didn't have much else to lose."

"Alright, show me the way to this field."
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