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Dark Link and Phantom Ganon set off on there journey, but tensions are already on the rise.

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"How did it come to this?"

A cold breeze blew over Dark Hyrule's field as the two unlikely companions marched toward there destination. Dark Link looked up toward Phantom Ganon.

"What are you talking about?"

Phantom looked up and sighed.

"I was Lord Ganondorf's first line of defense against the Hero of Time, and I..."

"WILL YOU SHUT THE HELL UP ABOUT YOUR PRECIOUSE LORD GANONDORF?" Dark Link yelled as he gripped his sword tighter. "I was created by that bastard too, but you don't see me obsessing over him!"

Phantom Ganon scoffed. "Right, as I recall you have your little obsession to deal with, such as killing your better half?"

"Shut up."

"I don't see how you plan on doing it when you were undone by him with such a simple maneuver."

"Shut up."

"What was it called, the spinning sword attack?

"I SAID SHUT UP!" Dark Link grabbed his sword and swung at Phantom Ganon, just missing him as Phantom Ganon rose into the air. Dark Link looked up toward him.

"You bastard! Get down here and fight me like a man!"

Phantom Ganon charged an energy ball and frowned.

"You forget yourself shadow, I am no man." Phantom Ganon unleashed his attack and Dark Link readied himself. As soon as the energy ball got close enough, Dark Link slashed at it with his sword sending it back towards the Phantom.

"Not Again." Phantom Ganon moved out of the way, not bothering to try and redirect the attack, instead charging at Dark Link with his spear. Dark Link dove out of the way, turning around just in time to block the spear from driving into his side. Both jumped away from each other and took up a fighting stance, preparing for the next attack. A moment passed before either of them spoke.

"You realize of course that if we kill each other, well never get out of this prison."

Dark Link just shot him a nasty look, but eventually lowered his weapon.

"Fine, just don't mention that bastards name again."

Phantom Ganon scowled at the insult to his master."

"Why do you hate so? If anything you should be grateful to him for your very existence!"

"Grateful? I'll be grateful when I'm exact revenge on him! He's the reason I'm trapped here in the first place!"

"What are you talking about?."

"Listen, just shut up and mind your own business."

Dark Link sheathed his sword and marched off in the direction of Kakariko. Phantom Ganon calmed himself and followed him, being sure to keep a distance. For a moment he wondered what his master could have done to Dark Link to create such hostility, but soon pushed the thought out of his mind.
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