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9. Middle of the Dance Floor, Light's Shining on My Face

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In which the non-date to the Spring Fling finally happens. In which our four best friends show the rest of their highschool what it means to be a true skank. In which Patrick, well, he acts like a...

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Two Saturday's later and it was the day of the big Spring Fling. Unfortunatly the past week and a half had proven the whole April shower's rhyme. It was two in the afternoon and it was pouring out. Molly was sitting in her room staring out the window having an internal meltdown because of the weather. Just when she thought her internal meltdown might become physical her cell phone rang.
"Hello? Elyse?"
"Hun, calm down. I'm going to pick you up just like we planned. We're going to go get our hair down just like we planned. Then we're going to go to my house and get dressed and ready just like we planned."
"But Elyse, my dress is silk. and its raining out. No, not raining, flooding."
"You need to relax. Your only going to the dance with Patrick. Who cares if you look a little rumpled. I'll talk to you in person. bye."
"bye." 'I care if I look a little rumpled' Molly thought as she hung up the phone. Glancing over at a picture that sat on her desk of herself and Patrick she smiled softly. The two of them had been sitting on the couch in the station reading through an issue of Rolling Stone and making fun of something in it when Elyse had said "hey goobers" and when they looked up she had snapped the picture. They were both wearing hats and glasses and their head's were tilted towards each other. The picture was in a word adorable.
"gah, Elyse is right. It's just Patrick. Hell, he doesn't even consider this a 'real' date." Molly muttered as she made sure her dress and shoes were fully protected from the elements before heading downstairs to wait for her friend.
An hour later found Molly sitting in a chair getting a manicure and pedicure while the color the sylist had insisted on touching up soaked on her head. Elyse was also getting some touch up work done, turns out the gorgeous girl wasn't a natural blonde. She was actually a red head. Who knew? Molly thought to herself shaking her head slightly.
An hour after that and the two girls were ready, hair, nails and makeup all professionally done. Elyse had her blonde and pink curls arranged in half an updo, her nails were bubble gum pink with white french tips to match the white fifties style strapless number she had gotten for the dance. While, Molly had gone a much darker route. Her hair still "skunked" with auburn and dark brown blended into her natural chestnut hair was recut, this time short and spiky in the back and long in the front as the stylist had insisted "she would love it." Her nails had been done in a silver and white french scheme, to go with the long navy blue dress she had picked out. Simple, floor length with a slit up to her thigh on one side and a single line of beads across the bust line. In a word, classy.
Once the girls arrived back at Elyse's and got dressed all they had to do was wait for the boys.
"Molly, are you sure your parent's don't want to come over for pictures? They are more then welcome. Patrick and Matt's parents are going to be here."
"No, Mrs. Michaels, they can't. They're..umm..incredibly busy with my brothers tonight." Elyse's mother just gave Molly a look that said 'I'm a mother and I can smell a lie when I hear one' but didn't call her out on it. Once the boys arrived the three sets of parents started snapping pictures left and right. The boys we're both wearing suits and had color coordinated with their dates incredibly well. Matt was wearing black pants, a black tux shirt and a pink tie and vest under a white suit jacket. Patrick had done his simply in a deep navy suit with a silvery shirt, tie and vest. The parents started ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the four teens. Pictures of the boys giving the girls corsages, pictures of the girls giving the boys boutineers, pictures of the two "couples" and pictures of the four friends together, singular pictures, as well as pictures of the girls together and then the boys together. When the kids finally managed to get out of the house and into Matt's father's Suburban they were nearly blind.
"I thought you said this dance was NOT a big deal?!" Molly both exclaimed and asked from the backseat next to Patrick as Matt pulled away from the curb.
" isn't." Elyse responded.
"Ok, well where I am from, not a big deal, means a dress you had in your closet and a couple of pictures with your friends. Not this whole shebang."
"Oh...well, just wait til Winter Ball. That gets a little of out hand." Elyse responded to her friend before putting on the radio and rocking out to Less Than Jake.
"I think I'm gonna boycott all the dances from now on." Elyse said turning to Patrick. Who just smirked before responding,
"No you won't. You'll go and you'll like it. Mainly 'cause I'm going to be dragging you as my date from now on. You clean up pretty darn good." Molly didn't dignify that with anything other then a smack upside the back of his head.
Once the teens arrived at the college Matt dropped the girls and Patrick off at the front of the gym before going to park the car.
"At least this way three of us stay completely dry." He said as he drove off. A few minutes later Matt joined them and the four friends headed inside the gymnasium lobby. Walking over to the table that said "Glenbrook South" they checked in and entered the gym. The theme this year was "Heaven" so the room was done entirely in white, silver, and gold. Fog machines made the room look like it was in a cloud. A DJ was spinning music and the dance floor was full of kids dancing to the latest top 40 singles.
"Well...I could do without the music but the decorations are really pretty." Molly stated as the kids walked around trying to find an empty table. Once they were settled at a small table that had room for six Matt suggested they all go dance. Elyse agreed right away but Molly and Patrick both looked a little nervous about the idea.
"Come on you two. Don't be boring. We have to show these cookie cutters what real people are like." Elyse ordered as she grabbed both of their hands and herded them onto the crowded dance floor.
The four friends spent the next hour jumping and bopping around the dance floor and generally dancing exactly how you weren't supposed to dance to bad ninties rap music. Then just as they were about to sit down the DJ made an announcement,
"This next song is going out to all you kids who know that skank is not necessarily another word for whore. Soooo...lemme see you dance." And with those words all of a sudden Save Ferris' cover of "Come On Eileen" blared out of the speakers. The four friends litterally screamed before busting out their best skanking, they were quickly joined by a few of the other misfits amongst the crowd. Halfway through the song even some of the most uptight pop princessess had begun to dance to the music. Save Ferris was followed by Less Than Jake, which was followed by Operation Ivy, followed by Green Day and so on and so forth.
Taking a break from dancing to grab a drink Molly followed a laughing Patrick over to the refreshments and asked him,
"Is this normal music at these dances?"
"NO!" Patrick said while rocking out to "Beer", "Ava said they were getting a new DJ though so maybe that's why."
"Could be. Whatever the reason this is amazing. I mean can you believe we're listening to Reel Big Fish at a high school dance? And can you believe your hair is slowly turning purple from the little green alien standing there sucking out your brains and you aren't listening to a damn word I'm saying are you?" Molly finished by waving a hand in front of Patrick's face before turning to see what he had been staring at. And there standing a few feet away from them looking every inch the little lost innocent girl was a tall blonde. 'great. so not only is this not a date. but its a non-date where the other half is interested in someone else. funtimes.' Molly thought to herself as she tried to figure out who the hell this girl was. She certainly didn't go to GBS.
"Molly, I'll be right back." Patrick said walking off with both his and Molly's drinks and over to the blonde. Molly watched as they both said their hello's, shuffled their feet nervously, and then watched as Patrick handed the blonde her drink before sitting down and striking up a conversation with her.
"URGH! MEN!" Molly almost screamed before stomping off to the table she and her friends had been sitting at. By this time the DJ had switched back over to current mainstream hits and Elyse and Matt were sitting at the table cracking up over something.
"Who is she?!" Molly said as soon as she sat down.
"Uhh....the voices in your head Molly. Do not listen to them." Matt stated in a confused tone of voice.
"shut up Matthew. Who is SHE?" Molly stressed the she in her question and pointed across the room at Patrick and the blonde. Following her finger both Elyse and Matt said at the same time "Holy Fucking Shit."
"Wha?" Molly asked smartly.
"That's Allison." Matt elaborated.
"THAT is Allison?!" Molly asked at the same time that Elyse asked "You told her about Allison?!"
"Yes." Matt said simply in answer to both questions.
"Well, if that's the uber slut bitch whore pick your choice phrasing. Then why is he talking to her? and why did he become enthralled when he spotted her?"
"Cause he thinks he's in love with her." Elyse said rolling her eyes. "He isn't. Trust me. But he thinks he is. So don't worry."
"Why would I be worried if Patrick thinks he's in love with someone?" Molly asked with her confusion coloring her question.
"Uhh..." Elyse and Matt both looked at her funny before cracking up. "That's so cute. You haven't even realized it yet have you?" Matt asked her.
"Realized what?!" Molly questioned her friends getting incredibly frustrated.
"Nevermind doll." Matt reassured her, "You'll figure it out eventually. These things have to happen on their own."
"Yea, seriously." Elyse agreed, "Now come on let's go get Romeo before he does something stupid and head to the diner and meet up with the guys. This is almost over anyway."
The three teens stood up and made their way over to where Patrick was sitting by himself staring dejectedly in the direction of Allison bumping and grinding on some football player sized guy.
"Come on Stumph, let's go get some pie." Elyse said softly as they reached him. Patrick glanced up and sighed before standing up and walking out with his friends.

A/N: The title is from "Look at You" by Hanson. yes Hanson.
Secondly--I hated dances in highschool. Sooo..this was painful for me to write. I never had any fun at mine but I wanted the kiddies to have fun.
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