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10. Hate is a Strong Word

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in which the four musketeers hang out with the three stooges post-dance.

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Thankfully on the drive over to the diner from the dance the rain actually stopped completely. As the suburban pulled up in front the teens were thrilled to see the place practically empty. In fact, upon walking in they realized that the only people in the diner other then the rest of the band was two old men drinking coffee and playing cards in a booth. Joe, Andy, and Pete however we're more then making up for the fact that the place was empty. The three young men were sitting at a long table playing finger football and had obviously already gone through a few sodas and a plate of french fries.
"Gee, did anyone ever tell you boys that patience is a virtue?" Elyse asked as she sat down next to Joe. Patrick plopped down in the chair to the right of Pete who was sitting at one end of the table. Molly sat down next to him which placed her across from Elyse and Matt stood there with his arms crossed and cleared his throat.
"Ooops. Sorry dude." Andy started before grabbing another chair and dragging it up next to Elyse.
"So, Molly," Pete started as everyone perused the menu's, "have you given any thought to my little offer?"
"Have you given any thought to the children you might like to still be able to have in the future?" The brunette responded without glancing up from her menu.
"I'll take that as a no."
"Nah, you can take that as a not in this lifetime." She shot back.
"Damn, you two are either going to kill each other or fuck. Can you let me know which when you figure it out so I know if I should hide or sell tickets?" Joe observed with an intrigued look on his face.
"Do I even want to know which one you want to watch and which one you don't?" Matt questioned looking past Elyse at the other man.
"Use your imagination." Joe said with a smirk.
"Ok...ew." Elyse added looking over at Molly and adding "I'm sorry pumpkin."
"Eh, whatever. Pete talks now and I just hear Charlie Brown's teacher."
As the conversation progressed along those lines Patrick just looked more and more uncomfortable sitting between Molly and Pete. The two couldn't seem to stop their attacks on each other. And after about twenty minutes of it he had enough.
"GOD! Would you two please shut the fuck up?!" The normally quiet bespectacled boy shouted. And the entire diner went dead silent. The other six members of the party just stared at him in total shock.
"Dude. Who are you and what have you done to my best friend?" Matt asked trying to break the extreme awkwardness of the moment.
"No. I'm not playing that game this time." Patrick shut Matt up with that statement, then he turned to Pete and said "You are one of my best friends," turning to Molly he added, "as are you. I just want you both to get along. Or at least act civil in one anothers precense. The reason you "hate" each other so much is that you are too alike. You'll figure that out eventually. Now SHUT UP until you can say something without insulting each other." With that final word he stabbed a piece of chicken with a fork and shoved it in his mouth as though to accentuate his point.
"uhhh....and with that, I think I'm done." Elyse said pushing her half finished burger away from in front of her.
"Yea seriously." Joe added staring at the rest of his grilled cheese.
Molly glanced at Pete and saw that he was staring off into space looking incredibly troubled. 'good.' she thought to herself before immediatly regretting it. 'Maybe Patrick is right. Maybe Pete and I are too alike. Something about him makes me nervous though. Looking into his eyes is like looking into a mirror. And I don't like him at what does that say about me?'
"So, how about we do something fun?" Molly verbalized since no one else seemed in the mood for talking after Patrick's little out burst. Pete looked over at Molly and added,
"Yea, fun is good. Let's do something fun." Both of them were trying despretly to bring some life back into the party as they both realized that it was their bickering that had caused the mood to downswing.
"How about Mini-Golf?" Andy suggested
"Uhh...Andy its been raining all day." Molly said, thinking she was stating the obvious.
"Yes it has. But we have an indoor entertainment complex around here. Indoor mini-golf, go kart's, stationary rides. Stuff like that. And on Saturday it's open til 3am. You guys brought clothes right?"
"YES!" Elyse exclaimed, "why the hell didn't we think of that originally?"
"'cause I'm better looking and smarter."
"The jury is still out on that one dude." Patrick shot back as the group stood up to go pay the check.

Once the teens had gotten changed and they all piled into their respective cars they managed to arrive at the sports complex by 11:30 p.m. They quickly decided to do go-kart's and rides first, then they would play a round of golf before heading home.
"I call blue!" Molly yelled as they all piled onto the track and raced for cars.
"But I want blue!" Pete whined.
"Idiot, there are like six blue cars." Someone yelled back at him.
"Oh." Pete said dumbfounded as he shook his head before jumping into another blue car. Patrick jumped into the green car right next to Molly and looked over at her before laughing evilly and stating,
"Remember Donkey Kong? This is going to be a much bigger asskicking for you."
"Oh! Doth mine ears decieve me. Who beat who shortstack?"
"No mocking the height biotch!"
"Ooo...That's it Patty-cakes you're going downnnnnnnn sugah!" Molly said in a fake southern accent while trying not to fall over laughing at the weird expression on Joe's face from where he was next to Patrick.
"Patty-cakes?" Joe mouthed silently to himself which just caused Molly to laugh even harder.
"Shit" she said as the buzzer sounded and everyone took off. Smashing her foot to the gas pedal she zoomed off with the rest of them and tried to catch Patrick.
"Come back here you human hatrack!" She screamed after him as all the friends swerved around tire piles and tried not to hit each other while at the same time kick their friend's asses.
After a few more laps the red light came on signalling the end of the race. All the friends piled out and Patrick ran over to Molly before picking her up and swinging her around upside down while proclaiming "I Beat You! I Beat You!" displaying true late night over tired euphorpic behavior.
"And if you don't put me down I am going to actually beat you." She laughed and slapped his rearend.
'ok...Patty-cakes has a nice ass, when did that happen?'./Molly started thinking to herself before catching the thought and finishing with 'ahhh. Wrong wrong wrong'/
The rest of the night progressed like that. The seven friends ran around for the next three hours playing games, riding rides, and playing a game of Mini-Golf that turned scarily competitive when it was obvious Molly and Pete were the two best players. Each was determined to beat the other. When it ended in a tie the other five awaited the fireworks that they were positive would happen.
"Nice game Wentz." Was how the game actually ended. Everyone stared at Pete to see his reaction, and when he reached out and shook Molly's hand and said,
"Yea you too O'Conell." they we're more then a little shocked.
They all relaxed however when Pete reached out and pulled Molly to him before planting a big kiss on her forehead, to which she reacted by pushing him onto the ground and immediatly started berating him for daring to invade her personal space, while Pete layed on the ground cracking up. Things were back to normal and all was right with the world.
Patrick sighed and shook his head as he grabbed Molly's arm and dragged her in the direction of the car with her still ranting about Pete and his "asshole-ish-ness" after she had tried so hard to be nice. The rest of the group could still hear her in the parking lot over Pete's laughter as they payed the bill for the night before heading home.

A/N: The title is from "Hate (I really don't like you)" by the Plain White T's (whom I love!)
secondly, my friend pointed this out. Andy didn't actually join FOB until after "An Evening Out..." was recorded. I know this. For the purpose of this story however I don't care. Just wanted to make sure everyone knew that.
also, I just realized how short this one was. It took a long time to write too. damn.
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