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Authors Note Part 3

by luckysgc921 3 reviews

in which I ask a question. please read and "respond".

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Dear Readers,

Yes its me again. I kinda wanna take a brief "poll" I guess you could say.

I finished the outline of the entire story, and while I am not going to spoil any of my "plans" I would like your opinions.

Is there anything you absolutely totally want to see happen? I'll try to work it in somewhere.
While my plans are set in stone for the big things in the story, I can move stuff around for smaller details if anyone has anything they would love to see.
This is definitly going to be of epic lengths based on the outline so I've got plenty of "time" to work in little things.


P.S.- I'm going to try and get at least one more update by Thursday but if I don't then I won't get another til Sunday. sorry.
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