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AU, Post OotP, No HBP, Harry knows he must take on Voldemort and finds unexpected allies.

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Goblin Conspiracy
By Loralee
Disclaimer: Not mine I'll put them back when I'm done playing.

Harry woke early, showered and dressed, this time in dark blue trousers and lighter blue shirt, the open robe again matching the color of the trousers. He opened the primer book that Sirius left for him. Harry was rather confused it appeared to be an alphabet picture book; he saw C is for Centaur, with a picture and M is for Muggle. He raised an eyebrow at the extremely stupid looking man in the picture. He turned a couple of pages to find W is for Wand rather than wizard as he had expected. He turned back to the beginning of the book hoping to find out why Sirius wanted him to read a picture book. There were instructions on the table of contents page and much more content than the book showed.

The book it seemed would change as the student aged. Harry skimmed the list of chapters and saw entries by age group and subject.

The chapter on Controlling Accidental Magic caught his eye and he tapped that title. The book wiggled in his hand and opened to the first page. There were two sections; the first was a short story about a wizard boy who was having problems with accidental magic and whose parent told him if he wanted to be treated as a big boy instead of a baby he had to learn control. The second section Harry found much more interesting.

Magic is easily fueled by emotions. To better control magic, one must understand and be able to use their emotions in a controlled manner.

The book went on to lay out the precise manner in which the young witch or wizard cleared their mind of excess emotions and organized them into a usable foundation to power magic.

With blinding clarity Harry understood how to clear his mind and just why Snape never told him how to do it. Snape was under the delusion that Harry already knew because it was one of those things that 'everyone' knew.

He went back to the table of contents making a mental note to read certain sections like; Fables, Kitchen Potions for the Beginner, Common Interactions and Reactions of Herbs and Plants, and Etiquette for Young Wizards then he turned to Vocabulary Words. Harry recognized lists of potions ingredients, quidditch moves, the names of charms and magical creatures. The pages could be set to display full definitions or descriptions or just the word lists.

Harry shook his head and laid the book aside. He would have given half his vault to have access to such a book before his first year. He wondered if Hermione knew that such a book existed. Before he could really think through his actions he dug out the slip of paper with Hermione's number and was dialing his new magical mobile phone.

He was struck by the thought that it was a foolish thing to do just as a voice on the other end said, "Hello."

"Er, Hi, Hermione?" he stuttered.

"Harry? Is that you? Why are you calling, is everything all right? Something's wrong isn't it? Quick, tell me!" she almost screamed, all in one breathe.

"Hermione, I'm fine, nothing is wrong. I just wanted to talk to you," said Harry, now sounding sheepish, "If I'd know it would upset you I wouldn't have called."

"Oh Harry, honestly, I'm not upset. Just surprised you've never called me before; I didn't think that your relatives would let you. Are you sure everything is ok?" she sounded much calmer now.

"Yes, but I wanted to let you know that I've left the Dursley's," he heard her suck in breath and hurried on, "please don't yell, Hermione. I can't stand living there and no matter what anyone says I wasn't safe. I have an analysis of the wards, if you'd like a copy I'll send it to you. Those Blood Wards that are the reason Dumbledore said I had to stay there haven't been active in years. The only non standard ward is one to keep my mail from getting to me. What do you think of that?"

There was silence from Hermione's end of the phone for a moment. "Send me the analysis, Harry. I won't yell, yet. Does Dumbledore know where you are?" Harry thought she sounded overly calm like someone speaking to a person on a ledge.

"Uh, no, and I'm not going to tell him or you. I don't want him to Legilimens it out of your head. I'm perfectly safe, Hermione, I swear."

"All right, is there some way I can contact you though?" she said, though he could hear her teeth grinding.

"Oh I have a magical mobile phone. Let me give you the number. I will send the information on how you can get one too if you want."

"That would be acceptable. Let me get a pen."

Harry gave her the number and extracted a promise from her not to tell anyone that she'd heard from him.

"Harry are you sure you are ok? No dreams or-" she broke off.

"Honest, I'm fine. I...I feel pretty good, I got a letter from Sirius. He made plans for this summer and while I know that what happened is somewhat my fault, I should have listened to you. I also know that he wouldn't want me to throw away the opportunity he gave me or to mope around. He would want me to live and play pranks and to, you know, do stuff."

There was a pause and then, "Is this what this is about? Why you left? A PRANK!"

He snorted, "No Hermione, it's deadly serious, this is my life and I have things I have to do and learn before I face Voldemort so that I can have a life after he is gone."

"Harry," there was a little sob, "You don't have to fight him, Dumbledore and the Order and the Ministry and..."

"I do, Hermione, it's what the prophecy was about and Dumbledore has know all this time. Please Hermione, if you care about me as a friend believe me when I say that I can and will defeat him and I really think I have a chance now to survive it. I have some help Hermione. I can do it."

"I believe you Harry, I want to help. Please let me help," she said.

"I'll see what I can do." He looked up to see Safelock entering the room, "Look I have to go. You have my number and I'll send you the stuff. careful, bye," and he hung up before she could say anything else.

Harry set the phone on the table and closed his eyes; he took a deep breath and blew it out. Opening his eyes once more he looked at Safelock sitting across from him.

"Good morning Safelock, what's on the agenda for today?" he asked.

"I have the information for your trip abroad," he said, with a decided smirk. "Harry James Potter left for New York at 9pm last night. A young goblin, Nobnose was just assigned to our New York branch and agreed to impersonate you. He is interested in learning more about humans, muggles in particular and was happy to fly to his new posting the muggle way. I also purchased tickets under the names; Harry Potter to Australia, James Potter to Belgium, Harry Black to Bolivia and James Black to Hawaii. I've been informed that Alastor Moody is in charge of tracking you; he has extensive contacts in muggle law enforcement. I've arranged a portkey seller in New York to provide six portkeys to various destinations to young Nobnose in his guise as Harry Potter. When questioned the seller will identify you and provide those following you with the six additional destinations. Nobnose will courier the portkeys to me and if we find it necessary we can send further decoys."

Harry laughed at the thought. "Sound great, thanks for taking care of that for me."

Safelock bowed slightly, "I have also asked Patricia Comstock to come this afternoon and help you set up an owl post drop and to teach you the detection charms needed to scan mail and prevent tracking of your owl," said Safelock.

Harry nodded, "That sounds great, I also want to see the Potter ancestry vault today and if there is time I want to buy a broom. I hope to get my broom back from school but I really want to fly soon. Maybe I should write to McGonagall. She could put it my vault, right?" asked Harry.

"Of course, Harry, I that is one of the reasons I was thinking you could keep these rooms as an office of sorts. There may be days when you won't wish to travel to your home after combat lessons and your mail could come here. Kikki is capable of sorting it," said Safelock.

"That sounds great if you wouldn't mind," said Harry. Then he called softly, "Kikki?"

"What may Kikki do for Master Wizard?" asked the small elf.

"Safelock has suggested I keep these rooms even though I won't be here all the time, and that you might be willing to sort any mail that I have sent here. Is that all right with you?" he asked.

The elf beamed at him, "Kikki likes Master Wizard and is happy to be asked to take of Master Wizard even if only part time. What elf be taking care of Master Wizard at Master Wizard's home?" she demanded.

"I don't have an elf there, Kikki, I can take care of myself," he assured her. This was obviously the wrong thing to say.

"Master Wizard must have elf. Kikki will find elf for Master Wizard's home," and she popped away with a determined air.

Safelock smirked at Harry's horrified expression.

"There is one other matter, Harry, the reading of Mr. Black's will. With your permission I would like to schedule it for three weeks, say July 30th?" said Safelock.

"Ok, why then?" asked Harry.

"My instructions are to send Albus Dumbledore a letter at least three weeks prior to the reading. I can send that letter today. Due to Mr. Black's legal difficulties he was not allowed to file a new will, the one we have on file is dated August 2nd 1980. In it he leaves everything to you, with no exceptions. As you know, after that time Mrs. Black died and although she told various family members and others that she had disinherited Sirius Black, she filed no legal paperwork nor did she leave a will of her own. So as Sirius Black was his father's heir he was left the Black Estate and with his death the entailed portions, as I've told you, must go to the next Black by Blood, Draco Malfoy."

Harry grinned and nodded.

"We believe that if the will is read prior to your birthday, Albus Dumbledore, who is not mentioned in the will and therefore will not be invited to the reading, will in try to insert himself into the reading as your representative. It may be quite interesting to allow this." Safelock said with a smirk.

Harry's brow wrinkled as he thought about it. "But won't Dumbledore try to interfere?"

"How better to deflect suspicion from Gringotts and yourself when Mr. Malfoy discovers just what his inheritance entails?" asked Safelock, in a wholly unbelievable innocent voice.

A wry grin spread across Harry's face, "Safelock I think you must have been a marauder. That is positively evil. I like it."

"I must confess, it was Mr. Black's idea. Although he did not expect to die he told me that it was a possibility and that he want to be prepared for it. I am sorry for your loss, Harry, Mr. Black was truly remarkable."

They sat there in companionable silence for a moment and then Safelock excused himself to begin work on the reading and Harry decided to write Professor McGonagall.

Harry opened the door to a small, gray haired woman with dark eyes and a smiling face, shortly after lunch.

"Good afternoon, I'm Pat Comstock, Safelock said you would be expecting me?" she said, sticking out her hand.

"Hi, come on in," he let her in and shook her hand.

"I am supposed to help you learn how to set up mail wards and filters?" she asked.

"Yes, ma'am, where do we start?" asked Harry with a smile.

"First call me Pat, then tell me about the set up you have now, Mr. Potter? They should be pretty thorough as you are a public figure who must receive quite a lot of unsolicited mail," said Pat

"I haven't a clue, I've never gotten any mail other than from friends or Hogwarts, oh and uh under age warnings from the Ministry," said Harry somewhat sheepishly.

Pat frowned and said, "You have no idea what kind of mail wards you are under? We'll need to do a scan then, I should teach you that as well. It's a good idea to scan yourself every once in a while just to make sure you haven't be hexed or tagged with a tracker."

"Constant Vigilance is it?" said Harry with a big grin.

Pat grinned back, "I worked with Alastor Moody years ago, and I'm surprised that you know him, oh wait he taught one year at Hogwarts, didn't he?"

Harry sighed and shook his head, "No not really, it's a long story though."

She laughed, "Well you can tell me later then. You have parchment?"

Harry looked doubtful for a moment before Kikki popped in with parchment, quill and ink and vanished again.

"I'll take that as a yes," she laid out the materials and drawing her wand explained, "There are two different spells that can be used to check yourself or others for Spellwork. The first is the most common, you may already know it, as it is use to determine the jinxes and the like for reversal. Hogwarts teachers and the mediwitch there would use it."

She showed him the wand movement and incantation.

"I've seen this but never used it," he said.

"All right, it can be use two ways, as a heads up display that only the caster can see or written when cast over to a quill. Try it. Just add a flip toward the quill at the end of the cast to set the quill moving."

Harry did that.

"Now the second is not normally cast on others as it is considered an invasion of privacy. It will detect personal wards and glamours, it can also find traces of Obliviate, Imperious, and other types of binding or controlling spells."

Again she showed him the wand movement and incantation.

"You're picking this up pretty fast. This spell is post Hogwarts level. I'm impressed. Ok, do this one with the quill flick also and we'll see just what kind of wards you have."

Harry released the spell onto the quill and watched it write away.

"Er, Pat? I have a goblin spell store, will that show on this scan?" asked Harry.

"Hmm, well we will find out won't we?" She picked up the parchment as the quill stopped writing. "Ok, I see two tracking spells, the standard Ministry one on your wand and a second on your glasses. Pretty heavy owl wards, I don't recognize the coordinates but I show you how to figure them. Oh, that's not right; hold still a second while I check something. Ok that's a binder, and then this indecipherable mess at the bottom would be the goblin spells."

"A binder?" asked Harry, in confusion.

"Yes, let me explain and then we will get rid of all of it and start over with the wards. A binder is usually placed on toddlers or small children who show early signs of magic. It can be placed by parents, if they are strong enough or by a mediwitch or wizard. It should be removed by the age of five or six when the child starts learning how to control their emotions and the accidental magic that comes with it."

"Could this have affected my magic?"

"Well I suppose it may have made some things harder to learn, it may give you a little power boost when it comes off. It may hurt just a bit when we remove it," she said

Harry snorted and rolled his eyes. "Just a bit huh?"

Nothing to worry about, really," she tried to reassure him.

"So why didn't someone find this before now?" Harry asked.

"I can't answer that, Mr. Potter, I would have thought you'd be checked but I suppose that because you were so young when your parents were killed it's possible that your parents didn't mention it to anyone or they didn't remember ten years later." She shrugged, "Luck of the draw, I suppose."

To Harry's surprise the removal of the binding spell really didn't hurt. Pat had him learn the incantation for that removal as well as the other spells for the owl wards and anti tracking and scrying spells that could be attached to an owl. By the time she left just before dinner Harry was confident that he could screen his mail and discover any covert spells that other people might attempt to place on him. Pat also left him a slender book titled Personal Wards: A Guide to Self Protection. He had practiced the other spells on Hedwig and rewarded her.

The tracking spells on him and his wand had been removed and he could now leave Gringotts without Dumbledore and the Order finding him. He really wanted to go see his new house.

He showed Hedwig his goblin glamour and told her to be sure not to bring him mail addressed to Harry Potter when he was in disguise. She seemed to understand him and after nibbling his ear and tweaking his hair flew to the desk where the letter for McGonagall lay and stuck out her leg.

Kikki popped her up to the Gringotts Owlery and then popped back with Harry's dinner.

After dinner Harry, under glamour as Jay Hart, left Gringotts to stroll Diagon Alley. He stopped in at Quality Quidditch Supplies and picked out a new Firebolt Mark 2 and a practice snitch. He stopped for an ice cream at Fortescue's and returned to Gringotts for a trip down to the Potter Ancestry Vault and a peek at the crates of his parent's possessions.

Harry was thrilled to find a photo album, a box of love letters from his father to his mother, and a small box of jewelry among to boxes of old clothes and dishes retrieved from Godric's Hollow.

Back in his rooms, with a snack provided by Kikki, Harry carefully turned the pages of the album to gaze on the faces of his mother and her friends, finding the Marauders in the background of many of them. There were neatly written labels beneath each picture. The pictures spanned his Mother's time in Hogwarts through her marriage to his father and ending with his first birthday party. It was a relic with out price and he went to sleep that night with smile on his face.

The next morning just after breakfast Kikki brought two elves with her.

"Master Wizard, this being Trellis and Flip, Kikki is thinking they be good to take on Master Wizards care and house," she said.

Harry turned to the two elves and smiled. "I'm pleased to meet you both."

The female looked him up and down, poked one long finger into his ribs then spoke, "Master Wizard is scrawny child, Master Wizard needs to eat more, Trellis will feed Master Wizard up and Flip will make garden for healthy food."

"I'm not a child, I'll be sixteen soon," objected Harry.

"Master Healer has left list of potions and meals for Master Wizard," said Kikki to Trellis. Trellis nodded and turned to Harry.

"Trellis agrees to work for Master Wizard child and take care of him. Where is house?" she stated.

"Wait," shouted Harry, startling the elves that had not really been paying attention. "I am not a child, I won't be hiring you if you continue to call me that," he said sternly, "You will call me Harry not Master Wizard."

"Of course Master Harry, Trellis and Flip is a good elfs and will doing as Master Harry asks. Trellis will be taking good care of Master Harry," she said with a soothing tone.

Harry looked over at the still silent Flip who only shrugged a bit and Harry suddenly felt that Trellis was very similar to Mrs. Weasley.

"All right the property is called Hart Home in Wales, I don't know if there is a garden, I'll speak to Safelock and get you access to my vault for household money. I'm not sure how often I'll be there but I intend to go see the house today. I'll be under goblin glamour though." He flicked the goblin store and showed the elves his new appearance.

Safelock arrived then and he and Harry sat down to discuss the day's agenda. Harry had the rest of the morning free but was to meet a possible Occlumency teacher after lunch.

The next day would start physical training in the mornings with exercise and weapons training. After lunch would be two hours of Mind Magics; starting with Occlumency and an over view of the other branches with emphasis on any talents that presented themselves. Then a rotating schedule of Magic training; offensive, defensive, runic casting, and battle magic, after dinner each evening would be Politics, goblin language, tactics and strategy.

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