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Interlude 2

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AU, Post OotP, No HBP, Harry knows he must take on Voldemort and finds unexpected allies.

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Goblin Conspiracy
By Loralee
Disclaimer: JK Rowling owns Harry Potter, she should take better care of him.

Interlude 2
The Order

It was a subdued group who met in the Headmasters office.

"Who would like to go first?" asked Dumbledore.

"I'd like to hear what Snape has to say, Albus," said Remus Lupin.

Severus Snape was sitting in the shadows but everyone could see he looked unwell.

"I do not know what the Dark Lord did, I have not been summoned since the incident. I was hit with a burning pain that sapped all of my energy. Poppy says that I will recover but I am surprised that there were no deaths. I was not aware that the Dark Lord was able to draw on my magic in such a manner. It has left me - unsettled," he said.

"But do you think he has Harry?" questioned Remus.

"I don't know, I've sent a message to one of my contacts, that spends time with the Dark Lord but I haven't received an answer," Snape bit out.

"What kind of message?" asked Moody suspiciously.

"I asked what happened and told him to inform the Dark Lord that I was alone when it happened and that no one knew, that my cover, such as it is, was still intact," said Snape.

"Enough, this is not getting us anywhere," said Dumbledore, "Minerva?"

"I received a letter from Harry. He made no mention of difficulties only asked that I take his broom to Gringotts for storage in his vault and request the lifting of his Quidditch ban. I wrote back asking him to inform me of his whereabouts and health," she said.

"Did you place a tracking charm on the owl?" asked Dumbledore leaning forward.

"Harry's owl left before I could," she admitted, "but I placed a tracker on the school owl. It delivered to Gringotts. I believe he has most probably placed a redirect on his post."

Dumbledore sighed.

Alastor Moody chuckled and began his report, "That lad is a bright boy, Albus I believe you've underestimated him. I could find neither hide nor hair of him in the magical world so I called Trevor Winston, you remember him? Squib out of the Bamfield line. Well he's working in muggle law enforcement so I had him put out a 'detain for questioning' on Potter. He found trace of him at the muggle airport, thought we'd caught him but when we got there we found they had detained a fifty year old muggle named Harold Potter who was traveling to Rome."

"Are you sure it wasn't him in disguise?" asked Arthur.

"I'm sure. The man was traveling with his wife. Seems whoever took the security report wrote fifty instead of fifteen. Winston found reservations for Harold Potter, Harry Potter, James Potter, Harry Black, Harrell Black, James Black, and JR Black all over the last three days. The man we caught was actually the last. All the others have already left. The information we have doesn't tell us the age so we are chasing them all down."

Dumbledore sighed once more. "Very well, there is nothing more we can do. The letter to Minerva seems to indicate that Voldemort does not have Harry. We will just have to do our best to find him and see that he returns to safety. We have other matters to discuss. I received a letter by way of Gringotts from Sirius Black."

"What? What does it say?"

"Don't you already know Lupin?" said Snape with a sneer.

"Severus, that's enough. Apparently Sirius sent it to his account manager with instructions to forward it to me in the event of Sirius's death. It warns that Grimmauld Place in entailed and will go to young Malfoy. It also suggests that the household goods be dispersed before the reading of the will and has a list of gifts for various people," said Dumbledore. "We will need to work hard to clear the house before the will is read on July 30th. If we don't find young Mr. Potter before then I'm sure he will be at the reading."

"I'd like to see the list, if you don't mind, Albus," said Remus.

"Of course, Remus, I'd like you to be in charge of the clean up and disbursement if you would. You will need to find a way to dispose of Mrs. Black I believe and we will need to do something with the house elf," said Dumbledore.

"The elf is dead and I think I know a way to get rid of the portrait. Sirius and I discussed it just before-well, consider it taken care of," said Remus.

"Then I think that concludes our business here."

The Ministry

Amelia Bones sighed and looked at the unspeakable across from her.

"None of the Death Eaters knew anything about what Voldemort had been doing. None of them even suspected that the Dark Mark incorporated a power drain. You believe that if someone somehow manages to kill him all the marked Death Eaters will die with him?"

"That is correct Minister," said the unspeakable.

"Well from one stand point that is a good thing, I suppose," she mused, "we won't have to try them but I don't like it."

"We've also learned that the Potter boy has left the country," the unspeakable grinned, "he's muddied his trail quite a bit, Dumbledore has set Alastor Moody to tracking him down but believes that he will be back for the Will reading of Sirius Black on July 30th. My people will continue to monitor the situation."

"Black?" asked Bones startled.

"Black is the Potter boy's godfather, or rather was. We've done an investigation. Black was placed in Azkaban without trial, Potter is convinced that Black was not the secret keeper for the Potters and that Pettigrew is alive. This file has the details," he said and handed the new Minister a file.
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