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AU, Post OotP, No HBP, Harry knows he must take on Voldemort and finds unexpected allies.

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Goblin Conspiracy
By Loralee
Disclaimer: Not mine

Harry made his way to the security entrance in Gringotts and used the port key in his spell store to get to Hart Home. It was a three-story farmhouse with plenty of room. Trellis and Flip met him there and showed him around having already explored. He admired the quidditch pitch and went for a fly on his new broom. Peeked into the garage at his motorcycle and admired the greenhouse and large garden that Flip had started making neat.

He decided that he would try to spend at least the weekends here so that he could fly and to learn how to ride the motorcycle.

Harry used the floo that was set for outgoing traffic only to get to the Leaky Cauldron and walked up Diagon Alley to Gringotts and entered through the employee entrance effectively setting up his Jay R Hart, Gringotts employee, identity for anyone watching.

After lunch Kikki let an older man into the suite.

"Hello Mr. Potter my name is Abercrombie, please call me Abie. I'm told that you wish to learn to occlude your mind," he said.

"Yes sir, call me Harry please."

Abie sat down in one of the armchairs and indicated Harry to sit opposite him.

"Tell me Harry, what you know of Occlumency?" asked Abie folding his hands across his front.

"Occlumency is supposed to keep others from reading my thoughts," said Harry.

"Have you had any training or read any theory?" asked Abie.

Well, Professor Snape at Hogwarts was supposed to teach me last year. It didn't go well, he'd tell me to clear my mind and then cast Legilimens on me. He didn't give me any books and there weren't any in the library. I didn't understand what he wanted me to do and to be honest, at the time; I didn't see the reason for it either. No one told me why I needed to learn it."

Abie nodded thoughtfully and said, "I take it that you now have a reason to learn?"

"Yes sir," said Harry.

"I have brought two books with me today." He pulled two miniature books from a pocket of his robe. "One is Mind Magick: A Practical Guide and the other is a muggle book called Yoga and You. The first three chapters of Mind Magick are Occlumency theory, please read them for tomorrow. There are two chapters in the yoga book on meditation. Meditation will aid you in clearing your mind. I see you have a primer, have you read the chapter on controlling accidental magic?"

"Yes just the other day, my godfather realized that there are things that everyone knows that I don't as I was muggle raised. So he got the book for me. It was very enlightening," said Harry with a grin.

"Very good, it is a shame that was not discovered earlier. I will be here Monday though Friday at 1pm. We will begin with Occlumency and when you have the basics of that move on to Legilimency. It is much easier to learn together."

"I saw some of Snape's memories a couple of times," said Harry.

Abie raised an eyebrow and said, "That may indicate that you are a natural legilimencer we will explore that if this arrangement is acceptable?" said Abie.

"That would be brilliant, sir," said Harry.

Abie smiled and replied, "That leaves only one other item for today," he drew his wand and held it up in front of his body, "I swear that I will not reveal any information learned in lessons with Harry Potter, by any means including orally, written or mentally, with out the express permission of Harry Potter."

His wand flared with the magic of the oath and Harry blinked in surprise.

"Thank you sir, that means a lot to me."

"It is a standard oath for this sort of work," he paused for a moment, "Mr. Snape did not make one?"

Harry shook his head and Abie tsked some and then took his leave.

While the Occlumency theory was dry and hard to get though there were one or two items that caused Harry to go 'Oh' and made it easier to understand what he was supposed to do. He pulled out parchment and made several notes to asked Abie for clarification and additional information.

At three his door guard escorted him, in his Jay Hart glamour, to a training room in the Security Division Section of the Bank.

A short wiry man with gray hair looked up and gestured him in. Harry thought he looked somewhat familiar.

"Welcome you are Mr. Hart? I'm Elmer Fudge, I'll be your instructor," said the man.

"Fudge?" asked Harry startled.

He sighed and said, "Yes I'm related to that bloody fool Cornelius. A second cousin but I am neither a politician nor a Death Eater," he pushed up the sleeves of his robes, "and my oaths to Gringotts won't let me tell tales about who I train."

"Er, thank you sir," said Harry.

"Well now that's out of the way, my instructions," he picked up a piece of parchment, " say I'm to have you for three hours, 3pm to 6 pm two days a week, to teach you to fight and defend yourself with magic and to expand your knowledge base of charms, spell and hexes, is that correct?"

"Yes sir that sounds about right," said Harry.

"Very well Mr. Hart, shall we start with a bit of a test? Come stand here and we'll go through the shields that you know."

Then he drew his wand and cast a stinging hex at Harry.

"Come now Mr. Hart shield," he chided. After several minutes of testing he lowered his wand and eyed Harry.

Harry let his shield drop.

"I think we'll try a different method, sit there." He pointed to a chair at a small table. Then he rifled through a stack of parchment. "Ah here we are. This is a comprehensive list of dueling spells and shields. Please go through the list a place a check mark beside the ones you know and can perform, at the end of the list add any addition spells and or shields that you know and can use."

Harry picked up the quill and began the list, it started with such things as jelly legs and tripping jinx and increased in strength as the list went on ending with the three unforgivables.

"I'm done sir," called Harry when he was finished.

"Let me see then," said Fudge. "Hmm well on your feet then, stand here, there's the target." He handed the list back, "Start at the top and begin casting." Then he stood there waiting.

Harry nodded and turned to the target and began working his way down the list.

Forty minutes later Harry collapsed into the chair exhausted. He'd made his way through the entire list and Fudge had merely nodded and said 'aceptable' then began at the first spell on the list that Harry didn't know, showing him the wand movement and incantation and having him cast three or four times before moving on to the next unknown on the list.

They'd stopped in the bottom third when Harry could no longer master a spell by the fourth cast.

"Well I must say you didn't do as bad as I had expected," said Fudge pouring Harry a glass of juice.

Harry raised an eyebrow and asked, "What do you mean?"

Fudge smirked slightly and said, "While your spell knowledge is NEWT level you didn't do any silent casting which is taught post OWL at Hogwarts, so either you are much younger than you appear or you were home schooled and only went for your OWL's. Your ability to understand and learn new spells is excellent and your magic reserves are good, I'd expected you to exhaust your self much earlier."

He held up a hand when Harry opened his mouth and went on, "You don't have to confirm or deny any of that, it's none of my business. I believe that I can teach you and that is what is important. Now the last three, the Unforgivables, have you any experience with them?"

Harry nodded slowly and said, "I understand the theory behind them, I can throw off the Imperius, and I've had Cruciatus cast on me several times. The one time I tried to cast it however it failed and I was told I had to want to cause pain. I've seen Avada Kedavra used."

Fudge nodded and asked in a neutral tone, "Do you wish to learn to use them?"

Harry took a deep breath and stated, "Not particularly."

Fudge smiled then. "Good, we'll go over the theory and hopefully you will never be tempted to use them.

Harry nodded.

"Now although this is mostly a practical course I have a list of books you may wish to acquire. This list is only most basic of dueling class of spells. Later in the course I will be providing several books on the Dark Arts because you cannot defend against them if you do not understand the basic theory's behind them."

"I understand," said Harry.

"Good, now that you've rested lets start with the beginning of the list, this time you will try to cast silently, think the words to yourself and will the magic to obey. Begin," said Fudge gesturing to the target.

After a couple of false starts and some coaching from Fudge he was able to work his way though the first third of the list silently before his casting began to fail.

"Acceptable, something to work on if you have the time, Mr. Hart. You may find yourself hungrier than normal as you've expended quite a lot of energy today. Here is the book list and I'll see tomorrow at 3.

Outside the door the goblin who'd escorted him was waiting, startling Harry into asking, "Were you waiting all this time?"

The goblin smirked at Harry, "Yes sir, it's what they pay me for, and lovely duty it is. It certainly beats lobby duty or tomb guarding."

"All right as long as you're happy," said Harry.

Kikki had his supper waiting when he returned to his rooms and Fudge was right he was hungrier than usual and Kikki beamed happily when he polished off most of what she'd provided.

Safelock showed up after dinner and they discussed the day's lessons then Harry had some questions.

"Safelock aren't I taking up a lot of your time?" asked Harry.

"Not at all, Harry, Ragnok has appointed me your liaison with the High Council although he will be overseeing some of your training. It is quite a promotion in fact. I now have a staff of four to manage your account and take care of your business. I am also overseeing your guard force," said Safelock.

"I didn't think there was that much to manage," said Harry.

"Perhaps not at this point but I did wish to discuss further investment of your idle gold, there is also your 'trip abroad' to monitor and the ongoing investigation into the disappearance of mail sent to you by Gringotts and others," Safelock paused, "this is acceptable to you isn't it?"

Harry grinned and answered, "Of course, I just didn't know I was making so much work for you."

"You are not and I have the bonus of having Ragnok taking a interest in me and my work," said Safelock with a vicious show of teeth. "Now let us discuss some possible investment opportunities."

The next morning Harry was again led to the Security Division Section to an office.

"Come in," called the man when Harry knocked.

"Er, I'm Jay Hart I'm supposed to start physical training today," said Harry.

"Yep I've got the file, I'm Frank Most. You can call me Frank, Jay, if you're wondering I'm was a hit wizard trainer in the US and the goblins requited me to train their human security force. Now my note here tells me your wearing a glamour for security reasons, I'll need you to remove it for a body scan. That will give us a base line for designing a routine for you and reduce the risk of injury. My office is secure and my oaths cover your identity," said Frank with a smile.

Harry spelled off the glamour and grinned at Frank's startled expression.

"I'd guess you know who I am then?" asked Harry cheekily.

"I'd say so, I'm not surprised very often. All right stand over here and we'll get you started."

After the scan Frank set up a work out routine that would allow Harry to build up muscle mass and endurance. They then talked about what kind of weapons training Harry wanted. Frank decided he would take on Harry's weapon training himself.

"Ok one last thing, you need to key me or a healer that you trust into your glamour in case you are injured and can't cancel it yourself. Preferably both of us," said Frank.

"How do I do that?" asked Harry.

"It's relatively simple, I touch my wand to the item the glamour is attached to and you give me a password and key me in. Have you met any of the healers yet?"

"Healer Johnson has already treated me. I trust him," said Harry.

"Good choice," he said and pulled out a phone and dialed, "Hello, Neil? Frank, do you have a minute? I have a fellow with a glamour I'd like to key you into. My office, thanks." He turned back to Harry. "He'll be here in a couple of minutes."

Healer Johnson was happy to see Harry again and asked to monitor his progress. Harry agreed and after they were both keyed in and Harry again looked like Jay Hart he asked Harry to stop by his office after Frank showed him his routine.

Frank took Harry into the gym next to his office and showed him the equipment and how to use the various pieces and what he could do when the fancy equipment wasn't available. He made sure Harry knew to stretch and was doing it right and showed him the track and locker rooms. Then he took him into the weapons room and they picked out a wooden practice blade as Harry had told Frank he'd used a sword once to kill a snake and was interested in learning more about sword work.

Healer Johnson gave him the name of a Mind Healer, one who worked right there in Gringotts since Harry would be there. Her office was just down the corridor from Johnson's but Harry put off going in to see her and make an appointment. Instead opting to go eat lunch and reread parts of the Occlumency book before time for that lesson.

His afternoon rushed by and after dinner Ragnok arrived and they discussed politics and Harry learned that Cornelius Fudge had been one of the Death Eaters exposed by the cleansing ritual and the Amelia Bones was the new Minister.

He dropped into bed exhausted.

The next weeks flew by for Harry. Since he didn't have to worry about offending anyone if he learned to fast or waiting while someone else caught up. He soaked up the advance magic and weapons training like a sponge.

It seemed like no time at all until it was time for the reading of Sirius's will. Together Harry, Ragnok and Safelock had decided that 'Harry Potter' would not attend the reading. If asked the goblins would merely say that as the sole named heir Harry had a private reading.

The goblins had a request from the Minister, Amelia Bones to attend the reading with the head of the Wizengamot as a prelude to reopening the investigation into Sirius Black's involvement with the death of the Potters. Gringotts allowed this and made the reading open to any who wished to attend.

At 10 am on July 30th Ragnok sat at a conference table with two other goblins, Narcissa and Draco Malfoy, Albus Dumbledore and Amelia Bones.

"Welcome I am Ragnok, this is Breaklock," a middle aged goblin on Ragnok's right, "who is the new account manager for the Black Estate and Stormbrow," a much younger goblin on Ragnok's left, "my aide. We are gathered for the reading of the Last Will and Testament of Sirius Black," said Ragnok.

"What are they doing here?" questioned Draco with a sneer.

"The Ministry has taken an interest in Mr. Black's legal status and I have granted their request to hear the terms of his will," said Ragnok sternly.

"Just be quiet, Draco," murmured Narcissa.

"Now then if we may begin," said Ragnok as Stormbrow handed him some parchment.

Ragnok began to read aloud:

I Sirius Black, being of sound mind and body do here by make this my Last Will and Testament on this the 2nd day of August 1980. I do hereby name Harry James Potter as my sole heir and beneficiary. I leave to him all monies, properties, personal possessions, stocks, bonds, titles, and estates belonging to me, claimed or unclaimed, at the time of my death.

Signed: Sirius Orion Black
Witness: James Potter
Witness: Remus J. Lupin

"That's it? What about me, I'm supposed to be the Heir of the Black's," shouted Draco.

"Mr. Malfoy if you please, at the time of Mr. Black's will he had not yet inherited the Black estate, because of Mr. Black's legal difficulties he could not claim the estate nor could he change his will. However we have investigated and discovered that while Mr. Potter is Mr. Black's chosen heir he cannot claim the entailed portions of the Black Estate. Those portions must go to the closest male of Black blood to Mr. Black. Which of course would be yourself, Mr. Malfoy. Mr. Potter has already signed papers agreeing not to contest that decision."

Draco was smirking now and demanded, "Good, that means I'm Lord Black now?"

All three goblins frowned and Narcissa moved restlessly in her seat.

"Mr. Malfoy, you are still a minor and cannot claim control of the Black Estate until your majority. As you are not a Black in name you cannot claim the title as you are the heir to Malfoy. Do you wish to renounce the Malfoy name?" ask Ragnok showing his teeth.

"Of course I don't want to renounce my name fool, but I demand the Black title," said Draco with a scowl.

"As I said you cannot claim the Black title even when you attain your majority, however your second son can claim the title at the time of his majority, your first son being the Malfoy heir. If you die with out heir the title would revert to the next in line, the first son of Nymphadora Tonks assuming he cannot claim a title from his father's line," said Ragnok.

Narcissa placed a hand on Draco's arm and asked, "May I claim the Estate on my son's behalf as steward?"

"Of course Madam Malfoy,"

"What does that consist of?" snarled Draco.

Stormbrow handed another piece of parchment to Ragnok.

"There is the Manor house currently under Fidelius with an unknown secret keeper, there is the Ancestral Vault number 152, contents unknown and a mine in Africa owned by the Black Mining Company," stated Ragnok.

"That's it?" shouted Draco.

"That is enough Draco, hold your tongue or I will silence you," hissed Narcissa.

Draco turned red and pouted.

"Do you have any questions Madam?" asked Ragnok.

"Can the Fidelius be broken on the Manor?" asked Narcissa.

"Of course but there is a minimum fee of 500 hundred galleons. Breaklock can help you with the details in private if you'd like," said Ragnok.

Narcissa agreed and she and Draco followed the goblin out of the meeting room.

When they were gone Dumbledore leaned toward Ragnok and asked, "Shouldn't Mr. Potter have been here?"

"Mr. Potter as Mr. Black's sole heir had a private reading and has already received his portion of Mr. Black's estate, such as it was."

"I see," said Dumbledore.

"Madam Minister, Mr. Potter left this for you when he was informed that you would be reopening the investigation into Mr. Black," said Ragnok.

Stormbrow hand the Minister and small sealed box. Amelia broke the seal and found a small crystal vial with a silver memory strand sealed inside and a notarized affidavit that it was the memory of Harry James Potter and a note that if she had questions he could be contacted through Gringotts.

She refused to let Dumbledore touch it lest he disrupt the chain of evidence and took her leave.

Another goblin entered the room and passed note to Ragnok.

"Ah, Mrs. Malfoy wants the Fidelius broken immediately and is willing to pay extra for top of the line wards," he said to Stormbrow passing on the parchment. He turned back to the messenger. "I believe Steve and his team are standing by please ask them to report here, Griphook,"

Then he turned back to Dumbledore, "Mr. Dumbledore would you be willing to lift your Fidelius from Black Manor or shall I mention that the Malfoy's could press charges when the ward is broken and your magical signature is discovered hiding their property."

Dumbledore flushed and replied, "I'd be happy allow your team of warders into the house and aid them in removing any unwanted wards."

A team of four goblins entered the room and Ragnok held up a finger.

"Are there still any personal possessions of Mr. Black on the premises?" asked Ragnok.

Dumbledore shook his head, "Remus Lupin removed all of Sirius's things to hold for Harry."

Ragnok nodded and Dumbledore left with the four goblin warding team. Ragnok and Stormbrow could hear the headmaster asking the goblin how he got the name Steve as the walked down the corridor.

"Well, Stormbrow what do you think?" asked Ragnok.

"I think I need to write to Remus and find out what he has for me. Maybe it's time to write several people," said Harry releasing the goblin glamour and smirking at Ragnok.

Dear Remus

I just heard that you have some of Sirius's things for me. I'd like to meet with you before school starts and take look at what you have. I don't want you to tell Dumbledore, as I'm tire of him trying to control me. I am fine, safe and eating well. I put on several pounds and grown two inches due to nutrient potions. My healer says that I will never reach my full height though because of the malnutrition and neglect in my early childhood.

Now in case you think that telling Dumbledore about this letter would be in my best interest I've enclosed a copy of the ward analysis of number 4 Privet Drive. Dumbledore claimed I had to stay there because of Blood Wards. That these wards would protect me from Death Eaters and from Voldemort (who used my blood to get a new body, by the way)

When you decide drop me a line and we can meet.

Harry looked over the pile of correspondence and decided to write another letter.

Professor McGonagall

My mail has just caught up with me, I am fine, and I have gained weight and am very happy. Thank you for placing my broom in my vault. I would hate to have lost it. I have bought a new broom and am flying on a regular basis. Your letter didn't say if my ban was lifted or not.

As to your other enquiry I'm sorry that I cannot tell you where I am, as I believe you would tell the Headmaster. I am still quite angry with him and do not want to see or speak to him.

I would like to request that you send a new Hogsmeade visit permission slip with my school letter, as I am sure that the Headmaster will try to revoke the old one since Sirius is gone. I've enclosed a copy of my emancipation papers. As I am a legal adult I will of course be signing my own permission slip.

I think you will be surprised to hear that some one, perhaps my parents, cast a magic binding spell on me as a toddler. It was discovered and removed this summer and I am finding it much easier to do magic. I am wondering why this was never found on my many trips to the infirmary. I was told it is common for this type of spell to be cast on children to limit accidental magic. If I slipped through the cracks how many other orphans might have also. I also wonder if this could be part of Neville Longbottom's problem.

I've also enclosed a copy of the ward analysis done on number 4 Privet Drive. As you can see the Blood wards that were the reason I had to live in a house where I was hated and neglected do not exist.

I am using a mail forwarding service at Gringotts so my school letter should still reach me.

Thank you,
Harry Potter

Harry hadn't heard from any of the Weasley's so far so he thought he should write to Ron as well, though he'd talked to Hermione several times.

How have you been? I'm good, please let your Mum know that I have been eating well and have actually gained a couple of pounds. Sorry I haven't had the time to write sooner but I've been busy. I was surprised not to have gotten any thing from you but I guess Dumbledore told you not to write me for security reason again this year.

As you might know I'm not at the Dursley's any longer. I'm emancipated and my mail is now being forwarded by Gringotts so you can owl me. It just takes a little longer.

I'm hoping we can get together in Diagon Alley for our school shopping the end of August. I've really missed you and Hermione. Has she come to visit? How is everyone there? Say hi to the twins and Ginny for me and let me know how the Cannon's are doing.

Harry had finally spoken to the mind healer and she had convinced him that he would be doing the same thing to his friends that Dumbledore was doing to him by not giving them a choice to be his friends.

Happy Birthday! I hope that your holiday has been good and that your Grandmother didn't give you too hard a time over the loss of your Dad's wand. I'm sorry it got broken but I'm not sorry you came with me. I've been thinking about it and you really saved my hide. If it weren't for you I probably wouldn't have survived the fight.

You're a great wizard Neville and you can only get better. I'm glad that you are my friend even if I don't deserve it.

I've arranged a trip for your birthday present to Brazil to tour the greenhouses and plantations of Exotic Herbs and Fungus Distributors. Just see Safelock at Gringotts sometime in the next weed for the details. Your Gran can go too if you want.


He'd received several notes from Luna already and replied to each one so he didn't need to write to her.

He toyed with the idea of writing to other Order members but decided not to feeling he'd stirred the waters enough with the letters to McGonagall and Remus.

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