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Interlude 3

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AU, Post OotP, No HBP, Harry knows he must take on Voldemort and finds unexpected allies.

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Goblin Conspiracy
By Loralee
Disclaimer: JK Rowling owns Harry Potter and friends

Interlude 3

July 31st
The Order

The Burrow

The kitchen had been expanded somewhat and the table lengthened for the order meeting that afternoon. Molly Weasley had already sent Ron and Ginny up stairs and the twins were at their shop. She was complaining to a stern faced Minerva McGonagall.

"I just don't understand, Ron received a letter from Harry this morning. Why would he send a letter if he knew he was coming here this afternoon?" she asked.

Minerva shook her head, "I don't believe that Mr. Potter will be here today, Molly. Albus returned to the castle last evening exhausted and without Mr. Potter. I also received a letter and have something of interest for the meeting when Albus arrives."

Remus Lupin and Moody stood together in one corner huddled over a piece of parchment.

Dumbledore entered the kitchen door then followed by Snape and the group began to settle around the table.

"Where is Harry?" questioned Molly furiously.

"Young Harry did not attend the reading Molly," stated Dumbledore, "I was informed that he had a private reading, being Sirius's sole heir. However the house and ancestral vault went to young Malfoy and Narcissa moved to claim it immediately, unfortunately all of that wealth will be given to Voldemort. I would have advised Harry to fight the entailment but alas he had already signed a relinquishment."

There were mummers around the table and a snort from Snape.

Dumbledore continued, "Now Alastor how goes the search for young Harry?"

"We won't find him, Albus, and no one else will either," said the retired Auror with a twisted grin.

"What do you mean?" asked Dumbledore with a frown.

Moody's grin widened and he chuckled, "That boy is devious, Albus. We finally tracked him down to New York, my contacts all most missed where he reentered the Wizarding world there, but finally found a travel agency that sold him six portkeys to various destinations: the magical entrance to Disney World in Florida, a Native American Reservation in Montana, the embarkation point in Peru of a four week rafting excursion down the Amazon, Singapore, Shangri-La and of course Diagon Alley in London."

"Surely it can't be that hard to check those places, can it?" asked Arthur.

Moody chuckled again, "That Disney World place thousands of magical and muggle kids pass through there on a daily basis, the reservation is a central meeting point for several training centers and a youth quidditch camp, Potter could have used any name and they take non relatives asking questions about their youth very seriously. The rafting excursion had left by the time we tracked down the portkey. It's family run, an empty office and no records. Singapore has some 4 million people no way to tell if he is in the magical or muggle world there and I'm sure you know that Shangri-La is one of the largest of the hidden magical communities and that they take in political refuges all the time. All Potter would have to do there is claim asylum and any trackers could end up dead rapidly. Damn fine thinking there."

"Then he has help, Potter can't think if his life depended on it," snarled Snape bored with the talk of Potter.

Remus snarled at Snape, "Shut your mouth Snape."

"Severus," cautioned Dumbledore. "We must simply keep watch for Harry then."

"He wrote Ron that he'd like to get together for school shopping in August," volunteered Molly.

Dumbledore's eyes twinkled and he said, "Excellent, please let me know when the arrangements are made and we will pick him up in Diagon Alley. I expect it will be to late to return him to the Dursleys, will he be able to stay here, Molly?"

"What did you mean return him to the Dursley's?" asked Remus.

Dumbledore sighed and said, "He is safest there, the blood protection-"

Minerva interrupted surprising everyone, "What blood protection, Albus, I've spent the morning going over this," she threw parchment on the table, "with Vector and she couldn't see any indication of blood wards on Privet Drive."

"Minerva I'm sure I don't know what you've been looking at but," started Dumbledore.

"I received the same thing from Harry," grated Remus, "ward analysis of the Dursley residence."

Arthur had picked up the parchment and glanced at it before handing it to Bill.

"This is a copy of an official goblin ward analysis," said Bill looking over the document. "What kind of wards were they specifically?"

"They probably just didn't register with the goblin scan because it is an ancient spell based on love and family bonds. As long as Harry calls where his mother's blood dwells home he is protected from those who would do him harm," said Dumbledore no longer twinkling.

"No, the goblins would have recorded something like that, and it's not here, not even any trace of the spell remains," said Bill absorbed in the report.

"Harry told Sirius that he'd never considered the Dursley's as family that the only place he felt at home was Hogwarts," snarled Remus.

"I told you they were the worst sort of muggles, Albus," said Minerva.

Dumbledore just shook his head as he finally got a look at the report and the meeting descended once again into chaos.

The Ministry

Amelia Bones pulled out of the memory Harry Potter had provided. The confrontation between Black and Pettigrew with Lupin, a known werewolf, and three children as witnesses raised more questions than it answered. Here was proof that Peter Pettigrew was alive, with a confession from his lips of his betrayal of the Potters and Black, she could only wonder why Dumbledore had never pushed for a new trial while Black was alive.

She made notes on what she'd seen in the memory and decanted it back into the crystal vial. Then she wrote a letter to Potter asking to meet with him at his earliest convenience to discuss clearing Sirius Black's name.

Voldemort's Lair

"Well?" hissed Voldemort with impatience.

"The goblins have sent a message at last Master, they are willing to begin talks of an alliance," answered Pettigrew.

"Very well, we will need to send some one reputable. Bella send for your sister. I would speak with her," said Voldemort.

Bellatrix Lestrange bowed and walked swiftly from the room. Voldemort sat thinking over his plans.

She was back soon and reported, "Narcissa will arrive shortly Master."

"Good in the mean time we will send Potter a birthday present. Pettigrew you will take five of the recruits and attack the Weasley's, Goyle take five and attack the Granger girl's house, Bella take the rest to the Longbottom's, enjoy yourself. Potter will be devastated with the loss of his friends. He must suffer before I kill him," hissed Voldemort.
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