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So Done

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Theresa has a new boyfriend and things seem to be going great. Until he starts to show his true colours. When the one you think you love makes you cry who do you run to for comfort?

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Tory: Hey there! Everyone enjoying the New Year? I know that I'm supposed to get my butt in gear and finish 'Unwravelled Prophecy' and work on 'Deja Vu' and 'Another Hero: Point Xero'. But, I have there two one-shots/song-fics that are swirling around in my head and I just had to get them out. So they'll both be posted today at some point. And I promise to write the final chappie to 'Unwravelled Prophecy' before the holidays are over. Okay, now on with the one-shot/song-fic. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I don't own Class of the Titans or the song 'So Done' by Jeannie Ortega. I just own my story idea.


Theresa had been dating the new guy at school, Ryan, for a few months. He was perfect in Theresa's eyes. They spent every spare second together and this was making a certain brunette leader very jealous. Things were going great! At least they were for a while...

" Theresa phone!" Atlanta called up to her love-sick friend.

" Who is it?" she called back.

" Who else? It's Ryan!" Atlanta called back as if it was obvious.

Then the sound of Theresa's rushed footsteps were heard and Theresa took the phone from Atlanta's hand and disappeared back up the stairs, chatting happily.

" Wow, she really likes this guy." Atlanta said as she took her seat back on the couch beside Archie.

" Yeah. The guy must be crazy or something." Archie joked, earning a jab in the ribs by Atlanta.

" I don't trust him." Jay said from his spot in the arm chair.

" Sounds like someone is jealous." Archie teased.

" I am not!" Jay defended.

" Yes you are." Archie rebutted.

" I just don't think that this Ryan guy can be trusted. I mean what do we really know about him. He could be working for Cronus." Jay suggested.

" We know that he makes Theresa happy and that should be all that you need to know." Atlanta said in Ryan's defense.

" I'm just saying that we should keep an eye on Theresa and Ryan." Jay went on.

" Hey, you had your chance and blew it! Just deal with it!" Atlanta said harshly before leaving the room.

" What was that about?" Jay asked confused.

" Who knows. Probably some 'girl code' or something." Archie said in a half serious, half joking tone.

The two boys just shrugged as Theresa came down stairs with a sad expression upon her face.

" Hey, what's up?" Jay asked the sad girl.

" Oh nothing. Ryan can't make our date tonight... again. His sister's in the hospital." Theresa replied, sounding a little disappointed.

Then she disappeared upstairs. She stayed there the whole night. Atlanta had gone up to talk to her and tell her how Jay was jealous but she still didn't come down.

Around midnight Herry, Odie and Neil came through the front door, back from their late night movie.

" Wow! That was the best movie ever!" Herry exclaimed as they entered the living room.

" I've seen better." Neil said as he disappeared up to his room, no doubt to check himself out in his mirror.

" Hey guys! How's Theresa doing?" Odie said.

" What do you mean?" Jay and Archie asked confused.

" Didn't Ryan and her break up?" Herry asked.

" What? No. She's been talking about him all night." Archie replied.

Herry and Odie exchanged looks.

" Why?" Jay asked slowly.

" We just saw Ryan at the movies and it looked like he was on a date... and it wasn't with Theresa." Odie said.

" Theresa said that his sister was in the hospital. She must've gotten better and they went out to celebrate her recovery." Jay said, trying to defend him because he knew how much Theresa liked him.

" Not unless he normally makes out with his sister." Herry said.

" Someone's got to tell Theresa." Jay said, standing up.

" Are you sure that you want to do that man? That could get ugly... fast." Archie said, also standing up.

" Someone has to. I don't want to see her get hurt." Jay said as he headed for the stairs.

He was standing outside Theresa's door with his hand raised, ready to knock. But something inside him told him that he shouldn't. He was about to turn around and go back down stairs when Theresa opened her door.

" Jay? Can I help you with something?" she asked, a little surprised to find him there.

" Umm... no... I mean yes.. I mean..." he trailed off stuttering, " I have to tell you something Theresa."

" Okay. What is it?" she asked slowly.

" It's about Ryan. His.. his sister wasn't in the hospital. He was on a date tonight." Jay said.

" What? No. That's not possible. He told me that-" but Jay cut her off.

" He's cheating on you Theresa. I'm sorry." he said.

Theresa was silent for a moment. As if she was trying to make up her mind about something.

" Nice try." she said with an unpleased look upon her face.

" Huh?" Jay was confused.

" Atlanta told me that you were jealous. Just because you don't like Ryan for whatever reason does NOT give you the right to make stuff up about him!" Theresa yelled, her voice raising more with each word.

" Theresa I didn't-" but Theresa had slammed her door shut in his face.

He sighed and walked back downstairs. He slumped down on to the couch and sighed again.

" Didn't believe you huh?" Archie asked.

" Nope." Jay replied.


Theresa flung herself down on her bed, tears threatening to spill down her cheeks. ' Why would Jay say that? What is his problem?' she thought to herself as she went and sat by the window.

She stared out the window and thought some more. ' He's never lied to me before... so why- why would he lie about this? But... it does- sort of- make sense. Everything... points to that. But...'. As she mulled over her thoughts it dawned upon her...

" Maybe he wasn't lying after all."

'Damn, I never thought
I'd say what I'm about to say.
Didn't want anyone,
But I met you and the whole thing changed.(yeah)
All the things you said had me hopin',
That your game was true.(yeah)
Got too comfortable, didn't see the real side of you'

The next day at school went as usual. The classes bored everyone half to death and then the students' momentary freedom, known as lunch, came. Theresa was determined to find out if Ryan was cheating on her but she didn't want to make it look like she didn't trust him.

" Hey Ryan!" she called as she walked up to him and his friends.

" Hey Theresa." he said back.

She took a seat beside him and they started to eat their lunches.

" So... how's your mother? Is she still in the hospital?" Theresa asked after a few minutes.

" Oh.. uhh. Yeah the doctors say that she'll make a full recovery soon." Ryan replied. ' Gotcha.' Theresa thought.

" That's funny." she said.

" What?" he asked.

" Yesturday you told me that it was you sister that was in the hospital." Theresa said.

" Oh... uhhh, yeah. She is. But... uhhh... my mom was in there too. She.. uhhh... passed out from stress and worry about my sister... and the doctors had to keep her overnight too." Ryan lied.

" Oh. Well we should go see how they're doing after school." Theresa suggested.

" Oh we can't." Ryan said quickly.

" Why not?" Theresa asked.

" Because she needs her rest." Ryan replied.

" Oh. Okay." Theresa said.

They continued to eat lunch when a tall blonde walked over and started talking to Ryan, ignoring Theresa. Theresa caught Ryan staring at her and instantly felt like strangling him. She glanced over at her friends and noticed Odie and Herry pointing over to them and saying something. She turned back to her lunch and continued eating.

Twenty minutes later her lunch was done and all of Ryan's friends had left, including the blonde.

" So why didn't you introduce me to your friend there?" Theresa asked innocently.

" Oh we're not friends. She's just... uhhh a girl from chem. class. We're lab partners." Ryan lied, again.

" What's going on?" Theresa asked, her voice taking on a tone much more serious.

" What do you mean sweetheart?" Ryan asked, clearing oblivious that she was on to him.

" Ryan, my friends saw you last night.... on a date with... that girl. You told that you couldn't make our date because your sister was in the hospital. So... what is going on?" Theresa said very slowly, trying to keep her cool.

But before Ryan could think of something to tell her the bell for classes rang.

" Let's talk later." he said before running off to class.

Theresa crossed her arms in front of her chest and walked to class. Luckily she had gym, perfect for getting rid of stress. She was seriously starting to believe Jay and doubt her boyfriend.

And I was sorriest even with your best,
This ain't gonna work no more.
What was I waiting for?

The end of the school day came slowly but finally it was there. Theresa raced to her locker, grabbed her books and then raced off to Ryan's locker.

" Oh, hey Theresa." he greeted her with surprise and a little disappointment in his voice.

" Hey. It's later." Theresa said simply.

The two walked to over to the park and sat on one of the benches. Ryan sighed heavily as Theresa began...

" What's going on. I want an answer and I want it to be the truth." she said.

" Okay. I won't lie to you. I was on a date last night," he started but then added quickly," but, it's not what you think."

" Then what was it." she asked.

" It was just a study date. We were doing research for our history class and... I guess things got a little... I'm really sorry Theresa. I never meant to hurt you." Ryan said seemingly sincere.

" Yeah well... you did." she said.

" Theresa I-" but he was cut off.

" Not only did you lie to me but you cheated on me and then lied about it again. Ryan I don't.... I don't know if I can forgive you for that." Theresa said, tears welling up in her eyes.

" Theresa. You have to believe me when I tell you that I didn't go there planning to do anything with that girl. I thought it was just a study date." Ryan defended himself, knowing what was coming.

" But a 'date' none the less." Theresa said coldly.

" Theresa please-" but he was cut off again.

" No Ryan. Jay was right. I should've listened to him. I can't trust you and..." she took a deep a breath, " I can't be with someone that I don't trust."

" Theresa..." but he trailed off.

" And it wasn't the first time, was it? I thought I saw last month, twice, on a 'date' with other girls but I just kept telling myself that you wouldn't do that to me. I guess I was wrong." she continued.

" So..." Ryan began.

" It's over. I can't forgive you anymore. I'm done." she said before getting up and leaving him to sit on the park bench by himself.

I'm so done,
And there's nothing you can do,
I'm better off without you.
There will be no second chances,
Taking you back,
Cause I'm over that.
So done.
Nothing you say can change my mind,
Don't even waste your time.
Truth is you took me for granted,
We never really had it.
I'm so done.

Theresa ran into the brownstone, tear streaked face and sobbing. Everyone looked to the stairs where she had disappeared up and then looked to Jay and Atlanta.

" I'll go see what's wrong." Atlanta said, rushing up after her best friend.

Minutes later she came back down with a sad and puzzled look on her face.

" So?" the boys asked.

" I don't know. She wouldn't even open her door or talk to me." Atlanta replied.

They figured that it was best just to leave it at that and wait for Theresa to come and talk to them.

Since it was Friday the teens stayed up late watching movies, without Theresa. She had locked herself in her room and wouldn't let anyone in.

The next day, around noon, the doorbell rang and Jay answered it.

" Hi, is Theresa here?" it was Ryan.

" Yeah. Why?" Jay asked in a cold tone. He had a feeling that Ryan had something to do with Theresa crying.

" Can I talk to her?" Ryan asked, feeling a little afraid of Jay.

" Fine." Jay said, thinking that Theresa would be mad at him if he didn't let Ryan in.

Atlanta led Ryan up to Theresa's door.

" She's really upset. So, don't be offended if she doesn't want to talk." she said before leaving.

Ryan knocked on the door.

" I told you to leave me alone! I don't want to talk about!" she screamed from the other side of the door.

" Theresa?" Ryan called.

Theresa quickly unlocked her door and opened it. She stood face to face with Ryan, a look of sheer rage on her face.

" What are you doing here?" she asked through gritted teeth.

" I just wanted to come by and say apologize... for everything. I'm really, really sorry. I never wanted to hurt you. Please give me another chance. I promise that I'll never do anything to hurt you again." he pleaded.

" Get out." she said coldly.

" Theresa please. I know that I can change... just please give me another chance." he begged, he even got down on one knee.

" No. I've given you too many chances already. Now get out." she said just as coldly.

" Theres-"

" NOW!" she yelled.

Ryan got up and got out of there fast. The others saw him run by and out the door. Then they heard Theresa's door slam. They all exchanged confused or puzzled expressions but went back to what they were doing. They knew that she wanted to be let alone.

Now don't come around
With promises that don't exist.
'Cause heard it all before,
And you sorrys ain't fixing this.(no)
Held on for so long
'Cause I didn't want to let you go,
Thinking you really cared, (you really cared)
And that time would let it show.
And I was sorriest even with your best,
This ain't gonna work no more.
What was I waiting for?

Later that day, much later, Theresa decided to come out of her room and go downstairs. She found that Jay was the only other one still up and she walked into the living room, sitting opposite him. No one said anything for a long time. But, Jay got tired of the tension and decided to try and break. Little did he know that he was going to break much more.

" So, is everything okay?" he asked cautiously.

" Perfect." Theresa replied sarcastically.

" Listen if you want to talk abou-"

" No. Just drop it." she insisted, cutting him off.

" You seemed really upset earlier. I think that you-" cut off again.

" Stop right there! What is it with everyone telling me what to do? I just want to be left alone! Is that so much to ask?" she said very loudly.

" Theresa if this is about Ryan-"

" What do you want from me? Just drop it and leave me alone!" she screamed before taking off out the door.

Jay was left to sit there, dumbstruck and worried.

Theresa's outburst had wakened the others. They all came downstairs and looked at Jay.

" What's with all the yelling? I need my beauty sleep." Neil whined.

" Yeah, like 'beauty sleep' will help you.' Archie muttered sarcastically.

" Theresa got mad and just ran off." Jay said, more to himself than anyone.

" What did you do?" Herry asked.

" Nothing. At least I don't think I did anything." Jay replied.

" Well someone had to have done something to make Theresa upset." Atlanta said.

" Ryan." Jay muttered to himself.

" What?" everyone asked, slightly hearing what he muttered.

" My guess is that is has something to do with Ryan." Jay said.

" Ugh. Not this again Jay! Just because you're jealous-" but Jay cut Atlanta off.

" It's not because I'm jealous. But she seemed pretty upset when he came by to say 'hi'" Jay mused.

" Yeah. Come to think of it... she seemed more upset after Ryan left then before he came here." Odie added.

Jay got up from his spot in the chair and headed for the door.

" Where are you going?" Herry asked him.

" To find Theresa." Jay replied simply before closing the door.

I'm so done,
And there's nothing you can do,
I'm better off without you.
There will be no second chances
Taking you back,
'Cause I'm over that.
So done.
Nothing you say can change my mind,
Don't even waste your time.
Truth is you took me for granted,
We never really had it.
I'm so done.

Theresa ran through the cold streets, not really caring where she went. She soon found herself at 'River Street Cafe'. It was where Theresa and Ryan had first met and gone on their first to. Theresa broke down in tears and ran off again.

It seemed as though everywhere she went she was reminded of him. 'Why does everything remind me of him. Him. The one who caused me so much pain. Why didn't I just listen to Jay when he first told me that he had a bad feeling about Ryan. Jay is never wrong. Why did I doubt him. If I had just listened then... then this would have never happened.' she thought as she continued to blindly run through the streets.

She came to the park where she had broken up with Ryan and she sat, well more like collapsed, by the river that flowed through. She brought her knees up to her chest and sat there, crying and regretting.

" Why did I have to be so trusting. Why did I have to forgive him. Why couldn't I see who he really was. It was all so clear but I... I just didn't want to see it." she ranted as the tears flowed down her cheeks.

She breathed in heavily a few times as her tears started to slow. But just as quickly as they slowed, her tears started up again. It hurts to give someone your heart just to have them crush it, rip it up, throw it in your face and laugh about it. Theresa couldn't believe how blind she had been.

She heard her PMR go off. She pulled it out of her pocket and looked down at it. She knew it was Jay or Ryan, either way she wasn't going to answer it. Suddenly all of her angry was redirected at the small device. She threw it across the ground and started yelling at it. As if it would make things better.

" Stupid Jay. Stupid PMR. Stupid Ryan. Stupid Jay. Stupid love! Stupid world. Stupid Jay." she wasn't quite sure why her anger kept focusing on Jay, she was mad at Ryan after all.

Then she rested her head on her arms, which were crossed on top of her knees. Then she realized that her tears had stopped. She began to think again, and deep down she felt happy, despite everything else. She was really glad that she had broken up with Ryan. But it still hurt so much.

She sighed heavily as her rage and anger started to cool down. But then her PMR sounded again and the rage came back.

She glared over at the small blue item and then went and picked it up and shut it off. She then chucked it into the river and sat back down, pulling her knees back up to her chest and resting her arms upon them.


Jay had his PMR out, tracking Theresa's, when the signal went dead. He immediately thought the worst. That Cronus had gotten to Theresa.


" ... Stupid Jay. Stupid Ryan. Stupid people. Stupid PMR. Stupid river. Stupid everything!" Theresa said, anger filling each word.

But then her mood changed.

" No. Stupid me! Stupid me for falling for stupid, perfect but in the end not so perfect Ryan. And stupid me for letting my heart get broken. And stupid me for not seeing who he really was until now..." she went on like this for a while.

Maybe I was stupid,
Thinking you could handle this.
I was devil counted on you for my happiness.(yeah)
I had to realize I didn't see it until now.
Been a fool in needing you,
Now I'm breaking up.
So I'm gonna keep pressin' on

Jay saw someone sitting in the park about tree blocks from the brownstone. As he neared said person he immediately recognized the long, wavy red hair. He slowly walked up to her. As he got really close he could hear her beating herself up for something.

He took a seat beside her, she had her head buried in her arms and didn't notice him... until he spoke.

" Theresa I-" but she wouldn't let him get much more out.

" You what? What do you want from me?" her anger was fully focused on him right now.

" I just-"

" Do you want to hear that you right all along? That you were right about Ryan? That you were right about me getting hurt? That you were just right about everything!?" she yelled, standing up.

" No. I just... wait. Is that what you think I want? Why would I want you to say that?" Jay questioned, clearly confused.

" That's why you came out hear isn't it? To hear that you were, once again, right. Just like you always are." Theresa said as she started to walk around and make hand gestures.

" Theresa. I wanted to know that you were okay. You had me worried when you locked yourself in your room, didn't eat, and didn't talk to anyone but Ryan. Then you seemed a whole lot more upset when he let. What's going on?" Jay asked, placing his hands on Theresa's arms comfortingly.

" We broke up. You were right. He was cheating on me." Theresa said, pulling away.

" Theresa I'm sorry. I really am. I know how close you two were." Jay said sincerely, pulling her into a warm hug.

" Why?" she asked.

" Why what?" Jay replied with a question.

" Why couldn't I see it?" she asked.

" Well... sometimes we do stupid things when we're in love." Jay said as he released her from the hug.

Theresa let out a small laugh at Jay's tone. He gave her a puzzled look. Then, as she looked into his brown eyes, she realized that she was never really in love with Ryan.

I'm so done.(oooh)
I'm so done,
And there's nothing you can do,
I'm better off without you.
There will be no second chances
Taking you back,
'Cause I'm over that.
So Done.
Nothing you say can change my mind,
Don't even waste your time.
Truth is you took me for granted,
We never really had it.

" Yeah. We do don't we." she said more as a statement then anything.

Jay just gave her another puzzled look as she continued to laugh. The two sat down on the grass, well Jay sat down, Theresa fell down because she was laughing so hard. Once that subsided she looked at him.

" Jay?" she said.

" Yeah?" he said, looking out at the river.

" Thanks for coming out here to see if I was okay." she said, lying back on the grass.

" No problem. I really care about you. I know that you'd do the same for me." he replied, laying down beside her.

The two stared up at the stars for a while in silence. Then Theresa broke the silence.

" Jay, have you ever... really, really cared about someone who..... you didn't know how they felt about you or if their feelings were real?" she asked.

The question had taken Jay a little aback and he was quickly debating in his mind whether or not he should tell her. When he didn't answer for a while Theresa waved a hand in front of his face.

" Earth to Jay? Jay?" she called, she was now on her side.

" Yeah. I have actually." he said after a few more moments. Theresa rolled back onto her back.

" Did you ever find out how that person really felt about you?" she asked.

" No I haven't found out yet. I've been... scared to ask her." he admitted.

" Jay? Our leader Jay.... scared?... Of a girl?" Theresa said in a joking tone.

" Ha ha ha. Yes. I really want to know how she feels or even if she feels anything towards me but I don't know how to." Jay continued.

" You should just take the plunge." Theresa said.

" You mean just come out and ask her?" Jay asked, looking over to her.

" Yeah. You'll never know if you don't ask." Theresa said, 'I know that because I told Ryan that I really liked him. But, at least I know now.' she finished in her head.

" Okay. I'll do it." Jay said, then he turned over onto his side and faced Theresa.

She looked over at him with a puzzled look on her face at the smile Jay was wearing.

" Theresa, I really, really care about you. Actually... I love you." Jay said, a shade of crimson overtaking his facial features.

" Jay..." Theresa started with an unreadable tone to her voice.

Jay took that as a bad sign and sat up. After a few minutes of silence he spoke.

" We should uhhh... get back. The others will be wondering where we are." he said, sadness lacing his voice.

As he was about to get up Theresa grabbed his arm and pulled herself up to sit facing him. Then she leaned in and kissed him. When she pulled away Jay had a goofy smile on his face that Theresa just had to giggle at.

" I... love you too, Jay." she said.

Jay stood up and pulled her to her feet. Then he wrapped his arm around her shoulder and they started to walk back. But Theresa stopped and ran over to the river. She pulled out her PMR and turned it on. Then she deleted the pictures that had Ryan in them. When she walked over to Jay he gave her a puzzled look.

" Just getting rid of some old pictures." she said with a smile.

Then the two walked back to the brownstone. 'I guess that I never really cared about Ryan the way I thought I did. Jay's right: we do do crazy things when we're in love.' she thought.

I'm so done,
And there's nothing you can do,
I'm better off without you.
There will be no second chances,
Taking you back,
'Cause I'm over that.
So Done.
Nothing you say can change my mind,
Don't even waste your time.
Truth is you took me for granted,
We never really had it.
I'm so done.

A/N: Okay wow! That is now officially my longest ever chapter or one shot. On my writing program it's about eleven and a half pages! Whoot! I'm so happy. Yay! Okay. So there's my second J/T one-shot/ song-fic. I hope that you all liked it. Not much else to say here. I will finish 'Unwravelled Prophecy' very soon, I have the last chapter started. I just have to do my homework though. Heehee. I'm such a procrastinator with school work. Oh and Chaos 101 is on today at noon(eastern time) so don't miss it! Well send a review my way and let me know what you think about this loong fic. Well bye and cheers!
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