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The Eleventh Day Of Christmas

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Let me tell you about this girl....

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The Eleventh Day Of Christmas

Her Aunty and Nana burst through her door, armed with bags and Ella put down her pen, rushing up to help them.

"You sit - we got this!" Julie said, wafting her hands away. Ella stared at them blankly as she watched them scurry past. Not quite knowing if she could handle another 7 months of that treatment.

Her Nana hurried across to her put her hands on Ella's tummy, Ella rolled her eyes. She pulled the shirt tight and looked side on.

"You got nothing!" She frowned.

"Good! Less is good!" Ella said, sorting her shirt.

"No actually there's a little bit of a belly there..." She said, dwelling on her tummy. Again, Ella wafted her hands away.

"We have lots to do, lets stop fussing!" she said.

The little bell tingled on the jeweler's door and it was same gentleman from the year before, he knew the way his soft greay hair was neatly combed to the side, he had the nicest smile too. It had helped him through that horrible return he'd had to make last year.

The gentleman looked at him, a slight glint in his eye.

"Have I seen you before?" He asked with a little grin, Patrick smiled and shoved his hands on his pockets.

"Ok, was hoping you wouldn't remember..." Patrick said.

"Oh!" The man said, remembering.

"Yeah." Patrick said,

"How can I help?" he said calmly. Patrick withdrew his hands and scanned the gorgeous cabinet and array of jewels and colors.

"If I told you about this woman, will you help me chose the perfect ring?" He asked.

"It would be my pleasure." He smiled.

"Her name's Ella, she's 24, we've been together 2 years." He started, his eyes carried on over the glass, absorbing the dazzling spectrums.

"She's the strongest person I've ever met in my entire life, she lost someone too important to her....she's fiery and has the quickest temper I know, but she always says sorry. She's ....beautiful.....even though she thinks she just average, she has amazing brown eyes and you can sometimes see right inside her." He said, revealing his heart to this complete stranger. The man was just smiling back.

"She's a background girl, she's not showy, she's too shy in crowds. Most of all though, most of all, is that's she is the most passionate woman in the world, hands down!" he smiled.

The gentleman was watching him describe this woman and it almost made his chest tingle at the youthful vigor of the man before him and the description he gave her.

"So - what do you think??" He asked, back to his usual nervous self.

"I have the perfect ring." He smiled. Patrick followed as he walked over to a cabinet tucked away by the till register. Unlocking the glass door, he opened it and reached in for the ring.

Patrick stared at it and then at the man. He smiled knowingly.

"It's the ring I bought last year!" He said confused.

"I know." He said.

"But....You know her well because this is the perfect ring." He explained.

"See, girls like Ella, they don't want the big jewels or the expensive banding. She would be happy if you took her home a plastic flower ring!" He smiled, Patrick laughed gently.

"This ring says, I'm happy to be engaged but don't fuss over me..." He said. Patrick smiled wide.

"That's Ella!" He nodded.

"And this is Ella's ring..." he said, Patrick took it and looked at it again. He smiled and nodded.

"Ok." He agreed, the man smiled and took it from him, cleaned it up, placed it in the black box and after paying for it, handed it to him.

"Thank you!" Patrick said, shaking the man's hand.

"Hey No problem - it's love that keeps me in business!" he smiled. Patrick laughed.

"Out of curiosity, how are you going to propose? I love hearing the stories...."

"Actually, we already got engaged!" He said,

"Congratulations!" he smiled.

"And...she asked me!" He said. He raised his eyebrows.

"Well that certainly is the act of the most passionate woman in the world..." He said, Patrick smiled and made his way out the door, waving as he walked past the window.

Her house was a mess, stuff was everywhere, he nearly tripped on a box, right before the doorway.

"Shi-" he stopped and regained his posture quickly, he covered his mouth quickly to stop the words coming out, as he saw a sleeping Ella, slumped on her tummy on the sofa, a book still in her hand, on the floor. He silently made his way over to the kitchen, unwrapping the bag quickly and taking out the box, he beamed at the ring, it was sensational.

Squeezing it out eh box with his fingers, he crept over to where she lay sleeping and knelt down on the floor, he very very gently, tried to slip it on her finger but she stirred slightly, he quickly pushed it on and grabbed her hand tightly, covering up the move well.

"Hi sweety." He whispered,

"Hm!" She mumbled and her hand flopped back down as he 1et go.

He stacked up boxes as quietly as he could and tried to clear up the devastation left from their plans. It had been such a rush, it was so exciting.

"Coffee!!!" She yelled out.

"Does that come with a please??!" He yelled back.

"It comes with sex! - Coffee now!!" she yelled back, he laughed to himself and flicked on her coffee maker.

She shuffled in minutes later, rubbing her hair.

"They drove me mad - I had to ask them to go!!" She whined, Patrick handed her the coffee with a great smile.

"Thank you.." She said softly, inhaling the wonderful aroma. He smiled at her, knowing the gesture, but she frowned back at him.

"What's with the smirk Stump?" She asked.

"Nothing!" He said defensively.

"Well - maybe a little concerned about our baby being born with a serious addiction to caffeine....." he said, he glanced at the ring on her finger. He smiled inside, it looked amazing.

" you want the sex now or later?" she asked. He laughed hard and put more of her books in a box.

"Later will be fine!" he said,

She walked over to him and clasped his face softly, kissing him.

"Thank you for everything!" She whispered.

His hands clasped around and locked together behind her.

"I am so excited!" He said. She smiled but then it dropped a little and she looked at him seriously.

"Is this what faith in love does to you?" She asked, touching his cheek softly.

"What?" He asked inquisitively, kissing her softly.

"Makes everything ok?" she added.

"It gives you hope Ella. Hope to get through the hard times." He explained.

"Trick, when my Mom killed herself, she took a part of me with her. And I realize now that what I thought was a hole, was really anger. And I've been such an angry person." She opened up.

"And the thing with Joe, the whole baby thing - I was angry too because I knew he thought I was this person who had done a horrible thing and I knew I wasn't! But this Christmas, you've shown me in so many ways that I don't have to be angry any more! That it's alright to let go, because I'm not fighting anybody but myself, and you don't even know the beginning of how much I love you because there is no way I can show it, there's no possible way to show you!" She cried, her tears bursting through and dribbling down her cheeks. Patrick didn't interrupt, he didn't intervene, he allowed her the expressional time she needed to vent, his arms around her back just telling her that she was safe.

"Trick, I cannot wait to spend my life with you and try and give back to you the ounce of happiness you've given me over the last 2 years, I can't believe I'm actually pregnant with a baby that we made because we love each other and how we can raise it together and teach it and let it bring us closer together! I cannot wait to marry you and make you my husband even it means having a surname like Stump!!" She cried further.

"I try not and think about it all in my head because when I do, I feel I don't deserve any of it and that someone's gonna take it all away from me-"

"-Ella, stop!" He whispered, he kissed her softly. Putting his hands on her tummy, she looked down and placed her hands on his too.

"Us two aren't going anywhere..." he smiled, she sniffed gently and smiled, kissing him again. She looked down again and he knew then she'd seen it.

Whipping her hand up she stared at the ring.

He had this huge grin on his face but she just bunched her face up and really cried.

"Oh my god - you hate it! You hate it don't you!!" he said quickly as she covered her face with her palms and bawled loudly.

"I love it!!!" She bawled hard. He frowned and looked at her, he was confused.

She continued to cry like a baby for ages and he watched as her shoulder's heaved up and down as she tried to regain her composure.

"It's perfect!!" She cried gently looking at it again. He handed her a piece of tissue and she blew her nose hard. Wiping her eyes with her palms and looking at the ring.

"You've just complete broken me down, Trick. I don't have any barriers anymore! This is it....this is have all of me!" She said, wiping her nose.

"Well finally!!" He belted out. She giggled and sniffed again, hitting his arm gently.

"You might wanna..." He said, pointing to his eye. She rubbed her eyes again and the eyeliner and mascara smudged all over hand.

"It kinda looks sexy..." he said,

"Oh now you're frisky...." She said,

"You've just made me a complete emotional wreck and destroyed all my independent defenses, got me pregnant and now you feel like it??" She asked, he just grinned.

"Ok..." She said, pulling him close to her and kissing him hard, whilst walking him backwards towards the sofa.

"Can we still...." He asked,

"Y' and stuff..." He said

"Oh my god, men know nothing!" she said, collapsing down on his lap and tugging his hat off she tossed it across the living room, it knocking off over the candleholder on the fireplace.

"oops." She said flatly and grabbed his collar, kissing him hard.

"Now none of that slow nonsense today...." She whispered huskily in to his lips as they loosened their clothing.

"Ella??!" He frowned and she laughed heartily.

"Sorry baby, it's just I kinda want it just how we normally do it..." She said, rubbing his shoulders under his shirt.

He gripped the bottom sides of her shirt and pulled it quick, the buttons popped off and flew in 4 different directions.

"Patrick!!!" She gasped. She stared at her button-less shirt.

"Way to ruin my favorite shirt - god!!"

"Will you quit whining!" He said and gripped her waist close into his body.
"You need to buy me a new one!" She said in-between his kisses.

"I just bought you a house!!" He said, staring at her.

"That is true..." She said, pulling off his shirt from his shoulders.

"I'll just get Sarah to sew them back on for me." She said, shrugging.

"Ella?" he asked


"Shut up."

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