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~!Chapter 8!~

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Amber is in her junior year of high school. Her curent boyfriend is not the best to have. She meets someone who will change her life for good at one point and better the next. I hope you like it...

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A/N: All right folks. Thanks for the reviews. Here is the newest chapter. I hope you like it. I might have another one up tonight. IDK I have another story I need to update too. People have been waiting. So I will be working on that. But if I have time I will get another one up.

"Well, I was thinking, maybe after recording and all that fun stuff. Why don't you and I go on a little vacation? I am sure we can. I mean not for long, but something just us. And I will not push you into anything. What do you say?" he asked me with a big grin on his face.
"Well, it depends on where you are going to take me......I am just kidding, I would love to if we can. I wonder where you guys will record. I hope it is in California." I told him.
"Well, I will talk to Pete. But I am sure we can figure out something. So what do you want to do tonight?" he asked me.
"Well, is the rest of the group doing anything? Or do you want to do something on our own?"
"Well, I was thinking a movie here and some ice cream, and some Chinese take-out."
"You know my weakness Mr. Urie." I smiled in a playful way.
"Well, my mother. I will call the Chinese in and we will go get some ice cream, and rent a couple of movies." He got up and dialed our regular Chinese place and places our usual order, orange chicken, fried rice, and egg rolls. We got into his car, and we drove to our local movie rental place. We did not have any of the big names where we live. We got, Step It Up, Final Destination 3, and Cars. Car was really for us to have a laugh. Once we were done there, it was time to go get the food and then we stop by the Cold Stones we have in town, and got Birth Cake Remix in like a gallon tub. We really like that ice cream.
"Hey, Bren. Do you think it would be ok for me to spend the night tonight? I mean I just don't feel like being away from you. I know that may sound corny-"
"No it does not, I know you have been through a lot lately. And this week has been crazy. I mean I am sure it is ok, I just know you will have to call you mom. I rather now you get grounded and not be able to see me for a while, then not be able to spend the night. I mean if you can't then I will be over in the morning. Ok?" I nodded and toke my phone out and dialed my mom up. I told my mom what was going to on and that I had an emotion breakdown and I need to be with Brendon. And she said it was fine for me to spend the night but just tonight and I that I need to be home tomorrow at 6 for dinner.
"She said it was ok. But, I need to be home for dinner tomorrow. I wish you could come, but she said she wants me to spend some time with the family. Oh well. So let get inside and got the movie in." we both got out of the car and I toke to movies and the ice cream. Brendon toke the Chinese. We got inside and he toke the ice cream from me and put it in the freezer, I put Step It Up in first. He came back in and sat next to me, the movie was just starting. I grabbed an egg roll and sat back. After a while I grabbed the box of orange chicken and took one piece and Brendon grabbed it from me.
"Hey, I was eating that."
"Yea, so. I am hungry too. I wanted some. You had already taken a piece." He smiled his famous smile. I hit his arm and grabbed the box of fried rice. I ate a couple of bite of that and then set it back down. I saw that Brendon had set the box of orange chicken down so I grabbed that and ate a little more. After a while the food was totally gone and the movie was over.
"Next movie?" he asked me.
"How about Final Destination 3."
"Ok, you put it in and I will get our ice cream." He got up and so did I. I took Step It Up and put it in its case and put in Final Destination 3 in. I had turned my back to the kitchen and was heading back to the couch and all of a sudden I feel finger tips going up my neck. I screamed and fell to the ground. "Are you ok? It was just a joke. I am sorry if I scared you." I laughed and pulled him down to me. He put his hand on the floor next to my head and lowered him self and kissed me kind of hard and yet kind of soft. He got up and helped me up. We sat on the couch and started the movie. He grabbed the ice cream and handed me a spoon. He had on leg on the couch and the other not, so I leaned back and kind of laid and sat between his legs. He had the ice cream in his hand so we could both get some. The movie was a scary one. I screamed, closed my eyes, jumped, and hid under Brendon's arms. I knew he loved it. He got to play the hero again. We finished the whole thing of ice cream. We did not notice we did until the movie was done.
"Dang, I can't believe we finished all of that ice cream. But, now I am tired. How about you?" I looked at the clock and it read 11pm.
"Yea, I am. I know this is my first time sleeping over at your house, but after watching that movie and from what happened today. Do you think I can sleep in your bed, please." He nodded. I got up and put the movie away and then he got up and throw away the food containers and then we both walked into his room. Because I did not bring clothes he let me borrow some of his. I got a red Fall Out Boy t-shirt and a pare of his boxers (which happened to have hearts all over it). I loved the smell of his cloths. I sat on his bed, I waited for him to get back into his room. I felt really tired so I lay down and felt myself fall fast asleep.
(This is what happened when I was asleep.)
Brendon walked into his bedroom the find his girlfriend fast asleep on his bed. She looked so cute laying there in his heart boxers and his t-shirt. He went over and picked her up, making sure not to wake her. He pulled the covers down and placed her back down and pulled the covers over her. He kissed her on the fore head and decided to go make a call. He wanted to do something nice for Amber, so he called Ryan.
"Hey, Ryan."
"Hey Bren."
"Hey, Amber had a really ruff day today. She told me about her dad."
"Like what?" he sounded like the day Lindsay called him.
"Well, I don't know if I should tell you, but her dad died when she was little. The dad we met was her step dad. And she told me she loves me."
"Oh wow, sounds good and yet bad at the same time. Is she doing better?"
"Yea, she is sleeping right now-"
"She is sleeping over."
"Yes, she just needed me. But that was not the worse of it all. She went to the bathroom, during Peter Pan, and she was in there for a long time. So I went to check on her, when I got the bathroom, I could hear her crying. So I opened the door and she had a razor blade in her hand. I got scared for her life. She dropped it and so I toke her to the couch and we talked. She has been hit before by a boyfriend, I mean before Connor."
"Wow that was really ruff."
"Yea, but why I was calling is because I want to do something special for her and something like a surprise. Do you have any ideas?"
"Well, you two could go see a movie and then come over to my house and I will have the whole gang there and we could just have a little party."
"Yea, she has to be home at 6. So I mean it would have to be really early. I will text you when we leave for the movies. Ok?"
"Ok, and at that time I will tell the rest and we will get everything together. So, it is late, so I will talk to you tomorrow. Oh and do not forget to text me and I will call you and ask you over. Ok"
"Ok, I will be going. Talk to you later." He hung the phone up and went back to his room and got into his bed. He snuggled up to Amber and fell asleep smelling her hair.
(Now it is back to me. This is about the time Brendon and I woke up.)
I woke up and noticed that Brendon's arm was around me. I had to go pee, so I got up hoping I did not wake him and went to the bathroom. I came back and he was sitting up in his bed looking around.
"Looking for me" I said as I walked into the room and he looked at me a smiled. He patted the spot next to him on the bed and I came over and sat with him.
"Why don't we go see a movie and then after that we can do what ever comes our way."
"Cool, sounds great. When do you want to go to the movies?"
"Well, because you have to be home at 6. I was think we leave like in the next 5 minutes, so we can have some time afterwards. Sound good?"
"Ok, I will need to wear some of your cloths. You know it is sad when your girlfriend wears the same size as you do." We both laughed. He got up and went into his closet and grabbed a pair of my favorite pants, we both had a pair, he also handed me a t-shirt which had Cute Is What We Aim For on it. I really liked that band although they are new, I think. Once I was dress and he was too. I did a little bit of make-up and we got into his car and headed for the movies.
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