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January 4th, 2007

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An interesting sleepover with Tara -_-

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I slept over at Tara's last night. As usual, Tara was interesting xD

I had my story notebook handy, because if I don't bring it everywhere, I forget all my ideas. But it ended up being filled with odd things Tara and I said.

Lexi- "Ohmigod! You can buy Pete and Joe, I will buy Patrick and Andy "
Tara-"When we're rich and famous and have all the money in the world."
Lexi- "Well, then we won't need dolls, we'll have the real thing, duh."
Lexi&Tara- blinkblink burst out laughing
Lexi- "We are so pathetic."

Tara-"You're just sitting there, writing everything I say, aren't you?"
Lexi- ""

Tara (Paranoid) "There's a fly in here, I swear, I'm not lying- six comes after five, not seven, Tara- hits face AUGH there's a fly in here!"

Tara- "I don't like all of my quotes being written down on paper, it's like I'm a celebrity or something."

Tara- "Brendon Urie is so hot."
Lexi- "o_O What?"
Tara- "What, what?"
Lexi- "Did you just say, 'Brendon, you're so hot.'?"
Tara- "Pssh, no, I said, 'Brendon Urie is so hot'"
Lexi- "Oh,! 'cause for a second there, I was like; 'You DO know he's not here, right?'"
Tara- LOL "Of COURSE I know he's not, Lexi, don't be silly " -shifty eyes-

Lexi&Tara- Singing along to Yule shoot your eye out Tara stops
"Why is she under the tree?"
Lexi- -_- "It's a metaphor, loser."

Lexi&Tara talking about new Fall Out Boy album
Lexi- "I'm so asited!"
Tara- "It's 'besited'"
Lexi- "Actually, it's EXcited."
Tara- "What, do you think I'm a dum-dum, or something? Wait, no! Don't answer that, PLEASE don't answer that!"

Why Tara doesn't write:
"The other day- wait, no, it was, like, two weeks ago...well, Ms. F wasn't back yet, so it was really a month ago,,, yeah. Anyway..."
Tara's story:
"Once upon a time- wait, no, it wasn't A time, it wasn't just any old time, it was a hundred years ago, wait, no, it was a hundred and fifty,, yeah, no...wait, yeah. Anyway..."

Lexi- "Shit!"
Tara- "What?"
Lexi- "God, I must be dyslexic, or something, I just drew my exclamation point upside down."

Tara-"That's the smartest thing I ever heard, smarter than Pete Wentz...haha, yeah, right."

I've learned that Tara has some strange reading habits. She giggles about everything, and acts out the story to herself. We were on the computer so she could read the latest chapter of 'Watching from the closet':
"Minus? OMG that's a funny word...MI-NUS." And she did this for every tenth word, I swear -_-
"20-year-old, pain-in-the-ass little sister? YOU are a pain-in-the-ass little sister, Lexi "
Lexi- "I'm older than you!"
Tara- "Yeah, well, I'm bigger than you, and that's all that counts."

Tara- "Shut up- I mean, I love you...I don't know what I'm saying anymore."

I'm sorry. I'm just bored. Writers block, gah.
I'll try to write something tonight.
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