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January 5th, 2006

by prettypoizon 0 reviews

I'm slipping...

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Show me a starry eyed kid just isn't working.
I've written, like, four chapters but I HATE it.
I'm writing it for Tara. Don't wanna dissapoint her.
I'm slipping. Watching from the closet is killing me.
I have the worst writers block EVER.

Plus Evie is on hiatus...=/

I might have to do something along the lines of a hiatus.
But it'd be more of a break to write. I have 4 stories that need finishing. Well, Sweetie, you had me and I'll be you best kept secret and your biggest mistake need finishing. Show me a starry-eyed kid and Watching from the closet need picking up.

Or maybe I'm just being overly-critical of my own work. Dayna and Bet say that all writers do this.
Are my stories any good?
I've read some pretty awful ones on here that still get good reviews. It makes me worry that theres something everyone isn't telling me, or maybe there are just some stupid readers. I dunno.

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