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This is a story dedicated to sk8ter boy.A boy named Inuyasha has a crush on a girl named Kagome and se secretly likes him but her friends don't like him and all tht blah.

Category: Inuyasha - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Romance - Characters: Inuyasha, Kagome, Kanna, Koga, Rin - Published: 2006-12-22 - Updated: 2006-12-22 - 751 words

"My name is Kagome Higeraishi and I am a Freshmen at taisho Collage.This story begins right after winter break ended and school started again.

At Lunch Time

"Hey Kagome are you still up for going over to my house after school to practice ballet,"Kanna said Taking her lunch over to where I was sitting.
"Yeah sure,why do you even bother asking?I mean we always practice after school,"I said motioning for her to sit down next to me.
"You okay Kagome,I mean you look sorta dazed,"Rin said finally geting up after doing a split perfictly.
"Come on Rin you don't even need to practice,you're a grade above us in ballet,"I said groaning."While I need so much practice it's not even funny.
"Come on Kagome you're not...well THAT bad,"Kanna said patting me on the back.
"I think I'm going to quit ballet and join a rock band,I know how to sing and play the guitar,"I said putting my head on the table.
"Ummm Kagome that's country mucic not rock," she said groaning.
"Um guys freak alert at ten o clock,"Rin said tapping both our shoulders repeatidly.
"Huh,"I said not understanding at all what she meant about freak alert.
"I mean skaters are coming over here with that stupid Inuyasha boy is there too,"Rin said wispering in my ear.
My heart fluttered and I thought,"why am I suddenly on edge.Oh hell no, I do not like Inuyasha."
"Hey, can we sit here,"Inuyasha said as my heart fluttered with me swearing that I've known him before.
"No way, you'll taint us with you're stupidness and dunbness,"Kikyo said with Rin and me both knowing that she hated skaters and definitly Inuyasha because he was sooo in love with her.
"Don't tell me what to do you f** b**,"he said pissed off that she told him no then suddenly turning towards me and asking...."Kagome,we can sit here right,"he asked when my heart fluttered again and I lost it!
"SHUT UP AND F** LEAVE ME OUT OF THIS,"I screamed getting up from the table heading straight for the door out of the school so I could get home and cry and try to figure things out.

(In the cafitieria)

"What was her problem,"Rin asked looking at Inuyasha but talking to Kikyo not wanting to speak to the hanyou in hiding.
"I don't know Rin...I don't know,"Kikyo said shaking her head giving up.
"Whatever, if all of you didn't want us here then fine,"some kid Rin remembered as Kouga said.

(In Kagome's room)

(This is all thought so no speach things just speach)

I wonder why I feel as though I've met Inuyasha before?And why did my heart flutter like I know him well when I don't?My god it's all so confusing,I mean why can't life come with instrutions how to live a nice and weathy life.When I started collage I felt as though I had some part of my memory missing but I ignored it until when I saw Inuaysha it came back.At that a memory came to her.......

I was in a forest,sitting next to a dog-ish boy that looked like someone I know.
"Who are you,"I tried to shout out but nothing came from what I said, instead a single word came out....sit.
"Sit sit sit sit sit sit sit,"the voice said walking away from the boy looking back long enough for me to find out who it was.
I gasped!Inuyasha.But how could he be here in my memory.Mom said nothing about a friend going to my school.She had a LOT of explaining to do to get me to understand.Soon I'm in a house witha bunch of people in cosplay looking like a monk,demon slayer,cat,and a boy with weird getup and ears and a tail.
"Hello Shippo,"my voice said as he jumped in my arms with me treating like my own kit....KIT?!What the heck did I call him kit for? And why my kit.
A women in demon clothes slaps the monk for touching her a** and that's when the memory ended.

(A few minutes later)

"MOM.Can you come up here for a second so I can talk to you about somthing.
"Sure honey,be right up,"She said yelling back up the stairs.

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