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She finally finds out.

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Kagome has a talk with mom soon disscovering her past.

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(A Talk With Mom)

"Mom,what do you know about Inuyasha Inutaisho,"I asked.

"Huh,oh ummmm did you by any chance get a memory,"she replied in a small voice.

"Yes I did and why did he have cute little fluffy dog ears,"I yelled at her making her flinch a little bit.

"Here I know you won't believe me so after I tell you everything you need to beleive me and lition to everything I tell you to do okay,"she said.

I nodded and rolled me eyes a little bit telling her to go on.

"You won't believe me but you can travel 500 years into the stumbled upon it four years ago when you turned 15 years old.You helped free a half-demon named Inuyasha and now you two with a bunch of friends look for the jewel shards which are a jewel that is very strong,"she said.

After that she took my hand and led me to the well house that (duh) held the well.

"Jump in,"she said making me feel like my jaw was to the ground and my eyes pop out!

"What do you mean you what me to jump in there,"I said pointing to the well.

"Yes,that's how you go through,"she said unusually calmy.

"Fine, I said stepping down the stairs to the well and jump in.

(A Blue Light Appears)

As always she was enveloped bya soft blue light that made her float in midair finally landing softly on the well floor hearing forest sounds reconizing them from her memory knowing she was in the past.

(With the Gang)

"Sango,do you smell that, it smells like.... KAGOME,"Shippo yelled running to the well.

As Kagome got out Shippo jumped into her arms as a memory came back to her.

(The Memory Of Dear Old Shippo)

I was walking in the forest with Shippo perched on her shoulder humming a small tune she heard from her mother each night to help her fall into the peacefulness of sleep.

"Mama,do you love me,"he asked with a smile on his face.

"Yes, of course I love you, you're my son,"she said with a smile.

"Thank you mother,"he said giving her a loooong hug.

(End Of Memory)

When the memory ended dhe enveloped him in her arms.

"Shippo,"she said hugging him a good great force.

"Mama I can't breathe,"he said struggling.

"I'm sorry but I just remembered you,"she said smiling her usual sweet smile on her face.

"What do you mean remember, did you forget me,"he asked with tears in his cute little eyes.

"My mom told me that I lost my memorys, but why don't we go to the village I saw in my last memory,"I said patting him on the head.

When we got to the village Sango,Miroku,and Inuyasha came running up to us.

"Inuyasha,"I whispered all my memories coming bak to me.

(End Of Chapter)

Hee hee.I'm sorry for ending it there but I just had to.PLEASE REVIEW!!!!

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