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Time for the gang to find out

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Kagome tells the gang everything.

Category: Inuyasha - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama - Characters: Inuyasha, Kagome, Miroku, Sango, Shippo - Published: 2007-01-06 - Updated: 2007-01-06 - 361 words

I fainted after that from shock.

"KAGOME,"Shippo screamed as I fell to the dirt ground.

"Hurry, Miroku get Kagome to Keade as soon as possible,"Sango said not caring about anything else except Kagome.

"Miroku wait, I'll take her,"Inuyasha said stopping Miroku from picking the small teenage girl up.

"Are you sure Inuyasha, I mean when she fainted,right before she fainted she whispered your name and fainted from shock because I heard it,"Shippo said.

"I'm sure Shippo because I need to talk to Keade and her,"Inuyasha said heading to Keade's hut carrying the limp girl in his arms.

(A Little While Later)

"Mmmm,"I groaned finally waking up with a head-spliting headache.

"Aye, it looks as though ye has finally woken up from your long nap,"Keade said handing me a cup of tea.

"I'm sorry for asking but how long have I been asleep,"I asked politly siping the tea.

"You've neen asleep for two days,we all were worried about you,"Sango said coming into the hut.

"I'm soo sorry but I had lost my memories and when I had gotten home from school the day I came here and fainted, I had had two memories, one from a memory of all of us and then the other one when shippo and me went for a walk but then when I saw Inuyasha in normal clothes,my memories came back,"I said starting to cry.

(End of Chapter)

I'm so sorry for writing such a short chapy but I'm so tired of writing.Yawn and tired too.Hope you all liked it and I'm so sorry for all the stupid fluffyness so far but the battles begin soon.Oh yeah and in the next chapter or the next Sesshomaru dhould show up.This might turn into a Sess+Kag
or a Inu+Kag.I really don't know since I like seshy better so why don't you all tell me in your reviews.Click the pretty purple review butten now.whispers at least I hope it's purple.Kikyo will show up soon too.

Thanks to my two reviews for saying it sounds interisting.Arigato muchly. ;-)
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