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What is happening to Kagome?

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"You're awake,Miroku asked stepping into the hut.

"Did you hear Miroku,I meant what I said,"I said hoping didn't have to explain all over again.

"Yes but Inuyasha didn't, he went somewhere,"Miroku said saying iaying the last part in a small voice.

"Kikyo,"I whispered as my anger spiked and I got up and said one more thing before leaving."I'm going after Inuayasha."

The truth was that my miko and archery had grown considerbly.I had taken archery after losing my memory for the three years of high school and was going to take it this year too but I guess not anymore.My miko powers had grown so much I could feel Sesshomaru's pressence from the west and I was in the east.Plus it didn't help that I was angry.

"Stupid fricking Inuyasha,I hope she does bring you to he** with her,"I whispered.

I had sensed Kikyo and Inuyasha right next to the Goshinboku tree and I could hear them when I stopped where I was because all I had to do was listion to them but I didn't want to just listion to them so I kept walking.When I got there,I almost threw up!She was kissing HIM and my miko was so strong it was hard to breathe from where Shippo was!

"You fricking baga, I hope... no I know you'll burn in he** because I'm going totake you there myself,"I screamed walking up to her and grabed and picked the weak girl up and punching her right as I threw heer across the clearing making her scream and pass out.

"Stop it Kagome, you're hurting her,"Inuyasha said making me tear my eyes off of Kikyo to glare at the hanyou.

"YOU want me to stop this.YOU JUST WANT ME NOT TO KILL YOUR PRESICOUS DEAD GIRLFRIEND,"I screamed at him really loud.I KNEW it was loud!

"You want to know how I can yell this loud, it's because I'm a demon.

Then all of a sudden the rest of all the jewal shards came into my hand.

As they came in my hand,the jewel shards I had came in my hand too.When I purified them all a woman stood in front of me....Midoriko.

"Kagome,you have released you true powers,you called to the jewel and I. I was the one who called you a demon and it's true.If you were to go back to your time,you shall find out that your whole family are demons.Since you were reincarted,you are a miko also.Here is your real form from now on.A picture of me with white hair like Sesshomaru and golden-pink eyes.I had one pink streak on each side of my cheeks with two gold ones on each one also.I had a black moon on my forehead and wrists also I had long claws with pink nailpolish on them.I wore a black halter top with pink and black capries.I had pointed ears with light pink lipstick and purple eyeshadow on.

"Now what is you wish,"Midoriko asked snapping me out of starring at... well me.

"I would really like it if you could find someone for Inuyasha to love for I must kill kikyo to get all of my soul back and I'm afraid to say this but I do not love him anymore,"I said sighing as she replied with a gentle smile.

"I can find him love but is that your final choice? I nodd You are a selfless one and that will help you in the future,"she said dissapearing.

As I looked around to find Kikyo I saw Inuyasha staring at me.

"What,"I asked suprizingly used to my new form from staring at it from so long.

"So that was your wish,to become demon,"he said looking angry.

"No it wasen't and this is me,"I said almost doing the stupid "feh" thing Inuyasha always does.

When I finally found Kikyo she was passed out and I walked up to her.

"Ready to die,"I asked as I kicked Kikyo into waking up.

"Please kill me I won't feel anything so just do anything you wish to do so I may be able to rest peacefully.but before you kill me,please tell Inuyasha yo find love in Rakuya,"She said as I nodded before using my poiso claws to kill her.As I finnally got all of my soul back I fainted right when Sango,Miroku and Shippo appeared.

(It would be a great time to stop on you guys but I think I'll do more since I feel soo good after Kikyo died.)

"Inuyasha where is Kagome and who is that demon passed out next to the Goshinboku tree,"Sango asked.

As Inuyasha pointed to Kagome a Wolf ran in with a slightly smaller tornado due to the loss of the jewel shards in his legs.

"Oi,where's Kagome you puppy boy,"Koga asked scaring Sango and Miroku shootless.

"She's right there,she said that this was her true form,"Inuyasha said quoting what Kagome had said.

"WHAT,"they all screamed together hurting Inuyasha's ears giving him a headache.

"Mnnnnnn,"I said as she woke up when everyone screamed.

"Kagome is this true,is this you true form,"Koga asked appearing by her side.

"Huh,oh yeah Midoriko said somthin' about this being my real form and if I wanted proof to go see my family,"I said still half asleep.

"Then go see your family so they may be able to tell you something,"Sango said as she shook herself from the shock of Kagome's form.

"Yes that would be a good idea,also it would be good to see you new abilities,"Miroku said.

(In Kagome's time)

"Mom I'm home,I said as I walked in the house chuckling from all the times of saying that.

"Kagome it looks as though you've gotten your mem............(mom froze for all of you who don't know)

"Mom...WHY THE HECK AM I A DEMON.MIDORIKO SAID YOU ALL WOULD KNOW SO I WANT ANSWERS AND NOW,"I screamed making Sota come down saying stupid things like "where's the fire".

"Ummm well you see a few centries ago we were in danger of getting killed so we put a spell on ourselves to become humans and you father was a demon too and since you were aging at a human rate we both thought that you had turned into a human so we never wanted to tell you,"she said suprizing Sota.

"I'm a demon....AWSOME,"Sota screamed hurting my ears with me now knowing what Inuyasha felt.

"Mother I really must be going because I have people waiting for me on the other side of the well,"I said turning to leave when she said something in a whisper so low that even with my super-hearing I had trouble hearing it to me."Sota will not be a demon."I nodded as tears streamed down my face at a uncontrolably large rate!

When I got to the other side I had stopped crying and had hid the scent of my tears with my newly discovered powers.

"So what did you find out from your family,"Sango asked with a confused look at my eyes.

"Just that my family's demons and my brother isn't so he's going to die before me,"I said freshtears comming to my eyes."Anywhy let us start our training."

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