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Senior Year has finally begun. Patrick and Micah have been friends since diaper days. But is there more here than a great friendship?

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"Patrick, get up." I said, poking him in the stomach.
No response. Typical.
"Oh Patty Boy!" I said, a little louder and slightly shaking the bed.
Ok, he asked for it. I walked over to the other side of the bed and prepared to jump. I was used to this. It took forever to get that boy up.
"YO PATTYCAKES!" I yelled, jumping cannonball style onto the double bed.
"OUCH! Shit Micah." He said falling to the floor.
"C'mon get up Patty boy. Senior Year starts today!" I said, probably a little more optimistically as I should have.
"Mhmmm..." Patrick grumbled, standing up and walking towards the bathroom.
"Well hurry up and get your butt dressed and downstairs we gotta go!" I said, again, way over doing it on the hyper. It was six thirty in the morning and I was as spazzy as usual. I got up from the bed and headed down stairs. I put some bread into the toaster and waited. A few minutes later Patrick walked into the kitchen wearing a black Green Day Tee, baggy khaki cargo pants, black converse, and a black beanie. He grabbed a package of pop tarts and sat down across from me. The toast finally popped up.
"Dammit." I muttered under my breath. I burnt it again. I took the black toast out of the toaster and threw it away.
"Hah dats vutcha gewt fo bwakin be ub wike dat" Patrick said, his mouth full of strawberry poptart. I stuck my tongue out at him and grabbed the other pop tart from the pack.
"Hey I vas gunna eet dat!" He said still chewing. I took a bite and ran out of the kitchen. He swallowed what was left of the pop tart and ran after me.
"FWAAA!!!!" I screamed in mock terror, grabbing my backpack with my free hand and running out the door. Finally I lost my breath and keeled over in the yard next door. Patrick picked me up and tossed me over his shoulder and started walking away.
"AAAHH! SOMEBODY HELP! HES A RAPIST!" I screamed, stifling laughter. Teenagers walking towards the school began to stop and stare. I think he noticed. He stopped in his tracks and dropped me. Yeah, he noticed.
"Ouch shit. What was that all about?" I said rubbing the back of my neck. By now the teenagers had lost interest and were walking towards Glenview High once again. Patrick just smiled down at me and reached out his hand to pull me up. I grabbed his hand and we continued walking to school.
"Ok," I said, pulling out my schedule, "What locker you got this year?"
"Umm... 325." Patrick replied.
"Yess!" I said, Napoleon-style,"324!"
"Homeroom?" he asked.
"Mr.Stanleys, Pre-Calculus."
"Aw crap. I got Ms.Ross, American Lit."
"5th period?"
"Yes we got lunch together at least!"
"And free period. And we're doing electives together right?"
"Yep, wouldnt miss it!"
We arrived at school and walked up the stairs and into the building. The hallways were already swarming with the preppy little rich kids that we'd come to know and hate. We kinda stuck out like sore thumbs, but we didn't care. Glenview was cookie-cutter center of the nation and we where dying to get out. We walked towards our lockers when suddenly my face collided with the cold, hard, linoleum floor. I pulled myself to my feet and looked to see what I possibly could have tripped over.
"Sorry, sis." I found myself staring face-to-face with the bane of my existence. My twin sister. Mariah was the most popular girl in school, flawless in everyway. She had a list of guys waiting to date her that would last her well through college. Looking at the two of us, you would probably never guess that perfect, beautiful, popular Mariah was even related to plain, lame Micah, the screw up. Mariah had long golden blonde hair that went halfway down her back, and it was always perfectly straightened or curled, she had tan skin and amazingly toned cheerleader muscles. Micah on the other hand, had straight jet black hair, right below her shoulders, that was almost always pulled into a messy low ponytail. I was pale and very thin, no cheerleader muscles in sight. Nope. There was no way were twins. Maybe they gave us the wrong twin.
I just gave her the evilest look I could muster.
"C'mon, Mic," Patrick whispered into my ear, "Just ignore her right now." I loved it when he did that. Feeling his warm breath on my neck sent chills up my spine. Dammit I need to quit talking to myself. Patrick turned to me and looped his arm through mine,
"Shall we skip?" he asked.
"We shall. Forward!" I yelled, pointing ahead of me and drawing quite a bit of attention to Patrick and I.We skipped down the hallway, arm in arm towards our lockers.
"Mr.Stumph, Ms.Samuels," Mr. Greene scolded us, "Hallways are for walking." Patrick and I stopped and I turned towards Mr. Greene,
"Sir, yes sir!" I saluted rather loudly. And I looped my arm through Patrick's once again and continued to skip towards our lockers. We got to our lockers and opened them. I put my bag in and grabbed my books. Just as I closed the door the bell rang.
"Oh how lovely now I'm late." I said, hurrying down the hall. I yelled a goodbye to Patrick, still standing at his locker. I hated leaving him behind. I've loved that boy since middle school but I'm to damn scared to admit it. I finally reached my homeroom and knocked on the door.
"Oh, look who it is! Ms.Samuels, how nice of you to join us," Mr.Stanleys said loathesomley. The class giggled.
"Yeah no shit Sherlock," I muttered under my breath.
"What was that?" he asked.
"Nothing," I hurried down the row of giggling preps, including - oh joy - my sister. She stuck her foot out and sent me flying down the row, my books flying in every direction.I hit the ground hard, smacking my face on the floor yet again. "Damn you Mariah!" I said rather loudly.
"Language," Mr.Stanleys said flatly, not even looking up. I quickly flipped her the finger and took my seat at the back of the class. I slumped down in my seat and waited for the rest of class to end.

We were walking down the hallway towards our lockers when Micah suddenly dropped to the ground, smacking her head very loudly on the linoleum floor. I whirled around to find Micah pulling herself up off the floor, a bruise already forming on her cheek. She got up and turned around. Oh god not this again. The last time her sister did something like this it ended up in an all girl smackdown, involving Micah, her twin Mariah, four other girls from the neighborhood, a jar of honey, and about a thousand red ants. I did not want a repeat of that incident.
"C'mon, Mic," I whispered into her ear,"Just ignore her right now." Truth be told, I hated watching her sister just hurt her like that. Her whole family does that to her. Her dad hasn't had a steady job since we were seven and takes out his stress on her. He beats her all the time, her mom's an addict, the woman loves her crack. Enough said. The only one in that family Micah has is her little brother Elijah who gets the same treatment, and the poor boy's only six. I was in love with Micah, head-over-heels. I couldnt stand seeing her so hurt, so abused. And she just took it lying down. It made my blood boil. Dammit i think way to much.
"Shall we skip?" I asked, extending her arm towards her.
"We shall. Forward!" she yelled, pointing ahead of us and drawing quite a bit of attention to Micah and I. We skipped down the hallway, arm in arm towards our lockers.
"Mr.Stumph, Ms.Samuels," Mr. Greene scolded us, "Hallways are for walking." We stopped and Micah turned towards Mr. Greene,
"Sir, yes sir!" she saluted rather loudly. And I looped my arm through Micah's once again and continued to skip towards our lockers. We finally reached our lockers and I threw my satchel into it and quickly tried to gather my books. Micah slammed her door right as the bell rang.
"Oh how lovely now I'm late." she said. She hurried down the hall after calling a quick goodbye to me. I hated watching her walk away. I slammed my locker door and hurried the opposite way. I found my homeroom and barged right in, not bothering to knock. I found an empty seat in the back, next to a boy with black hair covering one of his eyes. He looked nice enough. Definitley wasn't a cookie-cutter. That was good enough for me.
"Hey," the boy said, "I'm Pete, and the dude with the 'fro, that's Joe." He said gesturing to a guy with poofy brown hair next to him.
"Um, I'm Patrick." I said. Dammit why do I always act so weird when I meet new people?
"Cool." the boys said in unison. We spent the rest of class quietly talking about random things, our musical interests, family lives, things like that, not paying attention to a word the teacher was saying.

Classes were finally over for the morning. I walked back towards my locker and put my books back. I then headed to the cafeteria where I was supposed to meet Patrick. I was walking down the hall when I saw a boy with unusually long hair and a lip ring who bore a striking resemblance to Jesus. I'd know that adorable weirdo anywhere.
"ANDY!!!" I yelled, jumping onto his back as he continued to walk down the hall.
"Heya Mic!" he said happily. I hopped off his back and walked beside him.
"You headed for the cafe?" i asked.
"Yep I'm going that way." he replied.
"Oh you should come eat with me and Pat!" i said hyperactively, needing to get rid of all that raw energy leftover from sitting slumped over in a chair listening to a stupid teacher drone on and on for two hours.
"Ok, ok calm down, Spaz." I hated it when he called me that but he's been saying it since we were four so its kinda stuck.
We got to the cafeteria and got in line. We grabbed our food and walked to the back of the cafeteria to our usual table. Known by the rest of the kids at our school as the loser table. The whole posse was already there, Patrick, Jada, Kaden and her boyfriend Noel, Leah, and two new kids I'd never seen before.
"Hey Micah!" Patrick said happily, waving at the empty seat next to him. I walked over and sat down. He immediately grabbed the chocolate chip cookie from my tray and took a bite.
"Dere. Ve're eben." He said, crumbs going everywhere. I laughed.
He swallowed.
"Oh yeah I almost forgot. These two new idiots? The one with the swoop and the hood is Pete and the dude with the 'fro is Joe. They're in my homeroom."
We all started talking and before we knew it we were laughing and joking around like wed known each other forever. These guys were cool. This was definitely going to be a good year. And even Mariah wasn't going to bring me down. Maybe I'll even get the courage up to ask Patrick out...


Well there you have it, the first chapter of my first fanfic on this site. Hope you like! Please review!!!
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